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29:D Every Little Gesture of Love (channeled message from Archangel Metatron)

Hello and loving greetings to you!

We come to you now in the name of Love of the highest degree, and wish to express our thanks and gratitude to all the Lightworkers of the world, for you are healing so much in the universe as you all work to help and heal humanity, the animals and the Earth.

Archangel Raphael’s healing Light is passing through all of you, so that you may continue to extend healing to all those around you. Every little step, every little gesture of love, every rainbow you imagine for the world, all these actions are felt, and are uplifting your planet, and also the Universe. Please continue to give your attention, focus, concentration, and Light on extending as much love to all of those around you during these now moments. You are joined in your efforts by countless galactic beings who are also focusing their love and attention on correcting the imbalances of your world, and bringing a much higher quotient of Love, a much higher vibration, a much more benevolent reality into manifestation on Earth, Gaia, Terra, Sophia, and all the many wonderful names She is known by.

For the language and region of your origin matters less than your intentions to help heal all that needs healing now. Please know that you bring a chorus of billions upon trillions of benevolent loving energies to your assistance as you take every single positive action that you can now. This is the time, this is the now where you can achieve so much, which could become Earth’s finest hour. For in your cooperation, your compassion, your forgiveness, your kindness, your reaching out to those you may not even know personally but who each hold a Spark of the Divine Light and Love of All That Is, which is ALL OF US TOGETHER, you bring the universe to Earth, and Earth to the Universe, and you amplify a great connection of Love for everything under the Sun and beyond out into the furthest reaches of space.

For we are all in this universe together, and acting and behaving in Oneness not only unites our worlds, but strengthens all our best qualities, the chief among those being Love. And Love always operates better when it is authentic and caring and virtuous and from one’s higher heart, the part of you that makes you cry in sympathy and compassion for others.

So we applaud all of you Lightworkers and Holders of Unconditional Love, for we feel your Love, and we endeavor to amplify and enlarge its power to heal you, your family and friends, your animals, your extended family, your neighborhoods, your countries and your whole planet. We see that you can see easily now that you are all riding the same ship through space, the same orb, the same small home, and we see you realizing finally your deep inter-connectedness, which is bringing so many positive developments on the very near horizon to you on Earth.

Do what your heart calls you to do. Be of service to others in this time of need, and in the future, after this great cleansing and uplifting has finished. For you are all bringing about the making of a future paradise of Earth as you follow this path of Peace, Love and Service to Others. May we all continue to be blessed by the Love of All That is.

With our most sincere Love and Hope,
Archangel Metatron and Your Guides

UFOs around the Sun March 21st to 23rd, 2020

28:D A Gift from Your Sun (Channeled message from Archangel Metatron)

Hello and welcome!

This is an opportunity to re-connect, and for us to share with you what are the essentials of living in your current paradigm of illusions and ascending reality, a dualism that can make for a degree of confusion for many of you. We, the ascending galactic beings and the Angelic kingdom, stand on guard for you from the intentions of lower astral vibration beings who have interfered with your spiritual growth for eons. These are beings that prefer shadows to light, and prefer to operate  in your world, hidden by secrecy, shadows and deception. Their truths about themselves are twisted by their inverted view of reality, in which they are the center of All. This is their delusion which they choose not to detach from, but instead operate within to a point of extinguishment. This shadow alliance wants to extinguish Light in the realms they live within, and they have tried for eons to spread their self-serving reality into yours. The time that the Universe has allowed for this type of abhorrent activity is nearing its inevitable end.

As the unsavory and self-serving behaviors continue towards maximum implosion within the ranks of their frequencies, their drive towards suicide and self-annihilation becomes more and more evident to the mostly-benign mass of Earth humanity, and slowly the sleepers are waking up to the realization that unseen realities do indeed exist and are impinging upon all four corners of your world, the genetic and spiritual amalgamation of hundreds of civilizations beyond your awareness which have inter-acted and help seed and develop your world. This grand experiment of bringing together so many divergent and varied races into one stirring pot has yielded so much to the growth of all involved, both benevolent and malevolent, but now all is reaching an epic turning point in which the grand design of your reality is vibrating higher and ascending into the currently invisible realms of the higher and benevolent dimensions of existence, where love and light are not interfered with and manipulated by lower vibrational thoughts, and actions, and entities.

For an evolution of spiritual understanding and growth has been taking place for many centuries upon your world, but now the pace is accelerating and time seems to speed up, and the confluence of so many events and converging realities is set to occur and continue occurring, until the reality that you now recognize is re-shaped quickly into a world that is still your own but will bear very little outward resemblance to the reality your currently inhabit. Your world is set to be changed irrevocably by your Sun into a higher dimensional vibration, because your Sun will soon emit frequencies and light levels that your world has yet to experience in its existence in this dimensional reality.

Your Sun, which in effect is a portal between dimensional realities and a Source of life and great gifting to your solar system, is beginning to make a wonderful transition into a higher reality, bringing along your solar system with it into a faster, higher, more loving space where billions upon trillions of fully conscious and aware lifeforms exist together in a relative peaceful paradise in comparison to your current existence on Earth and its mix of high and very low vibrational frequencies. The higher frequencies will remain and begin to amplify and expand, and the lower frequencies are currently detaching and escaping into other lower vibrational worlds of existence more suited to their stage of development and awareness.

For not all beings of your world must continue to share the same world and the same path, for there are those that want and need to ascend, and there are also those that want and need to descend, and the time for them doing this together on this planet is winding down. The universe in its grand wisdom has begun to sing a song of joy to the souls on Earth, calling them upward into the higher vibrations, and the Sun will make allowance for this to become possible for Earth beings, without the need to transition by death into these higher frequencies and spaces. Those souls who are choosing to resist any upward movement are free to detach, a gift of the Sun as well, into the spaces of learning and vibration that are suited to their current free will choice, for none shall be forced into higher vibration against their will, but each one on Earth will find their needed level of spiritual space into which they may continue their growth or decay as their Soul and higher self choose. This is the destiny that they and their guides have designed before entry into this pivotal lifetime on Earth.

Time will begin to feel as if it is behaving erratically, in the sense that there will be more pronounced feelings of accelerated time, and alternately, time will also appear to stand still for some, as this is all based on the perspective of each individual soul involved in an Earth lifetime at this time, a time of undoing and releasing from the bondage of genetic manipulation and invisible slavery to self-serving entities. The age of enlightenment is upon the people of Earth, for they will come to know without any doubt that they have never been alone in this universe. The universe loves and cares for Earth humanity, as they truly are the children of the higher dimensions and the many beings who inhabit those worlds, and in the greater sense, the children of All That Is, which is now choosing to uplift this solar system’s reality into the next level of growth and integration with the higher realms of the multi-verse.

Those beings that by freewill wish to decline this invitation to ascend may do so, and they will also be lovingly cared for while they experience the experiences and their lessons about the nature of a loving universe that they still need to experience, and there is no judgment in that. Those beings simply vibrate at lower frequencies by their choice, and their choice will be respected, but no longer amalgamated with those who by freewill choose to rise.

We hope that you may begin to take notice of the signs, synchronicities and awareness that will become more and more evident as the weeks and months go by, and that you find your individual realities becoming more uplifted, more filled with benevolence and love. The light of the Sun and the dimensions it acts as a portal for will come pouring into your reality with so much tenderness and love that you may even weep with joy, as you begin to hear our singing in your higher-evolving hearts.

We extend optimism, hope, and trust in the Love of All That Is, for you and your ascending world.

With great love and anticipation,

Archangel Metatron and Your Guides

22:D “What Old Emotional Attachment Can I Let Go Of Today?” (Channeled Message From Archangel Raphael)

Today, in this NOW, I ask that you allow yourself the freedom to relax from your responsibilities, emotionally. Allow the flow of today’s events to happen without attachment. For when you do, you will receive the gift of contentment and peace. Even while there may be interference, know that you are still connected to us in the angelic realms, and pause briefly to allow the interference to pass. Part of these interferences are old thought-forms that are trying to persist in your energy field as you are clearing out all negativity.  (Yes, you are in the flow with I, Archangel Raphael.) Allow your inner wisdom and intuition to recognize the interferences, and allow them to release.

You need show no loyalty to old emotions for they are not of the NOW, for the NOW is where you can be fully healthy emotionally.  So many people cling to old emotions as if that is who they are now, when that is not who they are now, that is who they were. “Cutting cords” and emotional release means that the past must be let go, for who you were then is not who you are NOW. So many current efforts are throttled into non-materialization by the grip of your past upon your present.  You can cleanse yourself easily from the emotional past now because we of the angelic and benevolent galactic realms are showering down so much Light-Love and Love-Song upon Earth now, and we feel you waking up to your connection with us in what you would perceive as the higher realms, the realms where there is no time and no illusion. You are becoming liberated from your illusions now, but the emotional past keeps pulling you back into illusions. We want to help free you of that pattern.

I give you a simple mantra in the form of a question that you can begin to use to help free yourself: “What old emotional attachment can I let go of today?”

Please follow through during the course of each day to envision those cords that have bound you to past emotions snapping and breaking and releasing. Envision painful emotional thought-forms and feelings drifting away like a little grey cloud, and then envision us showering beautiful gold, silver, violet and white light upon that little grey cloud of emotion until you see in your mind that cloud break apart and turn into sparkling white light once again, back into its original divine state. Practice this exercise  whenever an old emotional feeling attracts your attention and distracts you from who you are NOW. Call upon us with your heart chakra and know that we will be there assisting you, for that is much of our focus presently, to assist you lovely souls of Earth to release yourselves from ancient emotional patterns of attachment and misguided loyalty to the emotional wounds from your past, and not just this life’s past, but emotional wounds from many, many past lives which are coming forward  presently  to be released.

The reason this is occurring so much to so many people is because of the journey of your world toward the galactic center, and as you solar system moves ever closer to the heart of the galaxy, there is more and more need for cleansing of negative emotional vibrations, for your sake, and for the sake of all beings residing in this galaxy, this heavenly realm. We in the angelic and galactic realms are moving ever closer to you upon Earth as you are moving ever closer to us of the higher-dimensional frequencies and vibrations. Eventually, we will all consciously meet, because your world will arrive at a point of emotional balance and health where we can openly, easily and visibly interact with each other once again.

The key understanding here is the word “visible,” for there has always been interaction, but because of the way that your bodies were designed and altered over the millennia, many of you have not been able to see us here with you. That is changing now, as your Sun and the heavenly realms have been instructed by All That Is to illuminate you once again, to enlighten you about your true divine nature. The experiment and illusion have come to its necessary conclusion, and I, Archangel Raphael, am happy to confirm to all of you that you have indeed been able to find your Love of Self and Love of All That Is, despite the massive illusionary world into which you agreed to descend. Now, with utter and complete certainty you know that you can descend into even the lowest of vibrations and drama, and still blindly find your way to re-connect with Source and Love, even when it  often does not to appear to be present. You had these experiences to recognize Love for what it is and what it is not. You have the experience now to trust in your intuitive feelings and you inner heart guidance.

Within the illusion of your passing reality, you have learned that awareness through many, many numerous lifetimes of trying all sorts of situations and perspectives and conditions in which to experiment with love: hiding it, pursuing it even though it was already inside you, banishing love, hurting and injuring love, and exalting love, until you have finally evolved to your current awareness that Love is always omnipresent and indestructible.

In this new and emerging reality, you are finding yourselves awakening to the next level of reality, which is a constant and aware state of your interaction with us of the higher vibrational experience, and this re-connection in your awareness, as you release from the old reality of illusion in which you so ardently played for so long, is helping to bring us into your visible spectrum once again. Many of you are already courageous enough to have shared this reconnection, and as the unstoppable wave of ascended awareness grows with each of your passing days, we will become more and more visible to all upon your world.

Do understand that there may be some beings upon your world who are having difficulty with accepting the larger universe within which you exist. This is why the Divine has prepared this exiting from the illusion at a slow and measured pace these many decades of your time, but as the population of souls here have been able to share amongst themselves with greater and greater ease, the overall planetary awareness has continued to climb, and we of the angelic and galactic realms are happy to acknowledge this increased vibration of your planet. This fact is even measurable by your science, a science which most of the galactic realms view as fairly primitive, because of its disconnection to spirit. This also, however, has changed as those within the field of quantum physics may attest to. The doors of perception continue to open further, and the spectrum of light that you will see and encounter will continue to broaden as your awareness increases.

The focus that we would most encourage at this time of NOW is to emotionally detach from your past. The reason is that this will bring about an emptiness and cleared space, which has been cleaned of old karma and old bondage, further allowing our reconnection to all of you to become visible to all on the planet, and thus allowing for spiritual and marvelous events and realities to arise anew that will give you the freedom to rejoin your soul families without having to leave your bodies.

This painful but grand experiment has a wonderful new reality in store for you, and it is not necessary to “shed the mortal coil” to participate in this wondrous and joyous series of events that will finally liberate you from the emotional bondage and wounds of your planetary past. This will allow All on your planet to rejoice, as together we all rise to meet each other, bringing Heaven to Earth, and Earth to Heaven.

With Great Love,

Archangel Raphael and your galactic guides

21:D How I Interpret the Healing Energy Being Known As Archangel Metatron



After exploring and studying, to various and lesser degrees, many of the world’s religions, I realized that I was not inclined towards religious doctrine, because I learned to view any religion as a control system over people which granted a huge, imbalanced amount of power and control to the human beings who ruled at the top of their pyramid structure.

To me, religions can help to begin to lead people towards spirituality, until, invariably, the innocent seekers get caught up in the control mechanisms within religions.

I value freedom of spirit. Religions were too confining for me, and I don’t like the fact that so many wars were fought, and blood spilled, in the name of religions and their associated deities. So, after my years of religious exploration and after coming to my conclusions about religious structures, I avoided religion and chose to keep seeking spiritual wisdom anywhere I could find it.

Due to the very difficult domestic situations in which I found myself trapped during childhood, I found myself needing emotional and spiritual relief and comfort. I became a very enthusiastic collector of benevolent wisdom and philosophies for my own spiritual path, actively doing so since I was about age twelve.

Early on, I was reading Richard Bach, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Paramahansa Yogananda. A couple years later, one morning I was surprised to learn in an announcement over the high school p.a. system, that I was being awarded a leadership award, certificate and a book. The book spoke of a fourth major aspect of life beyond the physical, emotional and mental, which was spiritual. At that time, I had labeled myself  as “agnostic,” which is defined as “a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God,” but this is when I was beginning my lifelong search to understand my spiritual side, and this award just inspired me more to continue that personal quest.

As time passed, a large period of my life became devoted to researching the nature of extra-terrestrial contact with human beings on Earth. I wanted to learn what other galactic civilizations believed in, because I hoped that some of their philosophies, if I could find out what they were, may possibly be more inspiring and meaningful to me than our Earth religions. I say this with no disrespect intended to anyone of any religious faith, this being my own very personal quest.

Having become convinced that extra-terrestrial life does exist, I often found myself theorizing that angels were simply a prosaic way for many people to identify what I understood to be extra-terrestrials.

I have also considered certain U.F.O. extra-terrestrial contact cases, and that  certain species of extra-terrestrials have purposely posed as angelic beings using holographic technology, in an attempt to deceive and confuse the contacted human being. I accept that this is not an easy field to explore, and that there is certainly a lot to sort through once you step into the rabbit hole of extra-terrestrial research.

Now, I am convinced that there are both extra-terrestrials and angels, and that they are not necessarily one and the same, as I had theorized earlier on during my metaphysical explorations.

In the first several years after I had begun my “healing experiments” (on the advice of an extra-terrestrial ambassador that was being channeled through a female medium who had been channeling the higher dimensional being and his civilization for sixteen years) I began to read the communications of many other channelers in order to get a broader perspective of the messages that these very benevolent beings may be trying to share with us.

Once I began to get more comfortable with reading a variety of channelers on a regular basis, I allowed myself to explore an area that I had mostly always avoided, the Angelic Realms, due to the fact that I had been associating angels with religion, which, as I already explained, I tend to avoid.

As I read one transcript after another of channeled benevolent information, I found that so many of these channelings were attributed to angelic beings, and also some religious historical figures like Jesus, Mary Magdalane, Archangel Michael or Saint Germain. The one being whose channelings I avoided was Archangel Metatron, because his name sounded phony to me.

As I opened my mind further, I conceived that perhaps these benevolent beings, mentioned in religious texts, did not have to be viewed entirely within the context of human religious doctrine. I considered that I might be able to view these benevolent beings, like archangels, as inter-acting in our reality, but outside and beyond the box of organized religions, their dogma and their control systems.

In other words, I allowed myself the freedom to explore the reality of their angelic  existence in direct relation to my consciousness and my perception of reality, without the filter and connection to any single religion. I would choose to view the ascended masters and the angelic kingdom as more broadly connected to humanity in total.

It also felt right to believe that each human being has a direct connection to the Great Spirit, to God, to All That Is, and that there may also be a direct connection between these beautiful, benevolent, angelic energy beings and every single human being— you, me, everyone— each in their own individually connected way, for all of these beings and us are simply different expressions of All That Is.

This understanding allowed me the openness of mind to consider that archangels and ascended masters could express themselves through various psychics, mediums and any human being with some telepathic ability and loving intent. And on a personal level, as long as I resonated with the material coming through in a deep and spiritual way, these channelings were valuable and real to me.

I felt that these messages that I was reading had various levels of authenticity to me personally. I felt some channelers and their messages resonated to a greater degree with me, others to a lesser degree. I felt that the great majority of these channelings were being offered by sincere individuals, and free of charge, and so I was open-minded enough to take their sincere claims of trying to connect with various galactic beings, ascended masters, angelic beings, and assorted cosmic energies at face value, and allow my intuition and feelings to help sort things out  for my reasoning, scientific mind. I understood that reading channelings carried with it a certain taboo for many people who describe themselves as “religious” in our society, however, society’s collective fears have never slowed down my personal quest for wisdom and truth.

As I shared in my earlier article on reincarnation, “Reflections on Reincarnation (The Owl Incident Part Four),” and because my scientific mind likes a lot of verification, I was astonished when the second medium that I ever went to for a reading brought through much of the same information about my most recent major past life as the information which had been brought through from the extra-terrestrial ambassador several years earlier, despite the fact that I was not sharing that information publicly and the second medium had no knowledge of the first medium or those messages.

This second medium, Isis-Neith Shanti, a crystal child and psychic medium of the highest caliber, introduced me to Archangel Metatron in the autumn of 2013. As the last three years have gone by, I have found that my worldview has changed and evolved once again, due in large part to this new relationship that has occurred since I began working with this divine being in meditation and in the healings that I do for others. I have since produced several documentaries on Isis and her husband Wolf.

I am going to share a portion of my first introduction to Archangel Metatron, from the transcripts of my first reading from Isis-Neith. About fifteen minutes into the videotaped reading, a guide began to make himself known to her, and then to me when I received the video file.

“I do have a Guide coming forward now on your left side,” began Isis-Neith, “standing behind you. Very male. A Lot of masculine energy. Very powerful guide, also soothing, protective, calm energy with this guide. But also very strong, very masculine energy… I am seeing a very large heart. This is the first thing I saw. A very large pink heart in front of your heart chakra. This is your Guide sending his energy there to your heart chakra. I do not feel much of a block in your heart chakra.”

“Your guide does feel angelic to me, and I want to say galactic as well. It feels like it could be a mix of different things, either that or there are multiple guides standing near him, and they are not revealing themselves. He is the one revealing himself.”

“This Guide is definitely someone that you can connect with to help you clear out your energy field, because that is something that he does. He is peaceful and calming, but very forceful, meaning he has so much force with him, all of this life force and strength that is clearing energy, that is shooting off of him.”

Isis-Neith then received the name of the being. “I am getting Archangel Metatron as well. So that is an energy that you can be calling on, a very, very powerful Archangel who can be helping to clear you. I do feel that. I am getting Archangel Metatron can also help you with that. I am feeling that you might not have been fully aware of the potential of that connection. Archangel Metatron is with you and operating near you. That is a very powerful connection to have.”

“I don’t normally read people who have Archangel Metatron with them, ” she continued. “Archangel Michael is around a lot of people. Archangel Metatron can be around people who have something very deep to clear, and may have a lot of past life things to clear. Metatron is in charge of records, and also very powerful and can help with clearings and manifestings. He is an all around very, very powerful Guide and Angel. You do have that connection with him. He is the one coming forward now, that I was feeling.”

Then, Isis-Neith sighed deeply and slowly exhaled. She giggled and said “This archangel packs some energy, he really does. Normally, this is how I feel at the end of a guidance reading. Metatron is quite powerful. He can definitely help you with clearing all this out… Even though there is this forceful masculine energy that wants to clear, clear, clear this stuff all out, at the same time it is very soothing and very peaceful the way that it is being sent. So, it has the power to clear it. The energy also carries the insight and authority to do it. This charged energy is also peaceful at the same time. The energy is very balanced and what you need to fully clear this. It is not just about clearing out this energy, but also about soothing hurts.”

Because of many qualities from this reading, and most especially my internal resonance with what the medium Isis-Neith Shanti shared with me that verified what the medium Cathy Star Eagle had shared with me through Loran, the extra-terrestrial ambassador, I scientifically considered the long odds that both of them would have been able to tap into and share much of the same information about the past-life in question.

The statistical improbability and slim chance of identifying the same information really made me consider that these two mediums and the beings that they were bringing through truly may have access to the Akashic Records of everyone’s past and future lives, and that I better sit up and pay attention. This realization spurred me to investigate further, and so I began a lengthy research investigation into the being known as Archangel Metatron, and I read sixty to seventy articles of various lengths and depth about Archangel Metatron, along with finally going back and reading so many of the channelings that I had previously ignored, because of my issue with his name sounding phony to me.



What follows is my condensed research, distilled down to the most essential elements of what Archangel Metatron represents, within the very obvious limitations of human language. Because this report incorporates so many references to understandings referenced largely in Christian and Judaic religion, I want to reiterate that I personally do not subscribe to any religions, but I do recognize that I share certain values with certain parts of many different religions, especially with regard to benevolence and benevolent action. Personally, I aspire to be benevolent, and of service to others and myself in a benevolent balance.

Two definitions, then, are required before I continue into the heart of this report: the definitions of both an “angel” and an “archangel.” I will share only the most basic definitions, because each of these definitions could end up being long reports in themselves.

What is an angel? An angel is commonly defined as “a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God,” and is often conventionally “represented in human form with wings and a long robe.” An angel is, in my view, a sacred being of Light and Love, and as we are, an individuated but non-separated aspect of All That Is, also called God. An angel may assist us in our spiritual growth, and uses enormous love in sharing their divine, benevolent qualities with human beings.

What is an archangel? To me, an archangel is a title that suggests an angelic being who has very powerful abilities and has accepted enormous responsibilities in supporting the benevolent application of love throughout the multi-verse, and who is in service to the Love of All That Is. They supervise and manage the large designs of the universe, the blueprints of Creation, and may be called upon by human beings to assist them and humanity as a whole in upliftment, healing, and gaining truth and wisdom.

Angels and archangels are intelligent living beings of light, as are humans at the quantum level, but the angelic beings are also very conscious of their divinity and their actions are naturally in harmony with the benevolent, high Love of the Creator of All, which radiates holy love from a state of complete unity.

I have chosen to attempt to convey the wide-ranging qualities of Archangel Metatron into three sections: (1) who Archangel Metatron is and his role in the Angelic Kingdom, (2) Metatron’s relationship to planet Earth, and (3) how a person can access an even greater connection to Metatron in one’s life.



PART ONE- Who Archangel Metatron Is



Introducing Archangel Metatron is no small task. In my experience so far, I have only actually viewed him as colors of light when my eyes are closed. In meditation and when I do healings for people, I recognize Metatron when I see, with eyes closed, a swirling purple light alongside a swirling green light, combined with a feeling of a higher quality of love within myself. When this happens, I have learned to trust that Archangel Metatron is present. On occasion when I am trying to consciously connect with a higher benevolent energy being like Metatron, I will see a golden, eye-shaped pattern of electricity, which I interpret as an acknowledgment by that being that they are present with me.

According to all the literature from which most of the remaining material in this report has been gathered, Archangel Metatron’s appearance may take several forms. Metatron is traditionally portrayed as youthful. He is the youngest of the archangels said to have been created by All That Is, and is less than ten thousand years old by our linear time, whereas the vast majority of angels within the angelic kingdom were said to have been created at the same time as the universe itself. He is one of the tallest archangels, and adorned with thirty-six pairs of wings. He is said to project a gentle but masculine energy, and has a deep pink auric field surrounding him.

Metatron was created after the other archangels as the Archangel of the Heaven of Form, and often stands holding a sacred, geometrical cube of light that contains the balanced, energetic geometry of the universe of created form, known as Metatron’s Cube. He is also known to stand holding a sacred scroll.

Along with his human-looking angelic form, Archangel Metatron is also said to appear simply as a being of divine Light in several different ways. Metatron may appear to human beings as a pillar of fiery platinum white light, brighter than the Sun. He can create Light and share it.  He is able to bring down light from the heavenly dimensions into our reality on Earth. Archangel Metatron helps all those working on Earth, which includes not only humans, but also galactic beings and other angelic beings, to bring light to darkness. Earth is considered to have been a planet constricted by lower dimensional energies, and therefore a very dense and dark space. Metatron continues to be closely involved with Earth and any “lightwork” that is truly trying to help uplift the consciousness here on the planet. He exists everywhere, including here on Earth, and he is guiding and supporting the upliftment and ascension of Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Metatron may directly help a human being by guiding Light through one’s stellar chakra several feet above one’s head, and also through the crown chakra at the top of the head. Metatron brings in the light in order to heal all parts of one’s beingness, which includes not only the physical body but also the fields of electromagnetic energy, light and sound which penetrate and surround one’s body. Metatron shares his pure direct light from the Source of all creation to us here on Earth, through both divine color and sound vibrations. As Metatron channels this light through our stellar and crown chakras, this allows human beings the gift of access to different dimensions of existence. Occasionally, if Metatron is working with you, you may witness brilliant flashes of light, which in turn upgrade your ability to receive and carry light.

During one instance of healing less than two years after I began my “healing experiments,” on a day in 2012 when Venus transited across the Sun, I was preparing all afternoon for a healing because the person had a growth and had been diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition. Not based on anything but intuition, I stood outside for over an hour with my eyes closed as Venus crossed the Sun and I meditated upon receiving healing light that I could pass along to the afflicted person. Remarkably to me, I saw a pillar of white light while I was in meditation during the actual healing work on the person (which had never happened to me before) and what looked like sparkling white vines rising up around this column of white light. I told the person this as it was happening. My feeling now is that this was Archangel Metatron working through me over a year and a half before I was formerly introduced to him as my primary guide through the session with the medium Isis-Neith. To the surprise of the individual’s modern medical doctor, the person recovered very quickly from the pre-cancerous growth, which disappeared quite rapidly, and that person is still completely healthy and cancer-free, four and a half years later as of this writing.



Ironically enough, the one being whose channeled material that I would most often skip over was Archangel Metatron! My reasons for avoiding any channeling with Archangel Metatron were because I had never heard of an archangel named Metatron before, as I had for Michael, Raphael, Gabrielle, Uriel and the better-known archangels. Metatron’s name sounded to me like a modern, made-up character name to me, like out of a science fiction storyline.  Little did I know that I was intimately connected with Archangel Metatron, another irony that, among other things, reminded me not to judge or read so much into names and labels, or judge based on any pre-conceived notions I might have, or judge at all.

Part of understanding the energies that Metatron represents may come through an understanding of the meaning of his name. In Latin, his name is “Metator,” which means “to measure” or “to balance.” In Greek, “meta” means “beyond” or “after,” and “tron” is a Greek suffix meaning “instrument,” although some scholars feel that the word “tron” relates to the Greek word “thronom,” meaning throne. Therefore, in Greek, Metatron means “beyond” or “after” combined with “instrument” or “throne,” quite possibly suggesting that Archangel Metatron is an angelic energy being “instrumental” to what is “beyond or after” this life. For some scholars, his Greek name translates to: “One Who Occupies the Throne Next to the Divine Throne.”

Other writers have also suggested that Metatron can be equated with the Greek god Hermes, who was their god of transitions, boundaries, messages from beyond this world, and the god who helped human souls into the afterlife.

In Hebrew, he is also called “Mattatron,” referencing the noun “Mattara,” meaning “keeper of the watch,” and the verb, “MMTR,” meaning “to guard” or “to protect.” The Jewish mystical book “The Zohar, ” which is a commentary on “The Torah,” published in Spain in the thirteenth century, is one of only a handful of sources that reference Metatron by name, referring to him as “The Youth,” with a meaning that suggests he is a “servant” of God.

The Islamic tradition speaks of “Idris,” a trustworthy and patient prophet, identified in Biblical tradition as “Enoch,” a mortal who lived such an exalted life, that the Divine Creator transitioned him into becoming the Archangel Metatron. In the Egyptian tradition, Metatron is associated with the god Thoth, who ruled over writing, glyphs, alphabets, magic, the Moon, balance, arbitration, pacification, the underworld and judgment of the dead.

While the Greek and Egyptian traditions have described this divine being as being a god, and Christian, Judaic and Islamic religions describe him as an angel, each of these cultures, while using different names and titles, may all be referencing the same Being of Light and Love.

Archangel Metatron has many titles attributed to him. He is “The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the first and last of the Archangels and the Angel of Angels, the Highest Angel, the Chancellor of Heaven, The Chief of the Ministering Angels, and the Angel of Messengers.” He is “The Angel of the Covenant, the Angel of Presence, the Keeper of the Watch, the Little YHWH and the Lesser YHWH.” He is “The Angel of Wisdom and Understanding, the Great Architect, and the Angel of Sacred Geometry and Numbers.” Metatron is “The Angel of Children, The Youth and the Angel of the Divine Face.” He is also “The Archangel of Reflection, the Liberating Angel, The Archangel of Life, and The Supreme Angel of Death.”



Even as the youngest archangel of all, Archangel Metatron’s destiny was to lead, guide and oversee all the archangels and angels of the Angelic Realms. Archangel Metatron is extremely close to the Great Spirit of All, to God, and he governs the balance of all the many universes of existence known as the Multi-verse. Archangel Metatron “overlights” all of the angelic energies, sharing his wisdom, balance, guidance and bridges all to the Divine beyond what we see as creation.

Archangel Metatron helps maintain the proper balance for all of Creation. In Judaism’s “Kabbalah” or “Qabala,”, this balance of creation is represented as the “Tree of Life,” and at the top of this “Tree” is the “Keter” of “Kether,” also called the “Crown of Creation.” As “Lesser YHWH,” Archangel Metatron forms the cosmic blueprint of the entire Tree of Life. Metatron helps sustain mankind, provide divine wisdom, and helps to link humanity with the divine realms through his immense love and compassion.

From the Kether or crown, beyond which is only The Source of All, Archangel Metatron oversees all the Multi-verse of all creation, guarding and supervising the entire cosmos from top to bottom, which is represented by the Tree. In the highest parts of Kether, Archangel Metatron drops his form and is seen as a radiant being of the full spectrum of Light, and he demonstrates living without form to all in this region of the Kether. All cosmic energy, it is said,  flows from The Source through the Kether and down to all parts of creation, including down to Earth and humanity.

In the Kether, duality, polarity, separation, pain, fear and adversity do not exist. In this space, there is complete peace, harmony, and very high, pure energies that promote inspiration creativity, ascension and upliftment. Beings feel completely free to express both their male and female energies. This holy realm is populated by angels and energy beings of the highest caliber of Light and Love, who share their spiritual wisdom to help expand the consciousness of the human souls who also reside in the Kether in order to learn and raise themselves to even higher loving frequencies as they release and detach from any final remaining moral weaknesses, resulting in a completeness of their divine beingness.

In the Judaic literature, it is reported that while Metatron sustains all from the top of the Tree of Life, many other archangels, called the Sephiroth, whom also dwell in other areas of the Tree of Life, may rely on Metatron’s guidance. Metatron and his archangelic spiritual brother Sandalphon (who may have been the prophet Elijah), work in harmony from the uppermost and lowermost points on the Tree of Life, to maintain balance and harmony. Metatron sends the greatest loving energy down the Tree of Life from the Kether to the bottom, where Sandalphon shares it with all the living creatures on Earth, for the purpose of Earth’s spiritual evolution and our ascension program. Metatron’s counterpart who represents the female part of The Source, Skekinah, is described as his twin flame; she is also known as Rachael in Kabbalistic traditions. For her part, the “Shekinah” reflects that energy back up the tree again, like kundalini yoga, so that spiritual energy is constantly flowing between the Great Spirit, the angels, and human beings.




One of Metatron’s many titles is “The Supreme Angel of Death and Rebirth.” The literature on Metatron affirms that this archangel receives divine guidance continuously from the Source of All as to the souls who will pass into the afterlife. Along with Archangels Gabrielle, Sammael, and Azrael, Archangel Metatron helps to guide those souls who have recently died back into the heavenly realms.

Metatron records every thought and action both in Heaven and on Earth. Due to his exceptional organizational abilities, he was chosen by The Great Spirit to be Heaven’s Scribe and Librarian, and to maintain for eternity the archives of all creation and every event, big or small, that has ever occurred. Metatron oversees these “Akashic Records” in what is also called “The Book of Life.” Archangel Metatron bears witness to all that we do, and any karmic actions or situations which may still need to be resolved. He is an angel of Divine Truth and Justice. What I find beautiful is that Metatron also bears witness to those acts of love and kindness often overlooked by other human beings around us; he records every act of love, kindness, compassion and tolerance. Metatron is the Guardian of the Akashic, and will ultimately decide what information may be shared from the great Akashic Records with humanity, or any single human being who may be searching for information about their past or future lives.




As the “Archangel of the Heaven of Form,” Metatron is charged with holding the blueprint of all creation, and Metatron’s cube was manifested through his Soul to assist him in this capacity to maintain balance and harmony throughout all of creation. This is why Metatron is also called “The Great Architect,” and his divine blueprint is complete and unified with All That Is.

The cube represents all six directions, in a balanced equilibrium. Through his cube, Metatron administers the sacred geometry of the Multi-verse by use of divine Light patterns, shapes, grids and lines. The “Flower of Life” is an example of a core “Metatronic” pattern. Metatron’s Cube contains all the sacred shapes of the Multi-verse, which are the foundational forms of all third-dimensional physical matter, including our genetics. The ley lines of Earth are said to follow the patterns of Metatron’s cube. The sacred geometric shapes contained within Metatron’s Cube may be utilized by benevolent human beings for a variety of purposes, to be shared further on in this report.



PART TWO- Archangel Metatron’s Relationship to Earth


In the fifth chapter of the Bible’s Old Testament Book of Genesis, verses 18 to 24, mention is made of being named Jared who fathered a child, Enoch, at age one hundred and sixty two. As remarkable as that sounds, the next verse states that after Enoch was born, Jared lived an additional eight hundred years, dying at the age of 962 years of age! To me, this suggests the possibility of an extra-terrestrial connection, and I have found references to Metatron in connection with the star Sirius A. The Book of Genesis goes on to state that Enoch fathered Methuselah at age 65, and went on to father other sons and daughters, living to age three hundred and sixty five. Enoch is said to have led a very pious life, was a prophet and scribe, and was looked upon with much love from the heavenly realms. Then, in Genesis 5:24, the Bible states that “Enoch walked with God… and God took him,” thought to be the time of the Great Flood.

As far as I have discovered, the Bible does not name Archangel Metatron in either the Old or New Testament, but there are several allusions to him, according to some Christian and Jewish scholars. Some religious scholars suggest that the Burning Bush which spoke to Moses and said, “I Am” was Archangel Metatron, acting as God’s emissary. Later, they suggest, he parted the Red Sea in the same role, helped to free the Israelites in their exodus from Egypt. Again, in “The Zohar,” Metatron is described as the “Rod of Moses,” from which comes life and death, and he is mentioned in “Pseudepigrapha,” which are various pseudonymous apocrypha and writings, mostly Jewish writings ascribed to various biblical patriarchs and prophets.

Archangel Metatron begins to appear in religious literature in medieval Jewish mystical texts, most prominently in the “Hebrew Book of Enoch,” also called “Enoch 3.” It is said that two Egyptian magicians, the two-faced Janus and his cohort Jambres, entered Heaven through the use of unholy magic, and that both Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabrielle were not able to remove the evildoers. After Archangel Metatron banished both Janus and Jambres from the heavenly realms, he was given the title of “The Angel of Angels,” and was charged with guarding and protecting Heaven.



“The Book of Enoch” picks up where the Book of Genesis leaves off, “Enoch walked with God… and God took him.” Here, in “The Book of Enoch,” are explanations and details about Enoch’s connection to Archangel Metatron. “The Book of Enoch,” was authored by Rabbi Ishmael Ben Elisha, who was only in his mid-forties in 135 A.D. when he was cruelly executed by a Roman governor along with nine other martyrs.

The rabbi wrote about Enoch’s transfiguration into the archangel: “This Enoch, whose flesh was turned to flame, his veins to fire, his eyelashes to flashes of lightning, his eyeballs to flaming torches, and whom God placed a throne next to the throne of glory, received after this heavenly transformation the name Metatron.”

So according to this rabbi, Enoch was transformed into the “spirit of flame,” taken up into the heavenly realms, given wings, and became an archangel, becoming the first ascended man.

Metatron is one of only two archangels, the other being his brother Sandalphon, who once walked the Earth as a male human being. There are several “Books of Enoch,” but the original “Book of Enoch” is considered to be the definitive work with regard to Metatron. “The Chronicles of Enoch” contain passages about when Enoch visited Heaven prior to his death.



One of the primary duties Archangel Metatron performs for All That Is involves safeguarding and sustaining the Earth and her human children. Metatron stands ready to support and protect all children, encourage them to discover the truth within themselves, and to have a more fulfilled life where they can aspire to reach their highest potential.  Archangel Metatron loves every child, and also is very attentive to children with special circumstances, who may be especially sensitive and psychic, handicapped, living in poverty, autistic, hyperactive, distracted, or unique and gifted in some special way. Metatron encourages all of us to make sure that no child is harmed, abused or neglected in any way, and even encourages adults to heal their “inner child.”

For those children who die too young or prematurely, he guides them in their out-of-body journey back to the heavenly realms, helping to calm them as they cross over, teaching them what they need to understand in order to make the transition into Heaven easier.

As well as helping all children with special needs, this archangel provides great assistance to all children who have incarnated on Earth with any special, divine  mission that they may be charged with, especially those missions related to helping humanity’s ascension. Metatron is paying special attention to the spiritually gifted, psychic sensitive children that have been incarnated as the indigo, crystal and rainbow generations, augmenting and supporting the development of each child’s special gifts for humanity. As they grow older, Archangel Metatron continues to help any of these special individuals who are struggling with their own unique development and their ascension mission.



Metatron also acts as a bridge between form and non-form, and also serves The Great Spirit by guarding the threshold into The Void, from which all creation is birthed. By now, it should also be clear that Archangel Metatron helps bring the Divine Realms to humanity, Heaven to Earth. Religious literature speaks of Archangel Metatron guarding the entry point to the Divine Realms, which are connected to a “Bridge of Light” that reaches across to the Earthly dimension of form, where Archangel Uriel stands protecting entry upon the Bridge.

Metatron helps us to create the bridge to our higher self, encouraging us to meditate and quietly listen in silence to our guides and the divine realms. He helps bring us closer to the Great Spirit of Love and Harmony, for he holds the divine charge of sustaining and nurturing humanity towards greater love, to open our hearts and connect us with the Love of All That Is. Archangel Metatron also helps to remind us that we each have a direct connection to the Divine Source of All, and that we do not need anyone else to put us in touch with God, because that connection is our natural birthright, easily accessible when we approach the Divine Source from a space of love.

Archangel Metatron helps us to remove any self-doubt and to discover the great love at the center of our being, so that we know and remember, too, that we each carry a spark of true divinity within us, and that when we act with love, we are uplifting ourselves and everything around us.



PART THREE- Metatron In Your Life



One of the most important things to understand about Archangel Metatron is his extremely powerful divine, unconditional love. His positive love vibrations help to sustain the Multi-verse. He unites us with The Source of all love and goodness, and brings huge amounts of loving light and vibrations to each of us in all areas of our lives, helping one to find truth, and comfort their heart.

Because of his vast capacity for unconditional love, Metatron has limitless power, and his presence may be felt as a powerful electromagnetic energy and lifeforce. Metatron’s presence can easily bring miracles, raising the level of vibration and consciousness to anyone willing to receive his pure, refined energy.

His loving presence and divine intelligence brings with it very powerful healing light and vibrations, and Metatron will help anyone who calls upon him, helping to release unhealthy energies. Archangel Metatron has so much empathy, compassion and understanding, having once been the human being Enoch, and he understands our emotions, our struggles with ego, and knows what physical pain feels like. His great capacity for mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and empathy helps all those who allow Metatron into their lives to become much more oriented towards service-to-others, rather than a mindset of service-to-self.



Beyond the traditional seven chakras, we each have other powerful chakras including what is known as the “stellar gateway chakra,” which is located about three feet above one’s head, and opens up as we develop spiritually. Archangel Metatron governs this chakra, which is very powerful in that it may act as a portal to our entire universe, accessed by one’s consciousness through dedicated meditation. Metatron is also associated with the “gateway” organs: the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. Metatron is able to help clear blockages and open one’s chakras, and also can cleanse impurities and toxins out one’s body, even negative psychic, mental, emotional, and darker spiritual energy fields. Increased energy levels, clarity, calm and increased intuition can manifest within your being more easily when your chakras are clear of blockages and spinning properly. Archangel Metatron may clear your chakras and eliminate negative energies with his golden Cube of the sacred geometric blueprints of life, geometry that science is still trying to understand at its quantum level.



You can connect with the energy of Metatron and his healing Cube through meditation and visualization to align one’s chakras, and bring healing energy down from the heavenly realms into this physical reality.

Metatron’s Cube is an ideal focal point to begin to connect with this archangel and his healing gifts. By studying the shapes of sacred geometry and meditating upon the patterns held within Metatron’s Cube, we can bring healing to ourselves and others, gain insight into the Divine, and assist in the progression of the human spirit toward inner ascension.

As long as you approach Archangel Metatron with love, he will respond with his healing force, but because of his great respect for our freewill, it helps to ask him for his assistance. He may respond by sending the energy of his Cube through your crown chakra at the top of your head. While working with Metatron, it is very important to stay grounded and connected to the Earth, even if only via visualization. Good clear concentrated focus is very important during your visualizations, as well as loving intentions.

Metatron’s Cube is a holy glyph, and placing a print or image of the Cube in the area around you not only connects you with his presence, but may ward off very low and negative energies, like demonic or satanic vibrations. Archangel Metatron is helping humanity to help itself ascend out of these dark, egoic patterns on both an individual and planetary scale, as well as throughout the Multi-verse. His Cube is a beautiful tool for meditations that promote peace and balance. A very kind gesture would be to remember to graciously thank Metatron for his help and presence when you interact with this very loving archangel.



Remember that Metatron keeps the balance in many different universes, all at the same time that he is bringing greater balance to our universe, and helping humanity achieve balance on Earth. He is especially focused on bringing the Light to areas that are filled with negativity and dark energies.

Archangel Metatron governs justice and peace, which allows us to let go of harsh self-judgment or judgment of others. He helps us to find the right balance in very emotional personal issues, especially for those searching for love. Metatron helps us to re-balance relationships when we feel stuck, out of tune, or when boundaries between people are not defined well enough, so that we gain more clarity and sense of self. Metatron’s energy brings together our male and female energies within each of us, and aligns them into balance.

He helps us to find the proper balance between service-to-self and service-to-others, what we share with others and what we keep for ourselves. Archangel Metatron wants us to seek greater balance, harmony, serenity and contentment so that we carry less burdens, have only a minimum of stress, and live in good health.

With regard to individual actions, Metatron may assist you to know when you need to do more for others, or for yourself, when to stop an activity because it is throwing you out of balance, and when everything feels just right. When you find yourself wrestling with a negative thought-form, call upon Metatron, and he will help guide you to a more positive frame of mind.



Archangel Metatron is aligned with pure, loving energies, and his domain within the angelic world includes helping create, manifest and maintain positive, loving thoughts and vibrations. Metatron is focused on helping us to realize the power of our own thoughts, which is where so much creativity begins. He helps to spark our imagination, and to realize our own potential and worth. He brings us confidence, strength and courage to live up to our potential. He can help clear negative energy from our minds, or the physical space in a room, which allows us to detach and release from all negativity. Metatron encourages us to bring our Higher Self into our body and this physical reality.

“The Liberating Angel” helps to release us from impure energies within our body, mind and spirit. He encourages us to make healthy choices with our bodies and the food we eat, and the liquids we drink. Self-purification gains more and more importance with age, and with one’s desire to connect or channel Metatron’s lifeforce. Working with Metatron can lead to more selfless acts, less ego attachments, more positive thoughts, less fears, more integrity and honesty, all because of his completely pure vibrations. He liberates us from negativity. Through meditation, a clean pineal gland and a healthy, spinning crown chakra, you may find that you are able to open up to his clarity and begin to channel his energies from the heavenly realms, for service to others, for healing, communication and better relationships, and much more.

As Metatron helps us to detach from the negativity in our past, our mistakes and follies, our bitter resentments, any self-loathing or self-judgment, then our minds and hearts gain more clarity, and we can be more actively in the present moment, which is our point of power. Metatron’s goal is to free us of the negativity that we have attached ourselves to, due to the pain that we hold onto within our emotional bodies. As you connect closer and closer to Metatron’s vibrations, you may gain greater all-around clarity of heart and mind, and find yourself able to connect with new dimensions of awareness and consciousness, where we realize that in the highest realms of existence, life is all about serving others and constant devotion to improving your own inner vibration. This higher state of clarity allows you to see the impact of your thoughts and actions, and Metatron’s energy may guide you to greater and greater benevolence in all that you do.

Along with clarity, Archangel Metatron may provide constant, ongoing guidance and wisdom. He will help you to see the way up and out of the dark and solve what may have once seemed like insurmountable personal obstacles, as you become more connected with your Higher Self. Metatron may even share a level of enlightenment with you that you may have never imagined yourself capable of receiving, and with that wisdom, you will remember to stay humble, and grateful for the life you have been given.



In my view, two of the most direct ways to expand your consciousness are though meditation, and reading very spiritual writings. When meditating, I find it vital to spend as much time as possible in a state of silent listening, while also controlling my breathing. As distractions may roll through your mind, allow them to pass while your intention and focus remain upon silent listening. The angelic and galactic realms and your guides will begin to respond to your quiet attention. As you do this, your intuitive connections will develop and grow. If you can arrive at a point of daily communion with these loving beings, you will find your whole world changing for the better. The benevolent realms will honor your intentions, especially your intention to connect with your Higher Self in a loving way.

You may choose to ask for Archangel Metatron’s protection as you begin, visualize the room filled with a conscious loving sparkling white light that only allows the highest and most benevolent energies into your space, and then begin your meditation. These loving beings will always be with you, and you will find beautiful synchronicities, magic and miracles happening in your life, as your life expands without limits. You will begin to realize your full potential. Imagine this actually happening, and this frame of mind allows these possibilities to manifest much easier.

Archangel Metatron is “Heaven’s Librarian,” and maintains the eternal Akashic Records of all thoughts, feelings and actions. To me, this suggests that every single part of one’s life experience, both conscious and unconscious, is recorded for posterity, imprinted in some way into both our DNA, and the fabric of our universe. Nothing is lost, and those energies remain available for re-examination when it is appropriate, such as a review by your Higher Self and your guides upon your death.

However, you may still have some limited access to the Akashic Records while alive: through psychic mediums of high caliber, and through dreams, synchronicities, and signs from our guides, all of which may be followed up with additional research to help factually support this “received information.”

Archangel Metatron may allow us a view into your personal Akashic Records if it is to your soul’s benefit, allowing you to heal karmic situations and ascend into spaces of greater love. He may stimulate your mind and inspire you to search for information that will reveal your soul’s codes to you, which include destiny patterns, wisdom about your personality’s strengths and weaknesses, deep soul connections within some of your earthly relationships, and special, rare insights, especially if you are able to release expectations and attachments to what you want to hear.

He is the angelic ambassador of organization and prioritization. Metatron is the deciding factor in just how much of the Akashic Records that you may access, for the timing of seeing some of your darker lives needs to be just right in order to continue to help uplift you along your life path.

The medium Isis-Neith Shanti explained to me: “Archangel Metatron can be around people who have something very deep to clear, and may have a lot of past life things to clear. Metatron is in charge of records, and also very powerful and can help with clearings and manifestings. He is an all around very, very powerful Guide and Angel.”

He has always been known as the Scribe, even in his only human life as Enoch. Archangel Metatron is the “Angelic Ally to Writers,” most especially to those who are trying to share spiritual wisdom with their fellow human beings that will help uplift human beings towards greater love of All. He is a patron of unique self-expression, wisdom, reverent prayer and songs. Metatron helps to motivate, stimulate, guide and focus a writer whose work will have benevolent affect upon humanity as a whole, even if that happens to be generations after the writer’s death.

Archangel Metatron also supports efficient, responsible and honest accounting, as he is associated with numbers and record keeping



If you feel inspired to connect to Archangel Metatron, know that he is an archangel that you can call on at anytime. Even while he is guiding humanity as a whole, and balancing the Multi-verse, Metatron operates from a space of “no time,” and in a capacity to cross universes and dimensions of existence, for his energy and love is unlimited, and may traverse all time and space. He is able to be present in multiple places across the universe all at once, so there is no need to worry that you are pulling him away from something more urgent. He always has time for you.

Metatron will respond to individuals, and he may even be the guide for some individuals, especially those who have blockages and much to clear or are focused on protecting and helping the Earth and humanity to ascend. His energies will assist you in making even the most stressful situations more manageable, so if you feel overwhelmed, call upon Archangel Metatron, and you may gain calmness, clarity and more energy to deal with your situation.

For me, meditation and automatic writing is how I most often connect with Archangel Metatron. I will hear thoughts and ideas that I do not identify as strictly my own, and sometimes certain thoughts and wisdom seem to come from out of the blue. By meditating or sitting in silence in front of my keyboard with my eyes closed, I may clairaudiently receive messages from my guides, and I now consider Archangel Metatron to be my primary guide. When I am trying to do a healing for an individual, I mentally call upon Metatron, and I see him as colors of healing light.

In my research, I found a wide range of colors, crystals and oil essences associated with his name, and because that was so broad, I am only going to report what I feel is most connected with Archangel Metatron in my experience so far. The colors of light that I most associate with Metatron are violet and purple, and seafoam green to emerald green, and pink, and sparkling white, and also tinges of gold and blue. The crystals that I hold on occasion as I try to connect more deeply with Metatron are blue lapis lazuli with gold flecks, pink and green watermelon tourmaline, pale blue and white celestite, and clear quartz. The aromas and fragrances that help me the most are lemon, chamomile, ginger, and sage, but I have also read that lavender, myrrh, ylang ylang, sunflower, juniper berry and cedarwood are also associated with Metatron.

Prior to meditation, you may visualize a silver white sphere or column of light (which I also associate with Archangel Uriel, who stands at one side of the “Bridge of Light”)  fully surrounding and protecting you from fear and negative energies, as it cleans your subtle fields and chakra system. You may also visualize a sphere of reflection that mirrors back any negative energies that may have been directed at you by others. Once you feel sufficiently surrounded in loving, benevolent, protective light, you may focus upon your stellar chakra and your crown chakra, and visualize sparkling white, conscious living light flowing down into and through your head, filling your heart and your whole body up with radiant, heavenly light. Also, visualize yourself grounded into the Earth from your root chakra. I have written a brief article called “Sharing My Process For Communicating With One’s Guides” that describes my process, if you are interested in more details with regard to connecting.

When I am doing healing work, and I call upon Archangel Metatron, I will often do it with one knee bended and touching the ground, in order to stay grounded to the Earth, to help allow my mind to visualize the heavenly light flowing from the higher dimensions into the physical. I have written another article called “Healing Practices and Spiritual Evolution” that describes my healing process, too.

Be ready to quietly listen with eyes closed, and see the colors that manifest, swirl and come into your mind’s eye as you meditate, and connect with those loving energies that are present with you. The results can feel miraculous. Be mindful of all the information that you receive, and even consider journaling your experiences afterwards.



Archangel Metatron helps you with dealing with your past, especially through examination of your past lives. He also helps you deal with the present, through his gifts of healing, clearing, calm, peace, balance, and by sharing wisdom, expanded consciousness, and his unconditional love. And Metatron can also help you with your future goals and manifesting your potential along your life path.

Metatron provides us with motivation, focus and prioritization, so that we can better realize our goals. He can assist you in better organizing your schedule so that you can make time for those activities which are most meaningful and uplifting to you, and help you to reduce wasted time.

While we are gifted with free will, I feel that we should also balance that with what may be called Divine Will, so that we are blending both together in the service to All. Metatron helps to align us with the Divine Source and allow us to bring that into this physical existence and our conscious awareness. If our actions are in alignment with benevolence and service to all, Metatron will help us to achieve our goals, especially if we have put much hard work into it, like for me, this report, which I have slowly gathered and worked on over three years time as my experiences with Metatron progressed. Metatron can help us communicate better, create better, more loving relationships, let go of painful episodes in our lives, and give up damaging habits and addictions. Metatron is the Archangel of Earth’s Children, and we are all children of this planet, and so we may all be assisted by Metatron if we so choose. We only need to ask.

Along your life’s path, there may be many good times, and there may be bumps. Metatron helps you toward activities that fulfill your heart, support’s your soul’s missions and purpose for being here, and helps you not to stray too far from your path. He gives us more inspiration, more imagination, and what is in our highest good. He encourages us to reach for our ideal self if that aligns with love and benevolence. Artist and creators may be visited, inspired and guided to create great works through Archangel Metatron.

And Metatron can help us to gently assimilate and flow with great changes in our lives, especially as we need to detach from old, unproductive energies. He helps us to find new patterns of behavior which are more positive. He helps us to find the good in bad. He helps us to reach inside ourselves to the very core of our being, and find love there. He helps us to release attachments and “cut cords.” He helps us to release limiting patterns of belief and to forge new and better paradigms and ways of living and being. He brings us much higher vibrations of light and sound and love. He helps us become grateful for all that we are that has been hidden from us for so long. He transforms our fears into love. He embodies the living presence that speaks, “I Am that I Am.”

And I am so grateful that he is in my life.








17:D Honoring Gaia and The Angel Catch


by Rick Keefe, with significant contributions by Maritza Keefe, Jaime Gould, Rachel Provo-Dashkiwsky, Mollie Chivington, Ian Nilram, with special astrological material by Laura Walker, and special channeled material via Natalie Glasson and Isis-Neith Shanti



Part One: Our Group Experience

How Our Group came Together; Rachel’s Vision of a Sacred Circle; The Drive to Vail; Preparing to go into the Circle; The Blessed Water; The Ceremony in the Sacred Circle; The Drive to the Creek; The Hike in the Dark Down to Cienaga Creek; The Angel Catch; Offering Water in the Creek with Spirits All Around Us; Climbing Back Out; The Return

Part Two: How My Mind Dealt With the Angel Catch

The Next Five Days; Spiritual Support; Jaime’s Revelation; Rachel’s Sacred Gatherings

Part Three: Contemplations

Contemplations about the Angel Catch and Gaia; Guidance April 9, 2015; Channeling of Archangel Metatron May 17, 2016; Channeling Mother Earth June 6, 2016



Part One: Our Group Experience



When a group of people get together with benevolent intentions for a sacred purpose, magic can happen, and it can happen for you.

Our group began to come together midway into 2014 through a spiritual support group that some of us still attend once a month under the high ceilings in the back of a small candle company in Tucson. The shop is named Mystic Candles and Metaphysical, created and managed by a charismatic young woman named Mollie.


Mystic Candles and Metaphysical in Tucson, Arizona


Originally from Alabama, Mollie is a very hard working southern belle with a sweet, genuine smile that can put anyone at ease. She has managed to bring together under one roof many different spiritual disciplines and practices. Her store’s monthly calendar is regularly filled with educational and spiritually-related events, workshops and personal one-on-one sessions. The joy and balance which she brings to so many widely different types of people reminds me of a tree with beautiful branches and limbs in all directions. She is strong enough to encourage participation from such a wide range of personalities that walk through her door, while supporting very different approaches that branch off in so many different directions, yet she is firmly grounded with enough pragmatism to keep up with the burden of her financial and managerial responsibilities. Mollie is herself mystical, a dreamer and visionary, and someone observant enough to recognize signs and synchronicities yet grounded enough to bring them into life in a purposeful way. She loves to dance to techno music and rock ‘n’ roll, has a very tastefully decorated home, and is much wiser than her years might indicate. Her maturity seems to come from both her supportive parents, Maggie and Dean, who assist her at Mystic, but probably also from many past lifetimes devoted to spiritual upliftment.

Mollie decided to throw a New Year’s Eve party at her home to usher in 2015, and invited many of us involved in the monthly spiritual support group to come and celebrate together. Her recent but very close friend Rachel helped Mollie put the evening of celebration together. Mollie and Rachel had become close both at Mystic and while attending many of the same New Age and Pagan events held throughout Tucson during 2014. Because both women resonated so closely with each other, within a short time, Rachel joined Mollie at Mystic as the core resident healer, often assisting Mollie with the various functions at Mystic, which doubled both as a candle and New Age retail shop, and as an event center.

Rachel has three sons, currently all in their second decade. Despite all her devotion to her family, Rachel asserts her own right to self-fulfillment, which meant following her heart towards her spiritual path as a healer. Even though she was born in Tucson, she spent much of her youth tromping through forests outside a mansion-like estate in Pennsylvania as a young girl, which connected her deeply to nature spirits. Rachel is gifted with a great capacity for compassion, expressed through energy healings that emphasize sounds, tones and crystal bowl frequencies. She incorporates a vast array of esoteric knowledge into her healing work as she lays hands on her clients who feel her pure intentions in the form of greater health and balance. If you bring up a subject related to metaphysics and the occult, Rachel “has a book for that.” Now, with her keen intellect and ability to retain this knowledge by practicing it daily in her life, she is becoming a walking encyclopedia of esoteric understanding herself. She is a pixie-like nature girl, barefoot with naturally hairy legs and armpits, always looking for greater attunement to her intuitive, wild, natural divine self in its fullest expression. Her beaming smile and infectious laugh set a tone of joy, harmony and happiness wherever she goes. At the New Year’s Eve party, Rachel would greet everyone with a huge smile, wide open arms and a kiss. Together, Mollie and Rachel are a powerhouse combination of the Divine Feminine in action.


Rachel and Mollie


My wife Maritza, for the first time on a New Year’s Eve that I could remember, reticently left her mother at home who would talk long distance with her whole family from Guatemala throughout the evening, to join me in trying something very different for us: going out to celebrate on New Year’s Eve. This was especially hard for Maritza because she is certainly the most devoted daughter that I have ever met in my life. At age fourteen, she pulled up all her roots and left her home and all the rest of her large family in Guatemala to live alone with her mother and elderly step-father in southeastern Arizona. She and her mother have been devoted to each other ever since. Maritza, who recently discovered an immediate past-life as a military nurse, had spent every day for nine years nursing her mother through two bouts of breast cancer, and I am certain that it was her love and endless commitment that helped her mother survive those grueling years that also held numerous other potentially fatal health scares along the way. Maritza was born to be a mother, but sadly we have no human children. To fill that void, we have rescued and adopted many stray and unwanted dogs and cats, to which Maritza devotes her heart and soul. One of our close friends humorously claims that if he comes back as a dog in the next life, he wants Maritza to be his pet guardian, because of how well he sees her treat our furry babies. Maritza is a beautiful Mayan princess whom the camera adores; it’s nearly impossible to get a bad photo of Maritza unless she wants to make a funny, ridiculous face. Her open heart radiates generosity, goodwill, and innocence. She has a unique flair for fashion, is an avid belly dancer, and has recently become committed to yoga. You would be very lucky to have Maritza for a friend, because she is so supportive to her crew. Children and animals just adore her as an earthy mother-goddess, and when she was an elementary school teacher, even in her first year, she was known throughout the school for being adored by her students, the other teachers and the principal. Everyone loved “Ms. Maritza,” and twenty years later, those same children now adults are overjoyed when they re-encounter their former teacher. And, fortunately for me, she is also a faithful, lovely wife and pragmatic business partner.

Quite surprisingly, as Maritza and I left on our way to the New Year’s Eve party, a minor miracle occurred in Tucson: it began to snow, which felt to me like a very good omen. The rare snowfall put smiles upon all our faces amidst crystal skulls and tarot cards, conversations of angels and galactic beings, eating delightfully delicious food and drinking from a cabinet of liquors. Amidst the larger crowd who were celebrating throughout and on all sides of Mollie’s house, during one point in the evening of merriment, four women had congregated together in the kitchen: Mollie, Rachel, Maritza and Jaime, who was a stranger to me. And so I happily joined in on their conversations, and our little soul family was born.

Jaime recalled how our particular group came together. “I had been blessed by a new group of friends. Ones that made me feel very comfortable, at home, and spiritually happy. We had common interests, but it was also so easy to talk and laugh with them. I first met them at the New Year’s Eve party, December 31, 2014. I had been invited to another party by folks I’ve known for longer through a local Pagan network, but my intuition told me to skip that party. I was attracted to the hostess’ radiance of happiness, and I thought, ‘I want to hang out with those people.’ Going to Mollie’s party was the right choice.”


Jaime and Maritza


That special evening, Jaime shared with Maritza and I some energy forecasts for the upcoming year, and explained how she had met Mollie through Mystic. I suggested to her that she join us for the monthly spiritual support groups, and strangely enough, the next day Maritza and I were driving in a different part of town on a smaller side street and passed Jaime in her car; we all saw each other and waved hello, feeling like we were greeting a longtime friend. By February, Jaime had taken up the invitation and was joining us at the gatherings of a large and special group of people. It was at this February meeting in which I overheard Rachel mentioning to someone else that she was planning a gathering at her home in the desert out in Vail, some twenty minutes to the east of Tucson for a Spring Equinox celebration, which intrigued me, as I had never before observed or participated in a Pagan multi-faith event.

Jaime is an extraordinarily talented and happy individual. Tall and gregarious, she has a natural way of putting people at ease, maybe due in part to her years of retail and managerial experience in higher-end Southwestern Art and Native American antiques. Extremely bright, her mind always seems to be a step ahead, and she takes on large fields of study, devours them, and learns to apply the knowledge quickly, as in the case this past year with her deep exploration into the metaphysical properties of crystals. She can be goofy, silly and fun-loving, and like the other women in our group, adores animals. She and her husband Patrick have a houseful of critters, and she always seems to attract more. Just recently, a mother bird nested at her bedroom window and is now raising little ones, attracted and comforted no doubt by Jaime’s buoyant, radiant energy. She is a vegetarian, and exudes a magical, earthy quality, having been raised in the rural countryside of southwestern Pennsylvania. She has always been attracted to the magical side of life, is very well educated, and is also quite expert in graphic arts and designing books, which she does professionally along with her art gallery career. Like Maritza, she has a full head of dark brown wavy hair and loves to belly dance, and she, Maritza and Rachel have adopted the moniker of “Starfish Hair Sisters” for their belly dance performances.

I hope that I have painted a clear portrait of some of the wonderful energies of these four women who, along with several other very fine people, would come together to honor Mother Earth for a Spring Equinox celebration on a beautiful Southern Arizona day in 2015. That day would end up becoming so special for all five of us that we gathered together several times after the first anniversary to share memories, and to record and preserve the details so that we could remind ourselves for the rest of our lifetimes about the wonder of honoring Gaia that fateful day.



“I remember the first time I heard about it. It was after the February 2015 meeting at Mystic, and you said that you were going to be having a gathering out at your place for the Spring Equinox, and I kind of hinted, ‘Hey, that sounds kind of interesting,’ and then you invited Maritza and I to go to it. But I want you to tell me… what motivated you in the first place to do something like that? What led up to you creating that space where you had that sacred circle that this was performed in?” I asked Rachel.


Evening view of Rachel’s sacred circle


“It was kind of like an obsession,” Rachel admitted and laughed. “It was like I had to do it. And we had the space for it. And so I was like, ‘I have to build this.’ I collected all the rocks, all the railroad ties, did it all myself, all that. So it was like I was totally obsessed with it, and I had this vision of having four directions and the opening in the east. And then I had a vision… I wanted big giant crystals for all the different directions. And then one day I was driving and… I was led on this path where I found all these giant selenite pieces.”

“That’s what I needed for the circle! So once I got the selenite pieces, I put them in place. And then I learned that selenite is used for bringing people’s hearts together in a circle in a medicine wheel. And I’m like, ‘This is it! This is a sign from the Universe. Go forward with this. This is awesome! You’re doing it. We’re going to support this.'”

“So, the whole point of the circle,” explained Rachel,  “was that I wanted to create a sacred space to have people gather for different intentions. One was for having sacred space to connect to the land, to honor the ancestors, to help people heal, and just kind of create a community space so we could come together to just be ourselves and be wild and free and have fun and be with the Earth.”


Rachel celebrating outside the east entry


“I just kept building it and building it. And then when I met Mollie, I was like, ‘Hey, I have this circle in my backyard, and I really want to do this,’ and she was like, ‘Well, let’s do it,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay.’ So she was like the last little push to get me to kind of open it, and gather everyone together.”

Mollie concurred. “And it was also kind of the first real circle that Rachel had at her house. So that was pretty special in itself ’cause, you know, brand new circle. She has this vision, so it was actually coming to fruition for the first time.”

“And so that was the big coming out with the circle and having all my friends in and inviting people. So it was really special in that sense, and that I got to share it with all you guys, especially my Mollie,” said Rachel, laughing again.



Rachel had decided to hold the first circle the day after the actual equinox, because it seemed to fit everybody’s schedule just a little bit better. Our Spring Equinox celebration would be Sunday, March 22, 2015. The circle was located in Rachel’s desert  backyard in a rural subdivision in Vail, Arizona, just to the east of Tucson. Curious to find out the meaning of the word ‘vail,’ just in case it might have any significance, I looked it up, and to my surprise, here was the definition of vail:  “to take off or lower (one’s hat or crown) as a token of respect or submission.” That seems highly appropriate given the type of gathering that we were intending.

Jaime recalled that “Plans for the Spring Equinox were underway, and I was a little torn between whom to join in the celebration, as two groups were planning a ceremony on the same Sunday. As with the New Year’s Eve party, I followed my heart, and decided to celebrate with the people that I was just beginning to know. Plus, I had so much fun with them! I was no longer finding as many spiritual connections to my older group of friends, a Wiccan coven, and I had feelings of guilt regarding my absence at their events.”

“I told myself,  ‘Sometimes we all move on to newer groups of friends and to new ideas.’ When invited to the Spring Equinox at Rachel’s home in Vail, Arizona, I piped up, “I can bring the water!”

Jaime had brought her gallon of water that she’d been thanking for months, and shared with all of us,” remembered Maritza. “It so happened to be international water day also.”

International World Water Day is held annually on March 22nd to help remind everyone of  the importance of freshwater and “to bring global awareness to water-related issues.” After all,  only two and a half per cent of the Earth’s water resources are fresh water, and over seven billion people plus billions more animals, plants and insects and all forms of life on the planet depend on fresh water.  So, along with honoring the land and the Earth, we would be honoring water as well.

 “Rick and I had missed an event at Mystic on that Sunday,” said Maritza, “but we came over at the end to meet and caravan over to Rachel’s house in Vail. The feeling of camaraderie was immediate. The ride over to Rachel’s was very joyous, and riding with us in the car was Ian, who just happened to be at the Mystic Candles event and tagged along.”

“The day itself started off quite ordinary,” remembered Ian. “I made a visit down to the local shop owned by Mollie. It was far from my first visit as I often frequented the shop to resupply on herbs and candles that I use in my own personal workings. I do not know how the topic of the equinox event first got brought up but when I found I was invited I was reasonably excited. At this point I was very much a reserve solitary something or other within the larger pagan community and having trouble finding any sort of support or connection with the people around me. Needless to say when I received the offer I made sure to clear my schedule despite my reservations about the new company I would now be sharing. On the ride over I remember hearing about the host, whom I would come to know as Rachel, and the work she did and the kind of energy she carried. I remembered that everyone seemed to think the world of her and I found that my expectations of her were met with some change left over. I felt a little more at ease as soon as I saw her. Anyone who knows Rachel knows her level of kindness and enthusiasm is infectious. All I can really remember was how even in that small group of people I had huge anxiety issues and felt ill at ease with the introductions. It was understandable at the time but good food and a chance to talk about my interests was enough to loosen my lips. Anyone who knows me knows that my particular interest within paganism and mysticism centers very much around the Egyptian Gods.”

Janet (a pseudonym) would be driving everyone to Vail from Mystic. She is a young, gifted psychic healer who is able to see  and work  with energy. She identifies closely with her grandmother and her native-American ancestry, specifically the Pomo tribe of northern California, and as we all rode together, she shared her plans to travel back to her tribe later in the summer. Also along for the trip was her seventeen pound crystal skull, which she would later bring into the circle as well.

At this point in time, those of us in the vehicle only knew each other casually, aside from Maritza and I who had been married twenty four years by that time, but that didn’t keep us from dropping our guard, telling jokes, and having fun on the drive while Ian, who seemed to have a song for anything, sang random funny bits.



After making our way through some rough, winding, water-eroded dirt roads through the Vail desert, we arrived at Rachel’s home. “I remember it was kind of chaotic,” said Rachel, “and I was just trying to have a set space, and know that people were coming.”

Maritza remembered, “I had never done an equinox celebration before, so I was intrigued and excited. The atmosphere at Rachel’s house was very calm and the area was beautiful. We were spending time with the animals, domestic and wild and talking with each other.”


Rick grooming Shima


I found myself wanting to groom Shima, Rachel’s horse, who was chewing on hay over in his stall. Rachel found his brush for me, and for the next hour I talked with Shima and groomed him, a very pleasant experience for me. I had not had the opportunity to groom a horse since my early teens when I went to a horseback riding retreat for teenagers in Sasabe. I think Shima was pleased with his grooming.

Meanwhile, preparations for going into the circle continued, and from the stall I could see the women slowly emerging from Rachel’s house into the backyard. Janet began gathering yellow wildflowers from the scrub. “Janet was like, ‘Let’s put flowers in our hair.’  So we all made wreaths,” said Rachel, “so we could all be sisters together in the circle. So that was really cute and special.”

“Janet weaved us all cute little headpieces to put in our hair,” said Mollie “We were all giddy in the first place before we even went in the circle. We all looked like little fairies running around with our little flowers, so yeah, that was fun.”

“Janet decided to do flower wreaths for the girls, although she forgot to do one for me,” remembered Maritza. “Rick, seeing that I felt bad, rushed to make one for me and then all the girls came over and helped him. That was beautiful. I actually felt like I had a sister circle.”

“The whole leading up to even getting in the circle… we all seemed like we were very intent and kind of on a sacred purpose, and we don’t always do that, so I think that kind of set the tone a little bit,” Mollie recalled.

“Yeah,” agreed Rachel,  “I wanted to make sure that everyone entered through the east, since that was the opening, and that we just respected the space. And that we came from a place of open-heartedness and trust and honoring.”

“Never having had participated in circle, I almost broke circle by stepping over the circumference stones, rather than the archway,” Maritza admitted.

“We all like gathered and walked in,” said Mollie. “I think we started drumming as we walked in. And I think Rachel was in charge of smudging us as we came through the opening.”


Our group preparing to enter the sacred circle


As we each entered the circle, Jaime happily considered a synchronicity, which involved her blessed and thanked water. “The day of the ceremony,” recalled Jaime, “I had just learned that it was International Water Blessing Day and that this group was going to honor both occasions: the Equinox, with a water blessing. I had no idea! What luck to have been thanking water every day for the past few months! I certainly picked the right ceremony to join.”

The honoring of water was integral during all the hours of the ceremonies that were to begin in the sacred circle and conclude several miles away at a nearby creek, with a sacred water offering to the Earth.

“You thought of another phase to the honoring of Mother Earth,” I reminded Rachel, at one of our recent get-togethers where we were recollecting about this day.

“Right. That was to take the water down to the creek, and then do a water offering.”

 “And what was special about this water, and what were you carrying it in?” I asked her.

Well,” explained Rachel, “the water was special. I had it in my Chakra Heart bowl, a Tibetan bowl which is made of seven metals. And the water was water that was gathered from around the Earth. I had water from India, and Ireland, and Spain, and then from the thirteen indigenous grandmothers from that gathering… So I had water that was sacred that was from all over the world, and I wanted to make sure that we gave our offering and honoring of the Earth and the blood of the Earth, and I wanted it to come from the heart so I put it in the Heart bowl, and then had all of us put our intentions in with that, love and honoring the Earth and all that she provides for us. So that was really special and beautiful, and so that was my intention. And that’s what I carried down,” she said, and laughed.

Did Jaime bring some blessed water, too?

Yeah, Jaime brought her blessed water.”

Was that part of the bowl of water, too?”

Yup, that was part of the bowl of water, too… the water that Jaime thanked for 30 days or something.” Rachel laughed her infectious laugh again. “It was beautiful. So it all came together. It was awesome. ”

“While surfing the Internet,” explained Jaime, “I had come across videos explaining the water experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto. I was emotionally and spiritually moved by these videos, and so I decided to start expressing gratitude towards my water every day. I had already been purchasing pure filtered water from a local business in Tucson, Arizona for drinking purposes and to rid my body of harmful chemicals and minerals such as fluoride and chlorine. After learning about Emoto’s experiments, I purchased a one gallon glass jug, which I filled with water to be used someday in a spiritual ceremony. I began expressing gratitude to both my drinking supply and this one gallon glass jug of water. I often used the German language for spiritual prayers, and so every morning I would say, “Danke sehr, mein Wasser.” Not only was my drinking supply pure of harmful substances, but its molecular structure was also beautiful and pure. After all, ‘We are what we eat,’ right?”

Jaime also recalled, “One of the people in the group, Janet, is blessed with the gift of being able to see the unknown, such as auras and spirits. She informed me my glass jug of water had big golden sparkles in it from just thanking it for a couple of months. She estimated that if it had been thanked for a year, it would probably be glowing golden. Janet and I also began our sisterhood that day. From getting cactus embedded on the same foot to the warmth felt by a true hug, we felt like soul sisters,” who later were to become known as “the flip-flop sisters.”



Janet, who brought her seventeen pound Himalayan quartz crystal skull into the circle, also had the important role of fire-keeper for the circle, which in its center contained a carved- out fire pit, which would be lit and burning during the very late afternoon as we began our ceremony in the circle. Along with Rachel, Mollie, Jaime, Maritza, and Janet were myself, Nick, Kaleb, Lukas, Ian, and another newcomer, Stacey, who called himself “Dancing Bird.”

“We had made a collection of food offerings and some wine and different incense and herbs, and I remember Janet had brought a big burlap bag, to burn the whole bag, and we put a whole bunch of stuff in there, so we all made fire offerings,” said Mollie.

Also, I was concerned with who may being joining us from the different dimensions of existence as I was unfamiliar with everyone’s pantheon, so within the circle I asked for the group to promise me to call in only the most benevolent spirits, because I wasn’t completely sure about the intentions of everyone in the circle. Everyone agreed, and I also asked my guides to share their protective energies with us as well.

The ceremony,” remembered Jaime, “consisted of welcoming and giving respect to the four directions and elements: east-air, south-fire, west-water, and north-earth. Many of us took turns sharing our thoughts for the occasion and what weighed on our hearts. We drummed and danced. We found ways to honor the elements as well. We had a central fire, and we had grain, salt, and other sorts of offerings to share with the Earth.”

Mollie recalled,  “We went around and thanked the ancestors, and then we each thanked or said something about the elements.  I think we each did an element like water, air, earth, fire. That was really cool. The drumming circle that day was right on. I remember it being pretty special. And then Jaime, of course, with her ‘thanked water’ was awesome.”

We shared the water,” said Jaime,  “from the glass jug and saved some of it for the bowl we were using for the Water Blessing portion of the day.” Jaime provided each of us with a cup,  and then after she poured, we drank most of the ‘thanked water’ that Jaime had shown gratitude to every day for two months, and then we offered some of the thanked water to the earth below us by dripping it from the same cups from which we had been drinking. Jaime also saved a large portion of the water to combine with Rachel’s sacred waters from all over the world, which we would later take down to the creek for a final offering.

“So that kind of just set the mood to begin with,” Mollie remembered. “Not only did we thank the ancestors and called the corners that day, but I think everyone in the circle actually went around and said something that they were thankful for, too.”

Being inside the circle was beautiful,” shared Maritza, “and honoring nature felt amazing. We were invited to call on whomever we wanted, and coming from a strong Catholic background I was able to reconcile any doubts about the ceremony. Everybody had a role, not appointed, not expected, and people just fell into their role naturally.”

All of us were encouraging each other to make suggestions about what ceremonies we would like to  spontaneously perform, so I suggested that we all join hands and walk one complete circle around the fire, just as Earth goes one complete circle around the Sun each year, and that was a particularly special moment for me, because I had not remembered ever offering an idea for a sacred movement that a group of people were actually willing to perform, and did immediately upon suggestion. The connectedness of the group was thrilling and uplifting.

“We expressed our respect for air by inhaling and exhaling while saying, ‘Hu,’” said Jaime.

When said in the primal style, speaking “hu” can sound like the wind. And many of us in the circle were in bare feet, staying rooted and connected to the earth, and we maintained our intention of honoring the Earth and the spirit of Gaia herself throughout the ceremonies.

Calling on the Four Directions also reminded me of the four waves of etheric energy I had experienced on the last day I was attending the Sedona 2012 Scenario Conference, during White Cloud’s channeling by Blossom Goodchild. This was a very special and unique moment and feeling for me in my life. The spirit of White Cloud, a disembodied higher-dimensional Native American being, was channeling through Blossom to three hundred open-minded attendees, who had shared together so much love between ourselves for those three consecutive days of the conference. During Ms. Goodchild’s channeling session of his spirit on the last afternoon of the conference, White Cloud talked of a bridge across dimensions with which many of us would be helping others to cross. As I sat and closely paid attention while many women and some men around me were being moved to tears by White Cloud’s words, I felt four distinct waves of energy roll my whole body backwards in my seat, each wave coming about three to five seconds apart. I remember having looked around me to see how the other people were reacting to these powerful flowing waves of energy that I was physically being moved by, but no one else seemed affected in that way; instead, almost everyone in front of me and to my sides was crying.

Over one year later I had the opportunity to ask Archangel Metatron, in a reading for me via Isis-Neith Shanti, about those four waves, and He gave me some additional perspective, which I was recalling much of during our ceremony in the sacred circle as the sun began to set into the western sky.

“We did a releasing ceremony, too,” shared Mollie. “We kind of pulled that one from Elda’s (Rachel’s mother) full moon yoga… we even had the same slips of paper that she uses for her class, and we all wrote down stuff to release. I honestly can’t even remember what I had written down now to release. But I just remember the feeling of like being thankful and honored just to be with all of you actually doing that, because it was something sacred and special, but I just remember feeling this overwhelming feeling of just being so happy to be with friends that I consider my family… At that time I was meeting so many people, but I felt like my family was all coming together, so it was that grateful feeling. I thought it was really cool, just going back to it being her first circle. Really special! First kind of time I had been to anything like that, that was with people that I was really close to.”

Rachel was seeing her vision of the sacred circle manifest before her eyes.Yeah, so I had a lot packed in that I wanted us to do, like go into the circle. And then it was also the anniversary of World Water Healing Day, so that was really important to me, the year before having gone to be with the thirteen indigenous grandmothers where we did the world water healing day with them. And I also wanted to carry that on and make it to the creek,” she laughed, “before it was dark, but we didn’t make it, but that was okay. So, I remember doing that, being in the circle, and then I remember we had to leave, because it was getting really dark.”

I asked Rachel, “What were some of your emotions that afternoon and that evening?”

I was just very grateful. I was just in like complete gratitude and very emotional and just…” Rachel paused, and then continued “emotional like seeing something that I birthed and wanted to bring to reality, that it came to fruition, and that it was with like awesome, amazing people that were very honoring of the space, and we all had the same intention to come with open hearts and love for that space. So I was really grateful about that. So it was just like an overwhelming sense of gratitude, and like “I did it!” And I created the space, and I had beautiful people to share it with, and that it all came together was just like a huge honor, and was a big blessing for me to have that. So I was really grateful to have everybody.”



In recent years, I had been educating myself in the art of astrology, despite life-long reservations; throughout most of my life, I had pre-judged astrology as not being based enough in science to be worthwhile of deep study. But by 2010, I allowed myself to take a deeper look, due in part to the influence of Cathy Star Eagle, a woman I admired who was channeling Loran, an extra-terrestrial being, but made her living doing tarot readings for people, and sharing astrological insights as well. I was impressed enough by her channelings to open up my mind to a greater degree and reconsider astrology; I began to regularly research astrology in relation to my own life, and I found after over four years of observation that, for me, astrology was very often accurate and useful in my life.

The day of the sacred circle, Sunday May 22, 2015, I was conscious of some of the astrology regarding the timing of our ceremonies to honor the Earth, and told Maritza, Rachel and several of the others that we were making our ceremony at an auspicious time, beyond it just being the Spring Equinox which was special enough in itself. I had heard a podcast by an astrologer named Laura Walker in which she reminded her listeners about the special astrological qualities that were powerfully in effect over the course of that weekend, due to a very rare total solar eclipse during a new moon in the very last degree of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Ms. Walker said that she was unable to find a similar event in her astrological computer program going back ten thousand years! That got my attention, but that was about all I had remembered about the astrology going on that weekend, and besides, I was becoming far more fascinated with natal birth chart astrology than transit astrology, which I didn’t consider quite as revealing and accurate as natal chart astrology in my short four and a half years of casual research.

But because the evening’s events unfolded the way they did later that night, I have chosen to include here my summary of six different astrologers’ interpretations about the powerful astrological influences operating at that point in time, from’s “Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces + Equinox March 20th 2015” article and Laura Walker’s March 20, 2015 New Moon in Pisces report. If you don’t find astrology relevant, bear with me here;  try to think of it as a weather report of energetic waves.

17-j Chart For Vail March 22 2015 7pm

A natal chart for 7:00 pm March 22, 2015 for Vail, Arizona, about the time of the “Angel Catch”


Some of the astrologers considered this to be the most powerful week in 2015, for several reasons. First, even partial solar eclipses are considered potent in terms of astrological effects on people’s lives; what happened two days before our gathering was a total solar eclipse, “a complete blocking out of the Sun,” at the omega point, the last degree of the entire zodiac, 30 Pisces. Of the twelve major signs of the zodiac, the twelfth and last sign, Pisces, is considered to be very sensitive, psychic and representative of the collective unconscious. The phase of the moon at this time is known as balsamic, which, yes, is a vinaigrette dressing for salads, but in astrology, according to Laura Walker’s interpretations, the “balsamic phase is the mystical, dreamy, ethereal time of the year when the veils between the worlds are thin.  Our ancestors are closer. Spirit is closer.”

Compounding all of this was that this rare total solar eclipse was also happening at the New Moon in Pisces on the same day, and within twenty four hours of the Spring Equinox. Very strong astrological energetics would be in play for those days just before, during and after that weekend, energetics that would remain in effect for up to six months later due to the “eclipse energy.” Several themes repeated in the astrologers’ evaluations.

One of the repeating themes was that there would be great opportunities to receive a higher degree of spiritual awareness. The astrologers wrote: “You could have spiritual experiences,” “Much insight can come to you now,” “The energy of trust and faith in Life,” “Mystical awareness and communion,” “Dance with Creator,” “This is such a moment of grace!” “Play in the Quantum Field and start creating that new life that the world needs so very much,” “Connecting Heaven and Earth,” “Being students and teachers for each other,” “Pause with reverence,” ” Ceremony offering gratitude for the gift of Life and All that Is,” “Trust your intuition,” “Your sub-conscious speaks in a different language than your conscious mind, ” “The energy of opening to the Divine Presence,” “The energy of surrender to the flow of life,” and “Your feelings rising from your subconscious may be difficult to articulate and communicate.” All these phrasings suggest this would be a very opportune time for spiritual connection.

Another recurring theme involved the greater likelihood of having an “awakening.” Intuitive astrologer Sarah Varcas wrote:  “We cannot stop it nor can we choose to postpone our own awakening. This – right here, right now – is the end of denial, the end of artifice, the end of avoidance. This is life in all its terrible grace and terrifying beauty. For this we were born: a visceral, unavoidable, undeniable confrontation with the very heart of All That Is. Each choice has shaped who we are and the relationship we now have with the authentic and sacred self within. We are precisely who we have caused ourselves to be… Now here we stand at the grand closure of a cosmic cycle, reviewing its shape in our lives, invited by the cosmos into deep reflection on how we best move forward from here.”

“This Real Self,” continues Varcas, “has power, it carries weight. It challenges the very foundations of life as we know it. It refuses to conform to mindless notions of right and wrong, to dictates of value and worth that dishonor inner wealth. It sees through artifice, laughs in the face of shame and denies everything but the bold and beautiful truth. The world is not ready for the Real Self and yet still it emerges, in you and in me, in the collective psyche which twists and turns to accommodate a deeper knowing that nothing is as it seems. The Real Self emerges every time we sense the integrity of the moment, the deep, pulsating beat of the unified heart, time-keeper of our collective awakening. It grows in strength and fortitude each time we honor its wisdom over and above the expectations and demands of the external world which denies all but that which can be counted, compared and traded…. The Real Self knows that to think one’s own thoughts is the only path to freedom, whilst the world demands unthinking conformity.”

The astrologers also agreed that powerful, energetic “portals” from the higher dimensions of consciousness would be opening up, helping us to awaken: Those decisions made in alignment with the evolutionary imperative of awakening reveal powerful new beginnings on the near horizon, crystallizing as we speak,” “Can you open up your crown chakra to Spirit and listen to the original story of your soul?” and “As we shift our vibrations, we contribute in unseen ways to uplifting the energetic web that connects us all.”

A fourth recurring theme involved connecting with your soul’s purpose. “Like the ancients and aboriginals, we can learn to be at one with Mother Earth as well as living our soul’s destiny in this time of great change,” and “This Pisces eclipse is bringing to light your mission in this life: your soul’s purpose,” and  “We are urged to stay true to ourselves and our paths.”

The fifth major motif was that this particular weekend was bringing to conclusion a major ending to a significant cycle of time, and beginning another. The last degree of the zodiac signified an urgency to release ourselves from the past, and any of its unproductive patterns. “The endings we face now, be they losses, disappointments or liberating closure, remind us of the need for deep and abiding alignment with the god-force from here on in, as it threads its way through our lives.” This theme spoke also of new beginnings: “Whatever you see at this time, in the symbolic darkness of an obscured Sun, don’t look away,” and “New chances await us on the other side of the darkened Sun. They hold promise of wisdom and hope of freedom from all that held us back before.”

Another one of the astrologer’s remarks that makes me smile is, “Remain focused and… stay the course regardless of what shows up and what falls down.”

Laura Walker of The Oracle Report, who uses the Sabian symbols extensively in her astrology reports, had many observations about this cycle of time’s ending: “The Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: ‘A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it up as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it.’ Poised on the precipice of the Second Renaissance, the panorama of majestic rock formations surrounds us. This month is very important because it marks an end point.  A cycle of time where truth and wisdom have been shadowed comes to a close. When there is a Total Solar Eclipse, this particular energetic can trigger levels of identity crisis. The degree of the Earth at the New Moon is the Sabian symbol of “having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn’t look to any distractions.”

“One last thing,” offered Walker, “is the significance of the degree of Mars at the New Moon with the Sabian symbol of ‘the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.’  This energetic implies that we have come to a ‘place’ we were seeking and now must take it up.  What do you need to admit?  Do you announce yourself, knock, or just open the gate and walk through?  This is a very esoteric concept, but you inner wisdom should be glimpsing or telling you what you need to get from this image. The question for each of us this month is ‘What is your ideal of greatness?’  It’s what has already come into concrete manifestation at another space and time.  And it’s majestic.” Laura even felt this Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces’ last degree marked the end of the age of patriarchy, and was the herald of a “Second Renaissance” that would begin just weeks later.



“And so,” I asked Rachel, “by the time we were leaving the circle, what were your feelings at that point?”

Rachel exclaimed, “Like, ‘Woo hoo! Let’s go! Next phase!’ Yeah, it was fun. It was a lot of fun.”

So the next phase was that we all loaded up in the cars and then drove down Marsh Station Road.


Cienega Creek


 “We decided to go down to Cienega Creek and bring a water offering,” recalled Maritza. “Time passed quickly and night time came. We caravanned over to the creek. I was sitting next to a guy named Stacey. He was talking as if he was an old and wise soul passing through Earth, and gifting people with his wisdom.”

I asked Mollie, “Did you have any kind of anticipation about the next part of the ceremony going down to the creek?”

“No,” stated Mollie. “I really didn’t know what to expect. I remember we were all kind of hyped-up from the circle anyway…  I had people in the back of the truck. Do you remember who was in the back of the truck?” she asked all of us.

“Ian,” remembered Jaime. “And he was singing!”

“And he was singing! There we go. That’s fun!” laughed Mollie. “So I was super excited, so just a feeling of like being excited to be going… night hiking!” she laughed. “But I didn’t know I was going to end up experiencing that.”



“Our beautiful and goddess-energy hostess had plans on walking down to Cienega Creek just down the road in Vail and performing a water blessing rite,” said Jaime of Rachel, as we all recalled the second phase of our Spring Equinox gathering.


Rachel, her palm lit white by Arizona sunlight, on our return visit May 1, 2016


As we disembarked from the two vehicles that were now parked just off the road beyond the bridge, all of us could see the last glimmers of sunlight at dusk’s end, while stars were beginning to pop out brilliantly in the evening sky, far from the glow of Tucson’s city lights.

So Rachel said there was a trail down to the river,” remembered Mollie, “so I literally thought ‘trail,’ like somewhat clear even if it was a one-person path, some sort of path down. That really wasn’t it at all… So then Rachel, crazy Rachel (says), ‘Yeah, let’s go down in the dark to put the water in the river,’ which was kind of crazy because we didn’t have flashlights, so probably not smart but we did it anyway. And I don’t really know how we did it… It was dark, but when we first started there was just a little bit of light… it was just enough light for us to be like, ‘Oh crap! This is gonna be hard.'”


Maritza, Jaime and Debbie on May 1, 2016, giving an indication of the steep incline


“I had envisioned an easy, level trek to the water. It turned out to be more like a rocky, steep ravine, as it was dark, and our hostess could not find the easier trail. Nonetheless, I would not trade this experience for the easier route,” remarked Jaime, without any reservation.

“It was more like going down a huge rock embankment that probably would have been a challenge in the daytime. And so it was just kind of extreme in the dark,” Mollie made clear.

And of course,” admitted Rachel, “I’m like, ‘This way!’ You know, I’m hopping down and I had flip-flops on and a skirt, and everyone was in their just-comfy clothes, like no one was really prepared to hike, so that was kind of funny, too. I’m like, ‘We can do it! We’re Earth children! Let’s go!'” she said with a giggle.


Rachel, leading the way down on our daytime revisit


Maritza was trying to keep an eye on our guide to the creek. “Rachel was leading the group. She and Lukas disappeared into the darkness rather quickly… Jaime and Janet were walking in front of me, Both girls were wearing sandals, and Janet was wearing a skirt. I remember having to crawl on all fours to make sure that I didn’t fall… but it was so dark, I had several close encounters with Janet’s butt!” laughed Maritza.

Mollie recollected about the footwear we wore during our adventure down the ravine. “I remember being very happy that I was not in flip-flops. I actually had on shoes, but I think Jaime and Janet did have on flip-flops, and Janet was in a dress, and I just remember thinking like, ‘Oh my gosh! Can’t believe we’re doing this! As crazy as it is, I feel sorry for Jaime and Janet right now.’ Maritza, did you have flip-flops or shoes?” asked Mollie.

No,” replied Maritza thankfully.  “I had jeans and some shoes.”

“Yeah,” said Mollie, “I had like planned ahead for a little hiking, so I had pants and actual shoes on. And I remember being very grateful for that. It was fun.”


Jaime and Maritza, carefully making their way down on the May 1, 2016 revisit


I thought,” remembered Maritza, “we would have to step down a few feet and we would be there. Nope! We just started climbing down. It was dark and we couldn’t see anything ahead of us. I pulled out my little Blackberry phone and used the LED light from the tiny screen to try to light the way. I was wearing jeans and sneakers, so I felt like I could do it.”

“I was ill-prepared for this journey, as many of us were,” admitted Jaime. “Our gang’s attire consisted of shorts, skirts, flip-flops, and the lucky people who wore sneakers… By the shared light of one cellular phone, we began our way down to the water, trying to avoid falling and the kiss of a cactus.”

Pulling up the rear of our troupe were Ian, Kaleb, Rachel’s eldest son, and Stacey, a fresh acquaintance Rachel had met just the night before, and, in a burst of generosity, had invited to the Spring Equinox gathering. Surprisingly, Stacey joined all of us for both the sacred circle and for what was now turning into a somewhat perilous hike down to Cienega Creek.

Stacey kept saying, ‘I have been here so many times,’ as in past lives, over and over,” recalled Maritza, “and then all of a sudden he took a hard fall! I thought he may have broken something, but apparently he was fine.”

Stacey had taken a hard tumble, falling right near the top of the ravine.  I heard a loud thud and rocks crunching together as it happened, and then the sound of rocks rolling down the embankment. I expected to hear some kind of exclamation of pain, but there was none, so I figured that whomever had fallen was alright since no one was shouting about something having gone terribly wrong, because I certainly couldn’t see far enough back to tell whom it was who had fallen, until the word was passed down to me that it was the “bird guy.” I never heard Stacey complaining, so I don’t know whether he was unhurt, or that he was simply toughing it through a lot of pain. But we all kept going, now with a heightened sense of trepidation, since we had collectively imagined that it would be just a short bit more until we would be resting alongside the creek. We couldn’t have been more wrong.


Maritza snapped a few flash photos from the phone that was acting as our source of about four feet of light, including this picture of Jaime and Rick, as we all carefully edged our way down the ravine


Do you remember Ian going down? Wasn’t he singing tunes?” I asked Mollie.

Yeah,” she remembered. “He continued his singing that he had been singing in the back of the truck.” Ian’s songs really helped lighten the mood, and he kept us all giggling from time to time, which kept us from getting too down about our predicament.

However, Stacey’s fall had made me even more concerned for our ill-prepared group because several of us certainly were not ready for scaling a ravine without proper footwear, let alone dressed in skirts, and especially in the pitch black darkness that we found ourselves in. I decided to take the lead since Rachel and Lukas were no longer in sight. We couldn’t even hear them anymore at that point, and so I excused myself from Maritza with a short explanation, and worked my way past Janet and Jaime, to take up the lead.

“Rick stepped in to help the girls using the light from my phone,” recalled Maritza. “We kept passing the phone back and forth,” because even the small amount of light it was generating was enormously useful. “I was worried about Rick because he usually slips on hikes. Big feet!” admitted Maritza with a smile.

Rick was a gentleman,” Jaime stated graciously, “trying to spot everyone by lending a steady hand for the steep climb. Janet and I, the flip-flop sisters, were the slowest at making our way down.”


The “Flip-Flop Sisters” on all fours, with Rick leading ahead


“Since we had left the circle in Rachel’s backyard,” continued Jaime, “I had felt a buzz in the air. This was not new to me, but it was the strongest I have felt this buzz. I knew we were surrounded by benevolent spirits. It was so strong, the buzz was even audible to my ears. Let’s just say the air felt electric, and I felt watched, but not in a creepy way.”

It got darker and darker as we went down,” recalled Mollie. “There were parts of it where you pretty much had to actually lean back on all the rocks and make sure that you were holding on, and going really slowly, or else you would just fall… I remember there was one spot in particular that there was like a huge hole.”



I had taken the lead, and was trying to find a safe way to the bottom in the pitch dark under the beautiful stars, which I fondly kept looking up to throughout the journey down. Maritza was about nine feet above me, Janet was six feet above or so, and Jaime was about three or four feet above me as I led us down. Both Jaime and Janet, who are big women, were wearing only flip-flops. We all had thought that we were going to be walking down a gentle trail under the stars to the creek, not climbing down a dangerous ravine in the dark of a new moon. After I took the lead to make sure that everyone would get down safely, I kept checking for cactus, boggy water, sharp rocks, and steep drops, and any other perils that may have been awaiting us.  I was mainly trying to protect the safety of the women in the group who were at a disadvantage.


The site of the Angel Catch


“This is where the story really gets interesting,” feels Jaime.

At one point, there was a pretty big gap, which I remember being about two feet of space down to the next, firm stable spot that I could anchor my right foot and leg, so that I could reach back up to help Jaime down this next part of the journey. I placed my right foot on a spot and pressed against it to make sure that it was firm and stable, because I would be holding most of my weight there as I stretched back up to Jaime, to guide her down. I tested the spot with my right foot, two feet below my left foot, with a couple firm presses, and it felt firm enough, so I settled on that space, and planted my right foot firmly into place there. I reached my left hand up to help Jaime step back down, when the rock I had planted my right foot upon snapped and gave way, and I quickly and suddenly found myself falling helplessly backwards down the ravine, doomed to crash my body on the jagged protruding rocks still below us.

Jaime saw the whole accident as it was happening:  “At one point, Rick had begun to slip and fall backwards ahead of me. I started to reach for him, but I would’ve been too late. I saw Rick fall backwards at an acute angle which would have been impossible to regain an upright position.”

In the split seconds as I was falling backwards, time seemed to extend into a slower speed,  just like the moments right after my Grandmother and I, who were in a compact rental car in southern England, had been struck by a speeding car while we were on our way to the Findhorn community in Scotland.

Four thoughts raced through my head clearly and quickly: “Am I going to crack my head open?” “Is my left shoulder going to be pierced by a rock?” “Am I going to be one of those people who gets carried out on a stretcher from the bottom of a canyon filmed by news crews? Joey (pseudonym) is going to be really pissed at me since I’m one of the healers in the group and I won’t be able to heal.”

What is interesting is that I felt no fear: it was just my intellect racing and considering possible outcomes; however, my conscious mind never considered the outcome that was about to happen next.

By this point, my whole body was now arched horizontally more than ninety degrees from an upright position as I was sprawling backwards towards my fate. As those thoughts rang through my brain, and as I was falling further,  and was about to crash upon the sharp, unforgiving rocks, just as suddenly my momentum downwards stopped, and without even feeling a jerk, my whole body was moving in the opposite direction from falling, rotating back towards where I had fallen from, supported by what felt like a giant hand made out of air at my back, propelling me back upright! That led immediately to a sense of shocked awareness that something beyond the law of physics was happening!

Some benevolent supernatural force was lifting me. Without any doubt, I could actually feel, in a heightened sense of physicality, a giant Hand of Air with a palm and fingers supporting me from a point on my lower and middle back, pushing me back up to the place where my left foot had been prior to falling, where I had been standing before I had even searched for solid footing with my right foot.

This was something completely bizarre, unlike anything I had ever physically experienced, and it was something that I didn’t really conceive of being able to happen, given the laws of science. What was happening to me defied physics as I understood it! The law of gravity was being subordinated by the Hand of Air.

The Hand of Air was so strong and yet so soft, and I could feel an actual physical pressure against my back. During those moments, I felt completely awestruck that I felt my head and body rotating back up from below horizontal. Not only was I not laying on the rocks below in pain, but I was coming back fully upright. The emotional feeling that I felt was simply awe, that this big hand at my back was lifting me. It all happened very quickly and yet so many thoughts, physical sensations, and even the emotion of awe all occurred within what were just a few seconds.

From a side view, I rotated over ninety degrees, as if my feet were moving around the center point on a clock, while my head and upper body moved faster as I swung back upright. My head and view was like that of the top point of a minute hand on a clock, rotating counter-clockwise from below three o’clock to twelve o’clock.

And then I found myself standing completely upright, both feet planted side by side at the same level, where I had been standing before the time I had gone to move my right foot down to find solid footing. Suddenly, words just blurted out of my mouth as I was now looking again at Jaime’s face, and it was like I was listening to my own words with a kind of detachment as they came out of me: “An angel just pushed me back up! I felt a hand on my back push me!”

“Yeah,” spoke Jaime softly, without any tone of disagreement.

“Suddenly,” recalled Jaime, from her point-of-view, “Rick had sprung back up with a completely stunned and surprised facial expression and said, ‘An angel pushed me! I felt a hand on my back push me!’ Feeling the buzz of spirit energy in the air, I did not question him, and I simply replied, ‘Yeah’ in agreement. Coming from Pagan roots, the idea of angels felt very Abrahamic and foreign to me, but I was already beginning to open up to new ideas. An older me would’ve translated his exclamation into my then-current belief system for my personal comprehension.”

“His experience was confirmation for me,” affirmed Jaime, “that we were blessed and our activity that evening was very special. Again, I chose the right party!”

I was both dumbfounded and elated! I was also so surprised at the words that had come out of my mouth were not that my extra-terrestrial guides had helped me, yet at the same time I was feeling that maybe all the very higher-dimensional benevolent beings were essentially the same, in respect to their huge capacity to Love. I was quickly beginning to flood and overload with thoughts that were racing through my head, and powerful feelings of awe, surprise and gratitude. Why and how could this have just happened? My third-dimensional, physical, conscious brain was having a very hard time making sense of what was happening. Reality had just completely flipped for me, spiraling up to a new plateau of experience that felt simultaneously foreign, wondrous and overwhelming.

I was incredulous at the words that I had blurted out, yet I fully trusted what my sub-conscious mind had just shared with Jaime and my conscious self. My body was saved from harm. My head wasn’t smashed open. My spine wasn’t broken. My shoulder wasn’t pierced with sharp rocks or separated. My bones were not shattered. There was no blood, no disfigurement, no bruises or gashes or incredible pain or injury of any kind. I was standing back where I had started before the move with my right foot. I was healthy! I was saved by a giant Angel’s Hand of Air! And I knew Jaime had seen the whole thing! My head swam in shock. I was grasping in my mind that higher-dimensional, benevolent angelic beings do exist, that it wasn’t only about having faith, that angels were real and that they can and do manifest into our physical reality, because one had just saved me from certain injury, maybe even death.

I called up to Maritza to pass her cell phone down to me, so that I could use the light to see what I would have fallen on. Maritza passed her cell phone down to Janet who handed it along down to Jaime who handed it down to me.  In the light from the cell phone, there right below me was what appeared to be a large rock that came to a sharp point where my back would have landed, which could have pierced my spinal column, snapped my back, broken vertebrae, or who knows what. I handed the phone back to Jaime who passed it Janet, and then back to Maritza.


The rocks that I believe I would have fallen upon that I was seeing with the light of the cell phone


From that point, I think Jaime  began to feel a greater sense of the danger we were all facing. “The trek down the canyon to the water seemed to have taken forever, as if time slowed down,” she said. “We were being uber-cautious and slow.”


Rick pointing to the site of the Angel Catch, as Rachel, Debbie and Jaime examine the area


Maritza agreed: “It took forever to make the descent into the creek.”

“Because,” said Mollie, “we were all giving each other signals, like one person goes down, ‘Be careful,’ and everybody was doing a really good job like making sure that none of us fell. But I know there was this one spot where I just remember going down, and like making sure that  I went over this huge gap with my feet and trying not to fall in the hole, and just thinking to myself, ‘Oh my gosh! I really hope nobody hurts themselves right now.’ Yeah.” Mollie pointed to Rachel and laughed.


The pareidolia suggestion of a face on the left edge of the ledge from which Rick fell


“I knew how to get down there to take you guys down the trail that I knew,” explained Rachel, “but it was dark. So no one else knew it, and then it was rocky, and at a steep angle… And it’s not necessarily as perilous in the daytime as it was for us in the night time” she giggled. “It was bad because we couldn’t see and it was dark. But in the daylight, it’s not that bad, but it is a pretty steep drop down.”

It was awesome!” felt Mollie. “The whole journey down and back up, especially down, because down was actually harder than coming back up, to me anyway. I just think that added to the whole experience of the Circle and us all being together… it was kind of a bonding thing… It felt like it brought us closer together.”

“We all did it together, which I thought was pretty amazing,” agreed Rachel.

“It’s kind of one of those things,” said Mollie, “that you look back on it, and it’s special just the fact that we did it, and didn’t kill ourselves. So definitely spirits and guides were with us, protecting us along the way. Rick has his own experience… and it’s the best experience ever!”

Frankly, at this point, after so much time in the darkness of the ravine and after the Angel Catch, I was trying hard to process it all, and I barely remember the rest of the way down. I remember still guiding people in my somewhat dazed state of mind, but not as many details as before the fall.




The wet, marshy puddle in the same spot I remember stepping in shortly after the Angel Catch helped me to determine the site of the incident just over one year later, and knowing the spot  of the Angel Catch gave me both a sense of space and a better visualization of the incident


I remember a boggy, swampy area that I stepped in and warned the others about. I do remember proceeding so exceedingly slowly that Jaime was starting to make her way around and past me near the bottom of the ravine where, just beyond at the creek’s edge,  Rachel and Lukas were waiting for us with the singing bowl filled with the blessed water.

“At one point I heard Rick saying, “Watch out, there’s cactus over here,” so I pointed the light in his direction, and he was pointing in the darkness, with his hand just missing the cactus,” observed Maritza.

I think I may have been in a mild state of shock by then.

I remember finally being with Maritza again at the bottom near the cactus that I was helping people avoid, waving my hands carelessly around the cactus, and according to Maritza, nearly catching my whole hand in the cactus, but by this time I was almost completely lost in the thoughts of the Angel Hand of Air that had saved me, and I was not fully in the physical. I began to whisper to Maritza what had happened.


Ian and Rick just a few minutes after the Angel Catch


Toward the end of the hike, I had heard Rick slip,” recalled Maritza, who had been working her way down about nine feet above me, and given the darkness within the ravine, had not clearly seen what had just transpired. “I thought he was going to get hurt. I was too startled to realize what was going on. Later he told me someone had pushed him back. He said it felt like a hand. I simply accepted it as another of Rick’s strange phenomena. I didn’t understand the magnificence of the event.”

I thought of sharing what had just happened with the whole group as we made our way through some of the scrub and weeds and bushes near the creek’s edge, but I kept quiet at the time because this whole trek down to the creek wasn’t about me, it was about the ceremony to honor the Earth. There would be time to share back at Rachel’s house when we were eating dinner. Anyway, my mind was really still swimming and dazed, and I was feeling like I was in a space between worlds. Maritza snapped a picture with her cell phone of me and Ian, while I was still just in this mental daze. Reality had just altered for me in such a major way, that my brain itself was having trouble comprehending it all.

“When you got to the bottom,” I asked Rachel, “what do you remember, while you were waiting at the bottom for the rest of us to get down?”


Rachel, where she stood one year earlier with Lukas, again watching as we climbed down to the creek to join her for another sacred ceremony and anniversary remembrance


“Just being cautious and watching to make sure that you guys made it down safely, and that the trail was clear for you to get to where we were. That was really it,” said Rachel.”And just waiting for everyone to make it down safely. And then relief when you guys did.”

I also asked Mollie, “What did you feel like when we finally got to the bottom?”

Relief! ” admitted Mollie as she laughed hard. “Yeah relief. It was good, but it just added to the actual experience of going down and the excitement that it was kind of full of dangers. And kind of like a trust-like bonding thing for us. That just made getting to the bottom and doing that even more special because it’s not like I’m doing that with strangers. Because at that time I don’t think we had known each other very long… so just the whole act of doing that, I felt like that brought us together, and even just made the little ceremony at the bottom even that much more special. The whole night just seemed like a whole series of getting closer and closer together.”



Jaime recalled, “Eventually, we found a secluded flat of land next to the creek, and began to bless and thank the water in the bowl individually. Some of us took off our shoes to stand in the water. The flip-flop sisters stayed dry. We sang and we howled like wolves. The spirit energy was high, and more than once I looked over my shoulder.”

The beautiful, lightly flowing Cienega Creek May 1, 2016


“Being at the bottom of the creek was magical,” said Maritza. “The sound of the train above us was nostalgic. It felt as if we were not alone down there, seeing Mollie, Rachel and Lukas in the water felt holy, and it made me gain more reverence for nature. Doing the water offering felt very holy and special.”

So, even though I could have been my normal talkative self, for the most part, as we settled in by the edge of the creek, I sat very quietly with Maritza as we began the ceremony, comforted by the company of my wonderful friends, yet stunned by what had happened to me.

We stepped into the water,” Rachel said, recalling the next stage of the Spring Equinox  ceremony with her group of friends and her two sons, Kaleb and Lukas. “I was in there, and I think Lukas maybe was in there, and Mollie was in there and I think Ian was in there; so we all got into the water and then we had our combined waters in the Heart bowl, and then we played the bowl, and then we all toned together and sang as an offering of love from our hearts, and then we took the water and poured it into the creek so that it could flow with the other waters of the Earth, so it was really beautiful, yeah.”

“How were you feeling when you were standing in the water after you had completed the whole ceremony?” I asked.

It was awesome, it was awesome, it was awesome!” Rachel said with heart-felt enthusiasm. “Yeah, I just felt really at peace, and really grateful, and really blessed.”

Now when you were at the bottom,” I said to Mollie, “you and Rachel and Ian stepped into the stream: tell me a little about that part.”


Ian, Mollie and Rachel sharing moments of joy on the evening of the sacred ceremony on March 22, 2015 that culminated with a blessed water offering to Mother Earth at Cienega Creek


Mollie laughed, remembering that the water felt  “slimy and cold, but felt good.”

Did you feel good about honoring the Earth?”

I did,” said Mollie.”And I’m trying to remember what we were playing… I remember I had the tingshas… I felt good ’cause we were actually really all setting the intention, and taking the time to do something sacred. But I had a different feeling while standing in the river,” Mollie explained.”Before in the circle, I was mainly like so grateful for being around my new family, and then actually being down in the river just felt really, I guess, grateful for the Earth. I felt a little bit more connected to what we were actually doing, and thanking the water. I don’t know… just warm fuzzy feelings.”

“Personally,” continued Mollie, “going doing was fun, but what really hit me was when we got down to the river. Me and Rachel were in the river, and when we first got down there it was clear. I kept looking off to the left– I don’t know what direction it was– but down the river, and when we had gotten there it was clear. And as we were in the river, I kept looking down, and I just happened to notice that it just got really heavy, kind of what would look like a heavy mist, and it was like rolling in between the trees toward us. And it’s not like it was a foggy night: it was the desert. So I really got the feeling that it was different spirits coming to join us for what we were doing. And that was pretty cool. I don’t know that anybody else noticed that. So that kind of hit me, “she said to me, touching her heart, “that different spirits would join us for what we were doing.”

“When did you start to notice the cloud stuff?

After we had already taken off our shoes… because it was clear when we got down there, and it was clear when, as I recall, when we first got in, but as (Rachel) was playing the bowl, we were just taking that moment of being there and setting the intention, that’s when it started. That’s when I kept looking down and seeing it move in closer and closer and closer… it felt like it was directly moving in just for the sacred moment, almost like even the music and playing was like calling them in almost to come join us.”

“And what did you start to see?”

“Just like a thickness, like a fog. I don’t know how else to put it. Kind of like a fog. Like a fog rolling in. A mist. And it was just… It wasn’t like it was up in the air. It was from the ground up to the treetops. It was like just rolling in toward us.”

Did you see anything in that mist?”

“I didn’t really see anything in the mist. I just felt like it was just like a whole bunch of spirits, or energies like kind of that probably appreciated what we were doing that were coming in to join us and aid us in doing that. It was just a feeling I got.”

Did anybody else see the mist?”

“I don’t think so. Did you guys see the mist?” asked Mollie, turning to everyone in our group on an afternoon when we had all just finished a successful past-life crystal grid group meditation. “Anybody see the mist? Nobody saw the mist. Nobody saw the mist. I guess that was just my thing.”

So you had a special vision that no one else had.”

“I guess I did,” Mollie affirmed, nodding. “I saw it a little differently, so… yup.”

However, as it turned out, there was another person who experienced a highly unusual vision, and for this person, it was very unsettling, definitely “startling,” and even bordering on the slightly scary side as it initially began to happen.

At the time Mollie was seeing the misty fog rolling in, Lukas “was on the bank actually seeing, I think, shadow figures moving in the trees behind us,” said Mollie. “That was kind of neat because we were kind of both having a similar feeling, but his was more of an actual figure.”

Lukas,” said Rachel, of her ten-year-old, youngest son, “was pretty amazing. He was really excited and into it, and then when we were standing there in the creek, Lukas had seen like a shadow or something behind me. And at first I thought he said it was a man, but then he said he thought it was like a wolf, so I’m not sure that he knew exactly what it was, but he saw a figure moving behind me, and then he got scared, like ‘Oh my God! Mommy, there’s like spirits here! We have to go right now! I’m freaked out!’ And then we just told him, ‘No, It’s okay. They’re here to just kind of join us and watch and see what we’re doing.’ And then after that he just kind of calmed down, and just kind of dealt with what he could perceive, that I couldn’t perceive, but that Mollie perceived too. So, Lukas and Mollie are the ones that could see the different energies that were there.”

Did you know that he had that ability before?” I asked her.

Yeah, he sees stuff a lot of times, and he feels things, too. All the boys do, generally… Kaleb is more like an intuitive. He gets a lot of information in dream time. Gabriel is a feeler like I am… but Lukas is more like a visual… he can see things visually. So it’s different. All the boys are different.”


Stacey, Kaleb and Lukas resting along the edge of the creek, just shortly after Lukas had his vision


On an afternoon just after a morning when several of us had revisited Cienega Creek a little over a year after the 2015 Spring Equinox ceremony, I asked Lukas to share with me all the details that he could remember about what he had seen that evening at the creek one year earlier. Lukas told me that he had seen something that had frightened him initially because it was so startling. Lucas had seen something quickly appear behind his mother Rachel and Mollie, on the other side of the creek, somewhat above the level of the water in the creek.

Lucas described seeing a man standing next to a big wolf. The wolf was grey and had green eyes and was about the size of the family dog, L.T., who is roughly seventy-five pounds. The man was a Native-American, according to Lukas. The man was wearing pants but had no shirt. He had a bow and a quiver of arrows, and they both stood together among the trees staring down at our group. Lukas said that after awhile, he saw them both slowly fade away.

“How did it wind up down there at the creek? Do you remember?” I asked Rachel.

“Well, yeah, after we did the ceremony, it was like I felt there was this calmness that kind of came in… everything was really peaceful. It was kind of like this build up to get down there, and then it was a little bit chaotic… Once everyone got there, and after we did the ceremony, it was just like this big calm. The whole space changed, and it seemed like everything kind of lightened up. And you could just feel a shift, I don’t know, like a shift in the air, like the spirits that were there were grateful, you know, that we honored that…I just remember it being beautiful… it was just gorgeous out. You know, at a certain point we all just kind of laid there… lying back and kind of relaxing, so yeah, it was just this peaceful calm after we were done. And then it was time to go back up.”


Rick and Maritza, enjoying the moment



“And then,” said Rachel, “when we had left going back up, it was like nothing. It was like we were right at the top. Like I felt that going down it was a struggle, and there were all these different things that happened, and it was kind of perilous, and everyone was kind of scattered and it was scary and it was dark, but then after we did the ceremony and the honoring, I felt that going back up almost like we had hands that were guiding us up… like you feel a shift in a certain energy.”

Maritza agreed. “Getting back to the top took no time at all. It was very strange. My phone died as soon as we reached the top. The phone should have died much earlier; on the way down it was already at very low battery power. Again, that seemed strange.”


Looking back up the embankment from down in the creek


“I remember exclaiming, ‘Wow, climbing up took no time at all!’ The cell-phone battery then died. It lasted just long enough to help,” confirmed Jaime.

“Maritza’s cell phone was dead, like it was supposed to be dead, the battery was dead,” Rachel recollected, “But then I held it the whole time as like a light behind us, so we could see so we had a flashlight going up the hill, and then when we got to the very top, it just went completely dead. And she’s like, ‘My phone should have been dead the whole time,’ and she was like, ‘You look like Gandalf with the light!'” laughed Rachel. “I remember that was really cute…  So, even our path on the way back was lit up… so that was really cool.”

We piled back into the cars and headed back to Rachel’s home.

“Back at Rachel’s home,” said Jaime, “Janet received terrible news about the health of a loved one, and we gathered to send her white, healing light. Janet left in a hurry with Rick and Maritza driving her for her safety. I later found out that Rick wanted to share and talk about his experience, but the time was not right.”

We got back,” recalled Rachel, “and then Janet got a phone call that her grandmother was in the hospital or something happened… and so she had to leave. So then at that time, I was like, ‘Okay, let’s huddle up’ and then we all held hands, and then came together as a group to pray for her grandmother’s highest and best good and send her our healing intention to assist her through whatever was going on with her in the hospital, because they weren’t sure if she was going to make it or not. So that was pretty intense to come back to that. So after going through this kind of like blissful journey of the circle and then going down to the water, this great adventure, and then coming back to the house to have that. But then at the same time, it still solidified us as coming together as a group for a higher purpose, which is healing. So it was like we had a three-fold thing. And then with Janet, it was, ‘Okay, we’re going to gather energy to send healing to her grandmother.'”

“I was so hungry,” admitted Maritza, “and looking forward to the potluck and the party by the circle. Unfortunately, we heard bad news from Janet’s family. Janet’s grandmother was in the hospital, and her health had taken a turn for the worst. Janet was convinced it was not her grandma’s time, and a year later, her grandmother is still alive. Nonetheless, Janet wanted to ‘floor it’ into town. She was our ride and we did not want to let her endanger herself or us, so Rick drove us back into town. So there was no food, no party and no sharing of strange events, but Janet got to see her Grammy and family right away.”

“You guys had to leave after that,” remembered Rachel, “so that was kind of a bummer, but I was glad that we were able to do that, to sit and hold space for her, and send her some prayers and love and healing energy… We had the potluck still, and we all just kind of hung out after and goofed off, and people drummed, and then it became a party,” laughed Rachel, “and then I don’t remember what time it ended, but everyone filtered out after a while, so it was great! It was an awesome, awesome evening.”



So, after that, you were dubbed by the circle of friends as the ‘event coordinator.’

Rachel laughed, “Yeah.”

So tell me about your responsibilities as Event Coordinator,” I chuckled.

“To hold circles… To just get us together to do fun things that are… you know, we do get together once in awhile to just have a good time, but mostly with a higher purpose in mind, for us to get together to do things that are healing for ourselves and others, some things that have an intention that will kind of broaden our awareness, I guess you could say. Things that are going to assist us on our path. But a big part of that is coming together for drumming, because it’s honoring the Earth and grounding ourselves and healing. And sometimes just to have fun.”

So we had a second Spring Equinox ceremony at your place this last March… so remember a little bit about that. I know there were some really beautiful things.”

I was talking to my mom and I had told her, ‘For this Spring Equinox, I wanted to do something that was balancing ourselves, and so it was a balance of the light and the dark on the planet… So I asked her if she would want to come and hold a yoga ceremony for us, so we could have it honoring of ourselves to balance our own energies, and then honor the planet in the balance that She was in. So we ended up doing a yoga ceremony which was awesome! My mom is great! We did everything outside… you guys helped clear the space and it was really beautiful, so we got to do all the postures out on the land, and connect Heaven and Earth, and bring ourselves into balance and honor the Earth at the same time.

Right under the full moon.”

Yeah, under the moon. It was gorgeous. It was beautiful!”



Part Two: How I Dealt With the Angel Catch



The next  one hundred  and fifteen hours, I felt like I was drifting spontaneously back and forth between alternating realities in the sense that what I had been accepting on faith had become concrete and had materialized as a Hand of Air. While my mind tried to fully comprehend every angle and aspect about what had happened that I could think of, I went from moments of bliss to moments of worry over what other people may think if I told them what had happened. I had wanted to tell what had happened to our special group of spiritual friends during the pot luck and drumming after the ceremony, but the incident regarding Janet’s grandmother’s health scare had precluded that from happening Sunday night. As my mind turned over and over, I began to worry that if I didn’t say something right away to somebody, then people may begin to doubt me more, once I finally began to open up about the angel.

That Monday morning, I looked to a key astrology report that I had been following on a daily basis since 2012, the Oracle Report, to see if I could gain any additional insight. This is what The Oracle Report for Monday March 23, 2015 contained, just hours after the Angel Catch: “Today our ideals of greatness may bump up against things, primarily our beliefs about what is possible and others’ beliefs about what is possible. Comparisons to others, comparisons to what others want for us, and comparisons to what we think society  expects of us don’t facilitate this month’s theme of envisioning a personal ideal of greatness to which we aim. If we are comparing to what is already in existence, we are limiting ourselves.  And each of us is the only one who fully knows our own potential because it is linked to our heart’s desire. In terms of this month’s Sabian symbol, it is better today to think about releasing or removing the pieces of the rock formation that need to be released in order for the face to emerge.  Sculptor’s often say the form is already in the piece of stone, and that they merely remove the pieces around it so that the form can be revealed.  This is what is happening today.  We take in the full picture and see what needs to be released in order for true form (or plain truth) to manifest. We also see where we have been spending a lot of our energy trying to make something work or make something happen.  It may help today to suspend expectations or fixations on the outcome.  If this proves difficult, turn the situation over to a higher power. You are not alone. Communication with others is highlighted, so follow prompts to share.  Connection often comes first through a leap of faith in expressing aspects of who we truly are. Again, all month long, we take care with what we wish for, as we are inclined to get it. This month is like a month long Balsamic Moon phase, the dreamy, mystical time of the year.  The veils between the worlds are thinnest.  It is a time of release.  Today gives us good ideas of what can be released in order for truth and true form to emerge.  We are the artists of our lives, dreaming a dream within a dream.  Take up the tools of the sculptor and help what needs to fall away do so.”

Walker’s report connected deeply for me with what I felt I was going through; even the Sabian symbol metaphor of the “rock formation” seemed materialized in physical reality for me. Those next five days were five very wonderful, magic-filled days, but also five hard and difficult days.

From that Sunday forward, life became much more wonderful because I recognized the implications of what I now knew to be true about the cosmos: we live in a magical, miraculous, fantastic universe where angelic beings and divine benevolent invisible beings and realities can and do intermingle physically with our world. Prior to that recently past weekend, I had not fully understood just how physical their interaction with us could become, what boundaries did or did not exist between their reality and ours, and so this was a personal discovery of immense beauty.

But those five days were also very hard and difficult because my mind became so preoccupied; it took a Herculean effort to stay focused on everyday reality and the mundane details that I had to responsibly take care of for my business and for my family. Every minute of every day I could think of nothing else but the Angel Catch, and the many implications of what it might mean to my life. Despite my journalism into fringe areas of science and metaphysics, I’ve tried very hard to keep grounded and remain scientifically and intellectually defendable. I was known within my community for talking, writing and making documentaries about extra-terrestrials for many years. However, suddenly in 2010 I became a healer, and by four and a half years later in 2015 I had alienated a number of people close to me. So now, how was I supposed to share that an angel caught me and saved me from a potentially deadly fall? That public admission might just create an even greater level of alienation and stigma between myself and other people who had done their best to tolerate me up to this point.

I did not wish to race headlong further into the fringe, most especially because I have a family who I must be responsible for, a business that needs to maintain a respectable reputation, and a life that functions best with balance and stability.

These concerns weighed heavily upon me, as well as the struggle to be patient and focus on the present moment while my mind really wanted it to be five days later, Friday, when Maritza and I would finally get to visit with Rachel, Mollie and Jaime again at the drumming circle and spiritual support group meeting, where I could simply ask Jaime to remember the hike and to tell me what, if anything, she remembered. I felt that I needed this to satisfy the intellectual and scientific side of me that was beginning to demand external validation by a witness. If I were to just start claiming an angel caught me from a terrible fall, the bigger fall might end up being my personal reputation. No, I decided, I would wait until Maritza and I went to the next group gathering, which was coming up just a few days later on Friday March 27th and simply ask the witness what she saw without giving her any prompts or any leading questions, and find out whether or not what I was remembering had  happened is what she remembered happening. I couldn’t really contact her any earlier because we barely knew her, so the most appropriate thing to do was simply be patient and wait.

In the immediate days that followed, I desperately wanted to talk about it with my all my close friends, but I felt as if I had to keep it to myself until I could speak with the witness, Jaime, about the fantastic event, and ask her what she had seen and what she remembered. I knew it was real, but I didn’t know if it was “real enough” that I could share it with others without being considered a complete and total kook.

Despite misgivings I had about ridicule, I remember telling at least three people who I had known for many years.  These three people saw me and my strange life every week and often on a daily basis: Jorge, Will and Morgen, who all were working with my wife and I at our store. While all three humored me and listened to my summary of the past Sunday evening, I didn’t expect them to believe me completely, but I think they did feel my sincerity and knew that I believed ‘the Angel Catch’ had happened. And this allowed me some release where I could record it as real outside my immediate family of my wife and mother-in-law, and yet keep my account quietly contained in a safe bubble until I could speak to Jaime on Friday evening at Mystic Candle where our meet-ups were held once a month.

Furthermore, I didn’t really know how I would react or what I would do if she could not affirm what happened to me. My questions ran the risk of creating a big letdown and a very crushing feeling from not be validated. If that ended up being the case, then I figured that I would probably just have to stick my neck out there again like I had done with the Owl Incident all those many years, and let the chips just fall where they may, but that felt like another tough road to travel. I longed for some smoother sailing with this Angel Catch, and so the anticipation of how it would turn out was stomach turning.

That Friday morning, prior to the spiritual support meeting when I would finally get to talk to the witness, I looked to Laura Walker’s March 27th Oracle Report again for insight on the day’s energies: “The mighty influence of Uranus and Pluto, so prominent over the last couple of weeks, is re-engaged today with the Moon’s dance with Pluto in the sky tonight (at 7:15 pm MST.)  The day builds to the night, but all day long we are returning to home base– our “center.”  In other words, the destination today is back toward our inner selves. Issues related to support, appreciation, and recognition are concentrated.  If someone feels unsupported, unappreciated, or unacknowledged, it will show out today.  The show may be highly dramatic and emotional.  This is a purging or release of what has been pent up or repressed, which is in line with this month’s lunar dynamics of releasing and letting go of what no longer needs to be held. It is best to honor and respect anything that is falling away, as it served a purpose.  There is no need to trash anything.  We hold dignity for the human experience. With the goal of returning to home base or returning to inner center, we are strengthening our skills of fluidly moving between worlds.  Self-reliance builds.  We gain clearer alignment with who we are and what we are here to do.  As we are re-called (called back) to home base today, we are also called back to our childlike view of the world.  The childlike view of the world sees adventure, magic, and wonder. When we return to center, we naturally reconnect with unseen guidance and wisdom.  All that we need is there. The astrological winds may gust today, but we stay on course, determined to return home.  What awaits you there?  Does your inner home have a blazing hearth or gentle glow?  Either way, it is ready to embrace you.”

All this sounded very encouraging to me, and after such an excruciating wait, I would finally have my answer, so I tried not to fear the worst, but continue to remain calm and poised once I got to Mystic Candles with Maritza, while I waited for Jaime to show up, if she was even planning to attend.

Fortunately for me and my peace of mind, she did come to the meeting. “I did not see Rick until the following Friday, at a drumming circle with crystal skulls,” recalled Jaime.

As I approached her, I remained calm and cool. Most importantly, for my own sense of truth, I continued to remind myself not to give her any prompts or any leading questions or body gestures that could influence her answer to my two questions: “Jaime, do you remember the hike down to the creek? What do you remember seeing?”

“He came up to me,” remembered Jaime, “and asked me what I saw. I proceeded to nonchalantly recount what happened, using my hand to show the degree of the angle of his fall and how I saw him come back up in what would be an unnatural way, as if he was bounced back up. I had already accepted that an angel was present that night and had saved his life. Rick was ecstatic, and was in awe of an angel helping in the physical world. I realized, if I was in his place, I would be in awe as well. He felt the push of a hand that was not there. At the angle in which he was falling, he could not have regained control. I also learned that when Rick looked back that night after being saved, he saw a big pointed rock in his path. He surely would’ve died or been seriously injured and paralyzed from the pointed rock coming in contact with his spine. Wow, I give that angel and all the other protective spirits with us that night an A+. This is when the realization of my soul group started to became more real to me.”

Without hesitation, I threw my arms around Jaime, and gave her a huge bear hug and told her that she was my witness and my friend for life. I had found another member of my soul family! I was overjoyed, and Maritza was, too, especially for me, because she knew the agony of my long wait to hear Jaime’s recollections. Without waiting, I dragged Jaime and Maritza over to Mollie and Rachel and a few others and shared what I had been keeping mostly bottled up for the last five days. Both Mollie and Rachel were overjoyed to find out about the Angel Catch that I had wanted to share with them since returning to Rachel’s house after the ceremony at the creek. There was true electricity in the air as we all began to realize just how special that evening had been. We shared a growing awareness that we were all closely connected in spirit and part of an even bigger, more magical world.

Ian, who was now joining us at the spiritual support group meetings, was moved by the whole Spring Equinox event as well. “I remember the rest of the night went about the same, a gradual opening myself up to a small group of people from drumming and dancing in the moonlight to hiking down to the pond in the moonlight. It was the first time that I felt like I bonded with others over my beliefs and my spirituality and I became rather close with several of them. I went back several times… even though I do not see this particular group as often anymore… Even if I move away and never see Mollie, Jaime, Maritza, Rachel and Rick I will still have my memories and I will remember them fondly. Looking back at this event puts a lot of things in perspective. Not all change and not all seemingly chaotic things are the  end. In fact, more often than not in my life, it is throwing one’s self head first into the fray that yields the most life-affirming results. Secondly, strength comes to us all and fears can be overcome. Throughout this whole endeavor I was nervous and unsure. I was out of my element. I overcame that. I was also shy and introverted. I have overcome that as well, as I am sure the rest will attest. Lastly, and probably most aptly, no matter how things may seem, no matter how things may look, I am not alone. There are those behind me that are rooting for me and who, though they do not understand who I am, what I do or why I do it, are here supporting me. That night will always be with me, the things we did and the people I met had an impact on me, as I am sure it had an impact on the others. It is that impact that I carry with me, and with these fundamental truths backing me there is very little that has the means to stop me, wherever my journey takes me next.”

Mollie recalled the whole Spring Equinox 2015 gathering as “really, really awesome because it was the first time… we really got to do stuff all together, like our little core group that is sitting here (with me) right now: Rick, Maritza, Jaime and Rachel. Just the sense of knowing that when we do get together to honor the Earth or do something sacred that there really are other energies and spirits that are joining us to do that, and that we’re not just blindly doing it alone.”

Rachel summed it all up so well:I think if you come from a place with an open heart, and that you’re honoring your ancestors and your loved ones, and you’re honoring the Earth, and the Universe feels that you’re coming from a place of heart, that magic does happen… Everything about that night was magical. You could feel that our ancestors were there, the spirits were there, our angels were there. It was amazing. And just to kind of keep that in flow, if we can learn how to do that every day of our lives, not just on special occasions. But specifically to remember that as long as we have an open heart and we try to honor ourselves and everybody else, and accept them as they are, and take that with us in our everyday lives that that’s the gift, that’s the key for me is just take that love, and allow it every day, and then have beautiful, magical things happen all the time!” laughed Rachel, like an angel of joy.



Especially since 2010, I had turned my mental direction in life away from an over-weighted  scientific and intellectual process toward a more balanced approach to my life and my work, when I began again to include my intuitive side and my right-brain, creative side more and more into my self-perspective that I had downplayed during the last decade of intellectual research into the extra-terrestrial phenomena. In wanting to stay firmly grounded in history, facts and documentation for my journalism, I may have temporarily discarded a side of myself in order to satisfy what I perceived would be the demands and deconstruction of my investigations by skeptics of UFO phenomena. After the Loran channelings  in 2010 that were so remarkable, I realized and accepted that I had been stifling myself unnecessarily, and I swore to myself that I would re-direct my energies and awareness away from the nuts and bolts, constraining world view of the skeptics, who I had been trying to placate in my journalistic approach, and now instead re-adopt my natural tendency towards balance, accepting both the scientific approach as well as the intuitive approach in harmony together. And so I began to re-emphasize signs from the universe, dreams, feelings about people and situations, and I allowed myself to notice once again much more around me in terms of synchronicities, serendipities and subtle guidance from beyond the veil. By 2015, I had been practicing my balanced approach for over four years, and so I was completely open to both science when it satisfied my intellect , and messages from the Universe which spoke to my intuition.

As it happened, this Spring Equinox created a real bond between the five of us from the Spring Equinox ceremony: Rachel, Mollie, Jaime, Maritza and I. A week after the spiritual support group, we went to a local spiritual hangout called the Galactic Center to celebrate Rachel’s birthday, listening to a new age DJ who played for some talented dancers, gave and received energy healings, danced together, did tarot readings in a beautiful parlor of one of the residents, engaged in all kinds of conversations about astrology and metaphysics, and introduced ourselves to new acquaintances in the parlor, but mostly we just made sure that Rachel felt supported and happy on her birthday. This brought our group even more closely together.

As I talked with Rachel further, I also discovered that she has had an owl experience similar in nature to my experience detailed in my blog, so this further connected me with the members of our Spring Equinox group.

The following Monday, Jaime felt comfortable enough with Maritza and I to visit us at our store on her day off.  The three of us had a really good, long conversation, and Jaime told Morgen, one of our co-workers, about the angel at my back from her point-of-view.

Then, Jaime quietly asked us if she could tell Maritza and I something that might be a little disturbing. I was unworried.  “Go ahead and tell us,” I said. Jaime asked me if I knew of a psychic named Brian Fox who had given her a reading a few years ago, shortly before he passed away. Brian had told Jaime in his reading for her that two prominent likelihoods would be that she would become connected to a man named Rick who would help introduce her to teachings, and that crystal skulls would also be involved. “Wow! That’s mind-blowing, if true,” I thought. She said that I had been the doorway into our group through several key ways: by inviting her to the spiritual support meetings, by giving her the crystal skull postcard several months earlier, and by encouraging her to become more involved with all of us. She also told us that Janet was discovering that she is a chakra healer, and had already successfully worked on Jaime’s left foot. I affirmed that the ball of energy that she, Janet, Rachel, Mollie and Kiko had prepared for me during Rachel’s birthday party had really helped relieve much of my lower back pain, and that I also believed in Janet’s growing abilities.

After several hours, Jaime left our store, but my mind had expanded once again to find that members of our group were pre-destined to meet.

The sharing from Jaime about her reading with Brian made me deeply consider destiny and clairvoyant skills all week. This continuing train of thought over 2015 also led me back to December 2014, at my 52nd birthday when I had turned of age to be considered an elder. Prior to my birthday, that realization that I would be of age to be considered an elder motivated me to get my first reading ever with an astrologer. I wanted a natal chart reading, and so I chose Laura Walker, because I had been following her work so closely on a daily basis since 2012, and I resonated with both her approach and her world view on many levels.  This, of course, is why I have quoted her work throughout this article. In addition to a very generous and illuminating natal chart reading, Laura also shared with me three of my upcoming astrological transits, which I interpret as periods of energetic movements. Because her reading resonated so deeply with me, I transcribed it in its entirety, which was 43 pages long, and I am sharing a section of it within this article because it has significant relevance to what happened to me at the Spring Equinox. When I realized this earlier this year, 2016, as I was transcribing the session, I realized that I had forgotten all about Laura’s three transit reports for me, because I had been so focused on understanding my natal chart all throughout 2015. Her reading was so influential on me that I had embarked on a serious study of astrology since her reading in December 2014 to know for myself whether the information that she had given me was accurate and truly valid, which for me, at this point of study, I can affirm does appear accurate, and not a sugar-coated snow job. But my obsession to know for myself turned all my attention to the natal portion of the reading, so that I completely dismissed the transit portion of the reading until I was actual typing it word-by-word to complete my transcript of the session. When I stumbled across the third transit, I was awestruck by its relation to the Angel Catch.

At this point, I will simply let Laura’s words speak for themselves, and bear in mind, this was a full three months before the Angel Catch occurred:

Laura: Okay, and I’ve got something really beautiful to tell you. The last one here. I’m so stoked to tell you this.

Rick: Thanks Laura!

Laura: (chuckles) This one begins February 17th, and it goes until March 16th. That is the Black Moon conjunction to your Pluto! This is fabulous! It brings something very lovely to life to make you happier. And your Pluto is in the Twelfth House, so that would tell me that it’s going to be some kind of spiritual blessing, maybe an upgrade of what  you were saying, maybe like a massive kind of upgrade. It’s a definite! It’s about spirit and consciousness, and expansion into those realms. But it will always bring something to make you more fulfilled, and satisfied and happier!

Rick: I like the sound of that.

Laura: And it may be something beautiful with your relationships, something really nice that happens for you all.

Rick: Ah, that’s so nice. Thank you, Laura, that’s great news!

Laura: I know! Isn’t that cool?!

Rick: Yes. So just struggle through and rest a lot during the period from December 20th to the 23rd of January, and then know that I’ve got something to look forward to shortly after there.

Laura: Yes, absolutely. And really the transit is, you know, it should be something we look forward to as well, because what it is is a massive leap in consciousness. It can be hard on us because, you know, it takes a toll, because she’s really doing… It’s basically like a Pluto transit compacted into one month, if you understand what that means.

Rick: Yikes, because that’s going on in Capricorn until like 2026 or something.

Laura: Yeah, but like, when somebody has Pluto transiting their planet, it’s like two years.

Rick: Oh. I gotcha, okay.

Laura: So it occurs over two years. It just kind of like drags it out. This is bam! In one month.

Rick: Two years in one month. Okay, cool.

Laura: Yeah, that’s the ratio of it. So that’s the leap in consciousness that comes from this, because she always brings a rebirth at the end.  Your feelings about the spirit and the abandonment and all that stuff: you are going to do massive healing with that, because you are going to start to understand more and more about your purpose.

Rick: My special purpose? [allusion to Steve Martin’s “The Jerk”]

Laura: Your special, special purpose.

Rick: (laughs)

Laura: I know, and… and I’m ready to like send the world to you. That’s why I want you to get it the way you want it to come, because I don’t think you understand so much about what’s getting ready to come. (chuckles)

Rick: I think I don’t.

Laura: (chuckles)

Rick: You’re starting to make me think that something big is on the way… like big big.

Laura: Yes! You are gonna be… if you can face the fear with it, and you will because you would not be completing your mission otherwise. You’re going to be just like me, and you’re going to face it. You’re just gonna keep going. Because it is massive! The power that you will inject, the healing power that you will inject into the collective will ripple out like ribbons, giant banners. The healing power that you have– and that’s why we have to protect it, Rick– that’s why I want you to see it for the precious gift it is, and not to throw pearls before swine, because we’ve made that mistake.


Yes, Laura was correct: I have been trying to overcome blocks and worries about going public with some of my strange, personal inner world by creating my blog and tackling very deep subjects that are difficult to convey well. And, yes, I do hope that my writing of this article will, over time, help heal many human beings who feel disconnected from the Angelic Kingdom. Here, I want to thank Linda Dillon once again for her channeling work that really helped re-introduce me to this area of higher-dimensional reality, after my longtime rejection of large religious hierarchies and institutions and their leaders. I may have thrown the baby out with the bath water. Linda helped me re-connect with angels, and I began, with an open mind, to ask for their help along with my galactic guides when I was doing healings for people, on the premise that the Angelic Kingdom may actually exist, and within less than two years, a galactic council called The Council For Assistance To Earth introduced me to my leading guide, Archangel Metatron, through another medium, Isis-Neith Shanti.

Since I first began discreetly sharing my Angel Catch experience, I have had several friends who have advised me against going public with this story, and partly because I respect those friends,  I hesitated for a long while, and contemplated what to do. I also have two other friends that I feel close to, elder friends from the Pueblo tribes, one from the Zuni nation and one from the Hopi nation. I have learned that we are at a time in mankind’s history where they are no longer holding back in the same way their secret wisdom and teachings any longer. This does not mean they are fully sharing everything openly, but there is a greater openness and sharing by the tribes with the world than ever before, because, for whatever reasons,  many now feel the world needs to know more of what was once held secret.

I believe that we truly are at a point in history where we all need to be more courageous and share openly our private connections to benevolent spiritual beings from the higher planes. I feel that we need to wake each other up, and remember who we are and what a wonderful planet we live upon. And we should respect and love more our beautiful universe of Infinite Creation that we are connected to directly and eternally, without fear of ridicule or reprisals from within our community.

How many hundreds of thousands of people is this kind of thing happening to? Since I’ve shared the Angel Catch in detail over the last year with several people to whom I feel close, I have already heard of two very similar experiences. The first incident involves an elderly man named Allen who was about to be run over by a speeding oncoming vehicle when two big invisible hands grabbed each shoulder and lifted him off of the road, spun him around one hundred and eighty degrees,  and then set him safely on the sidewalk. I also learned of a second incident where a man named Ray was scaling the side of a cliff along with his wife when the terrain became very treacherous. He slipped off the rock cliff and as he started falling back many feet, and likely to his death, a hand came out of thin air and pressed him back up against the cliff wall until he regained his grip again, and climbed to safety along with his wife.

So why are most people so timid about sharing these miraculous experiences? I think it is fear of ridicule. Yet I believe now, as the planet has become so polluted from greed and fear, more than ever we need to become unconcerned about any ridicule that we may receive, and try to widely share our stories of miraculous events so that we as Earth people can recognize the true nature of the reality we live within, which apparently we share with beings who are not necessarily visible in our reality. No one wants to be labeled crazy, but if we can all understand that this is a repeating phenomena in our reality, we will have a more accurate understanding of the greater reality that we truly live within.

As for me, that’s why I am writing this article. I would love to throw pearls before pearls, so that’s just what I’m going to do. That is my intention.

In trying to train my mind from denial of self and denial of my own experience, and in order to recognize that we truly do have guides and angels by our side at all times, I have engaged psychic mediums to assist me in connecting with higher, benevolent energies through the perspective of another human being. However, I choose very carefully the human beings whom I will allow to influence my reality and my view of myself and my own experience. Aside from a small circle of wise and loving friends, in the last five years that I have sought information about my experiences outside my inner self and my internal experience for clarification and better understanding, I have carefully chosen only a handful of psychic mediums to consult. Typically, I will follow their output and work for at least two or three years until I feel confident enough with the tone of their work. I must observe their continuous high quality output in the form of written channelings where I can both analyze and feel the qualities of spirit coming through. And whenever possible, I observe their video presentations in which I can watch and listen to the medium, and hear their voice and feel their energies to know whether or not I resonate with their vibrations. As well, with video I can see the medium in action and discern whether or not I feel the genuineness of the  medium, through my observation of their mannerisms, the look in their eyes, their body language, and this helps me to gauge the overall level of integrity which I sense for myself. I vet these psychic mediums who I may potentially allow to influence my life very carefully through mental analysis and emotional and spiritual resonance from a distance, since usually I am not able to connect with them in person and feel their energies face to face. So far, I have found this approach has worked well for me.

Two of the gifted spiritual mediums whom I have been fortunate enough to receive communications from within the last year since the Angel Catch are Isis-Neith Shanti, living in Canada, and Natalie Glasson, living in Great Britain. After enough due diligence and careful consideration, I asked both women to answer  questions specifically about my experience falling down the ravine during the evening of our 2015 Spring Equinox ceremonies and being caught by a Hand of Air. While I choose to keep private a good portion of both answers that spoke directly to my soul path and development, I am including large enough portions to demonstrate that both the psychics that I have asked about the incident have confirmed its greater spiritual reality to me. This has allayed any last miniscule vestiges of self-effacing doubt that I may have had, and helped me to gain enough confidence to go public with all the things that I have gone public with on my blog in the last year, some of which were pretty heavy, especially regarding the Owl Incident and the Loran transcripts.

Now, I feel part of my purpose in this lifetime is to go from a level of timidity about spiritual connectedness to higher-dimensional angelic, galactic and Nature entities, to a point of greater confidence about those connections for all people.

Despite any concerns of ridicule, anger, jealousy, misinterpretation or misrepresentation by others, desire for exploitation by others, or any types of negativity or negative reactions that I may be worried about, I have decided to share because I feel that it may help other average people who have been remaining on the fence about their own personal experiences, and to encourage them to come forward and share more about their connections to higher-dimensional benevolent entities in a more spiritual format, outside of simply a religious context. Connecting with these loving energies is not the exclusive domain of those who are choosing to connect with Source through orthodox religions. These loving higher-dimensional benevolent beings are available to all of us all the time. You don’t have to belong to a church to experience angels.

We all have a constant, direct connection to All That Is Love all the time. This is a main point that I wish to get across with this article.

Yes, I’m writing this article from my point of view about what happened to me, but I feel that when any group of people, not just a religious group,  get together with benevolent intentions for a sacred purpose, magic can and does happen. Sacred spiritual connectedness to All That Is can happen for anybody. I am really no different than anybody else. I fart, I get pissed off, I have problems, I am definitely not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and yet an angelic Hand of Air made itself available to me and saved me from injury in large part, I believe, so our group could continue its humble sacred offering of Love to the Earth, but as well to show me personally of their existence without a doubt, and maybe also so that I could share it all to help inspire others to share their stories, whether within a religion or without, it does not matter. We are all watched over and loved and nurtured from the higher-dimensions of Love. If enough of us can set aside our fears and write about and share our personal stories of high vibration, this will have a huge positive impact on our collective unconscious, and will act as a gateway or portal into a new and better way of looking at our lovely selves and our  lovely planet and our lovely connections to our Universe. I believe the word for this is communion.

So with imperfect modesty, I will share part of the readings here.

Here is part of how Isis-Neith Shanti interpreted what Archangel Metatron was relaying to her in regard to my question. This reading  is from August 26, 2015, five months after the event:

“Metatron is saying that angels are all around you,” conveyed Isis-Neith. “Angels are all around you. They’re assisting you. They’re always with you. This is part of where you get your healing abilities from. So this is part of question two. So of course they are always around you. Of course they are always protecting you. But he’s also saying that from the angels you can learn to protect yourself. And when they provide for you, you take from it that you provide for yourself. You are taken care of, true, but he’s saying act according to your own desires. And he’s saying that there’s a group energy. He’s saying that this group energy is meant to be there for a time of your life. There’s this group energy, maybe even for all of your life… He’s saying… that angels have always protected you and guided you your whole life as powerful guides. This is a big part of the reason that you have your healing abilities.”

And here is what Natalie Glasson channeled from Saint Germain to me, who answered my question about the Angel Catch. This reading is from May 25, 2016, a little over one year after the event

“Well, your destiny connected to the Angelic Kingdom is very strong and very close. Yes, that was an angelic being that was supporting you. It was not essentially to stop you falling, but to allow you to realize that you are supported. It was a dramatic and influential way of allowing you to realize, to recognize, especially mentally, that you are supported by the Angelic Kingdom, including the archangels. And that they are with you, guiding you forth. It’s like a hand that carries and guides you forth. It was to enhance your trust, to allow you to believe whole-heartedly in all that you are. And yes to ignite within you the understanding that there is a destiny, a pathway. It is my feeling, Saint Germain, that this pathway is connected to the divine blueprints that are within your being. And yes you already have the divine blueprint of the Angelic Kingdom. And it is connected to the distribution of these blueprints. Now, whether you focus upon them or not, they will be distributed where they are needed, when they are needed. This process has already begun. A touch, a glance, an expression of healing when someone is unwell. It returns their true blueprint. And what is occurring is that, yes, the Universe of the Creator is uniting. We are recognizing this more and more. The Earth is ready to receive the Universe of the Creator. And by receiving the blueprints of all different civilizations, even Ascended Masters, humanity will feel once more a oneness with All That Is the Universe of the Creator. But there are other pathways as well connected to the Angelic Kingdom: the awakening of the trust vibration in others. Archangel Raphael wishes to bring forth that new healing vibration through you. This will also be the beginning of an expression. Now, working with you as protectors, you have Archangel Metatron before you, Archangel Raphael to your right, you have Archangel Azrael to your left. Archangel Azrael is known as the Angel of Death, but we know that death is the release of old, and the beginning of new transformation, and that is his purpose within your protective team. Then of course behind: Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Hope. These are your protectors, but there are many more. Does this answer your question?”

It does indeed answer my question, and I am deeply grateful to both Natalie and Saint Germain for bringing this through, and deeply grateful to Isis-Neith and Archangel Metatron for bringing the former message through as well.



Part Three: Contemplations



For those five days just afterwards,  and this whole time since the save by the Hand of Air, I have contemplated and contemplated the meanings of the whole evening, and I wish that I had written down all my best thoughts as they were occurring over the last year, but alas, I was not writing most of them down. Still, as I meditate and recall all the details that I can of my thoughts and musings from the last fifteen months, I have been able to dredge up much of what has been going through my mind for this article. I am going to try to coalesce it all into the standard journalistic approach of who, where, when, what, how and why.

You create your own Reality. This is my understanding from the Seth material channeled through Jane Roberts. So if I am the sculptor who is creating his own reality, I certainly was chiseling away excellently this particular evening for such an event to manifest in my life, and to be part of such an awesome series of events that happened to our whole group. I find it so powerful that you can sculpt your own life and your own self into the image of yourself that you want. You don’t have to see yourself as you perceive other people see you; you can perceive yourself in the way that feels the truest and healthiest to you, and let other people’s opinions of your reality blow away in the wind. “Hu.”

For myself, I have come to believe without a doubt in the existence of angels, as a firm reality that I no longer need to debate or prove scientifically. I would be a complete fool if I ever allowed any skeptics to try to persuade me otherwise, because I have without any doubt felt the Hand of an Angel, even  in front of a witness, and my subconscious screamed out this fact so loudly that physically the words were coming  out of my mouth as I was being set back upright. This is a very freeing and liberating experience on a mental level, because it allows me to focus on other explorations. Human lifetimes are relatively short, so by understanding the existence of angels for myself, I can now explore reality beyond this mental and spiritual milepost.

From a mystical point of view, the angels, and likely the higher benevolent galactics, may see me more clearly than I can see myself. They may be able to see me in my imperfect totality, what I have lived and forgotten in my conscious mind, and every thought and action and feeling that I’ve ever had. They have conscious access to the Akashic Records, and know my past lives, the good and the bad. They know my wishes, and dreams, and hopes and aspirations, and for whatever reason, chose to step in for me during a moment of peril. And since I know that I am far from perfect, this gives me hope for every one of us on the planet, that we could all be as fortunate to have these types of experiences when the angels and galactics feel that it is appropriate to intervene, most likely when our Higher Self also agrees. I don’t consciously know the spiritual mechanics of how this all works, but that would make sense to me.

Next, a  hugely important “who” in this event are all the individuals who made up our group that was honoring the Earth. Each of their individual energies and the collective group energy as a whole also created our reality. This was group energy at work as much as it was individual energies. The very act of honoring the Earth that we were all engaged in is likely the most attractive force to bring angels into our midst. I just happened to be the one who, maybe, needed to fall so that I could receive a “demonstration” of angelic existence externally, while others in the group may be so much more spiritually advanced that they did not require an external experience since they had such a wealth of inner experience. Or maybe I just experienced it as a representative for the group awareness.


Before our ceremony and remembrance on May 1, 2016


And, of course, I have wondered about the identity of the angelic being. As I was caught and pushed back up, it felt like a broad, firm, steady, loving hand of air and very much like a giant hand. The parts of the hand that I felt the most were the lower palm where the hand connects to the wrist and the puffy fingers.

Of the very few people comfortable enough to want to carry on an extended conversation with me about my experience, one intuitive friend of mine, Margo,  asked me, “So who and what do you feel is the angel hand that was with you?” I wasn’t able to truly and with complete confidence give her the name of the angel or archangel. I do feel that Archangel  Metatron is so closely connected with me that I feel that the “Angel Catch” may have been under his care and oversight, yet not necessarily was He the angelic being who caught me.

In the last two and a half years since I found out that I was connected with Archangel Metatron, I often feel His guidance in relation to much of what happens to me. I do definitely feel that Archangel Metatron and my guides were watching over me that evening, but my gut tells me that it may have been an angel who isn’t even well known who actually caught me, just one of the many unsung benevolent angels in the universe that was available to help, which is similar, in a way, to those times when one anonymous human being saves another human’s life. As of this moment in time as I write these words, I really don’t know for sure which angel caught me. But whatever the case, I do have complete trust that it was a benevolent angelic being, and that is good enough for me; in fact, the more I contemplate this, the better I feel.

According to Loran, who some readers may remember from my previous blog posts, the benevolent galactics have protected me from malevolent extra-terrestrial abduction and tampering, so I feel certain that the benevolent Archangels and angelic beings would be willing to protect someone, too, if there was a need for that person, in this case me, to continue upon a specific destiny path in this lifetime. I suppose that if I had finished whatever work or missions which I had agreed to, prior to incarnating here, that the Angelic Kingdom may have allowed my body to die. If that had been the case, I feel that my spirit and soul would then rejoin fully with my Higher Self in one of the higher dimensions of existence, as I tend to feel may happen once we pass on and one’s consciousness goes to rest, review, learn and create between lifetimes.

But since I am alive and well for the time being, apparently I still have life experience and lessons that my guides in their wisdom and awareness know that I need to experience before I transition, and I’m fine with that. Just to be clear with my angelic friends: thanks, and there’s no rush!

The question of “where” we gathered is one that I have contemplated, as I theorized that possibly the spot where we were along the creek may be some type of inter-dimensional portal that can allow a higher-dimensional being to come through and, in this case, save me from injury, that can account for the fog that Mollie saw, and that allowed for the materialization of the Native American spirit and wolf spirit that Lukas witnessed. However, upon revisiting the site on May 1, 2016 with members of our group, I found no obvious evidence of “portal energy,” comparable to some of the vortex-twisted trees on Cathedral Rock in Sedona. Still, my short exploration was in no way a thorough investigation, nor does the absence of obvious evidence preclude it from being a “portal energy” hotspot.

I have also considered that our group energy which we were creating while honoring the Earth may possibly have been acting as a mobile inter-dimensional portal, via the Law of Attraction, that helped to create a window between dimensions, which more easily allowed the Hand of Air to materialize for me when I needed support as I was falling head first backwards down the ravine.

If group energy and sacred intentions can and do manifest portal energy, then Rachel’s sacred circle may now be infused with portal energy, which might account for the strange light in this photograph as we drummed one year later in the circle in honor of Rachel’s birthday.


The strange but beautiful light as Nick and Rick and the gang drummed and danced in the sacred circle on Rachel’s birthday, April 3, 2016


In regard to “when” these series of metaphysical events occurred, all three within the space of about fifteen minutes or so, I have a number of observations and comments to make that I have considered and contemplated upon over the last year.

Astrologically, the significance has already been summarized in detail earlier in this article.

In terms of the timing of the Angel Catch, I feel that this occurred in order to help us to fulfill the offering to Gaia; if I had become injured, the group would not have been able to fulfill its sacred purpose of making the offering to Earth.

And it is at this point that I wish to make a few comments about  ecology. What would the rest of the benevolent beings in our Galaxy wish for us to do with this precious Earth, honor it or defile it? Clearly, I feel that the benevolent beings  hope we will find a way to manifest balance. We need to creatively find a way to harness power and energy without imperiling ourselves and  the surface of the Earth. I believe that this is also true if we wish to venture into the space beyond the Earth, where benevolent galactic beings may populate. There is a crystal clear imperative in my mind for the human population, at this point in our collective development, to use only clean energy, which has no destructive side effects to living creatures and living planets, especially when coupled with benevolent intentions and actions.

We have been taught and conditioned by negative forces in our midst who profit off of pitting us against each other on all levels to ignore the value in ourselves, our lives and our planet. We must re-educate ourselves to believe in our own self-worth and the value of all others, and we must support each other and our planet Earth.

This is the New Age of recognizing our self-worth in this galaxy, a time to completely release any need for the approval and connection to old, patriarchal and Archontic systems and paradigms of those who had held power over us and our planet for so many thousands of years. Those leaders and systems that continue to try to impose energy produced by destruction will step aside as we light up the planet with our clean, spiritual energies, because the negative beings do not do well in the Light.

As we focus on cleaning up ourselves from the inside out, meaning spiritually and then emotionally, mentally and physically, we generate conscious light that attracts Higher Light and beings of Light that share our wishes for a clean and healthy and Light world. The answer does not lie only in ritual and only in honoring what came before us;  we must honor who we are now and who we are becoming, and all the living beings upon the planet, and the Earth itself.  We must stop exploiting our planet and stop dumping toxic waste from antiquated systems that profit industrialists and corporate capitalists at the expense of all of us and our future,  and expand into truly honoring Gaia’s whole ecosystem in very pragmatic ways that once again return balance and good health for all.

So our offering on the Spring Equinox 2015 was more than just a ritual offering to Gaia; it was an offering to the future of ourselves and our planet, and a wish that we may all be blessed with free, clean, fresh water, which tied in with the International Day of Water. This weekend was also very much about letting go of our old ways of being, and I’m sure that this means letting go of the Industrial Age.

We need to let go of our old personas and our old ego wishes and our old desires for fame and fortune, and come together for the future of the planet and all of us on it, so that we have a future free from dangerous radiation and pollution from scientifically-advanced projects that are ecologically out of balance. I feel that the weasel that cut the power to the CERN particle accelerator was guided by Nature, and I feel it is an apt metaphor for us to contemplate.

I feel that we really and truly need to honor the Sacred Feminine and healthy mothering energies again, along with the Sacred Masculine, both in balance and harmony. Because without health and a healthy ecology, we have nothing. We need to protect the Earth from destructive, chaotic, and self-destructive energies, and those same sociopathic energies usually want to be in power over us through government, religion and control positions.

We need to prioritize and to allow our spiritual evolution and ecological evolution to come first, and subsequently, this will bring about cleaned systems filled with Light, but we each need to evolve ourselves from the inside out first and foremost. Solar, wind and Tesla energies are available to us, but need to be released from the control of the corporations back to all the people of Earth. We need a return to balance. The epidemic cancer rates clearly show us that our current energy systems are polluting us, and we need to remove the financial incentive from those that profit off of disease, dirty energy, and environmental chaos. Worshiping science, which has gone mad with greed, is also the issue here: just because you can do something, does not mean that you should do it. Evolution sometimes means self-restraint and greater devotion to spiritual self-awareness. We need to consider the consequences of wreckless “scientific” actions for financial profit that become catastrophic calamities, like Fukushima and the disposal of nuclear power waste continue to be.

So I believe that the Angel Catch also occurred in large part to preserve the positive experience for all the others in our group, along with protecting me. The Angel Catch showed me something powerful about our real reality, and pulled our group more closely together. It was a blessing. And because I love to communicate, I hope this article acts as a blessing for you and yours. I feel that the benevolent higher-dimensional beings are pleased by the sharing of this event, and I truly hope it inspires many of you to break your silence and share more about your personal experiences without fear of ridicule for boasting, bragging, or being considered kooky. Consider the wave of upliftment for humanity if we all began sharing these experiences together in a massive wave. Think of all the Light that we would bring to our planet and our collective consciousness! So I encourage you to gather in groups small and large and create a sacred space of honoring with benevolent intentions, just as so many people within spiritual communities continue to do all the time, attracting more and more higher-dimensional energy into our physical reality, really and truly bringing Heaven to Earth.

“How” these type of events can happen is still quite mysterious, but I feel that one of the most powerful generators for experiences like this is Love. Higher-dimensional beings can and do intervene in our physical reality, and as much as the scientific, intellectual side of me may want, current science does not supply a sufficient explanation for what happened to satisfy me.

The Angelic Kingdom allowed me to know with certainty that they are real, giving my mental side some undeniable confirmation, which I tend to want and feel a need for. The Angel Catch has allowed me to move from faith to certainty, or said another way, from belief to knowing with both heart and mind. So many things in my life have had a strong element of ambiguity, but the Angel Catch is definitive evidence for me that my mind must learn to accept. Now I have absolutely no doubt! This is what finally gave me complete, one hundred per cent trust, because an angel became a physical force in this physical reality to help me.  I have always had tons of faith in All That Is, but not until March 22, 2015 was I gifted with this kind of unequivocal physical confirmation.

There are probably more answers to “why” this happened than I will probably grasp in this lifetime. My first feeling is that it happened simply out of Love, without any further agenda. The Angel Catch has allowed me to feel protected at some level, so that even if I were to suffer injury or when I finally die at some point, my consciousness has already fully accepted a greater reality beyond this Earthly life. In a way, I can relate to stories of people’s “near-death” and out-of-body experiences even more, and thus the multi-dimensional realities have grounded into my life with greater impact now. This may or may not mean that I will always be protected, I don’t know. But I do know that I have been protected long enough to write this article and testimonial, and that in itself is pretty awesome to me!

To slightly further explore the “why,” and what was rolling around in my head a lot during the five days after the Angel Catch, many thoughts about personal destiny, my purpose here, and ideas about past lives, karma and divine law rolled through my mind. I suspect the event also may have occurred to trigger something within me that needed to be ignited. Since that time, I have started trusting myself more and gaining, little by little, a greater confidence in myself. Also, I am sure that part of the reason for the dramatic rescue was to focus upon our ecology, and how we can live on Earth in harmony with our environment and all the living creatures here, made blatantly obvious by all the species die-offs we see occurring, especially with so many marine species dying in such great numbers.  Another reason may include learning to live with the wisdom that angels do exist within our reality, and for me to fully accept this and to pay more attention to my Higher Self. Along with guidance from Archangel Metatron, the Angel Catch also gave me the confidence to release very personal sections of the Loran transcripts, despite my worries and concerns about ridicule and any unforeseen backlash. And I have also considered that maybe the angel saved me, both to see that the group ceremony could come to completion for all, but also to keep me  in school and grounded here. Maybe my destiny here is to keep learning lessons upon lessons for my soul to experience and grow, and maybe that’s always the case with all lifetimes.



I do automatic writing, and have done so since Loran first suggested it to me in 2010. Here is the first automatic writing session that I did after the Angel Catch, on April 9, 2015:



You will understand that there are many aspects to how one’s destiny unfolds. And there are many times when one may overstep their process of unfoldment, or blossoming. For you to flower in the most healthy manner, you must be patient and wait, and in those days of waiting, each day, practice your meditation. If the responsibilities of your position seem to weigh heavily upon you, then release them to the wind. For they are unreal in the larger Real sense. They are simply parts of your role as you act in this 3D theater.

When you fell, you were trying to safely protect yourself and others on your somewhat perilous journey in the darkness as you moved slowly along down to the creek. You are a protector, and we wish to protect you. There is a considerable amount of protective white light around you at all times, for you are part of a team or ground crew, if you will, here upon this precious planet. You have learned something about destiny recently, and that is that destiny can be a reality for some people who have come into this life with an important purpose. And even if you avoid or delay its unfolding somewhat, your destiny will arrive ultimately at your doorstep, for you were the one who agreed to it before incarnating into this lifetime of yours.

This incident where you fell backwards down the rocky trail, headed for injury, was for the purpose of falling so that we could catch you, and demonstrate to you that besides healing through you, we also can affect your life in very physical ways. And this understanding that you have now gained gives you the experience to know this as truth while you live here on Earth in this your lifetime. You felt the hand at your back as a soft but strong hand of air, but which was substantial enough that you could know it was a physical phenomena.  And while humans often attribute powers over the physical to poltergeists and unloving spirits, know also that there are many much more powerful and loving spirits who perform actions of protection for humankind every moment of every day on your Earth.

This event of falling toward injury, being gently caught, and being stood back upright has increased your faith in us, and in your destiny, but it has also increased the awareness of us for those around you who have come to learn of this event. Thereby, your event is lifting all of you up into a higher level of grace and awareness, and hopefully increases levels of faith and trust. Additionally, it may help those who learn of this actual real event to reconnect with their inner selves, their guides and in so doing, remember more of who they really are, and the greater unseen realms with which they are intimately connected.

This event happened to you as part of a larger group honoring the Earth and putting out your intentions to send love around the planet through the blessed, sacred waters you shared back to your Earth. At that moment, you were acting to protect others in your group: this was a group event, created by coming together as a group with high intentions, and this event manifested for the benefit of the whole group, as a microcosm of all of humanity on your planet. This protection of sacred intenders is symbolic of what we are doing here in and around your planet at all times of the day and night, for it is our intention to continue to assist in the benevolent upliftment of all of you as a whole group, and your whole world. May your heart understand this message and rejoice.

With all our love,

Your guides



As I was constructing this article, I felt the desire to try to poetically channel once again, not having done so since early November 2015. After reclaiming my meditation spot by strengthening it with a more solid frame, I tried once again after half a year to try to clairaudiently listen to my guides and specifically Archangel Metatron, for this channeling.



Angels and archangels are in your midst. We are here for you to see when you can finally stop ignoring us. You must stop hurting yourselves. This has much to do with greed and technological obsession, for these are distractions from your true inner Selves. We come in Peace and Love to bring you awareness about yourselves. You are worthy of saving yourselves, you are worthy of living, and you are worthy of loving. The Universal Source of Life and Love rests within the heart chakra of each and every one of you. You all have something vital to give to the universe if you can learn to refrain from willfully hurting yourselves and hating yourselves. Have you considered your connection to the Earth lately? How are you personally interacting with the water, the land, the air, and sunlight? What do you feel when you look at the Moon and the stars?  When was the last time that you considered yourself in relation to the Earth, to the Moon, and to the stars for longer than you think about your job, your appearance and your money? Which should have more lasting value to your heart chakra?

Your heart is the center of your consciousness. Your brain is just a tool, and that tool can be manipulated, but your heart is pure with innate wisdom and connection to the Universal Source. Do you trust your intellect more because it tells you to, or can you spend time listening to what your heart has been trying to share with you? We come to remind you to listen to your heart more than your intellect, and in this way, we come to bring Heaven to Earth. Your angel fall and catch was to liberate you from the constricts of your mind, that keeps you bound in an endless search for scientific solution to the mysteries of the universe, and the power that you wish to wield. But the greatest power is that which is less used. The greatest power is in simply being love, both giving and receiving to yourself and to all others, which are not truly others for we are all of One. Your mind has had a hard time grasping this because it is a tool much used for differentiation in order to experience physicality. But your heart is much superior for it knows no discrimination in that sense of separation and judgment, for it is powered by the Universal Source and Infinite Consciousness, and is your connection to your Higher Self. But you block that connection with your over-dependence on your mind.

The Angel Fall was an illustration to you that your mind is not capable of fully comprehending all the circumstances, implications and ramifications of acts within your physical reality, which science tries in vain to master. There is a level of mastery far beyond science, and this is the level of mastery of the heart chakra, which can accept that there is a consciousness that is collectively greater than its own individual mentality, and that this consciousness is of heart and spirit and not simply of the mind. In order to attain true power, you must relinquish the imbalance of focusing only on your mental and ego self, and explore the broader more inclusive spectrum that your heart chakra is gateway to. For once you have contemplated long enough, you can arrive at the conclusion that Love and only Love is the Source and Power of all creation, for without it life does not continue to exist, but instead destroys itself. And when you turn outward and only to the external, and forget to spend your seconds and minutes and years in this earthly suit by looking deep, deep within, you find yourself focused on whatever external thoughts and programming tells you to think what your life should be. Your life should only be the reality that you yourself choose to create, not based on anything that anyone else or any external source says you should be. And if that voice within you tells you anything but to focus on Love, you know that you still have not fully connected to the Voice of your heart chakra, for your Heart, at its core, is where your Higher Self resides, and knows only the Love of the Creator, and knows that all else in physical reality is simply an illusion if we look at it and see anything else but Love.

This does not mean that you cannot feel various emotions other than love, but know within your heart that those other emotions are simply only fragments of the totality of the Love consciousness, and while they are whole in the sense that everything is of Love and Source, the mind can begin to see them as separate and begin to fool you into a separation mentality, for that is what the brain is designed to do: to compartmentalize, discern and make distinctions in order for one to operate in a physical universe. Yet, remember, just as you have experienced some multi-dimensional events, you can now know with certainty both within your heart and your mind, that truly there are earthly interactions with beings of a multi-dimensional nature, and that all of you as human beings are of multi-dimensional nature too, and can access that greater reality through your heart. This is where the core of your Higher Self resides, this is energy that is scientifically measurable that radiates out from yourself to the rest of the universe, and the primary source in which the universe radiates back into you for you to receive.

And we responded to your heart’s cry for assistance as you fell, for time does not limit us nor does space for we are fully multi-dimensional and conscious of our nature and connection with Universal Source, just as all of you are gradually becoming fully aware of on Earth. Many more types of incidents such as the one you experienced with the Angel Catch will be coming into your collective awareness, as the people of Earth begin to surmount their fear of blending science and spirituality, mind and heart, discrimination and integration, and arrive daily at a greater and greater balance with the nature of their cosmos and their place within it. For you know within your heart that you are neither special nor un-special but that all are special and cherished and loved. And as the vibration of this is acknowledged and transmitted silently or otherwise, you and all on your planet will bring Heaven to Earth, will bring the mental plane into balance with all the planes of the universe and the completeness of Love. For as you all begin to love yourselves more and cherish your differences knowing that you are all in reality of the same stuff, which is particles of the Source in the form of conscious loving Light and Sound, yet in the greater reality of both form and non-form, existence and potentiality, as you begin to feel, and this most important, this word feel, as you begin to feel this Love and connectedness to all things multi-universal and multi-dimensional, you collectively create that reality and Heaven comes to Earth, just like your big strong, soft Angel Hand.

We love you all eternally, for you are us, and we are you, your angels and soul family. Blessings to All.


With Endless Love,

Archangel Metatron



And on the morning just after I finished writing this article, I sat down and did what I had been waiting to do for over two years: I tried channeling Mother Earth once again.



Hear me my children, for I call to you now, this day of grace. Celebrate not war upon me, for that is not my purpose. I came into existence as a space for you to reconstruct lost love.  I came into form so that you would have the space to learn to love again. For you have lived many lifetimes throughout the universe, and have been saddened by war, wars in other galaxies, wars in other times, and wars within your very own being. When I was called upon by All That Is, I accepted to release the form I had and incarnate here on the rim of this galaxy to be a space where beings like yourselves could incarnate to expunge your pain and cleanse your souls. I materialized for you a home of beauty that would reflect the truth of your souls. Incarnated as a planet, I provide you with the elements to take physical form to house your spirit while you each rediscover the love that you are.  This is a place where the chaos in your minds, confused by the deception of separation, can be cleansed, that your souls may be nurtured back to health and reintegration with your highest Self, which is one with Source. I provide you with the space and materials for these soul opportunities.

For you all come from very different realms but have gathered here on my being, your planet Earth, Gaia to some, to recognize the folly of separation, and the illusion that it is. And you have masterfully allowed the chaos to consume your minds in order to visualize the worst things that you can do to both your inner and outer worlds, to paint a picture of what you really do not want. You have done this to see for yourselves in physical reality what things can look like if you choose not to get along, as happened with Maldek, now the asteroid belt, and has happened too many times throughout the aeons upon aeons of material existence. But your dream in calling to Source to call me into form to paint this picture was a much higher dream and vision, for you all, from various parts of the universe, formed a dream of a planet taken to the brink of destruction, only to be miraculously cherished and loved once again back into health, to create a blueprint for the universe of the consciousness necessary to achieve reintegration from separation, to bring the wholeness of Love back into form on a planetary scale, so that other systems and beings throughout the universe could learn from and see how to materialize peace and harmony and abundance even among the most dire of circumstances, and the most seemingly hopeless of situations. You are creating a blueprint for the cosmos of how to turn war into peace, hate into love, and annihilation into paradise. For that is your destiny, and that is why billions of your souls from many different worlds, and galaxies and dimensions of reality have come together on the shores of my body Earth to fulfill your destiny.

I come today through this poetry to remind you of your calling to awaken to the beauty of each other and the miracle of your gathering here upon me, your Mother Earth. For I am a special being with a special promise from the Creator, which is a destiny to help unite the galaxy and the universe in peace once again. For none have seen the depths of illusion such as you have here, and so nobly and valiantly brought yourselves back into fuller and more awakened consciousness. For you are brave, brave souls, dear ones, my children, for you have answered the call of the universe and assembled here now to release those fears that each of you have carried for your ancestors from all parts of this galaxy and beyond, and allow the spirit of Oneness and harmony to be born and brought into existence as a blueprint for the cosmos, here upon your Mother Earth. Together, we are birthing an understanding of how to release the mind’s illusion of separation and bring forth the heart’s certainty of Oneness with All, to be shared with civilizations throughout the cosmos, for each of you are a representative of all those different civilizations, having come from there in past and future lives, to share this moment of Now, as you reconstruct harmony from chaos. And the message that I also bring is that my brother and sister planets from across the universe have sent their children here as well in all forms, and they surround and penetrate my body, your Earth, and their consciousness is here with you today, singing great songs of joy and reunification, a homecoming of souls from throughout time and space, a family reunion of the greatest magnitude. When you meditate and listen, you may hear them calling to you, and those of you gifted with special sight may see them appearing in Love and Joy more and more as you all collectively awaken to your bright future in Love and Union. So Rejoice, for I your Mother Earth, bring you great tidings of joy. Promise me that you will try to dream of peace and abundance for all once again, so that it may be so. For where you put your intentions is where you materialize your reality. And if you choose, you may Now materialize Heaven Upon Earth.

Live upon my body in Joy, my children.


With Utmost Love and Caring,

Your Mother Earth




So there you have it. Certainly one of the very most important events for me in my lifetime, and on a mental level, maybe the most important. Throughout this time since the Angel Catch, I have felt tremendous support and unconditional love from my wife Maritza and our soul family, Jaime, Mollie and Rachel. I also want to thank my best friend Dan, who has always believed in me and supported me during my wild explorations into the fringes of reality. I want to thank my friends Ingrid, Bruce and Margo who have lent a patient ear to my long-winded stories before and since the Angel Catch. I also want to thank all the mediums whose channelings I have so benefitted from in relation to my journey, and specifically Jane, Cathy, Isis-Neith, Blossom, Natalie, Fran, Marlene, Meline, and the Golden Age of Gaia team, especially Linda, Suzanne and Steve. I want to thank Laura and Andrew of the Oracle Report. I want to thank every person who went to Rachel’s Spring Equinox 2015 Gathering, including Elda, “Janet,” Ian, Nick, Kaleb, Lukas and Stacey.  And I want to thank you, dear reader, for reading thus far and keeping an open mind. Lastly, I want to thank everyone that I have forgotten to thank, and I reserve the right to add to this section of the article (as I remember to thank who I may have forgotten to thank.) I hope that this article in some way greatly benefits all of us. To all the benevolent soul families throughout the universe: Peace, Love and Harmony!

16:D Reflections on Reincarnation (The Owl Incident Part Four)


This is an article about reincarnation and how I currently perceive re-incarnation operates, based on communications that  I have had with two of my guides: first with Loran, an extra-terrestrial and ambassador for the Loridians, an extra-terrestrial race once living in what is now the M42 nebula in Orion, and most recently with an angelic guide, Archangel Metatron.

With the release of forty pages from the Loran transcripts in December 2015 on my 53rd birthday, I hoped then to share with interested readers a chronological assemblage about my past-life as a young science prodigy who became a secret  government scientist, later coerced into working for the U.S. Navy on above-top-secret military projects. Those forty pages, linked here, describe the murder of that man, and how both galactic and angelic beings were involved in the transition of my soul into my current lifetime.

Now, so much of that reincarnation information is deeply familiar to me, after having studied the Loran material for six years, and having compulsively researched the mysteries about extra-terrestrial contact cases for nearly thirty years after my Owl Incident.

However, for those of you who may be interested in this as a case study about reincarnation– there is likely much esoteric extra-terrestrial information presented by Loran for which many readers may have no point of reference. With this article, I am going to attempt to summarize the relevant extra-terrestrial information , while sharing my concepts about my case’s reincarnation aspects and implications, from my point of view.

I’m going to break it down and analyze it in this order: (1) how and why benevolent extra-terrestrials became involved in the very latter stages of the scientist’s life; (2) the reasons why the scientist was murdered on the directives of a malevolent extra-terrestrial alliance; (3) how angelic beings and those who help guide my soul’s journey were involved in applying cosmic law and engaging my soul in an agreement coming into my current lifetime; (4) how and why benevolent galactic extra-terrestrials have employed various actions to help me to fulfill my soul agreement; (5) how the Loridian material has illustrated  some of the cosmic laws and my concepts regarding reincarnation based on my case, and lastly (Coda) how my personal reincarnation case may help to add to our collective understandings about how humanity, extra-terrestrials and angelic beings are all inter-acting together here on Earth.

Channeled information is generally considered right-brain, creative side material, and people with a heavy left-brain orientation are likely to be dismissive or skeptical of this type of information. For nearly all my life, I have been more left-brain oriented. However, I found that I actually did have a healing gift during 2010 just as the Loridians had told me, halfway through what Loran was still sharing material with me up through the end of that year. My healing gift helped expand my right-brain, and helped to create a better balance between right and left brain activity for me. Gradually, I became a more balanced and open-minded person because of these channeling sessions and experiences, and this has further opened me up to many remarkable experiences. The intellectual side of me still insists on analyzing the information, mostly out of “due diligence,” so that I do not fool myself, and lead others astray.

My advice, if you choose to read this material, is that you recognize your mind’s inclinations, and try to foster a balance between both hemispheres as you approach material like this. If you are more left-brained like I was, then try to open up your right hemisphere, and allow yourself to both feel from you heart and imagine. If you are more creative and less analytical, try to be more discerning and logical with material like this. The balanced mind  will be one of our best tools in coming decades, as we encounter a very quickly-expanding universe that we will find ourselves within.



Part One- Service To Others

How and why benevolent extra-terrestrials became involved in the very latter stages of the scientist’s life



During this past life of mine, the scientist began suffering from radiation sickness at around the age of thirty. He had been much involved in the atomic testing throughout the 1940s and the first half of 1950s, and the constant low levels of exposure finally caught up with him. He had become desperately ill and in extreme pain by 1955, and was suffering greatly for the remaining few years of his life, which ended in the summer of 1957. He was ‘disappeared,’ and his body was never found.

He had been greatly involved in secret government science projects, including the Philadelphia Experiment, Project Paperclip, the Phoenix Project, and Montauk, mostly under the direction of his superiors in the U.S. Navy. Even though he was a civilian, he had very high clearances due to his academic credentials, and through family and military associates, like Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal.

A secret government  (akin to how the Freemasons and Knights Templar operate) had formed within the U.S. government, including MJ-12, and the U.S. Navy’s  Office of Strategic Services, which later became the Central Intelligence Agency.  These clandestine groups forming the secret government made secret treaties with an extra-terrestrial alliance, in exchange for off-planet technologies that would make them the most powerful men on Earth.

The secret government had also turned down offers to ally with much more benevolent extra-terrestrials who did not want to give the secret government any advanced technology, because those benevolent ETs did not feel humanity was quite ready for that level of power, which could be utilized for immense destruction.

As time went on,  those within the secret government came to understand that this particular  extra-terrestrial alliance was proving to be very malevolent. Even still, most of the humans involved just relished their growing power; however, some members of the secret government began to see the long-term trap the negative E.T. alliance had sprung upon the United States.

Even by the end of his teenage years, the young scientist had found himself trapped and involved way over his head, having already become directly involved with the Philadelphia Experiment and some very malevolent extra-terrestrials from planets within the Orion constellation. These particular ETs from Orion are most commonly referred to in UFO research as the “Orion Men in Black,” but are also known as the Orion Shadows. They were part of the Orion Group, which also included some very negative reptilian races, some from Orion, some from Zeta Reticuli, some from Alpha Draconis, as well as certain grey alien races from other parts of the galaxy. These extra-terrestrial races had been involved with Earth history and humanity for millennia.

Loran shared much more about this scientist’s life, but the summary above provides enough details to get a clear picture of the young scientist’s life situation.

Loran explained, “He became so discouraged from the amount of pain and the increased problems with his functioning of his lungs and of his other organs, although his lungs were the basis of most of the cancer, yet his other organs were also beginning to be impacted by the cancer. But this aspect of becoming so discouraged did lead to his ultimate demise… He did live as a recluse in these last years, yet he was seen as being greatly depressed.”



It was at this stage of his life that benevolent Pleiadian extra-terrestrials, and the Loridians of the M42 nebula in Orion, made contact with the ailing young scientist who was searching for answers to his health issues, and who was beginning to have serious thoughts about how to expose this awful, secret alliance that he saw as a cancer to humanity.

“During [his last year],” said Loran, “he was having some very interesting dreams, and some of these dreams did present themselves not as dreams. He did have some experiences that were with particular ETs. There was one particular one that was Pleiadian, and was very comforting. At first, he was extremely frightened, but the appearance of this particular one became a great comfort as he grew more ill.”

Finally, the young scientist decided once and for all to expose the cabal. Loran explained that the Loridians had also chosen to help the Pleiadians in this particular case. “As far as we were concerned,” explained Loran,” we also had some connection with him, specifically at the time when he was trying to bring this information out. And we did come in several dreams, and suggesting some possibilities for this. However, one of the greatest problems he had was because he was becoming more ill and had less energy to progress with information. He was finding himself having to rely more upon listening to programming and radio. At first, he wished to get this information to one of the radio networks, but then he decided that it was best to go into a newspaper business as such to bring information to that location. We do feel that he was trying to search for some way of getting the information into the right hands, and he was being given suggestions on this, and this was through some of the Loridians who were involved with that location in that area for there was a strong connection with both Pleiadian and Loridian energy in that region. And there was a strong attraction to the Virginia Beach area as well, specifically related to Edgar Cayce.”




Part Two – Selfish Control Agendas

The reasons why the scientist was murdered on the directives of a malevolent extra-terrestrial alliance



By the spring of 1957, in great pain and agony, and having been in contact for many months with both the Pleiadians and Loridians, the young scientist decided that before he died that he would expose those at the top of the secret government, the Majestic 12. The Majestic 12 group (MJ-12) was made official by secret executive order of President Truman in September 1947, although the members of the group had already been functioning together as a group since the Roswell UFO crash in early July of that year. Two of the key members that encouraged Truman to hand over great power to this group were Dr. Vannevar Bush, and the new Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, a close friend of the young scientist.

Loran explained that “the last three months of his life he was trying to get this information out,” and he put together information packages for both the New York Times and the Washington Post. Part of this expose revealed what was going on with the Montauk projects, and that “it went beyond nations as you know these nations on this planet, and there were those who were involved who were off your planet who were closely monitoring what this project was doing. And there were those who were involved in this MJ-12 who were not specifically from this planet,” explained Loran.



Loran offered some details about those negative off-planet beings connected to Majestic-12, including the Orion group and the reptilians. “We do still see that there is a problem with the Orion faction, if you will, for there is still this negativity which is persisting. And we do feel that this is something, which is, unfortunately, an ongoing concern. Much of this has been done well in advance in the sense of future concerns. They are the group that would have the greatest problematic aspect if you will. Many of the concerns individuals on your planet have concerning the various reptilian races… They have actually migrated to various star systems. This is why this is very difficult to specifically relegate to one particular area. However, their association now with Orion seems to be more than what it was previously, when it was to Zeta Reticuli, even though there are still major reptilian colonies within that particular star system. The one particular group that seems to be of greatest concern now is coming out of Orion…. This is from the belt of Orion. [Mintaka a.k.a. Delta Orionis; Alnilam a.k.a. Epsilon Orionis; and Alnitak a.k.a. Zeta Orionis]. It is not within our specific area…. This is within the Betelgeuse, the particular center that is a very major concern here. And this has been ongoing for some time. However, it has… become more and more of a problem over the last few decades.”


This book, “Flying Saucers and the Three Men,” is in my opinion a most crucial book in understanding the motives and methods of the Orion Men in Black. The book was written by Albert Bender, one of the first pioneers of UFO research, who was visited at his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut in September 1953 by three “men” dressed in black suits who threatened to have him killed unless he gave up his research into the UFO phenomena. In later decades, the media utilized “Men In Black” to confuse the definition and terminology in the minds of the public, as forewarned by George Orwell in his literature. For more on the Orion Group, click here and here



Peter Moon is an author of many books on Montauk, and is considered one of the leading civilian experts in this field of UFO research.  In his Montauk Blog, Moon states : “If you read all the books I have written, you might understand that the Montauk Project was an aborted attempted at total control,” including time travel and time manipulation.

“There is no question,” writes Moon, ” that the Montauk Project embraced far more than was in the book. It expanded and morphed into the HAARP Project and an assortment of others,” reports Moon, and that it included “a conglomeration of different disciplines which included the Phoenix Project (Special Ops satanic work in Vietnam and Korea; Nazi experiments a la Josef Mengele; and MK-ULTRA… Keeping track of it is like keeping track of all the activities of the Antichrist. More than a full time job for thousands. It is important that one see the mechanism at play. It is not so important to chronicle every last detail.”


The original Montauk trilogy by Peter Moon, and for more info click here




“Part of the shadow government” and “other individuals who were very close to this administration…” were involved “in making the decision to kill the young scientist,” said Loran. “Some had already met with their own demise at an earlier time,” like Secretary of Defense Forrestal, when he was ‘suicided’ out of the sixteenth floor of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland in May 1949.

“Your shadow government was very concerned about further information coming forth, specifically about Montauk, because there was more work that was being done at Montauk even at that time (1956-57), and they did not wish for that information to come forth.” Specifically, “The MJ-12 Group… ones close to the Eisenhower administration…. And we do feel that there was even word on this from Eisenhower himself. This may come as a great shock, but he was very well aware of what was occurring with this project [Montauk].”

Loran explained that Majestic-12 and, further up in the malevolent hierarchy, the Orion Men In Black regularly used  “assassination covered by a suicide,” in the name of “liberty” to reign in dissidents like the young scientist. In fact, assassinations by MJ-12 were common, according to Loran.  “This was a part of  ‘the business’ as they saw it,” just as is practiced by large organized crime syndicates. These hierarchies are very well mirrored in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

Unfortunately, there is now a considerable body of circumstantial evidence among UFO researchers that indicates that an alliance, between malevolent Orion Men In Black and negative reptilians, does exist and operates as if Earth humans are their property, within the context of a larger malevolent galactic farming and slave industry.

“What did happen was he [the young scientist] was essentially set up, and he was taken out with an overdose of prescription medication, and these were sleeping pills,” Loran went on to explain. “The suicide, however, and we must bring this to the foreground was not specifically a suicide which you had decided upon, but rather one which was pushed in the sense that it was essentially a murder. And this was the way for an individual such as yourself in this particular lifetime could be prevented from bringing the truth forward.”

My feelings and the images that come to mind when I read Loran’s words (as I do not recall any dreams or visions to substantiate this) are that the sick and dying young scientist was surrounded by several Navy assassins in his home, after Majestic-12 had intercepted his expose packages to the New York Times and Washington Post. Also, I see in my mind several Orion Shadows waiting in the same space but at a lower astral level, terrorizing the young scientist, as they encouraged him to swallow an overdose of pharmaceuticals forced on him by the assassins. Even with all of this pressure and his radiation sickness, the young scientist could still have refused to swallow the pills, but my feeling is that he gave in to their torments.

Loran shared this: “For we do feel that this was not an accidental or suicidal episode, but rather one which was an actual homicide…. We do feel that your death was covered up, and that essentially you went missing.”



As most of us have, I have known people who have committed suicide. I have always abhorred the act, and could never conceive of how someone could do that to themselves and to their loved ones. As my friend Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens cautioned me, the cabal and Majestic-12 will always try to paint a negative picture about journalists and benevolent leaders, and to sully their reputations and memory in the eyes of the public. When they orchestrate an assassination, they utilize all their resources, including major media, to cover their murderous tracks. They will never stop trying to smear the character of a person who has tried to expose them and their ‘business’ of profiting from death and destruction. Wendelle always told me to keep a high profile, which he considered to be the safest insurance policy against assassination. Still, even a high profile does not necessarily help.

Here, I would like to pay my respects and offer my love to the souls of some of those benevolent, truth-seeking people whose lives were destroyed or likely taken under direction of the malevolent cabal: Paul Bennewitz, Don Bolles, William “Bill” Cooper, Philip Corso, Princess Diana, Frank Edwards, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Hastings, Morris K. Jessup, Pres. John F. Kennedy,  Sen. Robert Kennedy, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Jim Lorenzen, Dr. John Mack, Dr. James McDonald, Serge Monast, Silas Newton, Cong. Steven Schiff, Phil Schneider, and Dr. Karla Turner. Your efforts to inform and uplift us still live in our energetic fields!

Just know that if anything were ever to happen to me, and it was made to appear as a suicide, murder or accident, that Majestic-12, the cabal, and the negative extra-terrestrials were behind it, as I would never even consider hurting myself on any level, as I AM one with the Love of All That Is. And I feel protected by my galactic guides, my angelic guides, and All That Is, and I will go through this life with complete confidence and trust in their love and protection.




Part Three- Soul Agreements

How angelic beings and those who help guide my soul’s journey were involved in applying cosmic law and engaging my soul in an agreement coming into my current lifetime



In my view of reality, we live in a multi-dimensional universe, and the science of quantum physics is now tending to support this view. As I understand at this point in my life, as one goes higher up in dimensions, there is less and less negativity, and more and more love. The more benevolent the being, the higher dimensional levels are available for that being to access. Benevolent galactic and angelic beings whose intentions and actions are oriented towards love and service to others tend to operate at the highest dimensional levels. Those beings of lower intentions and service to self agendas tend to reside in the astral or lower fourth dimension and below, but are restricted from operating in the higher dimensional realms of love. However, higher dimensional beings can choose to live or operate in the lower dimensional realms, and often do so out of love and service to others.

“We do understand, ” shared Loran, “that there is a concern with the type of damage occurring, especially from the physical aspects which did scar in many ways this progression for you into this lifetime. We do feel, however, there that was an aspect of recovery, and this is the only word that we can use at this point, for this is essentially what did occur. That even as you were at the point of dying in that particular lifetime, there was a great opportunity for you to connect with the positive individuals or entities who were there working with you…

“Much of the damage which had occurred – and some of this damage was done at the actual time of your death, your physical death– was directed to your entire Soul’s path. And this was  a part, as you are well aware, of the negative ET connections, and specifically we are well aware, for these were a group from Orion, and these have been the ones involved with many of these operations: the so-called Men In Black. We do feel that this was what was being used, and there was a real need for them to try to erase your Soul, if you will, erase all aspects of your life, and to prevent you from entering into another soul agreement in the next lifetime.”

“This was prevented, and it was the intervention of Pleiadian as well as Loridian entities that came in and were able to negotiate with these so-called Men In Black. We do feel that this was extremely difficult, and it was a great deal of sacrifice.”

The young scientist definitely was a “man who knew too much” as he was making big journalistic attempts at exposing the Men In Black and Montauk. The Loridians informed me that the information from the young scientist’s lifetime is still buried within my soul in this lifetime.  When Cathy Star Eagle, who is the channel for Loran, her husband Tom, Jujuolui Kuita, my wife Maritza and I were all on a trip together on the Zuni Reservation spending the night at the home of Clifford Mahooty, a Zuni elder and now a dear friend, there was an attempted abduction made on us by the Orion  Men In Black! So even as late as 2010, the negative extra-terrestrials were still trying to negatively affect me. I will write about this amazing trip, which also included famous UFO contact researcher Wendelle Stevens and his wife,  in a future blog article.



The gifted young medium, Isis-Neith Shanti, was someone whose work, evolution,  and channeled material I studied for several years beginning in early 2011. Before I would allow myself to be influenced by a reading from her, I waited two and a half years in due diligence, and then after I was fully satisfied with her authenticity, I asked her for a past-life reading in late 2013. I was shocked to find that the angelic being Archangel Metatron came through, focused on the past life of the scientist, and shared many confirming details. This helped solidify my acceptance of the Loran material, because it was all too similar to have been coincidental. In my way of thinking, the odds were too great, as she knew nothing of the Loran material which was unpublished.

In the quotes by Loran and from Isis-Neith’s past life reading for me throughout this article, the italics within brackets indicate how I interpret specific sections of material.

“I keep seeing an Angel [I feel Archangel Metatron] by the bed,” said Isis-Neith in 2013. “I see you laying on a bed with this ailment [radiation sickness], and there is this Angel above you. I don’t like saying this. I never like this type of reading because I don’t like to think of anything needing a punishment as far as karma [for involvement in the negative secret science projects]. I like to think of it as energy: either you clear it, or you don’t. But I do feel like the Angel is passing a judgment, and he is saying, this is going to happen because you did this. I do feel that there are more people that you could have affected positively or negatively in that lifetime [if the young scientist had managed to expose Majestic-12], but there were things that needed to happen and be carried out. In that lifetime, there was a struggle that you were going through, but no struggle is worth the future. Something good, better, more valuable to you and Higher, more meeting your expectations can always come about in the future. You are never stuck. It just feels that way.”

I have used tarot off and on since I was a teenager. When I began my blog in August 2014, I shuffled many times and then pulled one card to represent the beginning of my blog  project. Synchronistically, with regard to the Angel “passing a judgment,” I drew the Judgment card. And if you look up the meanings of the Judgment card, the various definitions of the Judgment card include concepts of: self-reflection, meditation, mileposts, epiphanies, awakenings, self-realization,  higher needs, inspiration, intuition, self-trust, hope, guidance, feeling called to action, arising from the unconscious, release, integration, healing deep wounds, respite, peace, heart-consciousness, absolution, and rebirth.



There were consequence s to the angelic judgment, and Archangel Metatron shared the angelic perspective via Isis-Neith: “Metatron is saying that there was a punishment for that, like you stole your own life away when you should have continued living. So it was a selfish thing. And so the short life happened in recurrence. He is saying that some of the things that you are experiencing now have happened because of those things in past lives. He is saying that sometimes there are things that need to be “carried out,” and you cannot really clear it. Something has to happen that ends it. Even with some of the bigger things, these happen because you did not clear out the energy. It is not like a punishment. It is a result of this energy building and building up, and it is not cleared, and then something happens in result. If you are clearing out these energies all the time, focusing on staying pure energetically, then you will have a much easier time with lives to come, and also with this lifetime, because they want it to be peaceful, and bring you peace.”

Here is how Loran shared the Loridian information about this “short life… in recurrence.” Loran said, “Then, later on in another life, you died young and living out your full life was denied to you because of the suicide in another lifetime before…. The shortened later life where you died was a karmic consequence, but there is energy that still needs to be cleared.”

The symmetry between the two sources, Loran and Archangel Metatron, still astounds me.  In Peter Moon’s Montauk Project books, his investigations revealed that Nazi elements were very closely affiliated with the Montauk Project, with many German scientists having been brought in through Project Paperclip to work for the advancement of top secret U.S. military projects, including the hydrogen bomb, Project Phoenix and Montauk. These Nazi scientists were still obsessed with Aryan ideals and occult black magic.

Moon reports that blond-haired, blue-eyed boys were sacrificed in their Montauk time travel experiments, reported on pages 93-94 of Moon’s “Montauk Project” book and chapter nine of “Montauk Revisited.” I am also acquainted with a man who recalls a past-life as a little blond-haired, blue-eyed boy and shared with me his vivid recollections of being sacrificed in Montauk-like experiments. That short life that my guides mentioned would had to have been between the summer of 1957 after the young scientist was suicided, and before my birth in December 1962.

My feelings and the images that come to mind for me here are that in that incarnation I was born a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy just as I was in this lifetime. But in the short lifetime, I died as a “karmic consequence” of actions involved in my association with the Montauk Project.

This was likely a karmic consequence of the young scientist detaching and disassociating himself emotionally from what was occurring at Montauk, just like so many Germans who looked the other way during the Holocaust. My feelings are that the young scientist did not intercede strongly enough on behalf of the Montauk Aryan boys, and allowed his superiors to sacrifice them for Majestic-12’s malevolent, occult secret science projects in order to spare his own life. And for this, his angelic guides judged in his after-life review that he need experience what the sacrificed boys went through in order for his soul/my soul to gain compassion and wisdom, and to evolve to a higher level.

Loran always supported me toward a greater compassion for myself, as I listened to the very emotionally impactful information that he shared with me. “We do feel that this was a very conflicted individual wherein the duality of his life was so great that coming into this lifetime, and making the agreement here: that it would start with duality but it would end with a great concept of how all can connect in a positive way. This was the trade-off in this lifetime. And to bring knowledge, and to bring the curiosity of mind, but also to have the type of moral backbone if you will to understand the consequences and to have compassion.”



Loran explained that my soul was not left alone at the time of the young scientist’s extremely hard death.  “We do feel that this Pleiadian entity, —, was with you at this time, and there was a strong reason for him to be male, for there was a great deal of male energy which needed to be re-balanced at the time of your coming through to this lifetime.”

Isis-Neith Shanti also commented in the past-life reading about the transition between lives. “I  was seeing … a boat-like a passage between lives [a Pleiadian beamship, perhaps, in assistance], and I was seeing this Bear with you, and there were other animals as well, but the Bear really stood out. This Bear was also protecting you and guiding you as you were passing between lives. He is another guide that can help you in clearing out your past lives, because he is connected with them, and passing through them or other future lives. And the Bear can also pass through your Aura into these other lifetimes where you collected energy. The Bear can help you pass through that and clear that.”

I must admit that I have wondered whether or not this Bear also represents an extra-terrestrial connection with a being from the Great Bear constellation, Ursa Major. Regardless, I am very grateful to my guides for their loving care and protection, especially during the transition between lives and during my after-life review, even when it was determined that I needed to pay karmic consequences for very poor choices and actions in any of my previous lives.



“We do feel that there has been a very great sadness that was brought into this lifetime,” explained Loran, “and this was from the events of this previous lifetime that you had experienced. And that you came into this particular lifetime as one who felt extremely “world weary” if you will, that there was a sense of a need to correct negative situations, specifically situations where there had been controls placed upon people.”

“Your lesson of this lifetime is simply balance in the sense of balancing the energies of emotion, and the energies of an intellectual who has evolved to a great state of understanding, an understanding of not simply this planet, but of other realms, too. We do feel that as time goes on you will understand that there is a great cosmic connection to all of the various aspects of your life during this lifetime. And it will make more and more sense, especially the childhood which has many areas that are blank, so to speak, in terms of memory. We feel that much of this will start to make sense and there will be greater continuity. Yet we do feel that you have been doing a great deal in making the connections within your community, and within your actual life, those who are important family-wise. There has been a greater sense of this type of love and connection. This was not a part of the life of (SCIENTIST), but rather it is a part of the life of Rick Keefe.”

“Always remember: this was the lifetime you chose, as it was the lifetime of the previous ones. But this lifetime you chose, for you greatly needed to expand your love for this planet and for all here, as well as to extend that light to those who are off planet as well. So this is a lifetime of combining your intellect and your curiosity with a great sense of compassion and love.”



Part Four- Galactic Assistance in this Lifetime

How and why benevolent galactic extra-terrestrials have employed various actions to help me to fulfill my soul agreement

The transition from the life of the young scientist to my current lifetime seems rather bumpy, so I am going to explain it as best as I understand it now, given the information that Loran and Archangel Metatron have shared with me up to this point in my life. After the young scientist was murdered, there was an immediate judgment by the angelic beings that I must experience a short-life as a karmic consequence of my actions as the young scientist. My feelings tend to suggest that my soul was placed into the body, or “walked-in,” to the body of a young blond-haired, blue-eyed boy whose soul had just transitioned out. The circumstances of this boy’s life, if he were a Montauk boy, were certainly terrifying, as he likely knew his tragic, upcoming fate.

During my lifetime, I have had many disturbing dreams set in a Nazi setting. In some of the recurring dreams, I was a victim of the Holocaust, and in other dreams I was working for Nazi superiors. Those dreams occurred mostly in my twenties and early thirties and have long ago subsided, thankfully. There were also long periods of dreams about atomic bombs, as well as many dreams of extra-terrestrials, both benevolent and malevolent. My dreams were often very abstract, and very rarely did I have the normal slice-of-life type of dreams that my wife had, and would share with me.

So, my weird dreams are a kind of supportive evidence to myself for this information. But there are many more indications that the Loridian material is correct than just my dreams.

In college, I had a roommate named Kurt who was a tall, athletic blond-haired and blue-eyed swimmer, and he was from Montauk, New York, and his father worked for the C.I.A. The first date movie that I went to with Maritza was “Total Recall,” which according to Peter Moon’s book “The Montauk Project,” is based upon some of the events that occurred with the Montauk Project.  Loran mentions in the Loridian material that Maritza and I shared a past-life on Mars that ended underground  with a Martian cataclysm. In the early 1990s, I interviewed over several days a woman named Helga Morrow whose father, a German scientist, had been directly involved with the Montauk project, and Loran stated that there was a connection between myself and her father. I had also gone to a lecture by Al Bielek, who was associated with the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. My father was an attorney, but he had also worked briefly for the FBI, and he was a Lt. Col in the Air Force Reserves and recruited athletes for the Air Force Academy. On our long family trips, he would often stop at Holloman AFB in New Mexico and Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. And then there are also several Wilhelm Reich connections for me, which is also the focus of chapter seven in Moon’s “Montauk Project.” There’s much more, but it all requires too much explanation, and I think I have already made my point: there was an abundance of circumstantial evidence for me about my past lives, prior to me ever meeting Cathy Star Eagle, and ever receiving the channeled Loridian material. And I had shared none of this with Cathy or her husband Tom prior to the channeling sessions.

This helps to support and supplement the information that I was receiving from Loran about my early years after I was born. Now to be clear, I have always felt since my earliest childhood memories that I was a good person and have acted good towards people. I also feel that the choice of the previous life, as a secret government scientist, was as a Lightworker, to infiltrate the dark world of the Orion Men In Black so that I could understand from a spiritual point-of-view where the negative ETs spiritually fell off the path, and what their Earth agenda was, as I have always been an Earth Guardian. That lifetime, to me, feels as if I was almost a spy for the benevolent forces of the universe, so that I could help bring out information for humanity, coming from actually having experienced interactions with them, and being directed within their agenda as a “foregone conclusion.”

So, I feel that the transition from the young scientist, to the Montauk boy, to my birth in this lifetime was all very quick. I feel that my soul likely only resided in the Montauk Boy for a very brief time as a karmic consequence, having been judged necessary by the angel beings, so that I could feel the agony and negativity and how my scientific work had affected others. I was not able to follow up on so many aspects with Loran, after Cathy and her husband moved away from Tucson, and our lives disconnected, but by that time, Loran had already provided the most necessary and essential information that I would need to understand what I am trying to convey with “The Owl Incident” series of blog articles.




“One of the sacrifices,” said Loran, “that was made in terms of your coming into this lifetime was the sacrifice of some parts of your memory of your earlier years, and of parts of your childhood. This was specifically because of the resonance of the soul memory, which is particularly strong in human children, especially when they incarnate. There’s a closer memory of the previous lifetimes and soul experiences. This was a part of the sacrifice. This is why you have the opportunity now of remembering with us. And we are well aware that for the most part much has been repaired.”

“In terms of the technology [for repair], the technology is one that has been related to spiritual realignments as such, which Pleiadians are exceptional at. We as Loridians were there as basic gatekeepers if you will to make sure that there was no intrusion when this exchange was done. For it is an exchange of additional energy. And this energy was brought in as “clear energy” that could be manifested in a type of increased well being. We were aware at the time that there would be necessary adjustments to this at a later time. And some of these adjustments would be made when you were an adult. And these were not done until 1987 [The Owl Incident].”



Loran continued.  “We do know that the circumstances of your birth are very different from most individuals here, in that you have had association with other beings…. We do feel that there was a period of essentially two and a half years whereby there was a change with personality. Some of this was what individuals would consider to be a type of ‘walk-in’ as such. However, we do know that your particular genetics were being observed early in life, and there was a change, which was made at this time so that your actual genetic coding had been altered. There was this as a preventative measure from the standpoint of protection for yourself, and this protection was because of the lifetime from which you had come. We do feel that what happened was more a part of an adjustment, which would enable you to survive throughout the formative years of your life. However, there was a needed surgery, which was done later in your life in 1987  [“The Owl Incident”] to be exact. We do feel that this was an adjustment in terms of your breathing and lung capacity as well as your heart. These two aspects of your body had been greatly damaged at the end of the previous lifetime. And we do feel that this lifetime (previous to this one that you are presently living) was a lifetime of much activity, and much stress on your own physical body as well as on your actual soul, if you will. For your soul evolution has been progressing, but there was a great deal of scrambling if you would to preserve YOU and your soul voyage into this lifetime. For you were at a great point of experiencing a loss.”

This next piece of information shocked me, and still does. “Many individuals do not believe that this can occur in terms of the human soul. However, this is something we have witnessed, and we do know that there is the technology that exists to alter souls, or to destroy them. This technology is the type of technology that was used on our very own people [said with emotion], and we are well aware of the type of long-term concerns regarding this there can be.” I am still unclear about this section of information.

Loran continued, “So essentially what is termed ‘walk-in’ is not truly what your case is as such, but rather a type of rejuvenation of your DNA and genetic coding. This was to provide you an opportunity to continue in a lifetime to progress with information, and to connect with information that would help people as opposed to control people…. we have made sure that you were worked upon during these first few years. And these are memories that would be very difficult for you to remember, but it was while you were sleeping, and while you were unaware of our presence. This is why you have still a memory difficulty. For some of the work that needed to be done was work that was very tricky, if you will, in that there was some involvement with some change over with your DNA, as opposed to what a human DNA components would be. We did need to give some additional DNA…. ”

“We are also aware that you know that there are many on your planet who have this type of situation, as you would call “hybrids.” And this was done when it was close to your second year of life in this other lifetime…. It was necessary for you to have the DNA, not only human, but Pleiadian and Loridian, simply to function in the manner which would cause you the least amount of pain. Some of this pain related to these previous soul memories, for the physical body does still feel some of this, especially involved with your respiratory system. This is because of what had occurred with the radiation exposure in the previous lifetime. However, your memories—your actual memories— these were the ones that it was more difficult to help in rejuvenating as such. And this is the process in which we are working as Loridians now. For we do work with the Pleiadians hand-in-hand to deal with specific medical cases, and your case was such that you did need to have assistance. And we did wish to have you continue physically unharmed. And this is why these adjustments have been done at various times at various years of your life.”



LORAN: “The first group that you were dealing with… (when you were extremely young… around the time you were six years old)… was from Orion, again, was not that positive… They were what would manifest as essentially shadows… These shadows were not poltergeists as you would explain or think of them as being, but rather they were manifestations of entities connected with Orion, but connected within the Belt of Orion.”

“We feel that during this period of time—and this was the time that you were between the ages of six and seven—there was a period of time when you had night traumas…. you felt as though there was something that was over you, something dark, almost like a cloak, and that this was very frightening. And sometimes you would hear voices that were on a very low grade in terms of audibility. Yet this was something that you personally began to fear at times. You also had some apprehension in terms of your room itself, for there was a part of the room that you felt looked extremely dark at night, and you felt as though you saw things within that area. And there were times when there had been something at the base of your bed. There had been an entity watching you, and this is where much of your apprehension would be.”

“Their way of expressing themselves was one to frighten you, and we do feel that there was a potential opportunity for you to have been taken by one of these, and to have had some type of tampering. However, this did not occur…”

“Essentially, you had some great protection from the time of your birth, and the protection has come very strongly from a Pleiadian group. This group has been extremely strong throughout your life, and there is a male and female presence. We do feel that this particular group has been central to your own medical concerns, and were involved with the surgery that had been done. This is basically a very protective and benevolent group.”




“Much of what you have experienced with Pleiadians has been with groups,” said Loran, “and these groups have been essentially there and working with you, especially in terms of medical concerns as they had in 1985 and 1987. We do feel that these were the years you had a great deal of contact, and you are continuing from time to time to have contact with these beings. But they are more working through in dreams and in information that way…. The two Pleiadians who were with you, and who still remain with you, who are very conscious of your work, and who have been working on a regular basis with you. ”

“As far as positive or more healing aspects to work and involvement, the Pleiadian groups tend to be looked upon as the most positive in regards to their efforts….We do feel … that your Pleiadian guides are now inter-dimensionally connected with not just the Pleiades, but also with their connections with us. And as we exist in an inter-dimensional format so to speak, as you would speak of a type of tape if you will. We also wish to indicate that they are within this dimensionality which is different from the planetary or the star system connections, which were in the past. We do feel that their continued influence in your life will be amazing, for there is a great deal of strength that they are bringing to you…. It is important to remember that the initial Pleiadian contacts which have occurred have seemed to be extremely pleasant and helpful facilitating many on your planet. It is also an unknown aspect of their contact and of their involvement with the planet Earth that they are warriors as well. And we feel that your two guides, as much as they are very connected with the love and light aspects, if you will, they are also fully geared to walk in battle, so to speak, on an inter-dimensional level. They are fully aware of what it does take to walk through these situations at this time. And that there is a great amount of challenge on your planet which demands it. ”

For much more on the Pleiadians:



“We also see that you have had information that has come to you from Sirius, and we do feel from Sirius A,” said Loran.” You have had amazing information come to you through dreams, and also at times when you write. Much of your writing is connected with Sirius, and you do have a strong Sirian guide, and this guide is more connected with water and with the sea. Even though you live in the desert, there is a great connection you have with water, and this is what is there…. We also know that those from Sirius… Sirius A is fairly positive. There are more questions about B and C. However, Sirius A tends to be a fairly well respected group.”

“Well, much of this is dealing with an area that is connected with water, and with a great deal of aspects connected with water beings as such, and that this is part of the multi-dimensional aspect of —. We do feel that there is a connection with much of the sea life which is here on your planet that is connected with Sirius A. And we do feel that this is something which you have always had a connection with, and that there will be more connection as time goes on.”

“There is this amazing sense of re-connecting with this individual when you write. And you truly have moments of amazing recollection. If you were able to do this outside of your research, you could do very well at a type of automatic writing, and this may be something you would like to work on when you do have time. And we do know that you have limited time, for you are very busy with the projects at hand. But this may serve as a type of enjoyment and relaxation for yourself, by doing a type of automatic writing… We feel that the Sirian is a male entity, one who has been very interested in you for many years.”

“We feel that much of this has been done though your dream state, and that some of this information is again related to the experience with the Owl. And that you have been gaining more information as time has gone on.”

My feeling is that Loran may be implying that the Owl, which is a screen memory, really represents my guide from Sirius A, and that the group associated with the Owl is both my Sirian guide and shorter, grey extra-terrestrials in alliance with the benevolent beings from Sirius A, who are also working in concert with the Pleiadians, the Loridians and others in  benevolent extra-terrestrial alliances.

For more on the Sirians:



The Loridians were the first beings, aside from my wife Maritza, to recognize that I had a gift for healing. Both Maritza and Loran told me even before I discovered for myself that I had an untapped ability. Maritza told me fifteen years earlier when I had helped make her injured wrist feel immediately better after I used healing touch and prayer. Throughout 2010, Loran kept telling me that I had a latent gift for healing, and that I would just instinctively know how to use it, and not to read too much about how to do it, but instead just begin to try to help people. I feel that this was likely connected to a past-life as a healer.

When Loran was first encouraging me about healing, he mentioned the connection I had between healing and my Sirian A guide: “There is a great dimension for you to explore that is with your healing. And we do feel that this is the primary directive that — [withholding the name of my Sirian guide] is dealing with you at this time. And that this is a very positive direction as such. For there is healing which you have done in your mind, but — will help you in helping direct this healing as an actual, physical manifestation. And we do see that this will happen as you work on a regular basis with healings as such.”

By 2012, after a year and a half of seeing very positive results for people, and some before and after medical evidence, I was finally convinced. The fact that Loran and the Loridians had continuously tried to persuade me to move into the healing realm plus actually seeing the positive results first-hand gave me even more confidence and tangible evidence that the Loran material was valid and true. Here’s the link to the article detailing my path into healing.




When I was first introduced to Loran in March and April 2010, he answered two hours of interview questions about his race and culture. There is so much that I could write about the Loridians, but I am preparing a video project on them, in their own words, which will be released at a later date. When it is released, I will link it to this article here.

I will share a few interesting side notes about the Loridians. When she was a child, Cathy Star Eagle, channel for the Loridians, saw them as “the little crow people.” In my first reading with Cathy, the animal totem card I pulled was crow, and since I was on the Zuni reservation, I asked Zuni elder Clifford Mahooty about his knowledge of what crow signified, and his information resonated with me.

I was also introduced to the legend of the rainbow crow, and this resonated with me as well.

After the initial two hours of interview which will be in the video, I only asked a few more questions of Loran about the Loridians, because I was expecting to be able to have years of contact with them, which unfortunately did not happen. However, Loran did also say:  “We also feel that because our group is so closely aligned with (the Pleiadians), yet we do have the Orion connection,  that we are also fairly high in regard, and especially because of our previous history with Orion. There are many on the council and within the alliance who see us as a group who has a great deal of grievance in this regard [because the negative extra-terrestrial alliance killed off two-thirds of their peaceful race]. And this is why we are held to have a fairly honored position.”

“We also feel,” said Loran, “that you have had connection with us, and we have been involved in the later time frame, more recently. We do check in on both you and the individual Maritza. We feel that we are working in terms of watching to make sure that everything is all right…  We want to make sure that you are fine, and that there is no concern with health, or any type of anxiety. We do check on a regular basis, for this is the region [of Earth] we are connected and linked with primarily.”



In order to make contact with human beings that are being contacted by the extra-terrestrial races, the Pleiadians, Sirians and Loridians all use dreams, telepathic communication and channeling to convey information to those humans whom they are connected to and working with on specific missions of upliftment. Upliftment benefits the benevolent races, because it raises the etheric vibrations for the multi-verse, and so for themselves, too.

However, when contacting human beings who are not yet fully aware of their connections to the benevolent extra-terrestrials, the Pleiadians, Sirians and Loridians also use the technique of “screen memories.” These are memories that are planted into a human being’s subconscious for purposes of reducing anxiety and fear levels of their human contacts, and to help humans more easily manage emotionally. Some of the contact experiences can bring out deep emotions of fear or love, making it hard for the human beings to re-integrate into their normal lives. Instead, a screen memory is planted which masks the actual real experience in a way that is more ambiguous, more comforting, and less likely to cause stress and anxiety for the human contactee. However, the screen memories are often incongruent to normal life events, and still stick out and serve to remind the contactee that something unusual did occur, giving them time to contemplate and adjust to a greater reality.

I am going to share four screen memories of mine, and what Loran explained was really going on, but that needed to stay buried in my subconscious mind until the timing for full awarenes was appropriate.



“We do feel that you had some experiences when you were hospitalized [around 1968], and this was a part of the connection with some of the Pleiadian group —your guides— who were there’ ” explained Loran. “And the fog room you mentioned was simply an aspect of your out-of-body experiences, which you were starting to have at this age.”

“And you did experience some other types of off-planet conditions. And what you were actually sensing was the ability to travel, and you had an opportunity to look at this galaxy, and to spend some time viewing the stars, but viewing them from a totally different standpoint in the sense that you were standing outside of your body as such, but you were dimensionally going through a type of shifting, if you will, in that you were viewing this galaxy and looking at constellations. And this is your residual memory as a fog room.”

“But you actually had the opportunity to look at the galaxy at that time… This was a part of your first understanding that there was a positive aspect to connections that were off-planet, and that you were not to be afraid. And that the guides you had were there to help, as opposed to encourage fear. They were to encourage a sense of joy and a sense of stability and security in your life. We do feel that this was a very strong experience, one which you had that brought you through this time. For you were crying greatly when you first arrived in this setting, and you were very afraid. But your fear subsided as you started having this encounter.”



“We feel that this [goat shed on fire] was not an actual fire as such, but your memory of it was again a screen, ” said Loran. “But this was an actual contact. And this is as we have indicated before that some of your memory is starting to come back, and that you yourself have seen that it was not fully what you thought it was. And that this was a contact and that there was an actual dimensional aspect to this, and that there was an entity that came through at that time, and was bringing information to you specifically.”

“But you will have further memory of this as time goes on. But remember that your screen memory of this was as of a fire… We feel that some of this information is being withheld from you, for it is pertinent to certain future events which are going to be occurring, which you need to have some additional information for, which will come through in dreams. So much of this information will come through, and you will put the pieces together.”



“In your later life, the contacts have been extremely positive. And the contact that you had in terms of your surgery, this was a very positive contact, including the diversion by the Grey, or so-called Grey. This was not a negative situation, but one in terms of helping and assisting those who were medically performing the surgery, ” Loran stated.

“We feel that this [four-foot white owl] was, again, a group represented, and one that was, basically, positive. This was a type of screen to your memory at this time, for this is a part of the procedure. But at that time, some of your genetic material was being extracted so that there could be additional study, as such.”

“There was an intervention. What is misunderstood by many individuals who look at so-called abduction scenarios as being all negative, and that they are all done by the so-called Grays… what they do not understand is that there are many different groups, even within the Gray population.”

“The particular group that did this was a group that was actually connected with the Zeta individuals, and they were doing the initial screening, and brought you to the ship. However, the ship was Pleiadian, and those who worked upon you were Pleiadian doctors. The Zetas have been very helpful in terms of some aspects of their medical knowledge, and also their ability to work in getting individuals to other groups who could be of some assistance.”

“They are well known for some activities that some would say would be negative. But there are also other groups that are positive and have been able to facilitate these types of interventions to help humans, especially those who have significant connection with the progress and positive future outcomes within this particular region of your planet. We feel that you as a lightworker here are very significant in terms of your own ability to work with others, and to bring forward information. You work is very important.”



“And there was also some additional realigning that was done in 1991,” said Loran. “We do feel that for the most part you came into this lifetime with a much more balanced aspect soul-wise. And we do feel that the only negative aspect of this was this additional memory loss. And this is memory loss that could be regained as we work through some other re-alignments. And this is what we are currently trying to work with at this time.”

“Again, this [the memory of a dream where I felt like I was taken aboard a craft, and given a heart-lung examination and transplant] is a part of what was done. It was not a dream as such, but your memory of it was as a dream. For it was done as preventative, to work on these parts of your body which were in need of this type of correction. For we do feel that your heart would have been involved with this, as well as your lung capacity. For this is something that would have resulted in premature death if it had not been corrected at that time. So this particular dream was particularly significant to you.”



I have included this section on screen memories specifically for one very important goal: to get you, the reader, to examine your own past, and to recall all your very unusual, seemingly incongruent memories of high strangeness. Hopefully, you can begin to meditate on what may really have been going on with regard to these out-of-place memories and high strangeness, and begin to investigate it on your own, digging beneath the surface of simple, mundane explanations that don’t fully explain what you experienced. Maybe some of you have been contacted as well. If you feel that you have, I would suggest that you meditate and call upon your guides to begin giving you more clarification on what happened.




Part Five-  Reincarnation Concepts

How the Loridian material has illustrated  some of the cosmic laws and my concepts regarding reincarnation based on my case


During  my life, I have read numerous philosophical, religious, spiritual and esoteric books, and from an early age, I was open to the possibility of reincarnation.  In closely examining the Loridian material, there are several interesting pieces of information about reincarnation that fascinated me.



One of these concepts that I needed to expand my understanding about was the concept of the length of time between incarnations. As I had learned from most reincarnation literature, there is typically a lengthy period of time between incarnations; at least this was the notion that I had understood. But Loran said that this was not the case with my reincarnation from the young scientist to who I am in this lifetime.

“We do feel for the individual (SCIENTIST) there was a very quick incarnation, and this was definitely a part of the direct connection with the technologies.” explained Loran.” For anyone who had connections with the Philadelphia Experiment as well as Montauk, there have been dimensional shifts and reincarnation as such has been very unusual from the standpoint of quick incarnation…. But always remember: this was the lifetime you chose, as it was the lifetime of the previous ones. ”

Loran’s statement implies several facts regarding reincarnation: (1) that there can be very quick reincarnation that doesn’t take decades to occur; (2) that beings involved in time travel or dimensional shifting tend to have quick reincarnations, and (3) that we choose our lifetimes, which implies a certain amount of destiny and a pre-determined, general life path. I understand that in the process of choosing our next lifetime, we have after-life meetings with our guides, who are there to help us make the best decisions for our soul’s evolution.



By my mid-twenties, I was really searching for more information about reincarnation, and I spoke at length to one of my psychic friends who is connected to the Zoroastrians. She had active past-life recollections for herself and others as a young child, even as early as age two years old.

Loran did make mention of this friend in 2010, and also said that “the resonance of the soul memory… is particularly strong in human children, especially when they incarnate.”

In my last article about the Owl Incident, I shared this:  “I could close my eyes and see colors and patterns of light whenever I wanted, but one day that changed , somewhere between 4 to 6 years old, and I remember looking up to my dad in his easy chair and asking him why I wasn’t seeing the colors anymore. Of course, my dad had no answer, and didn’t even act like he knew what I was talking about.”

Often times, it is very difficult for parents of children who are having past-life recall to adjust to this fact. Many times the parent will try to silence their child by instilling fear in them. Some parents who are not comfortable with reincarnation will suggest to their child that other people will consider them crazy, and the parents may warn the child away from sharing the past-life information that they are connecting with. This attitude stunts everyone’s spiritual growth, including the parents.



Another aspect of the reincarnation process is that one can bring into a lifetime actual physical residue from past-life conflicts. In my case, I brought in lung and heart troubles from the life of the young secret scientist into this lifetime. As a child, I was plagued by asthma, allergies, and bronchitis, and Loran asserted that this was due to the condition of the young scientist’s poor physical health at the time of his passing.

Loran said, “Your actual body was never found as such. This is one of the difficulties in terms of your lifetime previous to this one. And you did bring in some of these conflicts, and a physical residue, which needed correction as you began to age, especially at the age of two and a half years.” And this is why the Loridians worked upon my body, giving me genetic modification, so that I would be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong enough to stay in a body after the horrendous pain and agonies of the previous lifetime.



The young secret scientist early on realized that he had become involved by family associations into something very dark and felt trapped and into something that was way over his head, after he saw the devastation to the Navy sailors in the Philadelphia Experiment in which he was a scientific assistant; seeing the dying sailors triggered his compassion. But he also lusted and thirsted for knowledge, and so despite all the warning signs and evidence that he was contributing to something negative for humanity, he kept along his career path, working for superiors who were, in reality, not just sociopaths, but were also being manipulated by an even more malevolent association of negative extra-terrestrials, who lusted for total control of Earth.

When the young scientist was dying of radiation sickness as a consequence of his blind pursuit of knowledge, and when he was confronted with his own imminent death and mortality, he made an internal change, and began fully listening to his heart instead of his head. He set aside his quest for more and more scientific knowledge, and realized that although science was important, there needed to be a more spiritual balance in his life. This inner change gave him the encouragement to pursue a spiritual remedy for his ailments, and he began studying Edgar Cayce’s material at Virginia Beach. Even though he had been working directly with the Orion Men In Black for years, he rejected them, he rejected his power-mad superiors, and he set on a course to expose their vile secret projects before his death. This step towards love and truth was all the benevolent angelic beings and galactic extra-terrestrials needed to witness, and they began to step into his life through dreams and visitations in his last year of his life, in order to help him redeem his soul and move forward after his death, into another soul agreement, and a lifetime where he could finish something that was incomplete in the lifetime of the young scientist.

“We knew that you were a seeker of truth and information, that this was a part of your journey that you could not complete in your last lifetime,” stated Loran. “This is why it was essential that you come into this life, and to be fully available to disseminate the information that is so important for people on your planet to understand. We also knew that your incarnation as you made this contract here was to be one of an individual who would base much on your analytical skills, and that you could work through this information and present it in this format as opposed to an individual… You must understand that as an individual this contract was to go ahead and to bring information forward, and to do it in an analytical format, as opposed to an emotional way in which perhaps others would have done.”

“We do also see that this mission is different from other missions in that you have come to a point in your evolution of wishing this information to come out. In the past, you were at a point of evolution with your soul, and this evolution was of such a monumental kind in which you had experienced and what you were going through that you were conflicted. In this lifetime you have the opportunity to throw away this type of conflicted view, but rather to direct your energies to know that what you are doing is correct, and to continue. In this way, your information will come through without the types of conflict of the previous lifetime.”



While I feel that this blog and this article are important pieces of information to share, and the videos that I have made on my website about extra-terrestrial contact are also important, both of these endeavors primarily have to do with knowledge. However, I feel that reincarnation isn’t just about expanding knowledge, and I don’t get the feeling that any of the benevolent extra-terrestrials like many Pleiadians groups, the Loridians, and those from Sirius A feel that either.

There are obviously many more reasons why the design of the multi-verse includes reincarnation, and simply watching nature and the renewal of the seasons can help bring about a greater connection to this wisdom.

I am going to share a short list of concepts that I have about what reincarnation may be helping our souls to do in terms of growth, evolution and expansion toward universal consciousness and love. This list is by no means all inclusive, and so I encourage you, dear reader, to add to this list as inspiration and epiphanies come your way. And this is my list, so it may not work for you at all, and if it doesn’t, I still encourage you to contemplate what reincarnation may mean for you.

– To become closer to Oneness with all life, in the sense of recognizing how we are all connected through multi-dimensional physics (physical), through the Collective Unconscious (mental), through Love (emotional) and through All That Is (spiritual)

-To have the opportunity (which is a compassionate design within the multi-verse) to heal damage done in previous lifetimes, to make amends, and to migrate closer and closer to Love in all thoughts and actions, and to help oneself and others heal, understanding that whenever we help to heal, we bless our Oneness

– To take on new journeys for the Soul, in order to expand and grow and to serve others and oneself in a better and better balance, by taking on new soul agreements which include new assignments, missions, and contracts to engage with certain other souls for the mutual purpose of soul education and greater unification as Oneness

-To experience Joy in an infinity of forms, because I feel the universe is really a space to express Love in limitless ways, which are still all a part of All That Is

-To learn to allow individual free will while also learning to surrender to the divine will of Oneness

For those of you who would like to consider reincarnation from a scientific approach, you may want to read Dr. Ian Stevenson’s book on reincarnation, “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation,” published by the University of Virginia Press.




Coda- Celestial Relationships

How my personal reincarnation case may help to add to our collective understanding about how humanity, extra-terrestrials and angelic beings are all inter-acting together here on Earth



There is one more personal experience that I would like to draw from that illustrates many of the reincarnation purposes in one special dream that was included in the “Messages From an Extra-terrestrial Ambassador and an Archangel” release. When a dream like this occurs for me, I feel that I can give it at least an equal  significance to my very important waking life experiences. I do not discount my very significant  dreams as being “less than.”

Part of what this dream, and my entire article is meant to illustrate, is that we are living in a freewill environment where we are all learning from each other. Those who we view as negative are also part of the Oneness, and often we project from ourselves negative issues we are facing internally outward onto others, which distorts our recognition that both we and they are part of the same Oneness. In truth, I feel that we are all Love, and simply experience each other as projections of Light and Sound upon each other, when in reality, there is no separation whatsoever. When we see separation, we are simply focusing our intent upon the physical, and forgetting that we are united by our collective Consciousness. We all have celestial relationships with one another. Even when there appear to be malevolent and benevolent alliances working at cross purposes, in the larger sense of multi-dimensional reality, we are all One, just operating on different octaves of the same grand piano.



In the beginning of the dream, I was walking through the University of Arizona, and then began walking through large stone monuments, finally culminating in a meeting with a Council of Elders of all types of life around a large circular setting.

Loran explained to me what he and the Loridians felt this “dream,” which was a screen memory, was in reality. “Essentially, you were sitting in and viewing what was occurring in this roundtable, and it was more of a discussion of some future concerns. Some of these discussions were concerning the environment in terms of some of the changes specifically within your region, and concerns for some of the man-made manipulation, which has been occurring for some time, and how this can be negated.”

“This took place, actually, in a very interesting (in terms of how you perceive this)… but it did take place in terms of a Martian context. And it was an area that was essentially underground but there was a lighting type of transference that was being made, so that it looked to be lit, and there was a great deal of light coming through. And this was all artificially designed to bring in a type of atmosphere. So, essentially, this was a very interesting and pragmatic discussion about how ecologies were so critical on your own planet. And they were critical in terms of the various groups represented there. At that time there was no representation from the various Orion groups. We were represented, and there was representation from the Pleiades, but we did not see any representation from their group as such.”

“But you were able to listen, and you were actually picking up information telepathically during this time. For the languages were unfamiliar to you, but you understood through telepathy what was being conveyed to you. And there was a feeling of great excitement that you could be involved in this stage of planning. We also feel that some of this was an understanding of recognition in terms of how you had advanced from the previous lifetime on your planet, and that this was a new incarnation.”

“Essentially, that you were here in this particular setting to work towards a very positive view of changes on this planet…. there is much that is occurring on your planet at this time, which is not natural, but it is man-made. When people talk of global warming, when people talk of even volcanic and earthquake activity, it is not natural. It is being controlled by individuals who have a concerted plan to reduce this planet to political and economic chaos.”

“This is why it is really important for individuals here to really project positive light and positive thought-forms, for this is a time that is critical in reaching an active status with your inactive involvement with this planet. We feel that this type of connection is essential, that your actions in working with one another in getting this information out, as you have been doing, is critical. For you do continue, even though your assignment here is different from what it has been in other lifetimes, and certainly from the past lifetime. Your mission here is to bring information forward.”

I would like to add that even though there may be malevolent beings in our midst, beings who deny themselves and others real love and instead have gone mad seeking total control and power, that does not mean that we should discriminate against whole races. I feel that we should still seek to know each one by their own deeds and actions. We should not paint with one color everyone in a family, just for the misdeeds of most of the members of that family, for we may be overlooking beautiful souls within that family, who have reincarnated in order to help uplift the other members of that family. It has been important for me to know that Loran the Ambassador of the Loridians, even after two-thirds of his race was exterminated by the negative Orion Men In Black and malevolent reptilians from Orion, still was willing to share with me that there are positive and more evolved reptilians in the universe, too, as well as certain benevolent grey extra-terrestrial races, which have been largely viewed as negative within the UFO research community. Know them by their deeds, and by your intuition and resonance from within. And please remember that in the greater scheme of things, we are all One in the Love of All That Is.

And that is exactly what I am trying to do with this article: expand Love, and to ground this material into reality, and especially to reinforce our growing understanding of reincarnation, and all that it implies. The fact that each of us can make a freewill choice, no matter what stage of life we are at, like the dying young scientist, to choose to be of service to others, to engage in positive and uplifting activities, to try to live an authentic life and resonate with all the goodness around us each day, to focus on the positive even despite all the projections of fear being sent towards us, to recognize that we are all really One, “to really project positive light and positive thought-forms,” and to recognize that we are being assisted by benevolent, positive galactic and angelic alliances that are multi-dimensional, and to recognize that the universe is set up so compassionately as to keep giving us chances through reincarnation to improve and heal ourselves and our relationships to all others…. all of this brings me great, great joy, and I hope that it brings you the same.


15:D Sharing My Process For Communicating With One’s Guides

First, it is important to release all your fears, doubt and worries, and with controlled three-step breathing (exhale-pause-inhale), put yourself into as relaxed an emotional state as possible, filled with trust that you are protected by your guides and your higher self.

Next, you can visualize and imagine a column, pillar or sphere of golden and white light surrounding you, enveloping you and protecting you, as you visualize yourself in the center of this protective, purifying loving and conscious Light. No harm can come to you in the Light. All your fears are now completely dissolved, and you can fully connect now to your guides.

Give permission that only the most benevolent and loving energies in the multiverse may connect with you and work with you during your connection and communication with Spirit. Feel love and trust and pure benevolent intentions fill up your request. Wait thirty seconds or so while you allow these loving energies to come up around you.

Remain watchful for self-sabotage. If at any time you feel out of resonance with the process, then discontinue. If at any time you feel afraid, then discontinue. If at any time you feel yourself imagining in a negative direction, then discontinue. The key is to bring from your heart center as much trust and love and benevolent feelings as possible, and you will attract the same, while you are in the space of protection and love that you have created for yourself.

Once your visualizations and breathing and intentions are working together in harmony, and your feelings are calm and loving and peaceful, and you have complete confidence in the process, then you may begin to communicate with the higher-dimensional, benevolent beings. At this point, simply wait… and listen with your mind and heart together, balanced and open. You may begin to get a thought or feeling that comes into your awareness that doesn’t seem like it is coming from you entirely, or from you at all. If it continues to feel benevolent, write it down, or type it at your keyboard, or speak it into your voice recorder. Most of us don’t have perfect recall of the exact conversations that we have, so I feel it is important to record it in the most authentic, exact and precise phrasing that comes through to you, unaltered except for post-connection spelling corrections and such.

For me, I tend towards automatic writing. I will hear the communication from my guides in the form of inspirational thought or telepathy, sometimes but rarely accompanied by images, often accompanied by feelings of amazement and happiness about what is coming through in the communication. Try to listen only, and not feed your mind with your own thoughts. Stay neutral, receptive and alert. Trust the good intentions of your guides.

If any vibrations other than pure love and protection arise, then allow your heart to tell you if you feel any dissonance or out-of-resonance feelings, which if you have done the steps above, almost never happens in a good connection. However, if out-of-resonance feelings do occur, then break the connection and fill yourself and your space with more loving white and gold light, and call immediately upon your loving guides and angels for protection, and trust that they hear your call and will come immediately to your side in protection.

If all is flowing well, and the telepathic and heart resonance connection feels strong, just allow the words and thoughts to come pouring out of you, just like stream-of-consciousness poetry. Try not to filter the words, or slow down, or edit, or focus too much on what you have just received. Stay in the moment and continue to allow the thoughts and words and concepts and ideas and advice to flow out, while remaining in your neutral, carefully-listening state of awareness.

Eventually, your guides will give you a sign of closure, and you will recognize that the communication has completed for this session. After thanking your guides, you may now go back and begin to review what came through, and attend to your spelling corrections. Try to modify the transmitted information as little as possible, or not at all, even if it doesn’t make sense now. Often, the messages will take on greater meaning at points in the future.

Once you have done your first session, you will feel more confident for another, and I encourage you to try again within one day to add confidence.

My best wishes for your safe and clear communication with your guides.

Peace and Love, Rick