4:D healing practices and spiritual evolution

To preface this next article, since my research into extra-terrestrials which began in earnest in the late 1980s, I had been searching for the wisdom and philosophy of the benevolent extra-terrestrials, and there was never a doubt in my mind that our universe was filled with life, and therefore filled with billions upon billions of loving beings. Year after year, I kept reaching out beyond my comfort zone to learn about the good while also discovering some of the not-so-good. Over the years, my resolve grew, and I kept reaching in all directions for the universal heart of true goodness. I was more and more willing mentally to pursue my quest for the enlightenment and understandings of the extra-terrestrials, wherever it would lead, because reason told me that there must be more advanced and enlightened beings than us in the universe.

My personal long-standing quest into the realm of higher dimensional and extra-terrestrial beings had been expanding as I continued to read case after case of extra-terrestrial contact. However, while I felt like an explorer I also felt the need to remain a scientific analyst. I needed enough proof, as I encountered the UFO evidence, to convince myself thoroughly and completely that whatever it was that I was encountering was not weak wishful thinking, but genuine evidence with repeatable results as scientific investigation demands.

After over two decades of research, I allowed myself the privilege of opening myself to a channeling experience, whereby a human being goes into a deep meditative state and allows only the highest, most loving and benevolent entities to speak through their human vessel. So by 2010, I was primed for the experiences that would lead me to discover quite surprisingly that I had a gift for healing. The extra-terrestrial with which I was having hours of conversations (that were being channeled through the woman I knew) kept repeating to me over the course of that special but very difficult year that I had a gift that had laid dormant, and that I would just know how to heal people. I just had to muster up enough courage to try, and so at age forty-seven, I began to try to heal other people.

Even after many successful ‘healing experiments,’ I still was not completely convinced until the medical evidence started piling up. Now, I have complete confidence in these loving extra-terrestrials, angelic and benevolent higher-dimensional beings, but it did take awhile for me to get from there to here.

The bulk of the next article I wrote last year in response to a very spiritual friend when she shared with me her personal movement into healing, and so I wanted to share back with her what I had learned since I had begun my ‘healing experiments’ back in the summer of 2010. I hope that this article resonates with you, and that maybe by sharing this, it will inspire you to try to help those around you, too.

( Note: this article is reprinted from: http://www.ufohypotheses.com/healhigher.htm )


August 18, 2013
Healing Practices and Spiritual Evolution
by Rick Keefe

In 2010, I was extremely fortunate to renew an acquaintance with a married couple whom I had known from sixteen years earlier when I had co-hosted a public access show in Tucson on which I helped interview guests about UFOs and metaphysics. Within several weeks of our renewed friendship, the couple invited my wife and I to their place for lunch, where they revealed that they were now publishing a book detailing their odyssey with an extra-terrestrial connection: the wife, Cathy, was a deep trance channeler of an extra-terrestrial being. I asked if I could interview the being, and they (the couple, the extra-terrestrial, and their civilization) granted me permission. After interviewing the being for two hours over two separate occasions, I felt comfortable with the ET being, his civilization, and their history and philosophy, and so I asked about a strange incident that happened to me in 1987 involving a four-foot white owl. The answer to that question extended into hundreds of questions over the year 2010, in which the couple, the extra-terrestrial, and their civilization were gracious enough to grant me about sixteen hours of time to explore my connection with extra-terrestrials and to explore some of my past lives. Very deep connections, inter-relationships, synchronicities, evidence and confirmations expanded my consciousness, and helped me to understand things that had been happening to me my whole life.

One of the messages that the being and his group kept repeating to me was that I had ability to heal people, something that I never remembered doing up to that point in time. Then, my wife reminded me that I had healed her wrist some fifteen years earlier. My wife had been scrubbing and cleaning, and had developed a fierce pain that brought her to tears. We had no health insurance, and so I reached for her wrist and tried to put all my love into healing her, asking silently to All That Is for her pain to go away. When I let go after a couple of minutes, my wife Maritza said that the pain had disappeared. Maritza reminded me of this after we heard the ET being channeled through Cathy keep reminding me about my ‘healing gift.’

This reminded me of when I was much younger, when one of my sisters was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease and developed a grapefruit-sized tumor in her belly. I was not able to visit her in the hospital for her surgery, but I really wanted to support her through her ordeal, so from home, I sat on my bed and meditated. Having read several books on spirituality at that point in my life, I knew that putting white light around a person with your mind could have positive effects, so I sat on my bed imagining white light around my sister. After her surgery, she had gone a long period without eating, and the medical staff and my parents were at a loss to get her to eat, so I went to the hospital and I got her to start eating again.

The being kept suggesting that I try to develop my healing ability, and I began to try to help people. One day, Cathy visited us at our store while her husband auditioned for an acting role, and I challenged Cathy to find a spot in the six thousand square foot store that a psychic friend had called a ‘hot spot’ nine years earlier. Cathy found the exact same spot, and gave me a history about what had happened there and what its nature was. During the walk through the pop culture retail store, one of my employees, Matt, came up to me to ask a question about work. He had a broken finger from punching his hand through a wall after a family member had put down the family dog without telling him first. Suddenly courage and inspiration came into me, and I asked Matt if I could try healing his broken finger. Matt said okay, and I felt not only Cathy’s encouragement but the ET being’s support as well, and I just began by doing what I had done for my wife Maritza fifteen years ago, and my sister decades earlier. Matt described the sensations he felt during the healing [so I later began to ask each person who I tried to help heal what they felt afterwards] and he returned several days later with the splint removed and almost full range of motion. He said the broken bone had healed. I asked him if I could try again to fully heal the finger and give it complete range of motion; he agreed, and he came back again a few days later after the second ‘healing experiment’ completely healed. I visited with Matt, who has moved on to his new career, earlier this year and at his wedding last month, and he still feels this finger is among his strongest.

Later, in 2010, I was privileged to meet a healer named Phyllis Winslow, who educated me in her manner of healing, and I made a short video documentary about her healing gift and practice, and then interviewed her for a public access show produced by Cathy and her husband. Phyllis’ had a more profound effect on me than she may have realized, and I told her that I really wanted to learn how to heal people, too.

By 2011, Cathy and her husband were looking to leave Tucson, and we lost touch, but the profound impact of those sessions with the extra-terrestrial, higher dimensional beings made a big impact on me, and helped me through some very difficult times, as well as giving me a new channel for focusing my energies.

I work retail, and sometimes I’ll ask someone, “How are you doing today?” Then, they may share with me something personal, like some emotional or physical discomfort they are experiencing; sometimes they may complain to me about bothersome pain that they are experiencing. I try get a sense of whether or not the person is truly suffering, and if I feel prompted, I may quietly mention that I discovered that I have a gift for healing, and if they have a few minutes, I may be able to help ease their pain. Most everyone that I offer to help is receptive, because I normally make the offer to those individuals who are in such discomfort that they will readily agree to any offer to help relieve them of their pain.

One of the first things that I do after I have felt prompted to offer my assistance to heal someone and they have agreed, is to help them find a place to sit, relax and get comfortable. Then, I always ask them to keep an open mind, and envision that this healing could have a very positive effect for their overall long-term health.

Another way that I help prepare certain individuals to be receptive for healing, after fully listening to their story about the origin of their issue, is to engage them in a conversation about the concept of not identifying who they are with their illness, so that they are more likely to allow the illness to be released on all levels, meaning the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, causal, astral and etheric levels of their Reality.

I begin with my mantra that I created when I was a teenager: “I have faith that All That Is decides All That Is, and we are all a part of All That Is.” I always try to extend my deepest love to All That Is, my guides, their civilizations, and the angels as I am beginning the healing work. However, I do not consider myself religious or associated with any religion. I just try to be as spiritual as I can, since I know that we all have a direct connection with All That Is. I’ve also found that working from a state of joy amplifies the healing, so I try to get myself into as positive an emotional state as I can when I begin. I remember that I, too, as a conduit am also a co-creator with all the loving divine energies and beings.


As far as the three middle fingers, I do not know why I started healing in that way, but it just seemed like the natural thing to do. So, I suggest it to the people I am trying to help through remote healings because it helps focus the energy I am bringing through onto their very specific area of need.

I heal as a conduit of Light through the use of light touch, but I have also had some success with remote healings. When I am healing with the person next to me (not remote), I will move from one hand three fingers, to one hand all five fingers, to both hands, to just one hand two fingers, or however spirit moves me. If I might be bold enough to make a suggestion to anyone beginning to practice healing: do not place any limitations [no limits] on how you should heal, and just stay completely focused on the energies that are coming through you as a healer.

Listen completely to the quiet, subtle promptings your mind receives, and adjust your hands and their configuration whenever you feel prompted. Try not to rigidly stick to one modality, because spirit will work in many different fashions to accomplish the healing. Just trust yourself, and of course respect the individual’s free will by asking them for permission when you feel directed to move to different areas.

Sometimes, I will feel prompted to help the individual be more open to receiving the energy, and I will ask for their permission to work on their head and crown chakra. Other times, I may be moved by spirit to help with their self-love if I sense that is an issue, and will ask their permission to work at the base of their neck or from the back over their heart, and sometimes I place one hand on the base of the neck and the other on the back, always with respect, gentleness, and allowing as much love from spirit to pour through along with as much love as I can offer, too. If I feel or am prompted, I will try to clear and clean third eye to allow for better visions, dreams and spiritual clarity.

Trust in yourself if you feel prompted to bring in certain colors of light that you may feel need amplification. You can also work at the sub-atomic level, visualizing the protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks and quantum particles re-aligning into their original divine patterns. Also, any time you feel a sense of negativity, pass that off to the guides and angels (and loving extra-terrestrial civilizations) that are assisting you for transmutation of that negative energy back into love, and remind the individual that they can do this, too. On occasions, I will even invite only the most loving of the individual’s passed-on relatives to come through if they are able to offer the highest, kindest loving energies for their relative needing healing.

You may start to see patterns of light, and swirls of light, or even a single color dominate your field of vision. Just allow the angels and guides to do their work through you, and observe. Sometimes, you may want to call up certain colors of light, so it is beneficial to look at certain colors for a long while until you can close your eyes and just visualize that color of light, so that you can call it in when necessary. Just in a very, very general way, I use blues for truth and inner strength, greens for physical healing, pinks for nurturing and self-love, whites for overall balance and overall health, gold for special boosts of energy and higher love, silver for timelessness and future positive effects, magenta for compassion and support, violet for regeneration and re-alignment of divine patterns, and Galaxy Center White for overall higher dimensional consciousness. I also visualize these colors sparkling at times. As a healer, I feel one is allowed to also use their loving imagination and inspiration, as you are a co-creator with the higher dimensional beings.

I often ask the individual to co-create healing light. Sometimes I will ask them to visualize a globe surrounding and penetrating the particular spot on their body that we are focusing on. Often, I will ask for the person to visualize sparkling white light filling up their whole body from their feet all the way up through the top of their head (crown chakra), and that they then visualize all the space around them as white sparkling light that pours in through the top of their head, creating a flowing circuit of white light going in and out of their body.

Another thing I often do is kneeling on my right knee, to stay grounded and connected to Gaia, and to remain humble in my efforts. Also, I envision the person being healed sitting in a pillar or column of light that reaches from the core of the Earth out to infinity, and I allow myself to be blessed by this pillar of light as well.

There are plenty of other ways that I try to help heal people. One of them is to never charge money for the healings so that the work remains pure of heart, and this is specific just to me. If while I am doing a healing, I begin to think of personal thoughts and I feel my ego popping up, I just gently stop that line of thinking, and re-establish my intentions, which are to focus on healing for this individual that is trusting in me to do the good work. Re-stating in my mind my highest intention to help them quickly puts my ego to sleep, and then I can immediately re-focus, which feels like success.

While I am in conscious connection with the higher dimensional beings (guides and angels and loving extra-terrestrial civilizations), I am always trying to focus through my heart but still use my mind to be able to receive communications in the form of a sort of mental telepathy from them, and on rare occasions I will be prompted to pass on information to the individual. However, I never recommend any medical advice, and always encourage the individual to continue to consult their doctors. I am simply there to add love and positive energies and Light to the process of healing.


There are many occasions where I do not hear anything back from my guides and the angels for a long period of the session, which can last anywhere from three minutes to an hour and a half, but usually between five to fifteen minutes. However, often I will get a response back in the form of flashes of light, often taking the shape of an electric outline of an eye. This is when I know that they are in full participation with me and have responded to my telepathic requests, and recognize my need to hear back from them. Otherwise, I simply have learned to always trust and know that they are there for me in this healing work, which gives me great, great joy.

However, the most difficult healings are those where the person is near death. My goal with the individual who is near death is to relieve as much pain as possible, to give them clarity of consciousness, to extend their time enough so they are able to communicate with their loved ones prior to passing, and to let them know that they are loved unconditionally. Even still, I always hold out hope and ask for a miraculous recovery, even though that has not occurred in any of my experiences so far.

Ending the healing session is also a matter of trusting when you feel that you have done all that you can do to help the person at this time. I will start to get a prompting that this is a good place to stop for the moment, and I may ask the individual if they could re-assess how they feel, and if there are any areas that still need work or attention. If they feel they still have pain, I will go back to the healing work until they are doing even better.

While healing is such a great joy, the reason I call it healing ‘work’ is that it does take a lot of concentration and focus during the session to remain a pure conduit for unconditional Love and healing Light.

I always try to give my deepest gratitude afterwards to All That Is, my guides, their civilizations, and the angels after I have finished the healing work for that session. As well, when I remember the person over the next several days, I will keep sending them healing, loving energies, and ask that the higher dimensional loving beings continue to help them heal. And I really am so happy that I get to do this kind of healing work! For many people, their issue never returns. For others, there may be recurrences or residual discomfort. Some people are healed completely in a single session; others take several sessions and never quite seem to be able to shake the issue. I have learned to detach from the outcome, even though I am always pulling for everyone to be completely healed. I feel that there must be higher purpose and divine destiny in whatever outcome occurs, and yet I am always hoping for the most positive results, and my ego feels a certain sense of deflation when that does not occur. But I always trust in All That Is.

I am scientific by nature, so it took me a year and a half after I started doing healings in the summer of 2010 to finally become convinced that these healings were real, and not simply people patronizing me, or psychosomatic or placebo healing responses. I used to call them ‘healing experiments,’ but now I just call them ‘healings,’ because I know they are divine healings. I have been able to participate in healings that have restored broken bones, eliminated pre-cancer growths, fully healed Mitral Valve Prolapse, expelled West Nile virus, fully healed lung lesions, and assisted in the survival of open heart surgery patient whose first surgeon quit because the person had only a 2% chance of getting off the operating table, etc. So, now I am fully convinced, even in a scientific way. I have kept notes from the many healings, but not all of them, and I know that I have helped upwards of 170 people so far.

About a year after I first started healing, I wrote someone else and explained how I was doing the healing then: “The way I have been healing is that I just meditate and connect with All That Is, and I acknowledge my guides, and I put myself in a place of Love, and ask that healing come through me to the person with all my genuine feeling and love with great sincerity and my hope for their well-being to return. This has been working, and the more joy I bring to the healing session, which usually lasts three to six minutes or so, the better results I am seeing for people. I rest two or three fingers on the spot where they feel is the origin of their pain, cancer or illness. If spirit moves me, I may place my whole hand there, or adjust the position of my hand or fingers to direct the energy coming through. If my mind wanders to personal or ego ideas, I try to clear that away and re-focus on the person I am trying to help heal. I remember that I am tapping into Unlimited Love, and that there is no need for worry or concern, and to just allow Love to flow. When I feel like the healing is done, then I stop. Afterwards, I usually ask the person what they experienced and felt.”

I encourage you not to place any limits [NO LIMITS] on what you can accomplish.





3:D Origin and Background (the Owl Incident Part One)

(Note: I am publishing here for the first time a speech that I gave at a conference of people interested in metaphysics and extra-terrestrials.)

My name is Rick Keefe. I was born here in Tucson in 1962, and I have spent my whole life here in Tucson, went to the U of A in Fine Arts, and eventually put that to use by creating a pop culture business named R-Galaxy that my wife and I have been running for nearly twenty-one years. We  are fairly well received by our clients. Most of you know me from either the store or the two public access shows I have been a part of, “UFOAZ” and “Cosmic Chronicles,” or as a healer.

Back when I was very young, I played little league baseball, I was a competitive swimmer, and I played the piano. I was a newspaper delivery boy with a nine-mile paper route I biked every morning at 4am, the kid in the grocery store who bagged the groceries, and then went home and made 8mm movies blowing up my train set, and lighting my model airplanes on fire in front of my camera. I was an idealistic editorial page editor in high school journalism and a short story writer, a cross country runner, a philatelist, and a budding businessman.  Now, I have a small but self-informed following with my UFO Hypotheses DVD series on YouTube and my UFO Hypotheses website.

Now, just as everyone’s family story is unique, so is mine. My dad was an attorney, and he passed away in January 2013 at age 81. My mother received degrees in education, but became more interested in the adoption of children, and focused a lot of her attention on the Adoption Information Center, which she helped create.

After my sister Colleen and I were born to my parents, they adopted Johnny, the mama’s boy, Joey my sister from Korea who ran away twenty plus times, Shari from Korea, Tommy who is native-American and David who is Mexican (both of whom were terribly abused in foster homes before they came into our family), Marina who came up from Guatemala for a heart operation and ended up staying with us, Jamie a fantastic swimmer of Jamaican heritage, Randi Mae a doe-eyed sweetie, Danny who was Grandma’s boy, and Joey’s daughter Steffi.

Also, during my first eighteen years, two Vietnamese refugees came to live with us. First arrived Chanh, a male law student who spent much of his time driving my mother and various of my brothers and sisters around town. Chanh arrived with forty other Vietnamese men who were refugees, and Chanh was the only one who had all his four limbs intact. All the other Vietnamese men I met were either paraplegic or quadraplegic, due to our aggressive war in Vietnam. Then came Toni, a street-smart teenage Vietnamese girl who escaped on a Malaysian refugee boat that was then attacked by pirates, before she safely made it to Malaysia and then the U.S.

Whenever we were all out at a restaurant together, I was often treated to the specter of racism before my very eyes in the way that numerous waiters, hostesses and clerks would treat us differently, between each other, and also compared to the other tables they waited on while I sat and observed them. Still, I’m hopeful that in many places, we are progressing beyond racist behavior, but when I encounter it, I find it very distasteful.

Since age eighteen when I left home, I’ve been out on my own, trying to make a living. I have never had a professional job. I’ve worked in radio stations, in television studios, and on a couple Hollywood films, but always in low-level positions. And I worked as a video rental clerk before finally going into business for myself twenty one years ago with our pop culture store here in Tucson. I spend most of my time between our business and at home with my wife, mother-in-law, our canine son Louie, and now with three cats, Ashitaka, Kyoko and Oyuki. May our sharpei daughter Niea and kitty daughter Gigi rest in peace.

My wife and I watch sit-coms, Japanese animation, science fiction and romantic comedies. I have only a select few friends, and I don’t go out as often as I would like, due to financial considerations. I spend much of my time researching, writing, and making my very independent style of film documentaries.

I get excited about finding rare, esoteric books on belief systems, extra-terrestrials, metaphysics , philosophy, music and filmmaking. Once I lock onto a certain topic, I pour all my energy into learning about it, distilling it down to the essential understanding, and then sharing it with others through my point of view. My research projects tend to balloon into huge, decade long endeavors, because I want to explore all facets thoroughly in order to gain the clearest understanding I can.

In 1984, I balked at my university Theater Instructor’s demand that each of us spend time sweeping and cleaning the theater as part of our classroom education. I was paying my way through university working several jobs and taking out student loans. I protested to the instructor: I don’t have time to be earning money to pay for my schooling, and then receiving in return for my education dollar being told that I must sweep up after the upperclassmen.

So my instructor said that the only alternative was to write a twenty page research paper, which I gladly accepted over sweeping, and that paper mushroomed into an encyclopedia on filmmaking theory from the director’s point of view on every aspect of filmmaking. I started the project in 1984, and I am still not finished. It represents twenty feet of research, hand written from the original book source or photo-copied, cut and pasted, and exceeds 134 chapters presently, and incorporates direct quotes from over one thousand filmmakers from around the world.

With the encyclopedia, the influence of my multi-racial family upbringing is obvious, as I try to let everybody from all cultures have a voice in the collective gathering of ideas. I hope to be successful enough one day to buy back my time and finish the work. It holds an amazing amount of wisdom.

Here’s another example of how I am a little bit different. When I was about three or four years old, and I would visit my grandparents in Tombstone, Arizona where they lived and worked. I would spend time walking through the desert, avoiding the mine shafts as they had warned me about, and looking for rocks and minerals. My grandparents recalled telling me that they found me talking to the rocks. I guess I just had a passion or something because by third grade I had written a one-hundred page book on rocks and minerals, which I then burned because I felt it was too plagiaristic. By sixth grade I was taking geology classes at the University of Arizona, where the students gently teased me and called me “The Brain.”

Even in high school, I was always discussing philosophical concepts with any friend or teacher who was willing to engage with me, as I tried to figure out what I believed in.

In high school, I could have graduated in my junior year. However, I realized since I had already started school when I was five and the other kids were six years old, if I graduated early, I would have no chance with the girls who would then be two years older in university. My experience up to that time was that both high school girls and college girls were almost always dating guys older than them, so I reasoned I would have no chance for to date unless I stuck around another year.

In my senior year in high school, I won a lot of awards in Junior Achievement, and I was also honored with the Sears Leadership Award and given a small scholarship, but more importantly a book that talked about four aspects that make up a good leader: physical, emotional, mental, and a quality that surprised me: spiritual.

At that time, I considered myself an agnostic who was still open-minded and searching. I had been baptized Catholic, which was my Dad’s religion. By age six, we were going to my mother’s church, which was Protestant, where I was thrown out of Sunday school for apparently asking too many of the wrong, penetrating questions that a young child had no business contemplating.

A few years later, we ending up in a progressive Methodist church where there was lots of singing, dancing, and poetry. As my parents were generally adopting older, harder-to-place children into our family, there were always new belief systems and ways of thinking coming into our household, and I had to learn to adjust and accommodate for their benefit and integration into our family. I was always hearing foreign languages, learning about different lands and customs from numerous foreign university students who would come to visit us, and also having to deal with all the mental and emotional issues that the newly adopted children brought with them. It didn’t always work well, and there were some very difficult childhood years, especially as my parents grew in different directions, apart from each other.

So, it was a very complex childhood that left me wide open to all ways of thinking. In college, I aspired to writing novels, and in one of my half-finished books about a group of people who had joined a cult in their honest search for enlightenment, but found themselves persecuted by outsiders and their cult’s own leader, I created a middle-aged Chinese character, but since I didn’t know much about oriental philosophy, I added a class at the U of A called Chinese philosophy, and discovered the Tao.

Wow! Finally I had encountered the way of thinking that I had been naturally practicing my whole life, but here it was in words in front of me for the first time. As I began to share my wonderful discovery with other students and friends, my interest in the spiritual seemed to turn most people off. They wanted to party, talk about pop culture, and generally engage in the philosophy of Fun. But I was happy. I had found my thing, and it was Taoism.

And then, a guitarist friend who had started dating a former girlfriend of mine shared a book with me that his mother had really taken to, and that was THE NATURE OF PERSONAL REALITY by Seth. And this book blew me away. It really did. It was so deep and enthralling, and I had to understand every word. I would read and contemplate, read and contemplate, and I could only manage to read five or six pages a day because the concepts were so deep and mind-expanding to me. I loved it, and found my way to getting all of the Seth books.

I spent most of the 1980s reading Seth, the Tao, and quotes by film directors from around the world talking about their beliefs, their cultures, and their inspiring moments. So this is what I mean when I say that I spend much of my time contemplating social belief systems. I am the kind of guy who will always try to jot down an inspired thought before I forget about it, and I had piles of scrap paper notes that I would eventually transcribe into this notebook or that, on this subject or that.

I kept trying to understand how life on Earth could be so messed up, and out of balance, and why people behaved in the ways that they do. Especially people who would go to church on Sunday and proclaim love for all, and then encourage their kids to join the military and go off and kill people in foreign lands.

I kept trying to find people who could give me a broader perspective, and I would pick their brains, and ask them tough questions, questions I wanted answers to, and that has blossomed into my unpaid career as a freelance video journalist.

I find people who have interesting belief systems and cosmologies, and I study them as much as I can with the resources at my disposal, I make contact with them, and then I barrage them with a thousand questions in hope of becoming more enlightened myself.

My wife and I are of the economic lower class, and it wasn’t until 2006 that the price of a computer that could do video editing had dropped down enough in price that I could begin to pursue filmmaking. I could have gone off to Hollywood like several of my friends much earlier, but I had read enough to realize that the Hollywood Machine would have stolen my ideas, chewed me up and destroyed my passion for independent expression. I had read enough about film directors who were obstructed by the studios, producers, bankers, insurance companies, fundamentalists, egotistical film actors, and a myriad of other obstacles by the powers that be which control mass media.

So I made the choice to try to become independently wealthy, and make films the way I wanted to see them finished. I wanted final cut, and if I couldn’t have final cut, I wouldn’t set myself up for disappointment and heartache just for a bunch of lousy dollar bills.

Another turning point in my evolution was when I was reading an article about Spielberg around 1984, and I became upset because he had chosen to terrorize all of us with “Jaws,” even though I realized that he had the capability of making much more uplifting films. I tried not to judge him, but I decided that I would need to be a responsible filmmaker, and that I really needed to contemplate the ripple effects of anything that I would choose to create. This was re-inforced after I had written a Monty-Pythonesque version or Shakespeare’s RICHARD III. A female friend Nola read it and wanted to play a major role in it, but she asked me to minimize the bloodshed. I resolved not to write about violence irresponsibly in her honor, after she was found murdered behind a convenience store, leaving behind her husband and two children.

So by 2006, I had been studying the extra-terrestrial phenomena for about eighteen years, and I felt like I could stand responsibly behind the type of productions I envisioned putting out for people.

One of my decisions was to make films about the taboo subjects within the taboo field of UFO research. I would go to the razor’s edge where professionals and sane men were afraid to tread, and I would help keep it open for public exploration and discussion, and treat it with a tough, analytical approach that appealed to the highest common denominator instead of the lowest.

I would pack the documentaries with information, and almost overload them so that the interested viewer would have to watch the film a second time to take in everything. And I think because I was raised by both a teacher and an attorney who grilled me often and made me justify my opinions and reasoning, I took this approach on my 2009 documentary called  S-4 INFORMERS. I presented it in a form as if I was having to present my case to a jury. This resulted in a six and a half hour long documentary. Well, at least it is thorough, right?

My passion for exposing this ugly side of our society was encouraged by my appreciation for photo-journalists like W. Eugene Smith, who wrote and photographed the ugliness of World War II and other transgressions like the mercury poisoning in Minamata, Japan. And Don Bolles, who was an investigative crime reporter in Arizona who was literally blown to pieces pursuing his stories of corruption.

I want to make it clear that I do not aspire to be blown up or injured, but instead that I feel compelled to protect our civil liberties, the Bill of Rights, and the human rights of the common man who wants to pursue life, liberty and happiness as his own free will inspires him.

I tended in the 2000s to go off on rants occasionally, but as more and more of my documentaries are reaching a wider audience, my ranting is finally subsiding to a more acceptable level. I never really ranted until after the mockery of an election in 2000, and the Bush vs. Gore fiasco. After the Supreme Court decided in favor of Bush and overruled the Florida Supreme Court and stopped the recount just as Gore was about to surpass Bush on a Saturday afternoon, I began my ranting. Now, after years of meditation, I try to put more energy into being myself rather than ranting about the world.

I had always wanted to write fiction screenplays and make big science-fiction epics, but due to my choices about eschewing the Hollywood Machine, I turned toward documentary filmmaking. I still hope to make my feature films one day, and I am hoping that the universe will allow that to happen for me, if that is where the highest good will be. Mainly, I am trying to contribute to a greater understanding of what our lives on Earth are all about, and share that with my fellow Earthbound human beings.

I like to think of myself as open-minded, GDI (goddamned independent), a refined analyst, a critical thinker, and a person who is highly distrustful and skeptical about people in leadership positions, because I have found that almost every leader abuses power or succumbs to greed.

I am also what I call “an infrastructure nerd.” I get excited about improvements to my society in the form of better roads, safer bridges and dams, earthquake-resistant structures, solar and wind power and other green alternative energy sources. I like projects that really improve our quality of life so that we all have time to pursue our spiritual nature.

Even though I am of low income, I consider myself somewhat of a philanthropist in that I try to be generous with what I have. In 1987, I confounded everyone I knew by giving away my four thousand LP record album music collection to the local community radio station KXCI. My parents and boss and others thought I was out of mind, but I had felt like I was doing something wonderful for the community, because it was music that had helped me get through much of the turbulence of my youth, and I wanted other people to be able to experience the music instead of just me hoarding it.

Donating the record collection was a truly liberating experience for me, and it released me from materialism, even though no one around me understood that. It is with that same spirit of “infrastructure improvement” that I also give away almost all my UFO Hypotheses DVD projects. Now, looking back, I feel that I have been just trying to help uplift the frequency of the planet in my own unique way.

Now, you may understand who is behind this blog, and who is putting out the UFO Hypotheses material and who is tossing out questions and opinions on the occasional public access program.

And here is where I’d like to turn this article toward my connection to the UFO phenomena.

On the evening of Wednesday May 20, 1987, I was visiting my family’s house and watching the second half of “Salem’s Lot.” I was 24 years old, living alone and unmarried at that time, and had been living by my own means since age eighteen, but this night I had come over for a visit after several months of turmoil in my life, due to my parents. Vampire films had fascinated me because I always liked to see how good people defeat these energy leeches.

During the movie, there came out of nowhere a terrible electric thunderstorm, when the power went out in the house, and the electricity remained off for over forty minutes. Some of us had gathered in the dining room waiting it out for the power to come back on, but after awhile I decided to go back to my apartment. The storm had mostly subsided after the power had first went out and I was driving west down Speedway, which at that time was only a single lane road until it reached the intersection I would encounter first, Pantano Road, at which point Speedway widened to three lanes on either side.

However, I was still several hundred yards from the intersection when I saw a huge white owl standing in my lane. I had never seen an owl as big as this.

My immediate thought was, “The thunderstorm must have brought the owl down from the Catalina mountains to the north.” As I drove and got closer and my mind raced for an explanation, I thought, “There’s no way that could be a dog, standing on its hind legs, could it?”

I looked carefully down the long single-lane road. No. It was a four foot white owl, and as I got closer and closer, I kept expecting it to spread its wings and fly up and off, but it didn’t.

I am very reluctant to hurt any living creature, and I thought, “I can’t hit it. I can’t hit it. Please, God, don’t let me hit it!” Suddenly, I had to swerve to avoid hitting the owl and I swung the steering wheel hard to the left yet under control, then corrected back to the right since I had gone completely into the opposite lane, even though there were no oncoming cars, and as I swerved back, I felt a mixture of pride and relief for not injuring the owl. I quickly looked in the rear view mirror and then over my right shoulder to see the owl, expecting to see it flying off, but I never saw it again. I felt shaken up and I didn’t feel like stopping, and just drove straight back to my apartment.

A curious detail that I find amusing is that the moment after swerving, I remember the car radio working and playing the song, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by the Byrds. My Ford Fairmont always had bad electrical problems, and the radio would only work intermittently, and by two weeks later, that car radio never worked again. I can not remember anything else about that evening. I think that I must have gone home and gone straight to bed. In those days, I was very much inclined to stay in my apartment and work on my film encyclopedia.

Curiously, over the next few months while I continued my ongoing film research, TIME magazine began running an ad campaign using “Turn! Turn! Turn!” and every time the ad came on the tube, I would recall “The Owl Incident.” Over the months and years, I would recall this event from time to time. Once, I was in a camera shop to purchase a tripod, and another customer was talking about his bird photography to the clerk. I interjected into their conversation that one time I had seen a four foot white owl after a thunderstorm, but the nature photographer was insistent that owls did not grow to that size, and I insisted right back that they must because I had personally witnessed one, and that it was solid white.

I told a couple of my friends about the owl, and we all shrugged it off since no one had ever heard of an owl that big.

A year or two later, a co-worker of mine at a video store I worked at brought in a book by a science fiction and horror author who had been on the Johnny Carson show. He knew that I liked science fiction, and said that it read like science fiction, but that the author had claimed that it was all true. He was fascinated by it, and asked me to read it and see what I thought. I borrowed the book, but didn’t bother to read it until about six months later. The book was about extra-terrestrials.

When I began reading it, I found it interesting, but when I got to page twenty four, I was shocked. I almost fell out of my chair, so to speak. It said: “I did not know that the owl and the light were screen memories that concealed a traumatic experience. As described by Freud, the screen memory is a method that the mind uses to shield itself from things too upsetting to recall.”

I became self-aware that most all of my writing (my novels, my film encyclopedia, my comedy and dramatic screenplays) has included mention of extra-terrestrials. It was then that I began reading all sorts of books on the subject of UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

But I needed to be convinced a little more that something unusual may have happened that night back in 1987, so I decided to go to the University of Arizona library, which was like my second home since I spent so much time there checking out film books by the score. I wanted to pinpoint the exact date. I used the microfilm archives of the Arizona Daily Star to find the TV listings of when the second half of “Salem’s Lot” had aired. After checking the local news section and finding no reports of any UFO sightings reported, I decided to start at the front page and work my way through the newspaper from the day after the thunderstorm. And on the very front page, I found an article that sent a chill down my spine. It was like a revelation.

The headline of the front page article was: “God-Made Storm Leaves Half-Inch of Rain.” The most striking part of the article was the admission by the National Weather Service spokesman responding to the fact that the storm did not come in on any weather front, but had simply materialized out of nowhere. The weather spokesman was quoted:

“The weather is definitely unusual. The month of May is normally pretty dry. But who knows, if you checked weather records back for one thousand years, this may not be that unusual. But our records go back only one hundred years, so this seems unusual.”

Here’s my drawing of the owl I did around that time:

OwlIncidentMay1987 001

And here’s the newspaper article:

AzDailyStarMay1987FrontPage 001

I never told any of the local authorities, or any of the Air Force about the “owl incident.” I didn’t tell my dad, who besides being a successful attorney was also a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force Reserves, and recruited athletes to the Air Force Academy. I kept it to myself aside from one letter to a UFO researcher, who wasn’t interested and referred me to a hypnotherapist for a hypnotic regression, which I chose not to do.

From my UFO research, I started noticing that I had a number of interesting similarities to other people who may have had a real unusual encounter. I had constant nosebleeds for about ten years. I had a unusual cyst taken out of the back of my neck. I often had dreams of extra-terrestrial beings. I also could often hear a peculiar high frequency in one or the other ear.

Thus, began my earnest search into what was happening here on Earth with regard to UFOs, a topic that is still mostly taboo and highly ridiculed in our society, especially by those in authority.

When I met my wife Maritza, we were both drawn to things metaphysical, and from 1990 on, our journey has been shared together, and she has endured my passion and my obsession for this subject matter.

In the early 1990s, I found myself working at a different video store in the same shopping plaza as a metaphysical-New Age bookstore called the Blue Millennium. There I met the core group of UFO enthusiasts whom I still am involved with to greater and lesser degrees today. I was able to hear lectures from some of the best guests around the United States, because they would often appear on a local public access program, “UFOAZ.” After a time, I was invited on to be a co-host. This lasted about a year and a half, before I left to open our pop culture business.

During that year and a half stint on “UFOAZ,” there was an occasion where both of my co-hosts were out of town at a Gulf Breeze Florida UFO conference, and I was able to produce the entire show about “UFOs in Africa.” The live show was interspersed with video segments that I had put together. My show’s guest was a friend and mentor to me named Andre Swancy, who had worked in the bowels of the Smithsonian Institution where he observed artifacts of great historical significance that pointed to extra-terrestrial involvement with Earth that were never allowed to see the light of day in front of the public eye.

I learned a lot from Andre, and both myself and Maritza, who floor-managed the “UFOS in Africa” show, learned that we could put a really interesting program together. Maritza occasionally contributes her great still photography to projects I make. Our most recent joint project was one for a Hopi elder friend who allowed us the privilege of filming several dances that are rarely allowed to be intimately filmed, but he and the tribe allowed us. That was quite an experience for both of us, and we hope that we can show that film to those of you who are interested very soon.

My wife and I have seen at least four UFOs between us. Once together in Rocky Point where the object that looked the size of a large star zipped up and down in diagonal paths before shooting off while we shouted to our other friends down by the shoreline to look up and see it. They did not see it, but we did, and I find it fascinating that some people have visitations, and others do not. It turned out, however, that one of those two friends had also seen UFOs, and her mother had experienced seeing a being which she describes as being non-human on the other side of her screen door here in Tucson decades ago.

My wife saw another UFO while I was driving us back from a trip to Guatemala when we were in Mexico a few hours outside of Brownsville, Texas. It had a blue glow.

A few years later, I was going to pick up Maritza at her belly-dancing class, and I saw a UFO by myself, and I shared that on “UFOAZ” with viewers at that time.

A few years back, Maritza and I saw another UFO, and drove all around town trying to follow it, and get a closer look.

After all my research, would I recommend trying to make contact with a UFO? Now, I would say no, don’t bother, because you never know who may be flying the thing, and it might not be healthy or safe. If you are meant to have contact, I believe it will happen anyway, but it may be a mistake to put out an open invitation, like Dr. Steven Greer and his associates do, because you never know who may just decide to answer.

After I retired from the “UFOAZ” program, I kept privately pursuing my UFO research, and this led me to Wendelle Stevens home for an interview on the Pleiadians. I did an early interview with Bob Dean at the Blue Millennium, and I kept reading books and scouring the TV listings for anything UFO, and recording it to VHS for future reference.

In October 1994, Tim Beckley held a spectacular UFO-New Age- Metaphysical conference in Phoenix, and Maritza and I traveled up to Phoenix, with pages of prepared questions for most of the speakers at the event, questions that I had prepared weeks before. I researched thoroughly so that whomever I was able to gain an interview with, I had all my research and questions prepared already so that I could get really intelligent, flowing interviews direct from the source.

My personal approach was also very different from that of “UFOAZ.” I did not feel the need to play devil’s advocate. My goal was to present sincere, well-educated individuals to a larger audience who may not otherwise have a platform to view their findings in the field of UFO research and related fields of study. I wanted to present the work of these individuals in such a way as to give their viewpoint a sincerely open-minded look without the typical debunking and ridicule present in most media forums.

In my style of presentation, the greatest opportunity is given for speakers to present their full stories without derogation, and allow the viewer to hear a presentation in its fullest form, and especially to allow the viewer to make up their own mind, without being told by another “authority” or “expert” how to think about what the speaker has presented.

When I make my documentaries, subtitles, cues, and short summaries of ideas are often “fonted” over a speaker or image in order to help those audience members who may be new to the subject matter in order to keep up with what are often very detailed, specific esoteric points, and also in an effort to make clear references when pronouns are being used, so that the information is most clearly understood. In this manner, I present the speaker directly to the audience without filtration, in the purest attempt at direct communication of each speaker’s ideas.

Within minutes of strolling the vendor’s tables at Beckley’s conference, and keeping an eye out for my most desired interview subjects, I saw a man stroll in that I most wanted to interview. “UFOAZ” had interviewed him earlier, but I had not been a part of that interview. I took his information much more seriously than the lead host of “UFOAZ,” and I really wanted to ask him deeper, more penetrating questions.

That man was Alex Collier, who claimed to be a contactee. His information had touched not only my intellect, but my intuition. I approached Alex and introduced myself, and found that he was just checking into the hotel. I asked him for an interview, and he immediately agreed, and within ten minutes of knowing him, I filmed what has become known as “UFO Hypotheses: Alex Collier Volume One” I hope that some of you have seen this interview already. If YouTube is any indication, nearly half a million people have seen it. When Maritza and I presented this DVD at the International UFO Congress in 2007, we were literally swarmed by scores of people for this DVD. For some reason, it really connects with a lot of people.

While making clear that the information was not his own material but theirs, the Andromedan ET perspective that Alex shared really resonated with me and this set me on a path of spending the next ten years or so trying to verify the information.

I brought Alex Collier to Tucson the next year for a small workshop on Easter Day 1995. That lecture has since became “Alex Collier Volume Two,” but not until years later as all the UFO interviews I was making in the mid-nineties were suddenly lost without a trace for nearly eight years, until I rediscovered half of them in 2003.

When I played again the interview I had done with Alex in 1994, and I heard him say that we here on Earth had to get our house in order by July or August of 2001 or events would occur that could lead us into a very dark time. I nearly fell out of my chair again as I recalled the events of September 11, 2001. Alex had alluded to this back in October of 1994.

By 2003, I had been introduced to David Icke’s material, which I felt helped strongly support the Andromedan information. I began compiling more and more information, and wondered why in a field like UFO research that there was such a taboo against talking about reptilian ETs. I know some peope dislike David Icke, but I feel that his research is immensely ground-breaking and thorough, and I can clearly separate his personal life from his research.

Like a good investigator, I paid attention to all my sources of UFO information, still trying to be responsible and validate what I was finding in the Collier–Andromedan information. So, I decided that it was time to call Lt. Col Wendelle Stevens again, and ask for another interview. This was in the spring of 2004. I asked Wendelle all about reptilians that day when he came over to my house, and Wendelle said that he knew nothing about reptilian ETs.

Still, I asked his forbearance, and that maybe he might be able to answer one or two, even if he only knew a little about them. I proceeded to continue to grill him with all the questions about reptilian ETs that I had prepared. And as it turned out, Wendelle did know something about reptilian ETs, in fact quite a bit. He told me about a case involving a woman who had regular sexual relations with a reptilian ET. He shared with me another case that he had researched along with UFO Newsclipping Service editor Lucius Farish, about a Cherokee American Indian girl named Phyl Pierceall who was in contact with green-skinned reptilian humanoid ETs who claimed to be visiting from a planet beyond the star Rigel. However, Wendelle explained that this was not the area of research that he wanted to pursue, and that he would direct reptilian ET cases to other researchers.

Wendelle and I did connect somehow that day, and Wendelle agreed to keep coming out to my home about every month or two for three to four hours at a time for more interviews about Pleiadian ETs and all the other books that he had written or published. A dream that I didn’t know I had came true, and my UFO-ET Contact mentor came into my life. My original intention was just to add to my investigation of the Andromedan material, but it mushroomed into something much bigger.

By 2005, as Wendelle continued to shared openly all the facets of his own fascinating life with me while he conveyed how he became involved in investigating each of these cases, I implored Wendelle to write his own autobiography, but Wendelle was not interested in that. Rather than write his own life’s story, Wendelle would rather keep writing his books, now published in disc format due to the high cost of publishing in standard book form. So I asked him if I could write his biography, and he agreed to let me, and so I began year by year of his life, following his maturation from pilot to world-renowned UFO-ET contact investigator. And this project was still ongoing when Wendelle passed away from lung disease on September 7, 2010.

It is hard for me to put into words what my association and friendship with Wendelle has meant to me personally. Wendelle treated me with great respect, as an equal, and shared his most personal triumphs and tragedies with me. We journeyed to UFO conferences together when I could afford to go, and I could call him up at any time with any questions I had. I built an Amazon store for him to sell his books and I created a website for him where he could sell directly to customers. When Maritza and I were having our most difficult financial times during the beginning of the depression/recession, Wendelle always made sure that I had food, dropping by baskets of food during the last years of his life to us and several hundred families every month, as this became his huge charity project for the community in his final years.

Because of what Wendelle shared with me about the disposition and break-up of the APRO files and other UFO legacy collections over the years, I pleaded with him to consider finding a permanent home for his UFO library with some group or institution that he trusted so that all his sixty-plus years of research would not get scattered to the four winds like so many other collections had before him. I encouraged him to leave his legacy available for all serious UFO-ET researchers, including myself.

Wendelle told me a lot of closely guarded UFO-related secrets, and I never betrayed his confidence. Wendelle listened to me because he trusted me and knew that I only had his best interests at heart, because he knew that I had grown to love him like a grandfather, and he told me on several occasions before he passed away that he loved me. Wendelle and his wife Suzy did eventually find a suitable repository for his life’s work with the help of his longtime friend and associate Jim Dilettoso, who helped place Wendelle’s research with the Open Minds Foundation in Phoenix.

During all my years of interviewing Wendelle, he would often digress to a case about a sentry who ended up on his doorstep in 1991 who claimed to be both a guard and a paid government assassin, based inside a secret laboratory complex within Area 51, called S-4. As Wendelle’s age and health issues became more pronounced, I decided that it was probably time to explore this case to its fullest before he and other key witnesses were to pass on. This was the last major project I completed with Wendelle before he passed away in 2010.

I have nearly one hundred hours of Wendelle on high quality digital tape, answering all manner of questions about his life and research, and I hope to share all of this with you over the next several years. However, I have to do it in the way that Wendelle trusted me to release the information, with careful accuracy.

I will also be continuing to release the “UFOHypotheses’ UFO Crash At Aztec” series, as well as other metaphysical programs throughout the coming years.

Jim Nichols also reappeared in my life around 2005. Jim was laying low in regard to putting out UFO-related material, and was unnerved by the growing power of the Bush-Cheney-CIA regime. Jim visited me at R-Galaxy and wondered if I would sell some of his art prints, which we did. It was then that we really re-connected and have since shared many happy moments, information, observations, and opinions together. I was also able to interview Jim and Wendelle together side-by-side, and those DVDs will be forthcoming.

Jim urged me around this time, based on my interest in the reptilian ET research that I was pursuing, to visit Peggy Kane, who was involved in reverse speech and electronic voice phenomena research. This led me down the dark side of ET involvement with Earth in a way that some viewers of my documentaries find very disturbing.

When I premiered “Peggy Kane Volume One” at the International UFO Congress, there were film festival judges who became very distraught to the point of tears, and begged the Congress to be allowed to stop watching the documentary. Unfortunately, as we all know, the UFO-ET field of research is not all rosy and uplifiting. But somehow we have to overcome our fears.

I have also filmed and am editing very good interviews with Bob Dean, Michael Salla, John Lear, Tim Beckley, Linda Moulton Howe, Grant Cameron, and many other respected UFO researchers.

In 2010, my search had led me to this realization which I posted at the top of my website: “Reflection is when we ask ourselves how we are all together going to rise above all the issues that are posed by both the ancient and still ongoing extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and by the state of civilization left for us because of centuries of greedy Earth leadership and their warmongering.”

However, I am also trying to branch out and explore other parts of myself aside from my UFO interests, like making music and producing fiction films.

One of the key reasons that I developed a passion for UFO contact research, besides Wendelle’s influence, was to understand what spiritual philosophies were motivating the benevolent extra-terrestrial races. I have always been looking for ET contact communications that were of the same caliber as Taoism and the Seth material.

I have found some good passages from the four volumes of “Messages From The Pleiades” that Wendelle had translated. As an interesting sidenote, it turns out that a private art tutor of mine in the late 1980s was the same German woman who, several years before, had translated one of the “Messages” books for Wendelle. Even before I met Wendelle, this woman, my art teacher, had done three consecutive Tarot readings for me one night, each reading had almost the same exact cards in the same exact positions, and each of the three readings indicated that I would receive much help from a special mentor.

Now, I am very focused on finishing my philosophy book that incorporates extra-terrestrial teachings and other teachings from Gandhi, Lao-Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda and other brilliant spirits into one book that I can use on a daily basis for guidance, and I am hoping that this book will help other people as well.

I continue my freelance filmmaking, and hopefully there will be more coming with my fledgling association with elders of several of the Pueblo nations here in Arizona and New Mexico. And, of course, I will continue to add to the UFOHypotheses website and DVD series.

However, my life took its biggest turn in 2010, when a million things were happening to me all at once, including conversations with entities who I believe are extra-terrestrials. I discovered through the encouragement of these same extra-terrestrials that I had the ability to heal people in my own special way. I’ll share more about that in my next post.

Thank you for reading all the way through this long article.




2:D destiny and freewill

Now that I have created my own diary (after several years of waiting) I am asking myself what direction I want to take this, and who am I writing it for. In the end, I guess I am really writing it for myself, because after all: it is my diary, and no one is going to care more about my life than myself.

So, dear reader, remember that. I may pretend like I am writing this blog for you and other readers to share some of my experiences, insight and humor that I gained along my path, but since most people care the most about themselves, naturally their interest in somebody else’s life- in this case, mine- is going to be far less than my own interest in myself. Sometimes, the act of setting down on paper my feelings helps me get a better eagle’s eye view of this magical, shared-reality here on Earth. However, I have no ulterior motives inviting you to share my journal other than to offer up my version of reality, in the hopes that I connect with a few of you who can appreciate my views, as you share yours with me , which you can do in the comments section of this blog.

And so, when each of us manifest here on Earth and incarnate as a newborn child, being born from a woman who was seeded by a man, we each may ask ourselves, “Was this my destiny to be born into my particular family and circumstances, or did I choose it out of my freewill? Is my life and fate determined by destiny or freewill?”

If it’s destiny, then why bother making decisions and choosing anything, right? Because destiny implies that no matter what choice you make, you will end up with a particular, pre-determined outcome. And if it is freewill, then why doesn’t everything you choose become reality? Life appears more as a blend, and maybe, the question should be written with “and” instead of “or”: destiny and freewill.

Destiny and freewill together may suggest that life is not really about choosing one extreme or another in a holographic construct of polarized opposites. Maybe life is a balancing act in a world of apparently incongruent, opposing forces, but only on the surface appearance. Maybe life is much deeper than choosing some friends over others, one country over all the other nations, bigger and deeper than choosing one religion, one way to have sex, one team to cheer for, and one truth to live by. Maybe the universe, or the multi-verse for that matter, is infinite enough to accommodate everything, and more.

One of the realizations that has been evolving in my mind over the decades is that there may be room for everything in this infinite multi-verse. Each individual person can have their own personal reality, their own subjective experiences and understandings that are in direct conflict with another person’s reality, and yet in the greater scheme of things, taking the eagle’s eye view of the multi-verse, there is room for all of these apparently opposing and contradictory realities. Maybe paradox is reality, or at least one reality of many.


Webster’s dictionary defines paradox as “a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense, and yet is perhaps true.” I feel that the place to resolve the paradox of destiny and freewill is right within one’s own heart. I’ve found that with meditation, then contemplation, then intention, and finally action, that I am more equipped and better served to travel joyfully through the paradox of life on Earth, and still remain in balance. Meditating suggests that I need to listen for a higher reality instead of letting my brain do all the talking; contemplation suggests that I need to both think and feel with my heart and my mind; intention suggests that I need to contemplate serving others as well as I serve myself; and action suggests that I need to walk my talk, and carry through by honoring everyone so that win-win scenarios are created. In this way, destiny, freewill and paradox are amalgamated into a balanced, multi-versal whole.

Not a black hole, or Alice’s rabbit hole, a donut hole or an a-hole, but a balanced whole.

And this is part of the purpose behind why I have created a public diary. Some of my experiences and reality is so far removed from what appears to be normal, ordinary human experience that I wish to reach out to others to see what benevolent connections we can make to each other’s realities.

I know this blog won’t be written for the millions, or the thousands, or maybe even the hundreds, but just for those few of you who may resonate with what I am going to begin sharing with you, and it is for both you and I that I write this blog and share my continuingly strange and wonderful journey.

And it would be just that much more wonderful if you would care to reply and comment to these articles if you feel so benevolently inspired. You would probably need to join WordPress.com for free to do this. I’m so new to all this at this point that I don’t know for sure. Otherwise, you can always write to me at rick@ufohypotheses.com. My best to each one of you that has taken the time to read up to here.




1:D a strange and wonderful journey

Welcome to this collection of layered harmonies joining together in  a room of reflecting light, while an obsessed disc jockey spins golden platters of sparkling raindrops that scatter randomly among the webs of infinity.

In other words, it’s been a strange and wonderful journey that I’d like to share with one dedicated reader: maybe you. I decided to start this blog because my life is too wonderfully weird not to write about it, and I wanted more latitude to explore more personal avenues than are appropriate for my ufohypotheses.com website.

To inaugurate the intuitive direction I will follow here, I drew a card from the Tarot, to get a sense of what influence is suggested at this time, and the card I drew was from the Major Arcana, Judgement.

synchronicity and irony abound
synchronicity and irony abound

Hilariously, and so appropriately, Archangel Gabrielle is pictured blowing her trumpet, as if to wake me up to the depth of synchronicity and irony of which my life consists. If you look up the meanings of the Judgment card, the various definitions of the Judgment card include concepts of self-reflection, meditation, mileposts, epiphanies, awakenings, self-realization,  higher needs, inspiration, intuition, self-trust, hope, guidance, feeling called to action, arising from the unconscious, release, integration, healing deep wounds, respite, peace, heart-consciousness, absolution, and rebirth.  Sounds like a pretty good screenplay that would flop at the box office. Sigh…

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really strange… I'm not kiddin'