Bio: I live in Tucson, Arizona and like most people, I do a lot of different things, some really different. This article, "Origin and Background," will give you a sense of me if you're interested. [ https://rickkeefe.wordpress.com/2014/08/10/3d-origin-and-background/ ]

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  1. Hi there
    You mention in your article about Metatron that your medium said they don’t often read people that have Archangel Metatron with them.

    Why is this rare?

    Thank you

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    1. Hello Sarah! I do not know why it is more rare that Isis-Neith, now going by her birth name of Anna, reads people whose primary guide is Archangel Metatron. Anna explained to me that, for instance, Archangel Michael is a much more common guide for her to see for many people she reads than Metatron. I do remember from my 21st blog post on Archangel Metatron, this passage under the section “ARCHANGEL METATRON, PATRON ANGEL OF EARTH’S CHILDREN”: “As well as helping all children with special needs, this archangel provides great assistance to all children who have incarnated on Earth with any special, divine mission that they may be charged with, especially those missions related to helping humanity’s ascension. Metatron is paying special attention to the spiritually gifted, psychic sensitive children that have been incarnated as the indigo, crystal and rainbow generations, augmenting and supporting the development of each child’s special gifts for humanity. As they grow older, Archangel Metatron continues to help any of these special individuals who are struggling with their own unique development and their ascension mission.” So maybe that is part of the reason, because numerous psychics who have done readings for me have tried to convey to me that I am a starseed, as well as a hybrid being of Earth human, Pleiadian and Loridian genetic material. This awareness has taken me almost a decade to reconcile myself to and accept. In response, I am trying to finish a book about love that will share more of this awareness and wisdom that I have studiously gathered over the decades, and maybe that is part of my so-called “mission” in this lifetime. Thanks for writing, Sarah, and sorry that it took so long to respond to your question. 2019 has kept me very, very busy! Peace 😀


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