12:D Realization and Acceptance (The Owl Incident Part Two)

OwlIncidentMay1987 001

Looking back over the last little while, I find that my intellectual, emotional and spiritual life has really turned a corner, and I find myself with a mindset that is accelerated beyond what I would have ever expected only a year and a half ago. A few months before 2014 began, my wife Maritza and I had just lost our most beloved Niea, a sharpei who was almost twelve years old, and whom we, a childless couple, had always considered to be our daughter. We were both still in a stage of grieving for the life that we could no longer live with Niea visibly by our side. I shared my feelings with several close friends who understood our deep love for our sweet dog-daughter.


One friend in particular, Bruce, still dropped by and visited for several hours every Friday, and we would talk about all things metaphysical and paranormal: our Friday happy hour. Bruce is a very aware friend who shares many interests in common with me: extra-terrestrials, past lives, living philosophy, crystals, shamanism, angelic beings and much more along these lines. We had met while I was temporarily hosting a public access show on UFOs and metaphysics called “Cosmic Chronicles,” which was produced by two friends. Immediately after each taping of the live television shows every couple weeks, all the people associated with the show would leave the television studio and gather at a local restaurant affectionately known as the Village Idiot. After striking up a friendship there, Bruce and I would eventually begin to meet at my shop every Friday afternoon for ongoing metaphysical dialogue. For about three hours every week, we share all sorts of news articles, videos, and jabber on about incidents from our lives, our individual dreams and any strange or notable experiences or insights that may have occurred over each past week.

Bruce knew that I had attended the International UFO Conference four times, and in February 2014, we were discussing the list of attendees at the upcoming conference at the Yavapai Nation northeast of Phoenix, Arizona. Bruce urged me to go for the sole purpose of attending a lecture that he felt was made for me, called “Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee,” being presented by newcomer Mike Clelland. Bruce knew of my experience with the four-foot white owl that I shared publicly in my earlier blog “Origin and Background, ” (Owl Incident Part 1) but he also knew many more details around the incident having read the transcripts from my channeling sessions by a woman named Cathy from back in 2010 who channeled an extra-terrestrial being known as “The Ambassador” and who I knew as “Loran,” which I reference in my blog “Healing Practices and Spiritual Evolution.”

Bruce really encouraged me to attend Clelland’s upcoming owl lecture at the IUFOC event. Even though my finances were in rough shape, I felt the urge to hear this UFO researcher speak, and managed to scrape the money together to attend the mid-February 2014 event for a day and a half with Maritza. As it turned out, my visit to the conference also allowed me to prove to myself that I could be the “new” me– out in the open about my healings– in public around friends, esteemed colleagues and complete strangers.

At that point in 2014, Maritza and I had been married for twenty-three years, and all of those years I have avidly been exploring and researching in depth the UFO phenomenon. Maritza tolerated it and indulged me, and while sharing some interest, she does not have the same level of passion for the UFO research that I do. And while Maritza believed me about the events that I claimed that I had with the four-foot white owl, she had no proof or evidence of any kind, and so she simply took my word for it that the encounter had happened, just as I had explained over the years many times to various friends with her by my side. But now, here was a researcher with many similar cases involving UFOS, four-foot-owls and people who experience seeing both.


During the lecture, Clelland posted an image made from the perspective behind a steering wheel looking, over the hood of a car, at a large owl standing in the middle of the road, identical in perspective to a drawing that I had sketched shortly after the incident with the owl during the rainstorm in May 1987, a drawing Maritza knew well. We both turned and looked at each other incredulously, with our jaws dropped to the floor.


Then, Clelland brought out a standee of a four foot owl, and that did it: Maritza realized that this was a phenomenon not unique to me, her husband, and that changed us both monumentally in terms of us both together accepting the reality of all of this, and the healings and my preoccupation with UFO-related phenomena and metaphysics. Also, I’d like to make it clear that I do not feel that I was ‘abducted’; I feel that I had a ‘contact’ incident, related to medical issues (partially with my sinuses) back in 1987.

But then, something far stranger was to occur that afternoon than the mutual epiphanies for Maritza and I.

About thirty minutes into Clelland’s lecture, something began to happen that shocked me. Never before had I seen anything like this. Vertically, along Clelland’s right side, stood a carbon copy of Clelland’s shape, but all in a dark green emerald light-body. This green light-body mirrored the movements of Clelland, but out of sync. Clelland, who was at the podium but sometimes moved out from behind it and around it, would move, and then just a split second after, the head, torso and legs of the green light-body would move the same movement, the same direction, and yet other times the green light-body would move first and then Clelland himself would move the same way a split second after. Because this had never happened to me before– seeing someone and one of their mirrored light-bodies–I was a little shocked and awed, and in hushed tones, I told Maritza what I was seeing. Maritza did not want us to attract any attention, and kept hushing me quiet, but I was fit to be tied. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing what I was seeing, and it lasted the next forty five minutes until he finished and left the stage. Afterward, I went up and checked the stage for mirrors, plastic or glass in front of the stage or anything that would fully account for what I saw. There was nothing unusual at all around the very simple stage and camera set.

As it turned out, I was fortunate enough to talk with Clelland for a couple hours later after the lecture, and I admired his detailed approach to his subject matter, as well as his keen artistic skill. And as Maritza and I left the convention and lecture hall and walked to the parking lot near the desert’s edge, from just to the north of the Yavapai convention center, an owl began hooting, almost as if the owl was serenading us at sunset as we approached our rental car. How about that for some owl synchronicity!

YouTube lecture video of “Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee” by Mike Clelland


Mike Clelland wrote a blogpost on November 12, 2015 about this article, so I thought I would share that link as well. Clelland received my article after I posted it on his Hidden Experience Facebook page. And Clelland is correct in his recall that I did not share anything about the ‘green light body’ that I saw that afternoon, as we were making first acquaintance. I flooded him with so much information, and showed him pages from my ufohypotheses.com website that referenced the white owl incident, and so I did not feel it would be wise to tell him about the incident that had just happened which I was still processing myself, for concern that he may think me too ‘out there.’


11:D You Lovely Droplet of Light And Sound [Channeled Message from Archangel Metatron, Nov 9, 2015]


Listen to my voice and feel into my essence. Hear the sound of change coming to those who can hear and feel benevolence. This wave of internal energy is rising in so many of you now. Breathe in the Love that’s in the very air that supports your existence on Earth, and know that My Breath is in your breath. I AM the space between matter. I AM the entirety of existence that holds the holographic universe to support your change and your growth. I am divine breath and song. We sing for you, all of you, down to even the smallest microbial being. We sing songs of Love for you. You know our benevolence as angelic beings and highly-evolved galactic beings, and we know of you as we know ourselves, for we are All a part of Oneness, which connects all layers and vibrations of so-called ‘reality,’ which is another way of saying ‘change.’

There are slower denser vibrations and sounds, and there are higher, lighter vibrations of sound. There are visible spectrums of Light seen by your human eyes, and there are many more not visible spectrums of Light that you have yet to see or even imagine. We are here to share these with you. They are already yours, for you are of Oneness, yet you may not see or hear these vibrations as we do yet, but they may penetrate you and fill you with their benevolent presence if you choose to let them. You may share these sounds and light waves with all levels of your own existence, for you are multi-dimensional, and you may work with them externally and internally, without and within. Many are best seen and felt with eyes closed, an irony to those who only imagine seeing with eyes open. For often there is more to hear that is worthwhile in silence, and more to see that holds value with eyes closed.

We come to share with you an invitation to begin a greater degree of acceptance of our reality within your everyday so-called ‘mundane reality,’ and if you can meet us somewhere in the middle, you may begin to hear more and hear better, and see more colors and recognize more light. For it is you alone who determine the pace of your advance, and your readiness to receive. You are the master of the keys to the kingdom of your own awareness, and if you cry out, “I am not ready for more yet,” your Higher Self may listen to you, and guide you into the appropriate lessons and experiences until you are ready once again for the opportunities to grow, change and receive.

Where do you wish to focus? Do you wish to focus on the mundane, the slow and dense repetitive explorations that incrementally secure your foundation of trust in your own awareness, intuition, and knowing? Or are you ready to expand into a higher, more multi-dimensional understanding of who and what you are?

Imagine who and what you could be, and then know that you have likely only created a very limited portrait of all that you truly are. For you are of the Oneness that has no limits. You are of the Oneness that bears your eternal existence in all octaves of sound, that gave breath to sound.

So close your eyes and breathe in, and pause to recognize those moments when you need neither to breathe in nor breathe out: for this is eternity, this is you being without need, and then breathe out this awareness into your external reality. Again, breathe in the light and sound of benevolence, of benevolent possibilities and change, of expanded awareness, and listen to that special voice of stillness within, for that is your eternalness coming through to you in gentle waves of sound and light, sharing with your mental awareness that you are much more than you have believed and imagined yourself to be: you are Love.

You are much more, and it is All of Love, and so are we, and we come to join you, a meeting in the middle where your reality and freewill is not shattered or broken by intrusion, but gently permeated through your own choice to change and become more aware of your greater reality of unlimited potential, and expansiveness.

We close this message with the assurance of Love, and the encouragement of reminding you of your eternal and direct connection with All That Is, a gift that can never be taken away from you, not by us, your church, or even yourself, because it is the gift of Oneness with the Oceans of multi-dimensional existence, you lovely droplet of light and sound that sees and hears from your point of view for all of Creation to experience. This is the gift that you share with Oneness: your unique perspective, identity and manner of Loving, and for that we can All be grateful.

With so much Love,

Archangel Metatron and You Guides

10:D Trust Your Own Inner Voice [Channeled Message from Archangel Metatron, Oct 20, 2015]


Feel into Me; feel into My Essence. Hear my Voice. I allow all blocks to be removed. You may push forward into action once again, having complete faith in Our connection. Several key events have demonstrated to you, in no uncertain terms, the reality of Our connection. We know that you have trust and faith in Our connection Now. This connection will remain unbroken and eternal. We are your angelic guides, and I Am The Metatron, for I am more than a mere personality. I connect with you to the Great Oneness of All.

I feel you quested for a subject, but the subject that I wish to bring to you at present is connection. Just as you have helped numerous people connect to their guides, I Am here to help you connect further with Me. You may let go of your worries regarding the mental evaluations of others regarding your capacity, for Our connection supersedes all their doubt. You no longer have doubt, and this is so beneficial, not to just yourself, but to all those you come in contact with, for that certainty and knowing spill out of you like a fountainhead, splashing upon all directions around you into the physical realm. You have allowed the fountain to flow for this lifetime you are now leading. This message confirms Our connection and its Reality. This connection is centered in Love and Trust, of which you are continually replenishing.

You seek a subject that is not centered upon yourself. I will give you that subject: multi-dimensionality. This is the act of remembering that your essence can and does exist on multiple layers of reality. There is the love that you feel in your physical, emotional and mental reality, and then there is also the Love that you feel from greater, more encompassing Realities of higher octaves and vibrations. And it is known to us that you feel as if you are straddling these Realities. This continual act of living in multi-dimensionality can feel distracting to your focus in the physical reality while at the same time feel uplifting and deeply fulfilling on another level of reality that you find your Soul existing within. And these degrees of awareness sometimes feel at odds as they co-mingle. Yet, in the greater sense of your feelings, you are completely at peace with these multiple fabrics inter-weaving into a larger tapestry that seems to extend from the physical outward. Remember that all of the Realities begin inside you, and this is where they are connected: in your Heart space, where your Soul connects you in this physical holographic sea to the sea of complete connectedness with the higher dimensions.

So as you find your courage to share increase, and your level of comfort with this connection rise, many gifts will you receive to share with those who feel connected to these energies. My message to you today is to continue to allow this flow, to feel unashamed of your connection with me, and to walk without fear of ridicule by those who may find it hard to understand. You have done the inner work to arrive at this station, and there will be many other stations along your path. If you like, you can begin to think of our sharings together as a travel diary, along the path of your inner discovery.

Feel confident in our connection. Trust in its Reality. Share when you feel prompted. And feel safe enough not to disguise yourself in a persona that you feel others will find acceptable. Dress yourself in your true inner colors of Light and Love. The Light will be seen by those eyes which are ready, and passed over by those which are not. Trust in yourself Now.


The message that you are seeking to share with others is: trust your Higher Self, your own unique Self-expression. You are not required to change the world or anybody in it, only to express your self as it is NOW in the most authentic, loving way, from the inside out. There is no need for validation or approval from others when you are being your authentic benevolent Self, living and acting from your inner Higher Self, manifesting outward into physical reality. Trust your own Inner Voice above everything external.

With Love,

Archangel Metatron and Your Guides

9:D My First Channeling of Archangel Metatron


A friend recently asked me if I would post to this blog my first channeling of Archangel Metatron, so here is that channeling, which I received in January 2014 shortly after finding out that I had a close connection with this angel through a very gifted female medium.

Channeling From Archangel Metatron

Love is the only reality. Love of Self and all Others is the key to re-entering the only reality.

The illusion you live within is mired by ignorance of the Cosmic Laws. It is not that all of you do not know cosmic law, for you do, it is that you ignore cosmic law.  This is your ignorance. You bind your mental process to the concept of linear time, and then the illusion is ingrained in all that you do. Therefore, to ascend and enlighten you must unbind yourself from the linear concept of time. For you, since childhood, have been asking,  and asking of the ignorant, of those who ignore cosmic law, you have been asking, “What is Time?” In essence, time is a timeout from Instantaneous Manifestation, and linear time exists in an illusionary un-reality where All That Is encourages you to examine your intents, your beliefs, and your weaker thinking in order that you can perceive all components in the Law of Manifesting in a clear way. Time does not exist. It is only your belief in Time that exists, and then you co-manifest an illusion in which to experience the weak thinking that manifests as Linear Time, so that you can examine your weaker thought processes.

Where does this weak thinking come from? This comes from the idea that you can not love yourself completely and eternally in all your manifestations, for better or worse. For you are always complete, yet you may think of yourself as incomplete, which is not possible for you are always completely of All That Is eternally. This weak thinking manifests as the illusion known as separation, but you are never separate. You are always fully connected with All That Is, always fully composed of All That Is, and forever and eternally both an individual part And the Totality of All That is, within and without.

Time is but an illusion, created by your capacity to do anything at all, even to think weakly. Once you have chosen to think weakly, you then may create all manner of illusions, separations, linear time, lower dimensions, a Hell, or anything that is not completely of Love, for Love is the only reality.

Upon remembering to think strongly again, you recall that Love is the only reality, and then love of self reoccurs within and without, and then you exist within the Eternal Now. Therefore, to think with your Heart firmly in Love with All of Creation which fully includes your Self is strong thinking, and to think with just your mind is to think weakly, and incompletely, and to be in illusion of your Greater Reality.

With Love,
All That Is Everlasting,
Archangel Metatron, and all your Guides and Angels

8:D Faeries and Portals (Part 1)

So many very special events happened to me over the last two weeks, but one special occurrence that involves a couple photographs, particularly one, compels me to write an article so that I may share this photo with any of you who are interested in metaphysics and multi-dimensionality. As events unfolded, I wanted to share each step of a process in trying to get the photo to be seen by large numbers of people who I believe may find a real value and gain insight and wisdom from seeing the subject of the photo, which I feel and believe is a FAERIE spirit. I almost missed it while I was downloading and sorting through the few photos that I managed to take on the trip. I was so busy in the moment with people that I barely took any photos. I did also get an hour of nature video that I have not looked over yet, so who knows what’s there.
My original intention on the trip was to capture nature video with my higher-end professional grade video camera for Crystal Children Volume Three, hope for UFOs up close at the nightly campfires, but I never expected to capture a photo like the FAERIE photo at all. I didn’t even have a camera for taking still photos until my friend Ingrid gave me the Kodak C195 for my trip to Mount Shasta. Thank you for the camera, Ingrid; it was already so special because you gave it to me with such love, but now it’s even more blessed.

Also, I should mention that as I have done videography over the years, I have had some strange ability to capture anamolies, like the time I was filming a friend who is a healer during one of her healing sessions with a client, and the camera captured some of that healing energy. And the fact that I do Asclepian lightwork and behave as a conduit for higher dimensional healing energies creates a proclivity for interacting well with higher dimensional energies that sometimes translate to photographic images.


Also, I want to share a Facebook post that paints a clear picture of what led up to me snapping that special FAERIE photo:

“In all my life, I had never once had a professional massage. When I saw the list of conference activities, and massage was included, I knew that this week would be my big chance. When I discovered that these professionals were discounting by 50% their healing sessions, I jumped for joy! I could actually afford an hour-long session on my very tight trip budget. Yay! So I scheduled my session for Sunday August 23 because by the end of the conference, I knew that I would need it due to all the energy I was putting out, and because the next day, Monday, I would be doing a lot of nature photography, and because I act like a human tripod and steadicam when I’m filming, I needed to be in good shape going into filming. What a great decision it turned out to be.

So, on Sunday I met with Athena under the canopy but Athena was gracious to me. She knew that I really wanted to hear Omnec talk again, so she suggested that we re-schedule the massage for just after Omnec finished speaking. That sounded great to me, and it allowed me to ask Omnec a question about her Venusian philosophy about healing in general and healing oneself.

So afterwards, Athena still was patient enough to let me leave again to buy Maritza some blessed blue chalcedony and silver earrings from David Phillips before he closed down for the conference’s end. Athena waited patiently once again for me. Then, when I had finished doing that, I turned around and everyone including Athena was gone! Where had they gone?! I ran toward the Main Hall, and found everyone in a Closing Circle ceremony. I had to be a part of this, so I squeezed between Diana Gazes and Karmyn , who I was just meeting for the first time at the close of the conference (!), and was able to participate in the group energy here, led by Shambala.
Finally, after all that, Athena and I re-connected, Athena gathered her dogs, and we went up the hill toward her massage table, which I had seen on my earlier walk on Friday when I had met the deer who told me that her name was Athena! So then Athena (the human!) had to turn back down the trail because she realized that she had forgotten her keys, so I just stayed at Athena’s camp and massage table while she went back down the hill to the Main hall to retrieve her keys. During this time, I strolled just a little in the vicinity of her massage table as the beautiful wind whistled through the pines.
I decided to take my camera out of my satchel and take a few pictures of this idyllic, enchanting setting, including photos of the massage table and Athena’s little doggie crib. But before I did that, I pointed the camera into a beautiful area of forest, and that’s where I took the FAERIE photo. But I did not even begin to realize this until now (Sept 3) as I was going through my camera and the sequence of pictures, attempting to clearly identify what day that I had taken the photo. The image was taken after photos of pages from a gem book owned by David Phillips that had information on the metaphysical properties of Blue Chalcedony, and before the images of Athena’s massage table. So that placed the FAERIE photo just after the Closing Circle, and just before the massage began, which would’ve been near 5pm on Sunday August 23rd.
So when Athena returned, she reminded me that I was going to be her guinea pig for a new healing modality that she was working with, called Harmonic healing. I agreed, got onto the massage table, and that’s when the massage began, and Athena starting to sing to me, ‘When You Wish Upon A Star.’ ”

So, without further ado, here is the FAERIE photo. (Move your cursor over the photo and click to enlarge.) Please download the photo, and then zoom in so that you can see the details. The FAERIE is in the lower portion of the picture, in the center, but to really appreciate it, please zoom in one step at a time:


And here is the PORTAL photo, taken in Panther Meadows on Mount Shasta in the afternoon of August 22nd, 2015. (Move your cursor over the photo and click to enlarge.) Download and zoom in between the two trees on the left. I find that the blurred area forms a complete circle, but you need to be zoomed in to inspect it well:

Please feel free to leave comments if you care to share your views.


Rick, September 3, 2015 3:36pm


The History of my FAERIE and PORTAL photos from Mount Shasta August 22-23, 2015

First, here’s the announcement that I made on September 2, 2015 on my Facebook page–

This note is to let my friends know that the Mount Shasta ET Ambassador conference was thoroughly amazing. One of the surprising moments from the trip happened within the last few hours, on September 1st 2015, one week after my trip had ended and I had returned to Tucson. Going through some of the photos that I took, I came across two forest scene shots that I took; one photo I snapped several hundred feet to the north of the main building of the Methodist camp on Castle Lake Road on Sunday August 23. [NOTE: After reviewing the order of my photos on my camera, I realized that I took this picture on Sunday, shortly after I had purchased some earrings for Maritza from David Phillips, and just after the Closing Circle for the conference. This is why I have edited this post, in the interest of utmost accuracy.]

This photo appears to show with great clarity a FAERIE. I just looked up the definition online, and the entry on faerie said, “imaginary, mythical.” Well, alright then, I captured a photo of what may be a so-called mythical being, which would be a great honor to receive such a gift from Nature. The second photo, while not as dramatic, was taken in Panther Meadow forest on Mount Shasta on Saturday August 22, and appears to show a PORTAL of light opened up between three trees. Both photos have subjects that seem to have a field of energy surrounding them. I want to show them to all of you now, but after careful consideration, I feel that there may be a legal need to license these photos, because personally I think the farie photo especially could cause a sensation.

So, I have inquired with the Associated Press. If any of you have practical experience in licensing photos to AP for use, please share with me your wisdom about the process. Here is exactly what I wrote the Associated Press:
“I have two undoctored photos taken August 22-23 2015 within the Mount Shasta region (one on Mount Shasta and one near Castle Lake) that appear to demonstrate metaphysical non-normal phenomena in two clear photographs, and I am interested in licensing use of them to the Associated Press. One of the photos especially has a ‘sensational’ quality to it that could provoke great interest from around the world. What steps need to be taken to submit and review, and also to create a licensing contract between myself and the Associated Press news agency?”

So that’s what I wrote them, and now I am awaiting their response. Will they respond? For that answer, I’ll have to ‘wait and see.’

I never expected to have taken such special photos, but more than any financial reward that I may receive, I am honored that whatever intelligence allowed me to take the photos in the first place decided that it was alright that I could be the bearer of such an important ‘discovery.’ I had not been able to review the photos until the last 24 hours, and what I discovered has certainly shaken up our sense of normal. I feel lucky to be in this magical period of life that’s unfolding now.

[end of that Facebook posting]


So, then I followed that statement with a reply to describe in better detail what I saw in the photo:

“The FAERIE has wings and what looks like a head and torso, suspended in a field of rainbow light in the shape of a cross, with a field of energy around the rainbow cross that distorts and tints the trees in the background behind it, as if the source of light is coming from the FAERIE. The FAERIE appears in the photo between many trees about 7-8 feet off the ground. High above at the top of the photo is the Sun near the tree line, and the FAERIE is below the Sun and slightly to the right, so I don’t think that it is an optical effect from reflected sunlight through the tree trunks and low hanging branches in the vicinity because the alignment with the Sun is off. Plus, as you zoom in to see details, the subject becomes more defined (while it is also transparent) and you can see shapes like wings, a head and a torso that seem more than mere abstraction and coincidence. For many people, there will be room to doubt and debunk, but for me the image speaks plainly. It is clearly not a sun dog, samples of which are seen here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dogs
So… I can’t wait to show it to all of you. I discovered it right about 9pm last night (Sept 1st) and when I showed Maritza, she got chills over her whole body and became very, very excited. When I brought over my friend Albert who lives nearby who is generally a skeptic, he was immediately convinced and wants a photo blow-up of the FAERIE so that he can paint it. Well, that’s all there really is to say until I can show you guys the actual photo. I don’t want to post it directly to Facebook because of their copyright assertions if you do, so I will likely post it to my rickkeefe.wordpress blog, and create a link that I can post on Facebook. Now, I’m just waiting to hear back from Associated Press, but maybe I can post it to my blog in the meantime. ”


So then my wife Maritza made a comment that same day, September 2nd, which I would like to include in the history of this photo:

“Wow! What a gift and what a privilege to have been present as the magic unfolded. You are right Bruce Emrys, magic is real! Rick’s photos will be accepted by the many friends who know, trust and love him, and by everyone who is ready to move past the veil. The photos will be debunked, as well, by those who feel threatened, and by those whose job is to keep us in the dark. But, nonetheless, Rick has been offered a wondrous and loving gift, and he and I have zero reasons to have doubt! It is amazing to be a first hand observer. How privileged to see the gift unfold before our eyes. ❤ ”


Interest in the photo began to swell a bit as I posted on my  Facebook page, and also to the Mt Shasta Summer Conference page, and friends and family seemed to support what I was trying to share and, at the same time, legally protect the photo. So I posted an update:


So, since I first contacted AP through an online query last night and since I know that the wheels of large organizations can sometimes turn slowly, I decided to call the Associated Press this morning, and I spoke with a representative at the News Desk named Susan P. When I explained why I was calling, she said, “That’s something we usually come to you for, not the other way around.” Then, she transferred me to AP Images, but they explained that AP Images department is mainly dealing with commercial issues, and referred me back to the News Desk, which transferred me to the AP Los Angeles Bureau Photo department. I spoke with a man named Richard and explained why I was calling, and he gave me the LA Bureau desk phone number, took down two of my phone numbers, and he said that he would get back to me. I hope that he doesn’t think that I’m a kook and blow me off. So, now, I must remain patient for awhile while the wheels at AP LA bureau news desk turn.”


And here’s the screen save I made of that inquiry to Associated Press:
AP Query


On  September 3rd, more developments occurred after I called the Los Angeles Bureau Photo Desk for a second time, and so I made a new Facebook post:


“Okay, so I just got off the phone with Richard and Reed at the AP Los Angeles Bureau Photo Desk (1-213-626-2500) and they gave me the email (which I won’t publish so they don’t get super-spammed) to send them the photo so that they may inspect it. I am doing that right now, so please everyone send lots of good wishes and good vibrations so that this picture can be seen by millions.

I feel it would be valuable for people to realize that devas and forest spirits do actually exist. They are not simply mythical, legendary creatures: they are tangible beings operating within our ‘normal’ reality, yet also living within a different frequency / dimension than our lower 3D reality. Hopefully, people who see this image will treat the forest and the trees and all the beings that make up a forest with much more understanding and respect. Devas and faeries do deserve our respect and cooperation. We owe it to the Earth, and to our children’s children.”

Thanks for your support everyone!”


And then I made an additional reply:

“Here’s a copy of the backup e-mail that I sent Associated Press; I sent the original one from my rick@ufohypotheses.com e-mail with the exact same content I sent to them just seconds before this one with the gmail address, to be sure that they did receive it without any complications.”


Within an hour, Richard of AP called back with his decision, on Thursday September 3rd, 2015, and I posted another updated reply to my own post:
“So, Richard from the Associated Press Los Angeles Bureau Photo Desk just called back at 1:02pm, and said that they could not use the photo, and he attributed the FAERIE to “sun flare off the lens.” So that route with the matrix did not work. What I will do next is create an article on my rickkeefe.wordpress.com blog (to avoid Facebook’s photo policy), and attach the photo file there, and then give all of you the link so that you may examine it for yourselves. Hopefully, I’ll have that done within the next 24 hours. I can’t wait to show all of you! It’s amazing!!! <3”


So, that’s the history of my FAERIE and PORTAL photos from Mount Shasta, late August 2015.

7:D Healing Journal, August 24 2014

Part of what is happening for me, as a person with a gift for healing, is learning how to offer my gift to others, while at the same time learning how to grow and improve my upon my egotistic and emotional responses to the whole process of being involved in a healing for someone. This week has brought numerous challenges for me in this regard, especially since I have started this blog in which I am trying to share my experiences with those of you who have interest in metaphysical activities like this. I share this with you from the point of view of a novice who is becoming an adept, and I am trying to share what it feels like to be living a life that feels multi-dimensional, yet still very physical and connected to everyday reality, where there are ups and downs and in-betweens.

The” in-between” energies are the focus of today’s healing journal. The in-between energies exist in a space that requires the balance, humbleness, and awareness that the universe is a much bigger construct than just what I want it to be in my individualized, ego-oriented mind.

Since the last healing journal, I have offered three more people healings, and encountered three very different outcomes, from the basis of my ego’s perceptions. One healing provided immediate success, a second healing appears not to have worked well enough, and the third healing’s outcome may not be known for several weeks to come. The affect upon my perception is that I need to continue to “detach from the outcome” and yet remain my normal compassionate, open, optimistic self that wants to see everyone healed completely (and immediately, if possible.)

This is where I need to respect the Universe, and each person’s individual life path and choices, which sometimes conflict with my desires for perfect outcomes.

The tarot card I drew in association with today’s journal entry is the Eight of Pentacles, signifying apprenticeship, education, new skills, change, renewal, concentration, determination, diligence, hard work, perseverance, initiative, focus, patience, unfolding process, improvements, adjustments, honing skills, reassurance, investment, long-term goals, and ” any tendency towards perfectionism where you may lose sight of the bigger picture.” With that insight in mind, allow me to share these three healing experiences.


The first healing I engaged in was on Thursday morning, after a dear friend shared with me the photo and story of a baby fighting for her life. For purposes of this article, I will give her the pseudonym Nell. Her birth was traumatic. Her mother was injured in a car accident, and Nell was born prematurely by c-section, the result being kidney damage and seizures for little Nell, who began her time on Earth fighting for her very life. I asked my friend if the family was open to allowing a healing for Nell, since she could not ask on her own, and my friend said that the family had gone public asking for prayers, donations and any kind of help at all. So, I had the green light to help Nell , and I immediately went into a half hour remote healing for the little girl that was struggling to live one state away. My friend also performed a remote healing for little Nell, and many other people were offering up prayers and donations for Nell and her family.

The next morning, I was so excited to see that Nell had made it through the night, (even though the doctors cautioned the family and told Nell’s mother not to expect her to live through it to the next day, August 22nd) but then my friend wrote that her condition suddenly took a turn for the worse. So, I immediately stepped away from my work, and I began a second remote healing for baby Nell. Later that evening, I also participated in a group mediation and healing for Nell with about forty other people, where we all together sent Nell wonderful sparkling gold healing light to help her, along with everything that the doctors and medical teams at the hospital were doing on her behalf.

Together, traditional science and metaphysical science are working in tandem, as we all try to contribute to Nell our love and light and prayers and medical technology in order to help her remain here with her family.

Yet, there are much higher forces at work that none of us understand fully, including karma, destiny, fate, and freewill that are also involved in Nell’s life, and all of our lives. I see each of us as divine drops in the Divine Ocean, and no matter the outcome, we are all connected eternally, so no matter the outcome, in the bigger picture life always remains, just in different forms and in different realms of existence.

I am happy to report that three days later Nell is still alive and getting stronger, fighting for her precious chance to experience the wonders of life on Earth with her family during these amazing times.

The second healing I was involved in took place at the same gathering where we had done the group mediation for Nell. This was the monthly spiritual support group put on at a local candle and metaphysical shop. The meetings were created by Sherry Whitfield and the being known as Synergy that operates through an ancient Micronesian crystal skull that has a written history since the 1700s, and has an oral history within the “Real People” island tribe that dates back 40,000 years to the time of the first aborigines. It is my understanding that a multi-dimensional benevolent being who calls itself Synergy manifests its spiritual energy through this huge block of crystal that was carved into a skull millennia ago.

Together, we share metaphysical experiences, we have drumming circles, group chantings, group meditations and visualizations. If desired individually or collectively, we can connect with Synergy’s powerful and intense positive, loving energy. We have a great time in coming together, and the support also comes from sharing with each other our experiences about our individual and very different metaphysical paths before the session, during the breaks, and afterwards.

If you are sensitive to subtle energies, you may appreciate the qualities and vibrations that one can pick up from crystals when you hold them in your hand and go silent, just feeling the tingling or prickly or gentle waveform sensations that crystals generate and emit. In the early part of the evening during a drumming circle, I was allowed the honor to protect and carry around the ancient Lemurian crystal skull, that normally weighs about 15 1/2 pounds, to the many participants at the support group so that each could hold the skull and feel its qualities for themselves. At each meeting, there are usually a dozen or more newcomers who get the opportunity to meet Synergy, the skull of Joy as he is known to the “Real People” of Micronesia.

Then, later in the evening, I was able to hold Synergy twice by myself for about five minutes each, and interact with Synergy’s energy on a personal basis. After the second time by myself, I stood up and was re-centering, and upon the advice of another friend, I grounded the energy from Synergy, by patiently waiting until my consciousness was fully balanced back into physical reality.

Friday August 22nd 2014 was the fourth gathering of this spiritual support group, and that night, one of the men who regularly comes to these meetings arrived but was keeping to himself that he was in excruciating pain in the area of his left kidney and pancreas. I’ll call him Remy. Because Remy wanted so much to attend this meeting, he chose to endure his pain and still participated that evening, despite the excruciating agony he suffered through the whole evening.

While we were beginning to clean and pack up four and a half hours after we had arrived, Remy approached me and asked if he could drop by my work where I offer healings, and I told him that there was no need to wait: we could do the healing here, so that he didn’t have to wait and suffer until a day came where he would have time to drop by my work. After Remy realized he was not imposing on me, he agreed and I allowed myself to channel the healing light energies through for him. I began with his head and sixth and seventh chakras, then moved to his heart chakra, then went from the top to the bottom of his spine, while he did his visualizations of white sparkling light filling his entire body. This helps to stabilize, energize and open up the person who needs healing. Then, I began to work on his left kidney area. After I had worked for many minutes, I felt it was time to stop, and Remy said that the pain was 90% gone. He smiled, amazed and happy. He mentioned that he still felt a twinge of pain that was “moving around” so I worked several minutes more, after which his side was now pain free.

He was so astonished and relieved that he asked me to work on his knees, troubled by old football injuries he had suffered in his youth. Those pains went away, too. I checked once again, and then he explained that he still suffered from jaw pain and headaches due to a medical device he needed to alleviate dangers from sleep apnea. I will find out next month whether or not that additional healing work helped to lessen his sleep apnea issues.

Afterwards, with just a few of us remaining to say our goodbyes to each other, Sherry and I shared with Remy a remarkable event that happened last month when I was doing a remote healing for someone who lives in eastern Pennsylvania. During the healing while we were both on speaker phone, the man said that he felt a “presence” enter the room, and he asked if I knew who the presence was. I told him that I did not, and had not ever experienced this before with anyone with whom I was doing a remote healing. However, I assured the man that I only allowed the most benevolent and loving energies to come through, and so after he explained to me that he did not feel threatened by it, we finished the remote healing session. Ultimately, the session was successful in greatly lessening the pain in both his wrists from a fall three months earlier, and the session helped alleviate chronic knee pain that he had suffered from for years.

But to me, the most remarkable part of the story came later when he sent me a couple of e-mails to further inform me about the details of what he had experienced during that remote healing.

The man from Pennsylvania wrote: ” I am still somewhat mystified by the “presence” I felt during the meditation. The best I can describe it was the feeling of “Casper  the friendly ghost” flying straight towards me and into my face. There was a face, and a trailing body. As it “entered” my head, I  felt a force – like a puff of wind – then is dissipated. I use a  daily Medicine Wheel for protection, so I feel no fear of  malevolence. It was an experience though.” I wrote back and asked for more details, and he replied: ” The Presence- – I was sitting – during the meditation on my last knee – my left. I was holding the sphere image in my head. All at once I “saw” (my eyes were closed) it descending from the wall in front of me toward my face. It was white with dark outline features. I noted that there were eyes and a wide mouth – smiling. Hair trailed long behind and trailed as if it were a body. it came at my face from above (45 degree angle). As it contacted my face (nosebridge) I felt it as if it were a puff of wind. It felt as if all of its being trailed in, but not out. It seemed to dissipate on contact  – or about an inch or so in.  After that, I felt nothing, other than a little shock and amusement.” I was flabbergasted when I read the e-mails.

Sherry explained to Remy on Friday night, as she had to me one month ago, that the description the Pennsylvania man gave to me is exactly like what so many people have told her about when they have been healed by Synergy and seen Synergy manifest before their eyes. So, along with my normal guides, angelic beings, and higher- dimensional beings, it appears that I am now also able to communicate with and channel Synergy’s healing energies. How wonderful! This explained to me why I wanted to hold Synergy for so long that evening: I feel it was because Synergy was amplifying my fields in order to transmit greater amounts of healing energy for Remy, who I didn’t even know that I would be helping to heal that same night, just minutes after my third extended contact with Synergy.

Synergy’s energy is quite intense. It causes some people’s legs to feel like jelly and some people’s ears to ring; some people have beautiful visions and feelings; some people receive telepathic messages; some people hear Synergy laughing or speaking; and then there are some people who just puke and throw up. I knew all this and yet I held Synergy for quite a long time on Friday, but now it seems clear to me why: to help Remy.

However, not all of the healings I channel produce my desired instantaneous, positive outcome. The next morning, I was informed by a friend that his wife was dizzy, nauseous, had feelings of vertigo and had been throwing up. I had worked on both he and his wife over the last four years with positive results, so she was easily open to another healing. However, after this healing, she threw up and went to sleep. Hours later, her symptoms were persisting and she was dehydrated, so he took her to urgent care. She was diagnosed with Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), given some anti-nausea medication, and by today, Sunday August 24th, was feeling much better. So, I cannot say with any certainty that my healing helped her at all. It appears that modern medicine was more appropriate for her in this case. And this is where I have to acknowledge that sometimes what I do does not produce the instantaneous positive outcome that I always hope for each time that I try to help someone. One thing I can say about working with her is that I did channel much light and love to her, and that is always positive. However, this healing experience reminded me that I need to remain humble, balanced and aware that Divine Loving Spirit of the Universe will always determine the outcome.

Sherry told me her approach to healing in a single, straight-forward sentence that night before we left: “Show up, do the work, and leave.” In other words: detach from the outcome after you have done the healing.

Just before I learned of my healing gifts several years ago, I was helping several people in my circle who I was close to, and sometimes I found myself getting too personally involved in their personal issues. I wanted so much for their lives to improve, since they had shared with me their many problems and issues, but I became so involved that I placed myself beneath their needs, and lost my balance for a short term until I became aware that I needed to learn to “detach from the outcome.” That was part of my healing journey: learn to always send unconditional love, but also learn to detach and just hope for the best for them. One of those people passed away, one went a little crazy and moved away, one friendship was broken, and another one needed space to grow and make their own positive creations and mistakes. Another one was healed and continues to stay in contact, another has become a close family friend, and many others simply passed my way, were healed, and went on to their specific life journeys.

I am new to being a healer. I have much to learn, much work to do and skills to hone, concepts to evolve, patience to apply, emotions to balance, but this is, as the Eight of Pentacles instructs, a life-long goal that I must concentrate on improving, and with determination and perseverance, this unfolding process will manifest into many more positive benefits and outcomes for many more people.

I just need to remember that neither I nor my skills as a healer are perfect, and that “to detach from the outcome” and people’s personal dramas while still giving my utmost effort and love on their behalf is the best path to follow. The Divine Universe will decide. It’s not about getting recognition, or getting paid, or getting an ego boost, or getting some other form of compensation: it is about expanding our field of love to others around us in a pure and unselfish way. Love is the single greatest power in all of creation, and one cannot exert power or control over Love; instead, one must respect Love, its timing and allow it space to grow and shine to its fullest, most beautiful potential. That’s the type of healer I want to be.




Post script: On Monday morning, August 25th 2014, baby Nell crossed over to the other side. Her family writes: “The great spirit has called forth our precious baby —. Our family is and always will be strong. We know that her spirit is with our grandmothers and our ancestors just waiting for the rest of us to join her! I love you baby girl!” My most sincere condolences to baby Nell’s family.

6:D healing journal sunday august 17, 2014

I was invited to speak at a small gathering of a dozen people who were sharing stories about angels, and how they played a role in our lives. Three years ago, I would not have been interested in angels or any discussions about them as back then, in 2011, I perceived angels as religious myths and felt that they were confusing extra-terrestrials for angels.

However, as my healing experiments progressed, about two years ago I began listening to the podcasts of a woman from Florida named Linda who is both a healer and a channel of ascended masters and angels. Even though I come from a scientific background, I allowed myself to expand outside of my comfort zone by investigating her live channelings and meditations, which incorporated angels. I kept an open mind, and began to follow her meditations and guidance.

After several months, I felt comfortable enough with what I was learning, and with a little courage, I started to feel less threatened by what anybody would think and say about the idea of me working with angelic beings. That’s when I began to call upon these angels and the colors of light associated with them during my healing meditations for people, and what I discovered was that I was getting wonderful results for the people who I was trying to heal while I was calling upon these angelic entities, along with my regular extra-terrestrial guides.

Now, after four years of healing work, and two years of working with angels, I feel comfortable about publicly sharing my experiences with angels, even though I am not joined to any religions or churches, nor plan to be.

I find myself in an in-between zone where people from churches don’t really get me because I call upon extra-terrestrials, and people from scientific or agnostic backgrounds who investigate extra-terrestrials don’t quite get me either because I work with angels, not to mention the average materialistic-focused people I know who want nothing at all to do with either ETs or angels. Yet, this openness I have to such a wide range of benevolence in the universe has allowed me to receive a multitude of special gifts and abilities which have helped me grow tremendously, and have also helped me to help people to heal and be relieved of their pain and suffering.

So, there it is. I work to heal people via meditation and visualization with my extra-terrestrial guides and their civilizations, and ascended masters, and angels, and now I have a couple hundred people who would testify that I have helped to heal them of various pains, ailments and diseases.

I know: I’m a strange lad.

This Sunday’s angel meeting was created by a sweet woman named Sharon, who I met last summer through her friend Maria, after my wife and I were left out of the seating arrangements at a wedding. We decided to simply choose a table ourselves, met Maria, and got to talking with her about angels and extra-terrestrials in front of the other half at the table who seemed a bit flabbergasted by our conversation. Maria spoke to Sharon about me, and so last summer by invitation I met Sharon at one of her small gatherings, and that day I helped by healing one of the people there who was suffering from pain in her finger due to some glass embedded in it, as I recall. The healing removed her long-standing pain.

So when Sharon was planning for this meeting, one year later, she said that her angelic guides had repeatedly advised her to invite me. She left a message for me at work, and I called her right back, to her surprise, since we had not communicated since last summer. But I contacted her quickly because I could feel her sincerity and thought that I could contribute by offering to do healings, if needed, for those at the small gathering.

At the gathering, you could feel the quality of peace in the room that Maria had created when she had, on faith, taken over the spot in an act of faith some years ago. After all the healings and meetings that have occurred in her salon, you can feel the calm tranquility of that space upon entering.

Sharon moderated the gathering, and allowed everyone to share their experiences and their wisdom gained from interacting with loving angelic beings. Besides my wife and I, there was another couple who attended the meeting who had also had numerous experiences with extra-terrestrial beings. One woman worked with reiki for horses and other animals. Another woman worked with the Archangel Sandalphon. Maria shared her stories of faith when she was in desperate financial straits, burdened by massive debt after a divorce, and the faith that kept her going. Another person was a healer who had survived a near-fatal car accident in June 2011 after being thrown from a car onto concrete, suffering multiple injuries that required major surgeries, and had also suffered multiple brain aneurysms from the accident. Now, she heals people. And there were several others there, some timid, who had mustered up the courage to go and listen and decide for themselves what they thought about angels and healing, instead of letting society or their peers pressure them into thinking one way or another about it all. So it was a really wonderful, well-mixed group, with wide-ranging beliefs and experiences and abilities, with the common interest of exploring and opening up to angels.


I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to do four healings this day. The first one was for a person who was suffering from both depression and back pain, and after the healing, which I did in front of the group, she felt much better and later recommended me to others who joined the group later in the day. The second healing was for the healer who had gone through the terrible car accident, and I was able to help her with her back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain, and give her a much wider range of motion. We will know after an MRI whether or not the healing helped with a remaining brain aneurysm.

I also did two other healings on Sunday: the third healing was for removing a persistent ear infection, relieving sadness, and an overall energy boost. The fourth healing was for someone who was already pretty healthy but was simply for greater energy and balance. Her healing was amazing, in that near the end of the healing I saw something I had never seen when doing a healing, which were four rainbows from the four directions pouring into the top of her head through her crown chakra.

Regarding technique, what was common among all four was that I asked each person to visualize the sparkling white” galactic-center” white light filling up their bodies in order to help make them most receptive to the healing light energies I would visualize. Also, with all four people, I began the healings by cupping their head in my hands (for balance, clear thinking, and a state of mental openness), then moving my right hand just above their heart chakra and my left hand on the corresponding point on their back (for comforting, soothing, self-love, calming, and nurturing) , then I moved my right hand to their spinal column to work on the seven major chakras, and then finally I moved to each individual person’s areas of special need. One person loved the visualization of a golden pillar of light reaching from the center of the Earth out to infinity. Another person had so much strong light that I felt the energy might be unnerving to some of the person’s family and friends, because they didn’t know how to deal with such strong energy.

Each person’s healing is different, and I never know exactly what to expect. I listened carefully to what their issues were, and used my clairaudience to hear the unspoken messages. I visualized positive outcomes, and put complete trust in my guides, the ETs and the angels to do the healing work, of which I act as a conduit, while at the same time adding my compassion and love. I helped one person connect up with one of their guides for the first time, which she felt was a native-American male spirit being.

During each healing, I would stop and ask the individual to re-assess how they were doing, and what areas still needed attention, and I took as long as needed until each person was completely satisfied and no longer in any pain. The shortest healing was about seven minutes, and the longest one may have been just over half an hour.

It all seems to benefit them wonderfully: I love seeing all their smiles afterwards and receiving their hugs of appreciation!

So much was shared over about four and a half hours, and several of us are going to gather again this Friday for a special meeting with about thirty or forty other people who are going to participate in the 4th monthly gathering of people who experience a very benevolent entity who is channeled through a crystal skull named Synergy by a delightfully loving psychic named Sherry, of whom I will write about in an upcoming article.

Last time, at the 3rd meeting, we all did drumming and some very special, uplifting chanting. That meeting I brought two longtime friends of mine, a couple. He’s somewhat of a skeptic, but after he touched the crystal skull Synergy, his ears would not stop ringing until late the next morning. His wife, who has psychic abilities, felt Synergy’s presence immediately after touching the skull, which she described to her daughters as “intense.” They loved the new and powerful experience. I really enjoy those gatherings with Sherry and Synergy.

To all those who will be attending and to those whom I met this past Sunday: ” See ya soon! Love you guys!”




really strange… I'm not kiddin'