20:D Turning Off the Screen and Opening the Intuitive Door (Channeled Message From Archangel Metatron July 23, 2016)

Dear Beloved Ones,

I AM aware of your intent to communicate with me today. I want you to understand the I am aware of how difficult it is to stay centered and in peace at this time of NOW on your planet Earth. But just as you may travel the difficult path up the crest of a wave, so you will also soon release these troubles and burdens, and glide down the other side of the wave’s crest.  The illusion at this time of NOW is that all is in chaos: that is what those who thirst for power and control over you wish for you to perceive, but that is a false reality. While there are many earthly political intrigues unfolding presently, you may remember to focus on all the other higher, shall we say, realms of existence, the different vibrations and dimensions of reality that intersect with yours, and in these realities peace and love prevail, and so will it be on Earth, even in what may appear times of great chaos and despair. For this picture from your leaders is a false screen being presented to you, beloved children. The shock of seeing your leadership for who they truly are has unnerved you, and their greed and avarice has surprised you with its severe degree.  They are trying to make their small selves appear large to you, but they are no greater than any of you individually, and in many respects, they have much more to learn than you, the meek and loving, who have already learned and applied love to your reality. The tantrums of your leaders escalate now, as the veil between worlds grows ever thinner, and the light shines upon their misdeeds. Hold steady and stay centered now in this time of Grace flowing upon your planet from Benevolent beings from all quarters and  throughout the Universe, and who are here to share in your upliftment. Welcome their benevolence into your heart, and do not be distracted or misled anymore by the ravings of your so-called leaders, for they drift ever quicker into the past now, and your bright and golden future is nearly upon you. Hold that vision of a benevolent and loving Earth where all are cared for and all are in service to each other. For it is here, NOW. You must simply open your door to greet it.

With Eternal Love,
Archangel Metatron

2 thoughts on “20:D Turning Off the Screen and Opening the Intuitive Door (Channeled Message From Archangel Metatron July 23, 2016)”

  1. Thank you. I do think the world is awakening, and this message is like giving us a hug and telling us to preservere. Archangel Metatron is giving us that hug.


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