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5:D identity, past-lives and who we are

Consider the concept that during the course of your day, you are encountering ascended masters and extra-terrestrial beings regularly, but that you might not be able to tell them from their appearance. Nevertheless, these masters and higher-dimensional beings may present themselves right in front of you, without your even knowing who they really are.

One of them may begin to carry on a conversation with you, and you may be none the wiser, not consciously aware of their true, divine nature, for this divine being may be there simply to observe your responses and gauge your vibrations and light, maybe even helping to raise your frequency. And all the while you may be thinking that the person is just the homeless man carrying his plastic bags of dumpster-diving salvage, or maybe the uppity, bitchy lady dressed in furs, or maybe a barefooted hippie with a psychedelic afro. Yet, in the greater universal reality, the body that the ascended master has assumed for his travels visiting you that day on Earth might be the same to him as a pair of pants and a shirt that you or I would put on and wear.


Maybe these beings have the ability to drop in on us, in unassuming disguises that would provoke mental and emotional responses from us that they may want to observe. Or maybe they might just appear to us to boost us with love just by their very presence in our space.

How might you change your behavior if you knew that Jesus or Buddha or an Archangel was observing you, interacting with you, and asking you for a little help, just to give you the opportunity to do something uplifting?

Think of a thousand different types of people that they may come and appear to you as, and then consider that each one of those identities, or personas, could be like a version of the ascended master from one of his or her past or future lives. Maybe this divine being has had a million lives.

Perhaps the being you are observing strolling across the park, or the shopper walking alongside you in the mall, or the client who you are doing business with, even somebody that you know- perhaps a close friend – is really an ascended master, just behaving in an everyday, normal manner, yet sharing their divinity with you, and basking in the divinity they see inside you, your own divinity that you may not even be aware of yet. But the ascended master knows of the divinity inside you. And she knows that you, too, are a truly, divine being.

And consider that maybe you have been before or are becoming an ascended master, or that you are one now, but for one reason or another, you decided to forget that you were ascended and divine, so that you could play a persona, a character, in the theatrical play called life on Earth, just so you could have the rich experience of being in such a magnificent, theatrical production here on Gaia, filled with serendipity, synchronicity, complexity and simplicity.

And imagine that as soon as you were done performing your lines and experiencing the joy of the Theater, that you, too, like an ascended master does every day, could drop your body, and take on another in a different time and space, to be joined by those souls you have loved and wished to play with on another stage in another world.

What will you say to the greatest, most loving being you could imagine- Jesus or Moses or Lao-Tzu or Allah- when you see them face-to-face tomorrow, and they greet you in a body that looks just like the average Joe? Maybe you’ll want to give them a hug, instead of kicking them to the curb. Maybe you’ll be greeting your future self who is an ascended master, having lived a million and one lifetimes, who has transcended time, and has come back to pay yourself a visit and share a little love.

Maybe you would choose to be loving and kind and positive and helpful to everyone you met.