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25:D Expand your lives into our realities where we may share together in peace and harmony

The temptation to diminish your own light is often around you in various thought-forms, created by beings that seek to have control over all of you. Whether  you as an individual choose to engage those thought-forms as your own is the question.

Do you want to identify yourself  and your world with negative self-images, or do you want to engage in positive and benevolent forms of thought?

The answer to this question is a fuel which you may use to help manifest the reality that you see before your eyes.  We of the higher realms wish to encourage you to choose benevolent and positive self-images and focus, even while staying neutral, detached and serenely aware of the polarities in this existence that you share together on Earth. For now, Earth is your university, but like all students, you are to graduate and move on and expand your education even further.

Now, with “Oumuamua” traversing through your galaxy, unaffected by the gravitational pulls of the celestial objects it passes by, you are given certain and very real indications of life throughout the universe, but again this is your choice of whether to recognize the greater scope of your existence, or to continue to try to confine your consciousness within  a very limiting box, where negativity and polarity reign, and where you feel that you are the only sentient beings living in the entire infinite universe.

The wake-up calls that you have been demanding have been offered once again, but will you rise to meet this fresh understanding, or will you once again obey the demands of your oppressors and negate this awakening so that your minds may continue to be controlled, and so that you may continue to live in denial and ignorance of your brothers and sisters throughout space and alternate dimensions of reality?

How long will you allow those who have committed the greatest crimes to lead you?

How long will you deny the divinity within yourselves?

How long will you identify yourself with limits, and degrade your own self-worth?

How long will you diminsh yourselves so much that you can’t bear the idea of interacting with advanced and benevolent beings?

What you are seeing with “Oumuamua”  is an extra-terrestrial spacecraft at a certain level of technology. Within the interior of the geological object which constitutes the exterior of the object “Oumuamua,” there exists (within that celestial object) a hollowed out, technological propulsion system and facilities, upon which a collective of certain extra-terrestrial races reside as they travel through this galaxy. They may or may not be benevolent to you, from your point of view, yet they do exist, and have existed in your galaxy for many hundreds of millions of years. Their designs and goals may not necessarily be beneficial for those of you upon Earth, and yet this “Oumuamua”  is most certainly a scientifically manufactured and reality-based spacecraft, operated by intelligent beings whose origins are not from Earth. Therefore, if we may be so bold, this is the kind of evidence of which you seek to clarify for yourselves in your own minds the undeniable reality of life on other worlds. Whether these particular beings are benevolent, neutral or hostile remains for you to discover.

And yet, just as “Oumuamua” exists, and just as the beings that are operating within that spacecraft do exist in your reality, so do many other species and alliances of extra-terrestrial beings exist throughout your galaxy and the billions upon billions of galaxies of which you are already scientifically aware, that  are beyond your world in all directions.

A question you may ponder upon is: when will you begin as individuals acting openly and with honesty to your deeper awareness that beings of all kinds do in fact exist outside the scope of your current reach?

When will you allow for the fact that you are not the most technologically advanced nor spiritually advanced race of beings in the universe?

Does this certain knowledge humble you? Do you feel as if you should diminish yourself and your value because you are not the pre-eminent species in the universe, or does this awareness of other beings in the universe bring you joy and gladness, filling your minds with wondrous opportunities to share, travel and learn from beings throughout the cosmos around you?

We  would like to suggest that you begin today to create an expanded space within your minds and consciousness to allow for a much, much larger reality to unfold into your world, for we of the benevolent persuasion have much we would like to share and offer to you and your world, most especially our love for you and your planet. Yes, we must also share with you that there are those in existence who are hostile to you, your world and your existence, and many of these are engaged in a collective which has intruded into your reality, and has, through your own free will, been allowed to operate just outside your physically limited sight, and have engaged in a form of ownership and slavery over you and your world. However, as your world and solar system begin your return towards the center of the galaxy, that physical veil that prevents your seeing their existence is lifting. You may be shocked by what you see, and who you see operating behind the curtains, so to speak.

Yet, above and beyond the influence of those extra-terrestrial beings who are hostile to you exist many hundreds of thousands of races of intelligent and benevolent beings of all kinds, not just galactic but what you may term as “elemental” and “angelic” and “inter-dimensional,” who want only the most joyous and loving experiences for you and your planet of beings. For you are also a part of us already, and we care for you as we would our own children and brothers and sisters, equal to us in spiritual worth, and connected to us by the breath of All That Is. We are also here, and want to to let you know that we are also real, and do in fact exist. We may not necessarily need vehicles like “Oumuamua” or spaceships in order to move about the universe, although many of us do use physical forms of transportation, many more of us do not, for we have found more spiritually-suited methods for re-location and even bi-location.

This message today is simply a reminder that you can choose to expand your awareness with the evidence that continues to mount that you are not alone in this universe. We wish to suggest that you remind yourselves of this every day, for this will allow for our energies to begin to manifest more prominently in your reality, and at some point in the very near future, you will be able to expand your lives into our realities which we may share together in peace and harmony, for we have already found many avenues and methods to rise above those extra-terrestrial beings of lower expression, so that they no longer have any negative impact upon us at all. We know that you as souls have chosen a series of lifetimes and experiences on Earth in order to produce powerful spiritual lessons for your inner selves, and that those lessons have now come to a point of graduation and expansion.

We are here to award you with that diploma of awareness, and offer you the permanent opportunity to connect and join with us in peace and harmony, as you take the next quantum leap forward and upward in you evolutionary spiral, and begin integrating your world with the rest of your solar system, your galaxy and your multi-verse.

We are overjoyed to have you amongst us, conscious and aware, once again. Please choose to nurture this awareness in a daily way, and begin acting in faith and trust of its true reality, and this will help manifest all the loving benefits that come with this awareness sooner than later.

We welcome you to your universe. May you play and love to your heart’s contentment.

With infinite love,

Your galactic brothers and sisters of the stars


16:D Reflections on Reincarnation (The Owl Incident Part Four)


This is an article about reincarnation and how I currently perceive re-incarnation operates, based on communications that  I have had with two of my guides: first with Loran, an extra-terrestrial and ambassador for the Loridians, an extra-terrestrial race once living in what is now the M42 nebula in Orion, and most recently with an angelic guide, Archangel Metatron.

With the release of forty pages from the Loran transcripts in December 2015 on my 53rd birthday, I hoped then to share with interested readers a chronological assemblage about my past-life as a young science prodigy who became a secret  government scientist, later coerced into working for the U.S. Navy on above-top-secret military projects. Those forty pages, linked here, describe the murder of that man, and how both galactic and angelic beings were involved in the transition of my soul into my current lifetime.

Now, so much of that reincarnation information is deeply familiar to me, after having studied the Loran material for six years, and having compulsively researched the mysteries about extra-terrestrial contact cases for nearly thirty years after my Owl Incident.

However, for those of you who may be interested in this as a case study about reincarnation– there is likely much esoteric extra-terrestrial information presented by Loran for which many readers may have no point of reference. With this article, I am going to attempt to summarize the relevant extra-terrestrial information , while sharing my concepts about my case’s reincarnation aspects and implications, from my point of view.

I’m going to break it down and analyze it in this order: (1) how and why benevolent extra-terrestrials became involved in the very latter stages of the scientist’s life; (2) the reasons why the scientist was murdered on the directives of a malevolent extra-terrestrial alliance; (3) how angelic beings and those who help guide my soul’s journey were involved in applying cosmic law and engaging my soul in an agreement coming into my current lifetime; (4) how and why benevolent galactic extra-terrestrials have employed various actions to help me to fulfill my soul agreement; (5) how the Loridian material has illustrated  some of the cosmic laws and my concepts regarding reincarnation based on my case, and lastly (Coda) how my personal reincarnation case may help to add to our collective understandings about how humanity, extra-terrestrials and angelic beings are all inter-acting together here on Earth.

Channeled information is generally considered right-brain, creative side material, and people with a heavy left-brain orientation are likely to be dismissive or skeptical of this type of information. For nearly all my life, I have been more left-brain oriented. However, I found that I actually did have a healing gift during 2010 just as the Loridians had told me, halfway through what Loran was still sharing material with me up through the end of that year. My healing gift helped expand my right-brain, and helped to create a better balance between right and left brain activity for me. Gradually, I became a more balanced and open-minded person because of these channeling sessions and experiences, and this has further opened me up to many remarkable experiences. The intellectual side of me still insists on analyzing the information, mostly out of “due diligence,” so that I do not fool myself, and lead others astray.

My advice, if you choose to read this material, is that you recognize your mind’s inclinations, and try to foster a balance between both hemispheres as you approach material like this. If you are more left-brained like I was, then try to open up your right hemisphere, and allow yourself to both feel from you heart and imagine. If you are more creative and less analytical, try to be more discerning and logical with material like this. The balanced mind  will be one of our best tools in coming decades, as we encounter a very quickly-expanding universe that we will find ourselves within.



Part One- Service To Others

How and why benevolent extra-terrestrials became involved in the very latter stages of the scientist’s life



During this past life of mine, the scientist began suffering from radiation sickness at around the age of thirty. He had been much involved in the atomic testing throughout the 1940s and the first half of 1950s, and the constant low levels of exposure finally caught up with him. He had become desperately ill and in extreme pain by 1955, and was suffering greatly for the remaining few years of his life, which ended in the summer of 1957. He was ‘disappeared,’ and his body was never found.

He had been greatly involved in secret government science projects, including the Philadelphia Experiment, Project Paperclip, the Phoenix Project, and Montauk, mostly under the direction of his superiors in the U.S. Navy. Even though he was a civilian, he had very high clearances due to his academic credentials, and through family and military associates, like Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal.

A secret government  (akin to how the Freemasons and Knights Templar operate) had formed within the U.S. government, including MJ-12, and the U.S. Navy’s  Office of Strategic Services, which later became the Central Intelligence Agency.  These clandestine groups forming the secret government made secret treaties with an extra-terrestrial alliance, in exchange for off-planet technologies that would make them the most powerful men on Earth.

The secret government had also turned down offers to ally with much more benevolent extra-terrestrials who did not want to give the secret government any advanced technology, because those benevolent ETs did not feel humanity was quite ready for that level of power, which could be utilized for immense destruction.

As time went on,  those within the secret government came to understand that this particular  extra-terrestrial alliance was proving to be very malevolent. Even still, most of the humans involved just relished their growing power; however, some members of the secret government began to see the long-term trap the negative E.T. alliance had sprung upon the United States.

Even by the end of his teenage years, the young scientist had found himself trapped and involved way over his head, having already become directly involved with the Philadelphia Experiment and some very malevolent extra-terrestrials from planets within the Orion constellation. These particular ETs from Orion are most commonly referred to in UFO research as the “Orion Men in Black,” but are also known as the Orion Shadows. They were part of the Orion Group, which also included some very negative reptilian races, some from Orion, some from Zeta Reticuli, some from Alpha Draconis, as well as certain grey alien races from other parts of the galaxy. These extra-terrestrial races had been involved with Earth history and humanity for millennia.

Loran shared much more about this scientist’s life, but the summary above provides enough details to get a clear picture of the young scientist’s life situation.

Loran explained, “He became so discouraged from the amount of pain and the increased problems with his functioning of his lungs and of his other organs, although his lungs were the basis of most of the cancer, yet his other organs were also beginning to be impacted by the cancer. But this aspect of becoming so discouraged did lead to his ultimate demise… He did live as a recluse in these last years, yet he was seen as being greatly depressed.”



It was at this stage of his life that benevolent Pleiadian extra-terrestrials, and the Loridians of the M42 nebula in Orion, made contact with the ailing young scientist who was searching for answers to his health issues, and who was beginning to have serious thoughts about how to expose this awful, secret alliance that he saw as a cancer to humanity.

“During [his last year],” said Loran, “he was having some very interesting dreams, and some of these dreams did present themselves not as dreams. He did have some experiences that were with particular ETs. There was one particular one that was Pleiadian, and was very comforting. At first, he was extremely frightened, but the appearance of this particular one became a great comfort as he grew more ill.”

Finally, the young scientist decided once and for all to expose the cabal. Loran explained that the Loridians had also chosen to help the Pleiadians in this particular case. “As far as we were concerned,” explained Loran,” we also had some connection with him, specifically at the time when he was trying to bring this information out. And we did come in several dreams, and suggesting some possibilities for this. However, one of the greatest problems he had was because he was becoming more ill and had less energy to progress with information. He was finding himself having to rely more upon listening to programming and radio. At first, he wished to get this information to one of the radio networks, but then he decided that it was best to go into a newspaper business as such to bring information to that location. We do feel that he was trying to search for some way of getting the information into the right hands, and he was being given suggestions on this, and this was through some of the Loridians who were involved with that location in that area for there was a strong connection with both Pleiadian and Loridian energy in that region. And there was a strong attraction to the Virginia Beach area as well, specifically related to Edgar Cayce.”




Part Two – Selfish Control Agendas

The reasons why the scientist was murdered on the directives of a malevolent extra-terrestrial alliance



By the spring of 1957, in great pain and agony, and having been in contact for many months with both the Pleiadians and Loridians, the young scientist decided that before he died that he would expose those at the top of the secret government, the Majestic 12. The Majestic 12 group (MJ-12) was made official by secret executive order of President Truman in September 1947, although the members of the group had already been functioning together as a group since the Roswell UFO crash in early July of that year. Two of the key members that encouraged Truman to hand over great power to this group were Dr. Vannevar Bush, and the new Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, a close friend of the young scientist.

Loran explained that “the last three months of his life he was trying to get this information out,” and he put together information packages for both the New York Times and the Washington Post. Part of this expose revealed what was going on with the Montauk projects, and that “it went beyond nations as you know these nations on this planet, and there were those who were involved who were off your planet who were closely monitoring what this project was doing. And there were those who were involved in this MJ-12 who were not specifically from this planet,” explained Loran.



Loran offered some details about those negative off-planet beings connected to Majestic-12, including the Orion group and the reptilians. “We do still see that there is a problem with the Orion faction, if you will, for there is still this negativity which is persisting. And we do feel that this is something, which is, unfortunately, an ongoing concern. Much of this has been done well in advance in the sense of future concerns. They are the group that would have the greatest problematic aspect if you will. Many of the concerns individuals on your planet have concerning the various reptilian races… They have actually migrated to various star systems. This is why this is very difficult to specifically relegate to one particular area. However, their association now with Orion seems to be more than what it was previously, when it was to Zeta Reticuli, even though there are still major reptilian colonies within that particular star system. The one particular group that seems to be of greatest concern now is coming out of Orion…. This is from the belt of Orion. [Mintaka a.k.a. Delta Orionis; Alnilam a.k.a. Epsilon Orionis; and Alnitak a.k.a. Zeta Orionis]. It is not within our specific area…. This is within the Betelgeuse, the particular center that is a very major concern here. And this has been ongoing for some time. However, it has… become more and more of a problem over the last few decades.”


This book, “Flying Saucers and the Three Men,” is in my opinion a most crucial book in understanding the motives and methods of the Orion Men in Black. The book was written by Albert Bender, one of the first pioneers of UFO research, who was visited at his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut in September 1953 by three “men” dressed in black suits who threatened to have him killed unless he gave up his research into the UFO phenomena. In later decades, the media utilized “Men In Black” to confuse the definition and terminology in the minds of the public, as forewarned by George Orwell in his literature. For more on the Orion Group, click here and here



Peter Moon is an author of many books on Montauk, and is considered one of the leading civilian experts in this field of UFO research.  In his Montauk Blog, Moon states : “If you read all the books I have written, you might understand that the Montauk Project was an aborted attempted at total control,” including time travel and time manipulation.

“There is no question,” writes Moon, ” that the Montauk Project embraced far more than was in the book. It expanded and morphed into the HAARP Project and an assortment of others,” reports Moon, and that it included “a conglomeration of different disciplines which included the Phoenix Project (Special Ops satanic work in Vietnam and Korea; Nazi experiments a la Josef Mengele; and MK-ULTRA… Keeping track of it is like keeping track of all the activities of the Antichrist. More than a full time job for thousands. It is important that one see the mechanism at play. It is not so important to chronicle every last detail.”


The original Montauk trilogy by Peter Moon, and for more info click here




“Part of the shadow government” and “other individuals who were very close to this administration…” were involved “in making the decision to kill the young scientist,” said Loran. “Some had already met with their own demise at an earlier time,” like Secretary of Defense Forrestal, when he was ‘suicided’ out of the sixteenth floor of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland in May 1949.

“Your shadow government was very concerned about further information coming forth, specifically about Montauk, because there was more work that was being done at Montauk even at that time (1956-57), and they did not wish for that information to come forth.” Specifically, “The MJ-12 Group… ones close to the Eisenhower administration…. And we do feel that there was even word on this from Eisenhower himself. This may come as a great shock, but he was very well aware of what was occurring with this project [Montauk].”

Loran explained that Majestic-12 and, further up in the malevolent hierarchy, the Orion Men In Black regularly used  “assassination covered by a suicide,” in the name of “liberty” to reign in dissidents like the young scientist. In fact, assassinations by MJ-12 were common, according to Loran.  “This was a part of  ‘the business’ as they saw it,” just as is practiced by large organized crime syndicates. These hierarchies are very well mirrored in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

Unfortunately, there is now a considerable body of circumstantial evidence among UFO researchers that indicates that an alliance, between malevolent Orion Men In Black and negative reptilians, does exist and operates as if Earth humans are their property, within the context of a larger malevolent galactic farming and slave industry.

“What did happen was he [the young scientist] was essentially set up, and he was taken out with an overdose of prescription medication, and these were sleeping pills,” Loran went on to explain. “The suicide, however, and we must bring this to the foreground was not specifically a suicide which you had decided upon, but rather one which was pushed in the sense that it was essentially a murder. And this was the way for an individual such as yourself in this particular lifetime could be prevented from bringing the truth forward.”

My feelings and the images that come to mind when I read Loran’s words (as I do not recall any dreams or visions to substantiate this) are that the sick and dying young scientist was surrounded by several Navy assassins in his home, after Majestic-12 had intercepted his expose packages to the New York Times and Washington Post. Also, I see in my mind several Orion Shadows waiting in the same space but at a lower astral level, terrorizing the young scientist, as they encouraged him to swallow an overdose of pharmaceuticals forced on him by the assassins. Even with all of this pressure and his radiation sickness, the young scientist could still have refused to swallow the pills, but my feeling is that he gave in to their torments.

Loran shared this: “For we do feel that this was not an accidental or suicidal episode, but rather one which was an actual homicide…. We do feel that your death was covered up, and that essentially you went missing.”



As most of us have, I have known people who have committed suicide. I have always abhorred the act, and could never conceive of how someone could do that to themselves and to their loved ones. As my friend Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens cautioned me, the cabal and Majestic-12 will always try to paint a negative picture about journalists and benevolent leaders, and to sully their reputations and memory in the eyes of the public. When they orchestrate an assassination, they utilize all their resources, including major media, to cover their murderous tracks. They will never stop trying to smear the character of a person who has tried to expose them and their ‘business’ of profiting from death and destruction. Wendelle always told me to keep a high profile, which he considered to be the safest insurance policy against assassination. Still, even a high profile does not necessarily help.

Here, I would like to pay my respects and offer my love to the souls of some of those benevolent, truth-seeking people whose lives were destroyed or likely taken under direction of the malevolent cabal: Paul Bennewitz, Don Bolles, William “Bill” Cooper, Philip Corso, Princess Diana, Frank Edwards, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Hastings, Morris K. Jessup, Pres. John F. Kennedy,  Sen. Robert Kennedy, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Jim Lorenzen, Dr. John Mack, Dr. James McDonald, Serge Monast, Silas Newton, Cong. Steven Schiff, Phil Schneider, and Dr. Karla Turner. Your efforts to inform and uplift us still live in our energetic fields!

Just know that if anything were ever to happen to me, and it was made to appear as a suicide, murder or accident, that Majestic-12, the cabal, and the negative extra-terrestrials were behind it, as I would never even consider hurting myself on any level, as I AM one with the Love of All That Is. And I feel protected by my galactic guides, my angelic guides, and All That Is, and I will go through this life with complete confidence and trust in their love and protection.




Part Three- Soul Agreements

How angelic beings and those who help guide my soul’s journey were involved in applying cosmic law and engaging my soul in an agreement coming into my current lifetime



In my view of reality, we live in a multi-dimensional universe, and the science of quantum physics is now tending to support this view. As I understand at this point in my life, as one goes higher up in dimensions, there is less and less negativity, and more and more love. The more benevolent the being, the higher dimensional levels are available for that being to access. Benevolent galactic and angelic beings whose intentions and actions are oriented towards love and service to others tend to operate at the highest dimensional levels. Those beings of lower intentions and service to self agendas tend to reside in the astral or lower fourth dimension and below, but are restricted from operating in the higher dimensional realms of love. However, higher dimensional beings can choose to live or operate in the lower dimensional realms, and often do so out of love and service to others.

“We do understand, ” shared Loran, “that there is a concern with the type of damage occurring, especially from the physical aspects which did scar in many ways this progression for you into this lifetime. We do feel, however, there that was an aspect of recovery, and this is the only word that we can use at this point, for this is essentially what did occur. That even as you were at the point of dying in that particular lifetime, there was a great opportunity for you to connect with the positive individuals or entities who were there working with you…

“Much of the damage which had occurred – and some of this damage was done at the actual time of your death, your physical death– was directed to your entire Soul’s path. And this was  a part, as you are well aware, of the negative ET connections, and specifically we are well aware, for these were a group from Orion, and these have been the ones involved with many of these operations: the so-called Men In Black. We do feel that this was what was being used, and there was a real need for them to try to erase your Soul, if you will, erase all aspects of your life, and to prevent you from entering into another soul agreement in the next lifetime.”

“This was prevented, and it was the intervention of Pleiadian as well as Loridian entities that came in and were able to negotiate with these so-called Men In Black. We do feel that this was extremely difficult, and it was a great deal of sacrifice.”

The young scientist definitely was a “man who knew too much” as he was making big journalistic attempts at exposing the Men In Black and Montauk. The Loridians informed me that the information from the young scientist’s lifetime is still buried within my soul in this lifetime.  When Cathy Star Eagle, who is the channel for Loran, her husband Tom, Jujuolui Kuita, my wife Maritza and I were all on a trip together on the Zuni Reservation spending the night at the home of Clifford Mahooty, a Zuni elder and now a dear friend, there was an attempted abduction made on us by the Orion  Men In Black! So even as late as 2010, the negative extra-terrestrials were still trying to negatively affect me. I will write about this amazing trip, which also included famous UFO contact researcher Wendelle Stevens and his wife,  in a future blog article.



The gifted young medium, Isis-Neith Shanti, was someone whose work, evolution,  and channeled material I studied for several years beginning in early 2011. Before I would allow myself to be influenced by a reading from her, I waited two and a half years in due diligence, and then after I was fully satisfied with her authenticity, I asked her for a past-life reading in late 2013. I was shocked to find that the angelic being Archangel Metatron came through, focused on the past life of the scientist, and shared many confirming details. This helped solidify my acceptance of the Loran material, because it was all too similar to have been coincidental. In my way of thinking, the odds were too great, as she knew nothing of the Loran material which was unpublished.

In the quotes by Loran and from Isis-Neith’s past life reading for me throughout this article, the italics within brackets indicate how I interpret specific sections of material.

“I keep seeing an Angel [I feel Archangel Metatron] by the bed,” said Isis-Neith in 2013. “I see you laying on a bed with this ailment [radiation sickness], and there is this Angel above you. I don’t like saying this. I never like this type of reading because I don’t like to think of anything needing a punishment as far as karma [for involvement in the negative secret science projects]. I like to think of it as energy: either you clear it, or you don’t. But I do feel like the Angel is passing a judgment, and he is saying, this is going to happen because you did this. I do feel that there are more people that you could have affected positively or negatively in that lifetime [if the young scientist had managed to expose Majestic-12], but there were things that needed to happen and be carried out. In that lifetime, there was a struggle that you were going through, but no struggle is worth the future. Something good, better, more valuable to you and Higher, more meeting your expectations can always come about in the future. You are never stuck. It just feels that way.”

I have used tarot off and on since I was a teenager. When I began my blog in August 2014, I shuffled many times and then pulled one card to represent the beginning of my blog  project. Synchronistically, with regard to the Angel “passing a judgment,” I drew the Judgment card. And if you look up the meanings of the Judgment card, the various definitions of the Judgment card include concepts of: self-reflection, meditation, mileposts, epiphanies, awakenings, self-realization,  higher needs, inspiration, intuition, self-trust, hope, guidance, feeling called to action, arising from the unconscious, release, integration, healing deep wounds, respite, peace, heart-consciousness, absolution, and rebirth.



There were consequence s to the angelic judgment, and Archangel Metatron shared the angelic perspective via Isis-Neith: “Metatron is saying that there was a punishment for that, like you stole your own life away when you should have continued living. So it was a selfish thing. And so the short life happened in recurrence. He is saying that some of the things that you are experiencing now have happened because of those things in past lives. He is saying that sometimes there are things that need to be “carried out,” and you cannot really clear it. Something has to happen that ends it. Even with some of the bigger things, these happen because you did not clear out the energy. It is not like a punishment. It is a result of this energy building and building up, and it is not cleared, and then something happens in result. If you are clearing out these energies all the time, focusing on staying pure energetically, then you will have a much easier time with lives to come, and also with this lifetime, because they want it to be peaceful, and bring you peace.”

Here is how Loran shared the Loridian information about this “short life… in recurrence.” Loran said, “Then, later on in another life, you died young and living out your full life was denied to you because of the suicide in another lifetime before…. The shortened later life where you died was a karmic consequence, but there is energy that still needs to be cleared.”

The symmetry between the two sources, Loran and Archangel Metatron, still astounds me.  In Peter Moon’s Montauk Project books, his investigations revealed that Nazi elements were very closely affiliated with the Montauk Project, with many German scientists having been brought in through Project Paperclip to work for the advancement of top secret U.S. military projects, including the hydrogen bomb, Project Phoenix and Montauk. These Nazi scientists were still obsessed with Aryan ideals and occult black magic.

Moon reports that blond-haired, blue-eyed boys were sacrificed in their Montauk time travel experiments, reported on pages 93-94 of Moon’s “Montauk Project” book and chapter nine of “Montauk Revisited.” I am also acquainted with a man who recalls a past-life as a little blond-haired, blue-eyed boy and shared with me his vivid recollections of being sacrificed in Montauk-like experiments. That short life that my guides mentioned would had to have been between the summer of 1957 after the young scientist was suicided, and before my birth in December 1962.

My feelings and the images that come to mind for me here are that in that incarnation I was born a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy just as I was in this lifetime. But in the short lifetime, I died as a “karmic consequence” of actions involved in my association with the Montauk Project.

This was likely a karmic consequence of the young scientist detaching and disassociating himself emotionally from what was occurring at Montauk, just like so many Germans who looked the other way during the Holocaust. My feelings are that the young scientist did not intercede strongly enough on behalf of the Montauk Aryan boys, and allowed his superiors to sacrifice them for Majestic-12’s malevolent, occult secret science projects in order to spare his own life. And for this, his angelic guides judged in his after-life review that he need experience what the sacrificed boys went through in order for his soul/my soul to gain compassion and wisdom, and to evolve to a higher level.

Loran always supported me toward a greater compassion for myself, as I listened to the very emotionally impactful information that he shared with me. “We do feel that this was a very conflicted individual wherein the duality of his life was so great that coming into this lifetime, and making the agreement here: that it would start with duality but it would end with a great concept of how all can connect in a positive way. This was the trade-off in this lifetime. And to bring knowledge, and to bring the curiosity of mind, but also to have the type of moral backbone if you will to understand the consequences and to have compassion.”



Loran explained that my soul was not left alone at the time of the young scientist’s extremely hard death.  “We do feel that this Pleiadian entity, —, was with you at this time, and there was a strong reason for him to be male, for there was a great deal of male energy which needed to be re-balanced at the time of your coming through to this lifetime.”

Isis-Neith Shanti also commented in the past-life reading about the transition between lives. “I  was seeing … a boat-like a passage between lives [a Pleiadian beamship, perhaps, in assistance], and I was seeing this Bear with you, and there were other animals as well, but the Bear really stood out. This Bear was also protecting you and guiding you as you were passing between lives. He is another guide that can help you in clearing out your past lives, because he is connected with them, and passing through them or other future lives. And the Bear can also pass through your Aura into these other lifetimes where you collected energy. The Bear can help you pass through that and clear that.”

I must admit that I have wondered whether or not this Bear also represents an extra-terrestrial connection with a being from the Great Bear constellation, Ursa Major. Regardless, I am very grateful to my guides for their loving care and protection, especially during the transition between lives and during my after-life review, even when it was determined that I needed to pay karmic consequences for very poor choices and actions in any of my previous lives.



“We do feel that there has been a very great sadness that was brought into this lifetime,” explained Loran, “and this was from the events of this previous lifetime that you had experienced. And that you came into this particular lifetime as one who felt extremely “world weary” if you will, that there was a sense of a need to correct negative situations, specifically situations where there had been controls placed upon people.”

“Your lesson of this lifetime is simply balance in the sense of balancing the energies of emotion, and the energies of an intellectual who has evolved to a great state of understanding, an understanding of not simply this planet, but of other realms, too. We do feel that as time goes on you will understand that there is a great cosmic connection to all of the various aspects of your life during this lifetime. And it will make more and more sense, especially the childhood which has many areas that are blank, so to speak, in terms of memory. We feel that much of this will start to make sense and there will be greater continuity. Yet we do feel that you have been doing a great deal in making the connections within your community, and within your actual life, those who are important family-wise. There has been a greater sense of this type of love and connection. This was not a part of the life of (SCIENTIST), but rather it is a part of the life of Rick Keefe.”

“Always remember: this was the lifetime you chose, as it was the lifetime of the previous ones. But this lifetime you chose, for you greatly needed to expand your love for this planet and for all here, as well as to extend that light to those who are off planet as well. So this is a lifetime of combining your intellect and your curiosity with a great sense of compassion and love.”



Part Four- Galactic Assistance in this Lifetime

How and why benevolent galactic extra-terrestrials have employed various actions to help me to fulfill my soul agreement

The transition from the life of the young scientist to my current lifetime seems rather bumpy, so I am going to explain it as best as I understand it now, given the information that Loran and Archangel Metatron have shared with me up to this point in my life. After the young scientist was murdered, there was an immediate judgment by the angelic beings that I must experience a short-life as a karmic consequence of my actions as the young scientist. My feelings tend to suggest that my soul was placed into the body, or “walked-in,” to the body of a young blond-haired, blue-eyed boy whose soul had just transitioned out. The circumstances of this boy’s life, if he were a Montauk boy, were certainly terrifying, as he likely knew his tragic, upcoming fate.

During my lifetime, I have had many disturbing dreams set in a Nazi setting. In some of the recurring dreams, I was a victim of the Holocaust, and in other dreams I was working for Nazi superiors. Those dreams occurred mostly in my twenties and early thirties and have long ago subsided, thankfully. There were also long periods of dreams about atomic bombs, as well as many dreams of extra-terrestrials, both benevolent and malevolent. My dreams were often very abstract, and very rarely did I have the normal slice-of-life type of dreams that my wife had, and would share with me.

So, my weird dreams are a kind of supportive evidence to myself for this information. But there are many more indications that the Loridian material is correct than just my dreams.

In college, I had a roommate named Kurt who was a tall, athletic blond-haired and blue-eyed swimmer, and he was from Montauk, New York, and his father worked for the C.I.A. The first date movie that I went to with Maritza was “Total Recall,” which according to Peter Moon’s book “The Montauk Project,” is based upon some of the events that occurred with the Montauk Project.  Loran mentions in the Loridian material that Maritza and I shared a past-life on Mars that ended underground  with a Martian cataclysm. In the early 1990s, I interviewed over several days a woman named Helga Morrow whose father, a German scientist, had been directly involved with the Montauk project, and Loran stated that there was a connection between myself and her father. I had also gone to a lecture by Al Bielek, who was associated with the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. My father was an attorney, but he had also worked briefly for the FBI, and he was a Lt. Col in the Air Force Reserves and recruited athletes for the Air Force Academy. On our long family trips, he would often stop at Holloman AFB in New Mexico and Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. And then there are also several Wilhelm Reich connections for me, which is also the focus of chapter seven in Moon’s “Montauk Project.” There’s much more, but it all requires too much explanation, and I think I have already made my point: there was an abundance of circumstantial evidence for me about my past lives, prior to me ever meeting Cathy Star Eagle, and ever receiving the channeled Loridian material. And I had shared none of this with Cathy or her husband Tom prior to the channeling sessions.

This helps to support and supplement the information that I was receiving from Loran about my early years after I was born. Now to be clear, I have always felt since my earliest childhood memories that I was a good person and have acted good towards people. I also feel that the choice of the previous life, as a secret government scientist, was as a Lightworker, to infiltrate the dark world of the Orion Men In Black so that I could understand from a spiritual point-of-view where the negative ETs spiritually fell off the path, and what their Earth agenda was, as I have always been an Earth Guardian. That lifetime, to me, feels as if I was almost a spy for the benevolent forces of the universe, so that I could help bring out information for humanity, coming from actually having experienced interactions with them, and being directed within their agenda as a “foregone conclusion.”

So, I feel that the transition from the young scientist, to the Montauk boy, to my birth in this lifetime was all very quick. I feel that my soul likely only resided in the Montauk Boy for a very brief time as a karmic consequence, having been judged necessary by the angel beings, so that I could feel the agony and negativity and how my scientific work had affected others. I was not able to follow up on so many aspects with Loran, after Cathy and her husband moved away from Tucson, and our lives disconnected, but by that time, Loran had already provided the most necessary and essential information that I would need to understand what I am trying to convey with “The Owl Incident” series of blog articles.




“One of the sacrifices,” said Loran, “that was made in terms of your coming into this lifetime was the sacrifice of some parts of your memory of your earlier years, and of parts of your childhood. This was specifically because of the resonance of the soul memory, which is particularly strong in human children, especially when they incarnate. There’s a closer memory of the previous lifetimes and soul experiences. This was a part of the sacrifice. This is why you have the opportunity now of remembering with us. And we are well aware that for the most part much has been repaired.”

“In terms of the technology [for repair], the technology is one that has been related to spiritual realignments as such, which Pleiadians are exceptional at. We as Loridians were there as basic gatekeepers if you will to make sure that there was no intrusion when this exchange was done. For it is an exchange of additional energy. And this energy was brought in as “clear energy” that could be manifested in a type of increased well being. We were aware at the time that there would be necessary adjustments to this at a later time. And some of these adjustments would be made when you were an adult. And these were not done until 1987 [The Owl Incident].”



Loran continued.  “We do know that the circumstances of your birth are very different from most individuals here, in that you have had association with other beings…. We do feel that there was a period of essentially two and a half years whereby there was a change with personality. Some of this was what individuals would consider to be a type of ‘walk-in’ as such. However, we do know that your particular genetics were being observed early in life, and there was a change, which was made at this time so that your actual genetic coding had been altered. There was this as a preventative measure from the standpoint of protection for yourself, and this protection was because of the lifetime from which you had come. We do feel that what happened was more a part of an adjustment, which would enable you to survive throughout the formative years of your life. However, there was a needed surgery, which was done later in your life in 1987  [“The Owl Incident”] to be exact. We do feel that this was an adjustment in terms of your breathing and lung capacity as well as your heart. These two aspects of your body had been greatly damaged at the end of the previous lifetime. And we do feel that this lifetime (previous to this one that you are presently living) was a lifetime of much activity, and much stress on your own physical body as well as on your actual soul, if you will. For your soul evolution has been progressing, but there was a great deal of scrambling if you would to preserve YOU and your soul voyage into this lifetime. For you were at a great point of experiencing a loss.”

This next piece of information shocked me, and still does. “Many individuals do not believe that this can occur in terms of the human soul. However, this is something we have witnessed, and we do know that there is the technology that exists to alter souls, or to destroy them. This technology is the type of technology that was used on our very own people [said with emotion], and we are well aware of the type of long-term concerns regarding this there can be.” I am still unclear about this section of information.

Loran continued, “So essentially what is termed ‘walk-in’ is not truly what your case is as such, but rather a type of rejuvenation of your DNA and genetic coding. This was to provide you an opportunity to continue in a lifetime to progress with information, and to connect with information that would help people as opposed to control people…. we have made sure that you were worked upon during these first few years. And these are memories that would be very difficult for you to remember, but it was while you were sleeping, and while you were unaware of our presence. This is why you have still a memory difficulty. For some of the work that needed to be done was work that was very tricky, if you will, in that there was some involvement with some change over with your DNA, as opposed to what a human DNA components would be. We did need to give some additional DNA…. ”

“We are also aware that you know that there are many on your planet who have this type of situation, as you would call “hybrids.” And this was done when it was close to your second year of life in this other lifetime…. It was necessary for you to have the DNA, not only human, but Pleiadian and Loridian, simply to function in the manner which would cause you the least amount of pain. Some of this pain related to these previous soul memories, for the physical body does still feel some of this, especially involved with your respiratory system. This is because of what had occurred with the radiation exposure in the previous lifetime. However, your memories—your actual memories— these were the ones that it was more difficult to help in rejuvenating as such. And this is the process in which we are working as Loridians now. For we do work with the Pleiadians hand-in-hand to deal with specific medical cases, and your case was such that you did need to have assistance. And we did wish to have you continue physically unharmed. And this is why these adjustments have been done at various times at various years of your life.”



LORAN: “The first group that you were dealing with… (when you were extremely young… around the time you were six years old)… was from Orion, again, was not that positive… They were what would manifest as essentially shadows… These shadows were not poltergeists as you would explain or think of them as being, but rather they were manifestations of entities connected with Orion, but connected within the Belt of Orion.”

“We feel that during this period of time—and this was the time that you were between the ages of six and seven—there was a period of time when you had night traumas…. you felt as though there was something that was over you, something dark, almost like a cloak, and that this was very frightening. And sometimes you would hear voices that were on a very low grade in terms of audibility. Yet this was something that you personally began to fear at times. You also had some apprehension in terms of your room itself, for there was a part of the room that you felt looked extremely dark at night, and you felt as though you saw things within that area. And there were times when there had been something at the base of your bed. There had been an entity watching you, and this is where much of your apprehension would be.”

“Their way of expressing themselves was one to frighten you, and we do feel that there was a potential opportunity for you to have been taken by one of these, and to have had some type of tampering. However, this did not occur…”

“Essentially, you had some great protection from the time of your birth, and the protection has come very strongly from a Pleiadian group. This group has been extremely strong throughout your life, and there is a male and female presence. We do feel that this particular group has been central to your own medical concerns, and were involved with the surgery that had been done. This is basically a very protective and benevolent group.”




“Much of what you have experienced with Pleiadians has been with groups,” said Loran, “and these groups have been essentially there and working with you, especially in terms of medical concerns as they had in 1985 and 1987. We do feel that these were the years you had a great deal of contact, and you are continuing from time to time to have contact with these beings. But they are more working through in dreams and in information that way…. The two Pleiadians who were with you, and who still remain with you, who are very conscious of your work, and who have been working on a regular basis with you. ”

“As far as positive or more healing aspects to work and involvement, the Pleiadian groups tend to be looked upon as the most positive in regards to their efforts….We do feel … that your Pleiadian guides are now inter-dimensionally connected with not just the Pleiades, but also with their connections with us. And as we exist in an inter-dimensional format so to speak, as you would speak of a type of tape if you will. We also wish to indicate that they are within this dimensionality which is different from the planetary or the star system connections, which were in the past. We do feel that their continued influence in your life will be amazing, for there is a great deal of strength that they are bringing to you…. It is important to remember that the initial Pleiadian contacts which have occurred have seemed to be extremely pleasant and helpful facilitating many on your planet. It is also an unknown aspect of their contact and of their involvement with the planet Earth that they are warriors as well. And we feel that your two guides, as much as they are very connected with the love and light aspects, if you will, they are also fully geared to walk in battle, so to speak, on an inter-dimensional level. They are fully aware of what it does take to walk through these situations at this time. And that there is a great amount of challenge on your planet which demands it. ”

For much more on the Pleiadians: http://www.ufohypotheses.com/pleiadians.htm



“We also see that you have had information that has come to you from Sirius, and we do feel from Sirius A,” said Loran.” You have had amazing information come to you through dreams, and also at times when you write. Much of your writing is connected with Sirius, and you do have a strong Sirian guide, and this guide is more connected with water and with the sea. Even though you live in the desert, there is a great connection you have with water, and this is what is there…. We also know that those from Sirius… Sirius A is fairly positive. There are more questions about B and C. However, Sirius A tends to be a fairly well respected group.”

“Well, much of this is dealing with an area that is connected with water, and with a great deal of aspects connected with water beings as such, and that this is part of the multi-dimensional aspect of —. We do feel that there is a connection with much of the sea life which is here on your planet that is connected with Sirius A. And we do feel that this is something which you have always had a connection with, and that there will be more connection as time goes on.”

“There is this amazing sense of re-connecting with this individual when you write. And you truly have moments of amazing recollection. If you were able to do this outside of your research, you could do very well at a type of automatic writing, and this may be something you would like to work on when you do have time. And we do know that you have limited time, for you are very busy with the projects at hand. But this may serve as a type of enjoyment and relaxation for yourself, by doing a type of automatic writing… We feel that the Sirian is a male entity, one who has been very interested in you for many years.”

“We feel that much of this has been done though your dream state, and that some of this information is again related to the experience with the Owl. And that you have been gaining more information as time has gone on.”

My feeling is that Loran may be implying that the Owl, which is a screen memory, really represents my guide from Sirius A, and that the group associated with the Owl is both my Sirian guide and shorter, grey extra-terrestrials in alliance with the benevolent beings from Sirius A, who are also working in concert with the Pleiadians, the Loridians and others in  benevolent extra-terrestrial alliances.

For more on the Sirians: http://www.ufohypotheses.com/sirians.htm



The Loridians were the first beings, aside from my wife Maritza, to recognize that I had a gift for healing. Both Maritza and Loran told me even before I discovered for myself that I had an untapped ability. Maritza told me fifteen years earlier when I had helped make her injured wrist feel immediately better after I used healing touch and prayer. Throughout 2010, Loran kept telling me that I had a latent gift for healing, and that I would just instinctively know how to use it, and not to read too much about how to do it, but instead just begin to try to help people. I feel that this was likely connected to a past-life as a healer.

When Loran was first encouraging me about healing, he mentioned the connection I had between healing and my Sirian A guide: “There is a great dimension for you to explore that is with your healing. And we do feel that this is the primary directive that — [withholding the name of my Sirian guide] is dealing with you at this time. And that this is a very positive direction as such. For there is healing which you have done in your mind, but — will help you in helping direct this healing as an actual, physical manifestation. And we do see that this will happen as you work on a regular basis with healings as such.”

By 2012, after a year and a half of seeing very positive results for people, and some before and after medical evidence, I was finally convinced. The fact that Loran and the Loridians had continuously tried to persuade me to move into the healing realm plus actually seeing the positive results first-hand gave me even more confidence and tangible evidence that the Loran material was valid and true. Here’s the link to the article detailing my path into healing.




When I was first introduced to Loran in March and April 2010, he answered two hours of interview questions about his race and culture. There is so much that I could write about the Loridians, but I am preparing a video project on them, in their own words, which will be released at a later date. When it is released, I will link it to this article here.

I will share a few interesting side notes about the Loridians. When she was a child, Cathy Star Eagle, channel for the Loridians, saw them as “the little crow people.” In my first reading with Cathy, the animal totem card I pulled was crow, and since I was on the Zuni reservation, I asked Zuni elder Clifford Mahooty about his knowledge of what crow signified, and his information resonated with me.

I was also introduced to the legend of the rainbow crow, and this resonated with me as well.

After the initial two hours of interview which will be in the video, I only asked a few more questions of Loran about the Loridians, because I was expecting to be able to have years of contact with them, which unfortunately did not happen. However, Loran did also say:  “We also feel that because our group is so closely aligned with (the Pleiadians), yet we do have the Orion connection,  that we are also fairly high in regard, and especially because of our previous history with Orion. There are many on the council and within the alliance who see us as a group who has a great deal of grievance in this regard [because the negative extra-terrestrial alliance killed off two-thirds of their peaceful race]. And this is why we are held to have a fairly honored position.”

“We also feel,” said Loran, “that you have had connection with us, and we have been involved in the later time frame, more recently. We do check in on both you and the individual Maritza. We feel that we are working in terms of watching to make sure that everything is all right…  We want to make sure that you are fine, and that there is no concern with health, or any type of anxiety. We do check on a regular basis, for this is the region [of Earth] we are connected and linked with primarily.”



In order to make contact with human beings that are being contacted by the extra-terrestrial races, the Pleiadians, Sirians and Loridians all use dreams, telepathic communication and channeling to convey information to those humans whom they are connected to and working with on specific missions of upliftment. Upliftment benefits the benevolent races, because it raises the etheric vibrations for the multi-verse, and so for themselves, too.

However, when contacting human beings who are not yet fully aware of their connections to the benevolent extra-terrestrials, the Pleiadians, Sirians and Loridians also use the technique of “screen memories.” These are memories that are planted into a human being’s subconscious for purposes of reducing anxiety and fear levels of their human contacts, and to help humans more easily manage emotionally. Some of the contact experiences can bring out deep emotions of fear or love, making it hard for the human beings to re-integrate into their normal lives. Instead, a screen memory is planted which masks the actual real experience in a way that is more ambiguous, more comforting, and less likely to cause stress and anxiety for the human contactee. However, the screen memories are often incongruent to normal life events, and still stick out and serve to remind the contactee that something unusual did occur, giving them time to contemplate and adjust to a greater reality.

I am going to share four screen memories of mine, and what Loran explained was really going on, but that needed to stay buried in my subconscious mind until the timing for full awarenes was appropriate.



“We do feel that you had some experiences when you were hospitalized [around 1968], and this was a part of the connection with some of the Pleiadian group —your guides— who were there’ ” explained Loran. “And the fog room you mentioned was simply an aspect of your out-of-body experiences, which you were starting to have at this age.”

“And you did experience some other types of off-planet conditions. And what you were actually sensing was the ability to travel, and you had an opportunity to look at this galaxy, and to spend some time viewing the stars, but viewing them from a totally different standpoint in the sense that you were standing outside of your body as such, but you were dimensionally going through a type of shifting, if you will, in that you were viewing this galaxy and looking at constellations. And this is your residual memory as a fog room.”

“But you actually had the opportunity to look at the galaxy at that time… This was a part of your first understanding that there was a positive aspect to connections that were off-planet, and that you were not to be afraid. And that the guides you had were there to help, as opposed to encourage fear. They were to encourage a sense of joy and a sense of stability and security in your life. We do feel that this was a very strong experience, one which you had that brought you through this time. For you were crying greatly when you first arrived in this setting, and you were very afraid. But your fear subsided as you started having this encounter.”



“We feel that this [goat shed on fire] was not an actual fire as such, but your memory of it was again a screen, ” said Loran. “But this was an actual contact. And this is as we have indicated before that some of your memory is starting to come back, and that you yourself have seen that it was not fully what you thought it was. And that this was a contact and that there was an actual dimensional aspect to this, and that there was an entity that came through at that time, and was bringing information to you specifically.”

“But you will have further memory of this as time goes on. But remember that your screen memory of this was as of a fire… We feel that some of this information is being withheld from you, for it is pertinent to certain future events which are going to be occurring, which you need to have some additional information for, which will come through in dreams. So much of this information will come through, and you will put the pieces together.”



“In your later life, the contacts have been extremely positive. And the contact that you had in terms of your surgery, this was a very positive contact, including the diversion by the Grey, or so-called Grey. This was not a negative situation, but one in terms of helping and assisting those who were medically performing the surgery, ” Loran stated.

“We feel that this [four-foot white owl] was, again, a group represented, and one that was, basically, positive. This was a type of screen to your memory at this time, for this is a part of the procedure. But at that time, some of your genetic material was being extracted so that there could be additional study, as such.”

“There was an intervention. What is misunderstood by many individuals who look at so-called abduction scenarios as being all negative, and that they are all done by the so-called Grays… what they do not understand is that there are many different groups, even within the Gray population.”

“The particular group that did this was a group that was actually connected with the Zeta individuals, and they were doing the initial screening, and brought you to the ship. However, the ship was Pleiadian, and those who worked upon you were Pleiadian doctors. The Zetas have been very helpful in terms of some aspects of their medical knowledge, and also their ability to work in getting individuals to other groups who could be of some assistance.”

“They are well known for some activities that some would say would be negative. But there are also other groups that are positive and have been able to facilitate these types of interventions to help humans, especially those who have significant connection with the progress and positive future outcomes within this particular region of your planet. We feel that you as a lightworker here are very significant in terms of your own ability to work with others, and to bring forward information. You work is very important.”



“And there was also some additional realigning that was done in 1991,” said Loran. “We do feel that for the most part you came into this lifetime with a much more balanced aspect soul-wise. And we do feel that the only negative aspect of this was this additional memory loss. And this is memory loss that could be regained as we work through some other re-alignments. And this is what we are currently trying to work with at this time.”

“Again, this [the memory of a dream where I felt like I was taken aboard a craft, and given a heart-lung examination and transplant] is a part of what was done. It was not a dream as such, but your memory of it was as a dream. For it was done as preventative, to work on these parts of your body which were in need of this type of correction. For we do feel that your heart would have been involved with this, as well as your lung capacity. For this is something that would have resulted in premature death if it had not been corrected at that time. So this particular dream was particularly significant to you.”



I have included this section on screen memories specifically for one very important goal: to get you, the reader, to examine your own past, and to recall all your very unusual, seemingly incongruent memories of high strangeness. Hopefully, you can begin to meditate on what may really have been going on with regard to these out-of-place memories and high strangeness, and begin to investigate it on your own, digging beneath the surface of simple, mundane explanations that don’t fully explain what you experienced. Maybe some of you have been contacted as well. If you feel that you have, I would suggest that you meditate and call upon your guides to begin giving you more clarification on what happened.




Part Five-  Reincarnation Concepts

How the Loridian material has illustrated  some of the cosmic laws and my concepts regarding reincarnation based on my case


During  my life, I have read numerous philosophical, religious, spiritual and esoteric books, and from an early age, I was open to the possibility of reincarnation.  In closely examining the Loridian material, there are several interesting pieces of information about reincarnation that fascinated me.



One of these concepts that I needed to expand my understanding about was the concept of the length of time between incarnations. As I had learned from most reincarnation literature, there is typically a lengthy period of time between incarnations; at least this was the notion that I had understood. But Loran said that this was not the case with my reincarnation from the young scientist to who I am in this lifetime.

“We do feel for the individual (SCIENTIST) there was a very quick incarnation, and this was definitely a part of the direct connection with the technologies.” explained Loran.” For anyone who had connections with the Philadelphia Experiment as well as Montauk, there have been dimensional shifts and reincarnation as such has been very unusual from the standpoint of quick incarnation…. But always remember: this was the lifetime you chose, as it was the lifetime of the previous ones. ”

Loran’s statement implies several facts regarding reincarnation: (1) that there can be very quick reincarnation that doesn’t take decades to occur; (2) that beings involved in time travel or dimensional shifting tend to have quick reincarnations, and (3) that we choose our lifetimes, which implies a certain amount of destiny and a pre-determined, general life path. I understand that in the process of choosing our next lifetime, we have after-life meetings with our guides, who are there to help us make the best decisions for our soul’s evolution.



By my mid-twenties, I was really searching for more information about reincarnation, and I spoke at length to one of my psychic friends who is connected to the Zoroastrians. She had active past-life recollections for herself and others as a young child, even as early as age two years old.

Loran did make mention of this friend in 2010, and also said that “the resonance of the soul memory… is particularly strong in human children, especially when they incarnate.”

In my last article about the Owl Incident, I shared this:  “I could close my eyes and see colors and patterns of light whenever I wanted, but one day that changed , somewhere between 4 to 6 years old, and I remember looking up to my dad in his easy chair and asking him why I wasn’t seeing the colors anymore. Of course, my dad had no answer, and didn’t even act like he knew what I was talking about.”

Often times, it is very difficult for parents of children who are having past-life recall to adjust to this fact. Many times the parent will try to silence their child by instilling fear in them. Some parents who are not comfortable with reincarnation will suggest to their child that other people will consider them crazy, and the parents may warn the child away from sharing the past-life information that they are connecting with. This attitude stunts everyone’s spiritual growth, including the parents.



Another aspect of the reincarnation process is that one can bring into a lifetime actual physical residue from past-life conflicts. In my case, I brought in lung and heart troubles from the life of the young secret scientist into this lifetime. As a child, I was plagued by asthma, allergies, and bronchitis, and Loran asserted that this was due to the condition of the young scientist’s poor physical health at the time of his passing.

Loran said, “Your actual body was never found as such. This is one of the difficulties in terms of your lifetime previous to this one. And you did bring in some of these conflicts, and a physical residue, which needed correction as you began to age, especially at the age of two and a half years.” And this is why the Loridians worked upon my body, giving me genetic modification, so that I would be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong enough to stay in a body after the horrendous pain and agonies of the previous lifetime.



The young secret scientist early on realized that he had become involved by family associations into something very dark and felt trapped and into something that was way over his head, after he saw the devastation to the Navy sailors in the Philadelphia Experiment in which he was a scientific assistant; seeing the dying sailors triggered his compassion. But he also lusted and thirsted for knowledge, and so despite all the warning signs and evidence that he was contributing to something negative for humanity, he kept along his career path, working for superiors who were, in reality, not just sociopaths, but were also being manipulated by an even more malevolent association of negative extra-terrestrials, who lusted for total control of Earth.

When the young scientist was dying of radiation sickness as a consequence of his blind pursuit of knowledge, and when he was confronted with his own imminent death and mortality, he made an internal change, and began fully listening to his heart instead of his head. He set aside his quest for more and more scientific knowledge, and realized that although science was important, there needed to be a more spiritual balance in his life. This inner change gave him the encouragement to pursue a spiritual remedy for his ailments, and he began studying Edgar Cayce’s material at Virginia Beach. Even though he had been working directly with the Orion Men In Black for years, he rejected them, he rejected his power-mad superiors, and he set on a course to expose their vile secret projects before his death. This step towards love and truth was all the benevolent angelic beings and galactic extra-terrestrials needed to witness, and they began to step into his life through dreams and visitations in his last year of his life, in order to help him redeem his soul and move forward after his death, into another soul agreement, and a lifetime where he could finish something that was incomplete in the lifetime of the young scientist.

“We knew that you were a seeker of truth and information, that this was a part of your journey that you could not complete in your last lifetime,” stated Loran. “This is why it was essential that you come into this life, and to be fully available to disseminate the information that is so important for people on your planet to understand. We also knew that your incarnation as you made this contract here was to be one of an individual who would base much on your analytical skills, and that you could work through this information and present it in this format as opposed to an individual… You must understand that as an individual this contract was to go ahead and to bring information forward, and to do it in an analytical format, as opposed to an emotional way in which perhaps others would have done.”

“We do also see that this mission is different from other missions in that you have come to a point in your evolution of wishing this information to come out. In the past, you were at a point of evolution with your soul, and this evolution was of such a monumental kind in which you had experienced and what you were going through that you were conflicted. In this lifetime you have the opportunity to throw away this type of conflicted view, but rather to direct your energies to know that what you are doing is correct, and to continue. In this way, your information will come through without the types of conflict of the previous lifetime.”



While I feel that this blog and this article are important pieces of information to share, and the videos that I have made on my website about extra-terrestrial contact are also important, both of these endeavors primarily have to do with knowledge. However, I feel that reincarnation isn’t just about expanding knowledge, and I don’t get the feeling that any of the benevolent extra-terrestrials like many Pleiadians groups, the Loridians, and those from Sirius A feel that either.

There are obviously many more reasons why the design of the multi-verse includes reincarnation, and simply watching nature and the renewal of the seasons can help bring about a greater connection to this wisdom.

I am going to share a short list of concepts that I have about what reincarnation may be helping our souls to do in terms of growth, evolution and expansion toward universal consciousness and love. This list is by no means all inclusive, and so I encourage you, dear reader, to add to this list as inspiration and epiphanies come your way. And this is my list, so it may not work for you at all, and if it doesn’t, I still encourage you to contemplate what reincarnation may mean for you.

– To become closer to Oneness with all life, in the sense of recognizing how we are all connected through multi-dimensional physics (physical), through the Collective Unconscious (mental), through Love (emotional) and through All That Is (spiritual)

-To have the opportunity (which is a compassionate design within the multi-verse) to heal damage done in previous lifetimes, to make amends, and to migrate closer and closer to Love in all thoughts and actions, and to help oneself and others heal, understanding that whenever we help to heal, we bless our Oneness

– To take on new journeys for the Soul, in order to expand and grow and to serve others and oneself in a better and better balance, by taking on new soul agreements which include new assignments, missions, and contracts to engage with certain other souls for the mutual purpose of soul education and greater unification as Oneness

-To experience Joy in an infinity of forms, because I feel the universe is really a space to express Love in limitless ways, which are still all a part of All That Is

-To learn to allow individual free will while also learning to surrender to the divine will of Oneness

For those of you who would like to consider reincarnation from a scientific approach, you may want to read Dr. Ian Stevenson’s book on reincarnation, “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation,” published by the University of Virginia Press.




Coda- Celestial Relationships

How my personal reincarnation case may help to add to our collective understanding about how humanity, extra-terrestrials and angelic beings are all inter-acting together here on Earth



There is one more personal experience that I would like to draw from that illustrates many of the reincarnation purposes in one special dream that was included in the “Messages From an Extra-terrestrial Ambassador and an Archangel” release. When a dream like this occurs for me, I feel that I can give it at least an equal  significance to my very important waking life experiences. I do not discount my very significant  dreams as being “less than.”

Part of what this dream, and my entire article is meant to illustrate, is that we are living in a freewill environment where we are all learning from each other. Those who we view as negative are also part of the Oneness, and often we project from ourselves negative issues we are facing internally outward onto others, which distorts our recognition that both we and they are part of the same Oneness. In truth, I feel that we are all Love, and simply experience each other as projections of Light and Sound upon each other, when in reality, there is no separation whatsoever. When we see separation, we are simply focusing our intent upon the physical, and forgetting that we are united by our collective Consciousness. We all have celestial relationships with one another. Even when there appear to be malevolent and benevolent alliances working at cross purposes, in the larger sense of multi-dimensional reality, we are all One, just operating on different octaves of the same grand piano.



In the beginning of the dream, I was walking through the University of Arizona, and then began walking through large stone monuments, finally culminating in a meeting with a Council of Elders of all types of life around a large circular setting.

Loran explained to me what he and the Loridians felt this “dream,” which was a screen memory, was in reality. “Essentially, you were sitting in and viewing what was occurring in this roundtable, and it was more of a discussion of some future concerns. Some of these discussions were concerning the environment in terms of some of the changes specifically within your region, and concerns for some of the man-made manipulation, which has been occurring for some time, and how this can be negated.”

“This took place, actually, in a very interesting (in terms of how you perceive this)… but it did take place in terms of a Martian context. And it was an area that was essentially underground but there was a lighting type of transference that was being made, so that it looked to be lit, and there was a great deal of light coming through. And this was all artificially designed to bring in a type of atmosphere. So, essentially, this was a very interesting and pragmatic discussion about how ecologies were so critical on your own planet. And they were critical in terms of the various groups represented there. At that time there was no representation from the various Orion groups. We were represented, and there was representation from the Pleiades, but we did not see any representation from their group as such.”

“But you were able to listen, and you were actually picking up information telepathically during this time. For the languages were unfamiliar to you, but you understood through telepathy what was being conveyed to you. And there was a feeling of great excitement that you could be involved in this stage of planning. We also feel that some of this was an understanding of recognition in terms of how you had advanced from the previous lifetime on your planet, and that this was a new incarnation.”

“Essentially, that you were here in this particular setting to work towards a very positive view of changes on this planet…. there is much that is occurring on your planet at this time, which is not natural, but it is man-made. When people talk of global warming, when people talk of even volcanic and earthquake activity, it is not natural. It is being controlled by individuals who have a concerted plan to reduce this planet to political and economic chaos.”

“This is why it is really important for individuals here to really project positive light and positive thought-forms, for this is a time that is critical in reaching an active status with your inactive involvement with this planet. We feel that this type of connection is essential, that your actions in working with one another in getting this information out, as you have been doing, is critical. For you do continue, even though your assignment here is different from what it has been in other lifetimes, and certainly from the past lifetime. Your mission here is to bring information forward.”

I would like to add that even though there may be malevolent beings in our midst, beings who deny themselves and others real love and instead have gone mad seeking total control and power, that does not mean that we should discriminate against whole races. I feel that we should still seek to know each one by their own deeds and actions. We should not paint with one color everyone in a family, just for the misdeeds of most of the members of that family, for we may be overlooking beautiful souls within that family, who have reincarnated in order to help uplift the other members of that family. It has been important for me to know that Loran the Ambassador of the Loridians, even after two-thirds of his race was exterminated by the negative Orion Men In Black and malevolent reptilians from Orion, still was willing to share with me that there are positive and more evolved reptilians in the universe, too, as well as certain benevolent grey extra-terrestrial races, which have been largely viewed as negative within the UFO research community. Know them by their deeds, and by your intuition and resonance from within. And please remember that in the greater scheme of things, we are all One in the Love of All That Is.

And that is exactly what I am trying to do with this article: expand Love, and to ground this material into reality, and especially to reinforce our growing understanding of reincarnation, and all that it implies. The fact that each of us can make a freewill choice, no matter what stage of life we are at, like the dying young scientist, to choose to be of service to others, to engage in positive and uplifting activities, to try to live an authentic life and resonate with all the goodness around us each day, to focus on the positive even despite all the projections of fear being sent towards us, to recognize that we are all really One, “to really project positive light and positive thought-forms,” and to recognize that we are being assisted by benevolent, positive galactic and angelic alliances that are multi-dimensional, and to recognize that the universe is set up so compassionately as to keep giving us chances through reincarnation to improve and heal ourselves and our relationships to all others…. all of this brings me great, great joy, and I hope that it brings you the same.


15:D Sharing My Process For Communicating With One’s Guides

First, it is important to release all your fears, doubt and worries, and with controlled three-step breathing (exhale-pause-inhale), put yourself into as relaxed an emotional state as possible, filled with trust that you are protected by your guides and your higher self.

Next, you can visualize and imagine a column, pillar or sphere of golden and white light surrounding you, enveloping you and protecting you, as you visualize yourself in the center of this protective, purifying loving and conscious Light. No harm can come to you in the Light. All your fears are now completely dissolved, and you can fully connect now to your guides.

Give permission that only the most benevolent and loving energies in the multiverse may connect with you and work with you during your connection and communication with Spirit. Feel love and trust and pure benevolent intentions fill up your request. Wait thirty seconds or so while you allow these loving energies to come up around you.

Remain watchful for self-sabotage. If at any time you feel out of resonance with the process, then discontinue. If at any time you feel afraid, then discontinue. If at any time you feel yourself imagining in a negative direction, then discontinue. The key is to bring from your heart center as much trust and love and benevolent feelings as possible, and you will attract the same, while you are in the space of protection and love that you have created for yourself.

Once your visualizations and breathing and intentions are working together in harmony, and your feelings are calm and loving and peaceful, and you have complete confidence in the process, then you may begin to communicate with the higher-dimensional, benevolent beings. At this point, simply wait… and listen with your mind and heart together, balanced and open. You may begin to get a thought or feeling that comes into your awareness that doesn’t seem like it is coming from you entirely, or from you at all. If it continues to feel benevolent, write it down, or type it at your keyboard, or speak it into your voice recorder. Most of us don’t have perfect recall of the exact conversations that we have, so I feel it is important to record it in the most authentic, exact and precise phrasing that comes through to you, unaltered except for post-connection spelling corrections and such.

For me, I tend towards automatic writing. I will hear the communication from my guides in the form of inspirational thought or telepathy, sometimes but rarely accompanied by images, often accompanied by feelings of amazement and happiness about what is coming through in the communication. Try to listen only, and not feed your mind with your own thoughts. Stay neutral, receptive and alert. Trust the good intentions of your guides.

If any vibrations other than pure love and protection arise, then allow your heart to tell you if you feel any dissonance or out-of-resonance feelings, which if you have done the steps above, almost never happens in a good connection. However, if out-of-resonance feelings do occur, then break the connection and fill yourself and your space with more loving white and gold light, and call immediately upon your loving guides and angels for protection, and trust that they hear your call and will come immediately to your side in protection.

If all is flowing well, and the telepathic and heart resonance connection feels strong, just allow the words and thoughts to come pouring out of you, just like stream-of-consciousness poetry. Try not to filter the words, or slow down, or edit, or focus too much on what you have just received. Stay in the moment and continue to allow the thoughts and words and concepts and ideas and advice to flow out, while remaining in your neutral, carefully-listening state of awareness.

Eventually, your guides will give you a sign of closure, and you will recognize that the communication has completed for this session. After thanking your guides, you may now go back and begin to review what came through, and attend to your spelling corrections. Try to modify the transmitted information as little as possible, or not at all, even if it doesn’t make sense now. Often, the messages will take on greater meaning at points in the future.

Once you have done your first session, you will feel more confident for another, and I encourage you to try again within one day to add confidence.

My best wishes for your safe and clear communication with your guides.

Peace and Love, Rick

9:D My First Channeling of Archangel Metatron


A friend recently asked me if I would post to this blog my first channeling of Archangel Metatron, so here is that channeling, which I received in January 2014 shortly after finding out that I had a close connection with this angel through a very gifted female medium.

Channeling From Archangel Metatron

Love is the only reality. Love of Self and all Others is the key to re-entering the only reality.

The illusion you live within is mired by ignorance of the Cosmic Laws. It is not that all of you do not know cosmic law, for you do, it is that you ignore cosmic law.  This is your ignorance. You bind your mental process to the concept of linear time, and then the illusion is ingrained in all that you do. Therefore, to ascend and enlighten you must unbind yourself from the linear concept of time. For you, since childhood, have been asking,  and asking of the ignorant, of those who ignore cosmic law, you have been asking, “What is Time?” In essence, time is a timeout from Instantaneous Manifestation, and linear time exists in an illusionary un-reality where All That Is encourages you to examine your intents, your beliefs, and your weaker thinking in order that you can perceive all components in the Law of Manifesting in a clear way. Time does not exist. It is only your belief in Time that exists, and then you co-manifest an illusion in which to experience the weak thinking that manifests as Linear Time, so that you can examine your weaker thought processes.

Where does this weak thinking come from? This comes from the idea that you can not love yourself completely and eternally in all your manifestations, for better or worse. For you are always complete, yet you may think of yourself as incomplete, which is not possible for you are always completely of All That Is eternally. This weak thinking manifests as the illusion known as separation, but you are never separate. You are always fully connected with All That Is, always fully composed of All That Is, and forever and eternally both an individual part And the Totality of All That is, within and without.

Time is but an illusion, created by your capacity to do anything at all, even to think weakly. Once you have chosen to think weakly, you then may create all manner of illusions, separations, linear time, lower dimensions, a Hell, or anything that is not completely of Love, for Love is the only reality.

Upon remembering to think strongly again, you recall that Love is the only reality, and then love of self reoccurs within and without, and then you exist within the Eternal Now. Therefore, to think with your Heart firmly in Love with All of Creation which fully includes your Self is strong thinking, and to think with just your mind is to think weakly, and incompletely, and to be in illusion of your Greater Reality.

With Love,
All That Is Everlasting,
Archangel Metatron, and all your Guides and Angels

8:D Faeries and Portals (Part 1)

So many very special events happened to me over the last two weeks, but one special occurrence that involves a couple photographs, particularly one, compels me to write an article so that I may share this photo with any of you who are interested in metaphysics and multi-dimensionality. As events unfolded, I wanted to share each step of a process in trying to get the photo to be seen by large numbers of people who I believe may find a real value and gain insight and wisdom from seeing the subject of the photo, which I feel and believe is a FAERIE spirit. I almost missed it while I was downloading and sorting through the few photos that I managed to take on the trip. I was so busy in the moment with people that I barely took any photos. I did also get an hour of nature video that I have not looked over yet, so who knows what’s there.
My original intention on the trip was to capture nature video with my higher-end professional grade video camera for Crystal Children Volume Three, hope for UFOs up close at the nightly campfires, but I never expected to capture a photo like the FAERIE photo at all. I didn’t even have a camera for taking still photos until my friend Ingrid gave me the Kodak C195 for my trip to Mount Shasta. Thank you for the camera, Ingrid; it was already so special because you gave it to me with such love, but now it’s even more blessed.

Also, I should mention that as I have done videography over the years, I have had some strange ability to capture anamolies, like the time I was filming a friend who is a healer during one of her healing sessions with a client, and the camera captured some of that healing energy. And the fact that I do Asclepian lightwork and behave as a conduit for higher dimensional healing energies creates a proclivity for interacting well with higher dimensional energies that sometimes translate to photographic images.


Also, I want to share a Facebook post that paints a clear picture of what led up to me snapping that special FAERIE photo:

“In all my life, I had never once had a professional massage. When I saw the list of conference activities, and massage was included, I knew that this week would be my big chance. When I discovered that these professionals were discounting by 50% their healing sessions, I jumped for joy! I could actually afford an hour-long session on my very tight trip budget. Yay! So I scheduled my session for Sunday August 23 because by the end of the conference, I knew that I would need it due to all the energy I was putting out, and because the next day, Monday, I would be doing a lot of nature photography, and because I act like a human tripod and steadicam when I’m filming, I needed to be in good shape going into filming. What a great decision it turned out to be.

So, on Sunday I met with Athena under the canopy but Athena was gracious to me. She knew that I really wanted to hear Omnec talk again, so she suggested that we re-schedule the massage for just after Omnec finished speaking. That sounded great to me, and it allowed me to ask Omnec a question about her Venusian philosophy about healing in general and healing oneself.

So afterwards, Athena still was patient enough to let me leave again to buy Maritza some blessed blue chalcedony and silver earrings from David Phillips before he closed down for the conference’s end. Athena waited patiently once again for me. Then, when I had finished doing that, I turned around and everyone including Athena was gone! Where had they gone?! I ran toward the Main Hall, and found everyone in a Closing Circle ceremony. I had to be a part of this, so I squeezed between Diana Gazes and Karmyn , who I was just meeting for the first time at the close of the conference (!), and was able to participate in the group energy here, led by Shambala.
Finally, after all that, Athena and I re-connected, Athena gathered her dogs, and we went up the hill toward her massage table, which I had seen on my earlier walk on Friday when I had met the deer who told me that her name was Athena! So then Athena (the human!) had to turn back down the trail because she realized that she had forgotten her keys, so I just stayed at Athena’s camp and massage table while she went back down the hill to the Main hall to retrieve her keys. During this time, I strolled just a little in the vicinity of her massage table as the beautiful wind whistled through the pines.
I decided to take my camera out of my satchel and take a few pictures of this idyllic, enchanting setting, including photos of the massage table and Athena’s little doggie crib. But before I did that, I pointed the camera into a beautiful area of forest, and that’s where I took the FAERIE photo. But I did not even begin to realize this until now (Sept 3) as I was going through my camera and the sequence of pictures, attempting to clearly identify what day that I had taken the photo. The image was taken after photos of pages from a gem book owned by David Phillips that had information on the metaphysical properties of Blue Chalcedony, and before the images of Athena’s massage table. So that placed the FAERIE photo just after the Closing Circle, and just before the massage began, which would’ve been near 5pm on Sunday August 23rd.
So when Athena returned, she reminded me that I was going to be her guinea pig for a new healing modality that she was working with, called Harmonic healing. I agreed, got onto the massage table, and that’s when the massage began, and Athena starting to sing to me, ‘When You Wish Upon A Star.’ ”

So, without further ado, here is the FAERIE photo. (Move your cursor over the photo and click to enlarge.) Please download the photo, and then zoom in so that you can see the details. The FAERIE is in the lower portion of the picture, in the center, but to really appreciate it, please zoom in one step at a time:


And here is the PORTAL photo, taken in Panther Meadows on Mount Shasta in the afternoon of August 22nd, 2015. (Move your cursor over the photo and click to enlarge.) Download and zoom in between the two trees on the left. I find that the blurred area forms a complete circle, but you need to be zoomed in to inspect it well:

Please feel free to leave comments if you care to share your views.


Rick, September 3, 2015 3:36pm


The History of my FAERIE and PORTAL photos from Mount Shasta August 22-23, 2015

First, here’s the announcement that I made on September 2, 2015 on my Facebook page–

This note is to let my friends know that the Mount Shasta ET Ambassador conference was thoroughly amazing. One of the surprising moments from the trip happened within the last few hours, on September 1st 2015, one week after my trip had ended and I had returned to Tucson. Going through some of the photos that I took, I came across two forest scene shots that I took; one photo I snapped several hundred feet to the north of the main building of the Methodist camp on Castle Lake Road on Sunday August 23. [NOTE: After reviewing the order of my photos on my camera, I realized that I took this picture on Sunday, shortly after I had purchased some earrings for Maritza from David Phillips, and just after the Closing Circle for the conference. This is why I have edited this post, in the interest of utmost accuracy.]

This photo appears to show with great clarity a FAERIE. I just looked up the definition online, and the entry on faerie said, “imaginary, mythical.” Well, alright then, I captured a photo of what may be a so-called mythical being, which would be a great honor to receive such a gift from Nature. The second photo, while not as dramatic, was taken in Panther Meadow forest on Mount Shasta on Saturday August 22, and appears to show a PORTAL of light opened up between three trees. Both photos have subjects that seem to have a field of energy surrounding them. I want to show them to all of you now, but after careful consideration, I feel that there may be a legal need to license these photos, because personally I think the farie photo especially could cause a sensation.

So, I have inquired with the Associated Press. If any of you have practical experience in licensing photos to AP for use, please share with me your wisdom about the process. Here is exactly what I wrote the Associated Press:
“I have two undoctored photos taken August 22-23 2015 within the Mount Shasta region (one on Mount Shasta and one near Castle Lake) that appear to demonstrate metaphysical non-normal phenomena in two clear photographs, and I am interested in licensing use of them to the Associated Press. One of the photos especially has a ‘sensational’ quality to it that could provoke great interest from around the world. What steps need to be taken to submit and review, and also to create a licensing contract between myself and the Associated Press news agency?”

So that’s what I wrote them, and now I am awaiting their response. Will they respond? For that answer, I’ll have to ‘wait and see.’

I never expected to have taken such special photos, but more than any financial reward that I may receive, I am honored that whatever intelligence allowed me to take the photos in the first place decided that it was alright that I could be the bearer of such an important ‘discovery.’ I had not been able to review the photos until the last 24 hours, and what I discovered has certainly shaken up our sense of normal. I feel lucky to be in this magical period of life that’s unfolding now.

[end of that Facebook posting]


So, then I followed that statement with a reply to describe in better detail what I saw in the photo:

“The FAERIE has wings and what looks like a head and torso, suspended in a field of rainbow light in the shape of a cross, with a field of energy around the rainbow cross that distorts and tints the trees in the background behind it, as if the source of light is coming from the FAERIE. The FAERIE appears in the photo between many trees about 7-8 feet off the ground. High above at the top of the photo is the Sun near the tree line, and the FAERIE is below the Sun and slightly to the right, so I don’t think that it is an optical effect from reflected sunlight through the tree trunks and low hanging branches in the vicinity because the alignment with the Sun is off. Plus, as you zoom in to see details, the subject becomes more defined (while it is also transparent) and you can see shapes like wings, a head and a torso that seem more than mere abstraction and coincidence. For many people, there will be room to doubt and debunk, but for me the image speaks plainly. It is clearly not a sun dog, samples of which are seen here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dogs
So… I can’t wait to show it to all of you. I discovered it right about 9pm last night (Sept 1st) and when I showed Maritza, she got chills over her whole body and became very, very excited. When I brought over my friend Albert who lives nearby who is generally a skeptic, he was immediately convinced and wants a photo blow-up of the FAERIE so that he can paint it. Well, that’s all there really is to say until I can show you guys the actual photo. I don’t want to post it directly to Facebook because of their copyright assertions if you do, so I will likely post it to my rickkeefe.wordpress blog, and create a link that I can post on Facebook. Now, I’m just waiting to hear back from Associated Press, but maybe I can post it to my blog in the meantime. ”


So then my wife Maritza made a comment that same day, September 2nd, which I would like to include in the history of this photo:

“Wow! What a gift and what a privilege to have been present as the magic unfolded. You are right Bruce Emrys, magic is real! Rick’s photos will be accepted by the many friends who know, trust and love him, and by everyone who is ready to move past the veil. The photos will be debunked, as well, by those who feel threatened, and by those whose job is to keep us in the dark. But, nonetheless, Rick has been offered a wondrous and loving gift, and he and I have zero reasons to have doubt! It is amazing to be a first hand observer. How privileged to see the gift unfold before our eyes. ❤ ”


Interest in the photo began to swell a bit as I posted on my  Facebook page, and also to the Mt Shasta Summer Conference page, and friends and family seemed to support what I was trying to share and, at the same time, legally protect the photo. So I posted an update:


So, since I first contacted AP through an online query last night and since I know that the wheels of large organizations can sometimes turn slowly, I decided to call the Associated Press this morning, and I spoke with a representative at the News Desk named Susan P. When I explained why I was calling, she said, “That’s something we usually come to you for, not the other way around.” Then, she transferred me to AP Images, but they explained that AP Images department is mainly dealing with commercial issues, and referred me back to the News Desk, which transferred me to the AP Los Angeles Bureau Photo department. I spoke with a man named Richard and explained why I was calling, and he gave me the LA Bureau desk phone number, took down two of my phone numbers, and he said that he would get back to me. I hope that he doesn’t think that I’m a kook and blow me off. So, now, I must remain patient for awhile while the wheels at AP LA bureau news desk turn.”


And here’s the screen save I made of that inquiry to Associated Press:
AP Query


On  September 3rd, more developments occurred after I called the Los Angeles Bureau Photo Desk for a second time, and so I made a new Facebook post:


“Okay, so I just got off the phone with Richard and Reed at the AP Los Angeles Bureau Photo Desk (1-213-626-2500) and they gave me the email (which I won’t publish so they don’t get super-spammed) to send them the photo so that they may inspect it. I am doing that right now, so please everyone send lots of good wishes and good vibrations so that this picture can be seen by millions.

I feel it would be valuable for people to realize that devas and forest spirits do actually exist. They are not simply mythical, legendary creatures: they are tangible beings operating within our ‘normal’ reality, yet also living within a different frequency / dimension than our lower 3D reality. Hopefully, people who see this image will treat the forest and the trees and all the beings that make up a forest with much more understanding and respect. Devas and faeries do deserve our respect and cooperation. We owe it to the Earth, and to our children’s children.”

Thanks for your support everyone!”


And then I made an additional reply:

“Here’s a copy of the backup e-mail that I sent Associated Press; I sent the original one from my rick@ufohypotheses.com e-mail with the exact same content I sent to them just seconds before this one with the gmail address, to be sure that they did receive it without any complications.”


Within an hour, Richard of AP called back with his decision, on Thursday September 3rd, 2015, and I posted another updated reply to my own post:
“So, Richard from the Associated Press Los Angeles Bureau Photo Desk just called back at 1:02pm, and said that they could not use the photo, and he attributed the FAERIE to “sun flare off the lens.” So that route with the matrix did not work. What I will do next is create an article on my rickkeefe.wordpress.com blog (to avoid Facebook’s photo policy), and attach the photo file there, and then give all of you the link so that you may examine it for yourselves. Hopefully, I’ll have that done within the next 24 hours. I can’t wait to show all of you! It’s amazing!!! <3”


So, that’s the history of my FAERIE and PORTAL photos from Mount Shasta, late August 2015.