20:D Turning Off the Screen and Opening the Intuitive Door (Channeled Message From Archangel Metatron July 23, 2016)

Dear Beloved Ones,

I AM aware of your intent to communicate with me today. I want you to understand the I am aware of how difficult it is to stay centered and in peace at this time of NOW on your planet Earth. But just as you may travel the difficult path up the crest of a wave, so you will also soon release these troubles and burdens, and glide down the other side of the wave’s crest.  The illusion at this time of NOW is that all is in chaos: that is what those who thirst for power and control over you wish for you to perceive, but that is a false reality. While there are many earthly political intrigues unfolding presently, you may remember to focus on all the other higher, shall we say, realms of existence, the different vibrations and dimensions of reality that intersect with yours, and in these realities peace and love prevail, and so will it be on Earth, even in what may appear times of great chaos and despair. For this picture from your leaders is a false screen being presented to you, beloved children. The shock of seeing your leadership for who they truly are has unnerved you, and their greed and avarice has surprised you with its severe degree.  They are trying to make their small selves appear large to you, but they are no greater than any of you individually, and in many respects, they have much more to learn than you, the meek and loving, who have already learned and applied love to your reality. The tantrums of your leaders escalate now, as the veil between worlds grows ever thinner, and the light shines upon their misdeeds. Hold steady and stay centered now in this time of Grace flowing upon your planet from Benevolent beings from all quarters and  throughout the Universe, and who are here to share in your upliftment. Welcome their benevolence into your heart, and do not be distracted or misled anymore by the ravings of your so-called leaders, for they drift ever quicker into the past now, and your bright and golden future is nearly upon you. Hold that vision of a benevolent and loving Earth where all are cared for and all are in service to each other. For it is here, NOW. You must simply open your door to greet it.

With Eternal Love,
Archangel Metatron

19:D A Channeling for Earth and All the Planets, July 2 2016

A rose is a flower that has become a symbol, but the rose is still most importantly a rose. It has beautiful petals, a thorny stem and is connected to the Earth, a demonstration of the infinite variety of beauty we live among in Nature. But is the rose as beautiful when it is cut away from the bush? Clearly, it is not, for it is now not seen among the other roses, and is not seen with the backdrop of Nature itself. The rose is isolated and cut off from its source and origin, and while it can artificially survive for awhile with water in a glass jar, it never again pulls the nutrients from the soil, nor does it ever blossom again with another rose. This is the nature of humanity’s predicament.

You are being cut off from your Source, and Nature, and isolated for momentary enjoyments, and then discarded from your connection to what originally sustained you. Yellow is the color of the Sun to some eyes, white to others, and gold to a few more. But the Sun is neither yellow, nor white , nor gold, because it is so much more. The Sun is a radiant infinity of colors. To describe something limits it; to cut something away from its Nature to admire it limits it.  To perceive that by isolating something away from its Nature or to describe something’s fullness within the limitations of language is a type of folly, a pale imitation of the original. These example are in no way a rebuke of those who admire flowers or of poets and writers, but instead a reminder that one can fall in love with incompleteness, instead of simply stepping back and admiring Nature’s work and Source’s work in its fuller sense.

And is it more romantic to give someone a rose, or to take them to a rose bush, and sit down holding hands and admiring the rose bush together in its natural setting, and then leaving the rose to its family and surroundings and natural space? What is it in the motivations of human beings to take from nature and in one sense destroy it for their own personal satisfaction, rather than simply admiring it for what it is without placing any designs upon it?

When we are able to visit other worlds of beauty, should we go there and admire them as they are, or ravage them for our own personal satisfaction, at the expense of those worlds with their own rhythm and vivaciousness? Water has shown humanity that our consciousness and focus and intention does manifest change in the object upon which we focus. That is how powerful our consciousness is. Are we powerful enough to observe without taking? Are we bright enough to watch without commenting? Can we simply be silent and “Let It Be”?

The Universe does not necessarily need humanity to leave its imprint upon it. This is often done for the sake of ego satisfaction, instead of a truly heartfelt creation of connection. Connecting does not mean owning. Connecting does not mean creating fragments.  Connecting means observing and feeling without selfish demands or placing limitations or boundaries upon what is being observed. One could write about the Sun every day of one’s life and fill hundreds of volumes of books, and still not capture its true and fullest essence. For every rose or tree taken, plant three more, or consider the alternative of simply admiring Nature as Nature is, in the most unobtrusive and respectful way possible.

In a few short years, we may be venturing to other worlds. We should not leave them as we are leaving the Earth, despoiled and ravaged and polluted by our desire for individual satisfaction. We should take three steps back, and allow Nature to Be, and marvel at its sacred geometry, its natural knowingness and fulfillment, its ebbs and flows, its seasons of change and rebirth, and do it in such a way as to show Nature our intention of respect, cherishing, and honor. We can try to capture the essence of Nature in our expressions of art and building, we can share a rose with one another, but we can do better, too, by humbly recognizing the magnificence of Creation without feeling compelled to conquer it. We can plant and farm and build communities more in harmony with the Earth. We can produce science that does not sacrifice our precious planet. We can tread lightly, and give Nature back to Mother Earth unspoiled and loved from the deepest parts of our Souls. Only after we have mastered this principle should we truly consider venturing to other worlds, and go in admiration instead of acquisition.

With Deep Love,

Your Guides