8:D Faeries and Portals (Part 1)

So many very special events happened to me over the last two weeks, but one special occurrence that involves a couple photographs, particularly one, compels me to write an article so that I may share this photo with any of you who are interested in metaphysics and multi-dimensionality. As events unfolded, I wanted to share each step of a process in trying to get the photo to be seen by large numbers of people who I believe may find a real value and gain insight and wisdom from seeing the subject of the photo, which I feel and believe is a FAERIE spirit. I almost missed it while I was downloading and sorting through the few photos that I managed to take on the trip. I was so busy in the moment with people that I barely took any photos. I did also get an hour of nature video that I have not looked over yet, so who knows what’s there.
My original intention on the trip was to capture nature video with my higher-end professional grade video camera for Crystal Children Volume Three, hope for UFOs up close at the nightly campfires, but I never expected to capture a photo like the FAERIE photo at all. I didn’t even have a camera for taking still photos until my friend Ingrid gave me the Kodak C195 for my trip to Mount Shasta. Thank you for the camera, Ingrid; it was already so special because you gave it to me with such love, but now it’s even more blessed.

Also, I should mention that as I have done videography over the years, I have had some strange ability to capture anamolies, like the time I was filming a friend who is a healer during one of her healing sessions with a client, and the camera captured some of that healing energy. And the fact that I do Asclepian lightwork and behave as a conduit for higher dimensional healing energies creates a proclivity for interacting well with higher dimensional energies that sometimes translate to photographic images.


Also, I want to share a Facebook post that paints a clear picture of what led up to me snapping that special FAERIE photo:

“In all my life, I had never once had a professional massage. When I saw the list of conference activities, and massage was included, I knew that this week would be my big chance. When I discovered that these professionals were discounting by 50% their healing sessions, I jumped for joy! I could actually afford an hour-long session on my very tight trip budget. Yay! So I scheduled my session for Sunday August 23 because by the end of the conference, I knew that I would need it due to all the energy I was putting out, and because the next day, Monday, I would be doing a lot of nature photography, and because I act like a human tripod and steadicam when I’m filming, I needed to be in good shape going into filming. What a great decision it turned out to be.

So, on Sunday I met with Athena under the canopy but Athena was gracious to me. She knew that I really wanted to hear Omnec talk again, so she suggested that we re-schedule the massage for just after Omnec finished speaking. That sounded great to me, and it allowed me to ask Omnec a question about her Venusian philosophy about healing in general and healing oneself.

So afterwards, Athena still was patient enough to let me leave again to buy Maritza some blessed blue chalcedony and silver earrings from David Phillips before he closed down for the conference’s end. Athena waited patiently once again for me. Then, when I had finished doing that, I turned around and everyone including Athena was gone! Where had they gone?! I ran toward the Main Hall, and found everyone in a Closing Circle ceremony. I had to be a part of this, so I squeezed between Diana Gazes and Karmyn , who I was just meeting for the first time at the close of the conference (!), and was able to participate in the group energy here, led by Shambala.
Finally, after all that, Athena and I re-connected, Athena gathered her dogs, and we went up the hill toward her massage table, which I had seen on my earlier walk on Friday when I had met the deer who told me that her name was Athena! So then Athena (the human!) had to turn back down the trail because she realized that she had forgotten her keys, so I just stayed at Athena’s camp and massage table while she went back down the hill to the Main hall to retrieve her keys. During this time, I strolled just a little in the vicinity of her massage table as the beautiful wind whistled through the pines.
I decided to take my camera out of my satchel and take a few pictures of this idyllic, enchanting setting, including photos of the massage table and Athena’s little doggie crib. But before I did that, I pointed the camera into a beautiful area of forest, and that’s where I took the FAERIE photo. But I did not even begin to realize this until now (Sept 3) as I was going through my camera and the sequence of pictures, attempting to clearly identify what day that I had taken the photo. The image was taken after photos of pages from a gem book owned by David Phillips that had information on the metaphysical properties of Blue Chalcedony, and before the images of Athena’s massage table. So that placed the FAERIE photo just after the Closing Circle, and just before the massage began, which would’ve been near 5pm on Sunday August 23rd.
So when Athena returned, she reminded me that I was going to be her guinea pig for a new healing modality that she was working with, called Harmonic healing. I agreed, got onto the massage table, and that’s when the massage began, and Athena starting to sing to me, ‘When You Wish Upon A Star.’ ”

So, without further ado, here is the FAERIE photo. (Move your cursor over the photo and click to enlarge.) Please download the photo, and then zoom in so that you can see the details. The FAERIE is in the lower portion of the picture, in the center, but to really appreciate it, please zoom in one step at a time:


And here is the PORTAL photo, taken in Panther Meadows on Mount Shasta in the afternoon of August 22nd, 2015. (Move your cursor over the photo and click to enlarge.) Download and zoom in between the two trees on the left. I find that the blurred area forms a complete circle, but you need to be zoomed in to inspect it well:

Please feel free to leave comments if you care to share your views.


Rick, September 3, 2015 3:36pm


The History of my FAERIE and PORTAL photos from Mount Shasta August 22-23, 2015

First, here’s the announcement that I made on September 2, 2015 on my Facebook page–

This note is to let my friends know that the Mount Shasta ET Ambassador conference was thoroughly amazing. One of the surprising moments from the trip happened within the last few hours, on September 1st 2015, one week after my trip had ended and I had returned to Tucson. Going through some of the photos that I took, I came across two forest scene shots that I took; one photo I snapped several hundred feet to the north of the main building of the Methodist camp on Castle Lake Road on Sunday August 23. [NOTE: After reviewing the order of my photos on my camera, I realized that I took this picture on Sunday, shortly after I had purchased some earrings for Maritza from David Phillips, and just after the Closing Circle for the conference. This is why I have edited this post, in the interest of utmost accuracy.]

This photo appears to show with great clarity a FAERIE. I just looked up the definition online, and the entry on faerie said, “imaginary, mythical.” Well, alright then, I captured a photo of what may be a so-called mythical being, which would be a great honor to receive such a gift from Nature. The second photo, while not as dramatic, was taken in Panther Meadow forest on Mount Shasta on Saturday August 22, and appears to show a PORTAL of light opened up between three trees. Both photos have subjects that seem to have a field of energy surrounding them. I want to show them to all of you now, but after careful consideration, I feel that there may be a legal need to license these photos, because personally I think the farie photo especially could cause a sensation.

So, I have inquired with the Associated Press. If any of you have practical experience in licensing photos to AP for use, please share with me your wisdom about the process. Here is exactly what I wrote the Associated Press:
“I have two undoctored photos taken August 22-23 2015 within the Mount Shasta region (one on Mount Shasta and one near Castle Lake) that appear to demonstrate metaphysical non-normal phenomena in two clear photographs, and I am interested in licensing use of them to the Associated Press. One of the photos especially has a ‘sensational’ quality to it that could provoke great interest from around the world. What steps need to be taken to submit and review, and also to create a licensing contract between myself and the Associated Press news agency?”

So that’s what I wrote them, and now I am awaiting their response. Will they respond? For that answer, I’ll have to ‘wait and see.’

I never expected to have taken such special photos, but more than any financial reward that I may receive, I am honored that whatever intelligence allowed me to take the photos in the first place decided that it was alright that I could be the bearer of such an important ‘discovery.’ I had not been able to review the photos until the last 24 hours, and what I discovered has certainly shaken up our sense of normal. I feel lucky to be in this magical period of life that’s unfolding now.

[end of that Facebook posting]


So, then I followed that statement with a reply to describe in better detail what I saw in the photo:

“The FAERIE has wings and what looks like a head and torso, suspended in a field of rainbow light in the shape of a cross, with a field of energy around the rainbow cross that distorts and tints the trees in the background behind it, as if the source of light is coming from the FAERIE. The FAERIE appears in the photo between many trees about 7-8 feet off the ground. High above at the top of the photo is the Sun near the tree line, and the FAERIE is below the Sun and slightly to the right, so I don’t think that it is an optical effect from reflected sunlight through the tree trunks and low hanging branches in the vicinity because the alignment with the Sun is off. Plus, as you zoom in to see details, the subject becomes more defined (while it is also transparent) and you can see shapes like wings, a head and a torso that seem more than mere abstraction and coincidence. For many people, there will be room to doubt and debunk, but for me the image speaks plainly. It is clearly not a sun dog, samples of which are seen here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dogs
So… I can’t wait to show it to all of you. I discovered it right about 9pm last night (Sept 1st) and when I showed Maritza, she got chills over her whole body and became very, very excited. When I brought over my friend Albert who lives nearby who is generally a skeptic, he was immediately convinced and wants a photo blow-up of the FAERIE so that he can paint it. Well, that’s all there really is to say until I can show you guys the actual photo. I don’t want to post it directly to Facebook because of their copyright assertions if you do, so I will likely post it to my rickkeefe.wordpress blog, and create a link that I can post on Facebook. Now, I’m just waiting to hear back from Associated Press, but maybe I can post it to my blog in the meantime. ”


So then my wife Maritza made a comment that same day, September 2nd, which I would like to include in the history of this photo:

“Wow! What a gift and what a privilege to have been present as the magic unfolded. You are right Bruce Emrys, magic is real! Rick’s photos will be accepted by the many friends who know, trust and love him, and by everyone who is ready to move past the veil. The photos will be debunked, as well, by those who feel threatened, and by those whose job is to keep us in the dark. But, nonetheless, Rick has been offered a wondrous and loving gift, and he and I have zero reasons to have doubt! It is amazing to be a first hand observer. How privileged to see the gift unfold before our eyes. ❤ ”


Interest in the photo began to swell a bit as I posted on my  Facebook page, and also to the Mt Shasta Summer Conference page, and friends and family seemed to support what I was trying to share and, at the same time, legally protect the photo. So I posted an update:


So, since I first contacted AP through an online query last night and since I know that the wheels of large organizations can sometimes turn slowly, I decided to call the Associated Press this morning, and I spoke with a representative at the News Desk named Susan P. When I explained why I was calling, she said, “That’s something we usually come to you for, not the other way around.” Then, she transferred me to AP Images, but they explained that AP Images department is mainly dealing with commercial issues, and referred me back to the News Desk, which transferred me to the AP Los Angeles Bureau Photo department. I spoke with a man named Richard and explained why I was calling, and he gave me the LA Bureau desk phone number, took down two of my phone numbers, and he said that he would get back to me. I hope that he doesn’t think that I’m a kook and blow me off. So, now, I must remain patient for awhile while the wheels at AP LA bureau news desk turn.”


And here’s the screen save I made of that inquiry to Associated Press:
AP Query


On  September 3rd, more developments occurred after I called the Los Angeles Bureau Photo Desk for a second time, and so I made a new Facebook post:


“Okay, so I just got off the phone with Richard and Reed at the AP Los Angeles Bureau Photo Desk (1-213-626-2500) and they gave me the email (which I won’t publish so they don’t get super-spammed) to send them the photo so that they may inspect it. I am doing that right now, so please everyone send lots of good wishes and good vibrations so that this picture can be seen by millions.

I feel it would be valuable for people to realize that devas and forest spirits do actually exist. They are not simply mythical, legendary creatures: they are tangible beings operating within our ‘normal’ reality, yet also living within a different frequency / dimension than our lower 3D reality. Hopefully, people who see this image will treat the forest and the trees and all the beings that make up a forest with much more understanding and respect. Devas and faeries do deserve our respect and cooperation. We owe it to the Earth, and to our children’s children.”

Thanks for your support everyone!”


And then I made an additional reply:

“Here’s a copy of the backup e-mail that I sent Associated Press; I sent the original one from my rick@ufohypotheses.com e-mail with the exact same content I sent to them just seconds before this one with the gmail address, to be sure that they did receive it without any complications.”


Within an hour, Richard of AP called back with his decision, on Thursday September 3rd, 2015, and I posted another updated reply to my own post:
“So, Richard from the Associated Press Los Angeles Bureau Photo Desk just called back at 1:02pm, and said that they could not use the photo, and he attributed the FAERIE to “sun flare off the lens.” So that route with the matrix did not work. What I will do next is create an article on my rickkeefe.wordpress.com blog (to avoid Facebook’s photo policy), and attach the photo file there, and then give all of you the link so that you may examine it for yourselves. Hopefully, I’ll have that done within the next 24 hours. I can’t wait to show all of you! It’s amazing!!! <3”


So, that’s the history of my FAERIE and PORTAL photos from Mount Shasta, late August 2015.

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