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29:D Every Little Gesture of Love (channeled message from Archangel Metatron)

Hello and loving greetings to you!

We come to you now in the name of Love of the highest degree, and wish to express our thanks and gratitude to all the Lightworkers of the world, for you are healing so much in the universe as you all work to help and heal humanity, the animals and the Earth.

Archangel Raphael’s healing Light is passing through all of you, so that you may continue to extend healing to all those around you. Every little step, every little gesture of love, every rainbow you imagine for the world, all these actions are felt, and are uplifting your planet, and also the Universe. Please continue to give your attention, focus, concentration, and Light on extending as much love to all of those around you during these now moments. You are joined in your efforts by countless galactic beings who are also focusing their love and attention on correcting the imbalances of your world, and bringing a much higher quotient of Love, a much higher vibration, a much more benevolent reality into manifestation on Earth, Gaia, Terra, Sophia, and all the many wonderful names She is known by.

For the language and region of your origin matters less than your intentions to help heal all that needs healing now. Please know that you bring a chorus of billions upon trillions of benevolent loving energies to your assistance as you take every single positive action that you can now. This is the time, this is the now where you can achieve so much, which could become Earth’s finest hour. For in your cooperation, your compassion, your forgiveness, your kindness, your reaching out to those you may not even know personally but who each hold a Spark of the Divine Light and Love of All That Is, which is ALL OF US TOGETHER, you bring the universe to Earth, and Earth to the Universe, and you amplify a great connection of Love for everything under the Sun and beyond out into the furthest reaches of space.

For we are all in this universe together, and acting and behaving in Oneness not only unites our worlds, but strengthens all our best qualities, the chief among those being Love. And Love always operates better when it is authentic and caring and virtuous and from one’s higher heart, the part of you that makes you cry in sympathy and compassion for others.

So we applaud all of you Lightworkers and Holders of Unconditional Love, for we feel your Love, and we endeavor to amplify and enlarge its power to heal you, your family and friends, your animals, your extended family, your neighborhoods, your countries and your whole planet. We see that you can see easily now that you are all riding the same ship through space, the same orb, the same small home, and we see you realizing finally your deep inter-connectedness, which is bringing so many positive developments on the very near horizon to you on Earth.

Do what your heart calls you to do. Be of service to others in this time of need, and in the future, after this great cleansing and uplifting has finished. For you are all bringing about the making of a future paradise of Earth as you follow this path of Peace, Love and Service to Others. May we all continue to be blessed by the Love of All That is.

With our most sincere Love and Hope,
Archangel Metatron and Your Guides

UFOs around the Sun March 21st to 23rd, 2020

26:D Forgiveness and Detachment From the Past

Grief is a form of non-acceptance, and if you allow it to occur repeatedly, the feeling of grief can overwhelm your life. For there are many incidents and events that have occurred throughout your lifetime whose outcome may bring you sadness, but instead of allowing those depressive feelings to fall into the past, you may have chosen to hold onto those sad feelings in your present moment reality. You may have chosen on a conscious or sub-conscious level to store the energy of those feelings in various parts of your body. One common area that you  may have stored your feelings of sadness, depression and grief may be in your lungs, or perhaps your liver. Maybe those feelings have grown larger in your present reality than they were initially in the past, because of your focused intent on re-living those memories over and over, and emotionally expanding your grief. This occurs when your focus and energy remain on what might have been, instead of detaching from the past, and accepting what is your reality right now in the present.

Much of what being healthy is all about concerns your ability to detach and release. If a life experience occurs, and you feel compelled to hold onto that experience and remember and re-live it over and over, and you are unable to find the strength or will power to detach and release from it, then those past pains are being authorized by your freewill , and these pains will continue to block your energy flow. These feelings will continue to injure you and bring you emotional and mental pain, which may certainly begin to manifest physically as you ground it into the present moment reality in the form of physical pain.

You may have decisions to make about releasing and detaching from areas of your life that are no longer beneficial for you. These activities are often substitutes for how you would really like to feel. Common methods that a human being may choose to alleviate pain without detaching sufficiently from the past and its injuries may be to choose an addictive, compulsive or obsessive behavior that masks the pain and the hurt and injured feelings that persist as you focus on the past without successfully detaching from it. Successful living in an Earth human reality requires that you spend more energy and focus on your present circumstance than your past circumstances. One emotional tool that is most effective in detaching and releasing from past injuries, sadness and heartache is the tool of forgiveness.

Forgiveness allows you to accept and bless an event or series of events  in the most compassionate way possible, for both you and others involved, and releases negative emotional energies which may have congested in various of your chakras and parts of your physical body. These negative emotional energies may even still linger in the electromagnetic fields that surround and penetrate your body, and help to make up what you psychically might recognize as higher dimensional soul-related energies. For remember that you are a Soul inhabiting a human body to have a physical Earth lifetime. Remember that you are not your body but you are the Higher Mind and Soul that inhabits your earthly body in this present incarnation to gain life experiences and eternal wisdom, and mostly to share and experience love in its infinite variety of forms.

In order for the electromagnetic sub-atomic particles and waves of Light (which you are) to best function, you need to allow those energies to flow freely up and down your spinal column, which your chakras are aligned to, and for these electromagnetic and spiritual energies to best function, you need to allow a free flow of energy through this spinal system. As a metaphor to help you understand this, imagine eating a food (as in experiencing an event in the present which immediately begins to recede into the past) and then not allowing that food and its nourishment to past completely through your system. This would not be healthy to try and retain this food in your body; you obviously understand the need for your body to take in the nourishment from the food and allow what remains to be expelled and released out of your body. So, continuing with this metaphor, it is not healthy or production for you to experience a present moment hardship or negative experience and continue to hold that in your body. Your ability to expel, detach, forgive, release and pass that energy and negative experience from your system is vital to maintain your electromagnetic, spiritual life force in good health.

With this understanding, you realize that detachment, release and forgiveness are vital to your spiritual well-being. Addictions to substances that mask this retention of past painful events in your lifetime represent that you have not been successful yet in releasing, detaching and forgiving yourself and others involved in these painful memories, which may even extend into past lifetimes.

To spiritually clean your chakras, you may try to imagine and focus on the sparkling white light of the stars at the center of the galaxy, and imagine that light as conscious, loving, sparkling white light in the form of a pillar of light flowing up and down your spinal column, cleansing your chakras and releasing the hold that the past has on your mind. Allow for the clearing and soothing of that pain, instead of resorting to other freewill choices like partaking of addictive substances to mask pain, instead of curling up in depression, instead of hurting your physical body through neglect and self-abuse, instead of building up feelings of anger and vengeance, instead of choosing to hurt instead of healing in this present moment.

Always remember that the present is your most powerful moment, and it is where all reality occurs. If what has occurred is not emotionally beneficial for you and the rest of the world, then release it, detach from it, forgive it, and learn from it so that love, compassion and wisdom are what remain in your physical form, for after all, you remember that you are a spiritual being  from outside of time having a physical lifetime. As you remember this wisdom and practice forgiveness and detach, and allow the negativity to be flushed from your Light Body field, you will enjoy greater and greater moments of happiness and benevolence in your present moment, which is where you really should be living instead of the past.

We of the angelic kingdom hope this message helps you once again to steer your intentions toward wholeness and love everlasting.

With Love,

Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raphael

18:D Strange Incident on Thursday June 23rd 2016


As I pulled out of the driveway by myself in the jeep to go to work at about 11am, I saw a black rectangular object fall from the sky; it was about four or five feet from hitting the ground where my eyes first noticed it, and just as suddenly, the black oblong object hit the ground with a thud, raising dust, and so I looked to see what had just fallen from the sky. It was a black book. I focused my eyes in on the book, which had fallen with the cover face up, with the words inscribed in gold letters “Holy Bible.”

My reaction was one of shock. While I was getting out of the jeep that I parked off away from the middle of the street, I saw Maritza just coming out of the door next to her mom’s white car. I walked over to the bible, picked it up as Maritza walked toward me. She remarked that I had a very perplexed look on my face, and so I told her what had just happened. I put the bible in her hands so she could see for herself what it was.

Maritza knows that I do not have a deep connection with the Bible. I have only read bits and pieces of it, knowing that it was altered and key elements, especially about reincarnation, were left out of it since the Council of Nicea. So, Maritza handed it back to me, and after we exchanged remarks about how astonishing this all was, we gave each other a kiss, and I got back in the jeep and drove off to work.

I couldn’t understand why this had just happened or how. Since it had landed near the back of the Ford pickup, I figured that maybe somebody had left it on the corner of the back of the pickup and it had fallen, but what I saw was a black rectangular object falling perfectly flat to the ground. From how high it was when my eye caught view of it and from the edge of the pickup if someone had actually left it there, if the book had fallen from the pickup, then the book would have fallen with some part of the book angling down first, not flat like I had seen. Those four or five feet I saw it falling perpendicular to the ground. Besides, Maritza had just come in from near the truck after walking the dogs, and had walked past the truck and not seen the Bible on the truck, so it is doubtful that it was even resting on the truck. And how likely is it that someone would place a bible on the back of the pickup, Maritza would walk past without noticing it, then just as I have finished backing out of the driveway, and started to go forward, how likely is it that I would see a flat rectangular object fall straight to the ground, landing flat with a thud, raising some dust, and be a book with its cover face up so I could see that it read “Holy Bible” from the jeep in the street? Not very likely. But it is even less likely that it just fell from the sky, right?

I was like, “Holy shit! What the f**k!” So when I get to work, I find it is the King James version, which I really do not like, so I am thinking, “If the angels sent this as a message to me, why would they pick the King James version, which I don’t care for?” Then, I opened up to the first page and there was an inscription to Christina and I think the other name was Savannah (I’ll check on Monday when I go back to work, which is where I left it), and the inscription said that this gift was for “forgiveness.” So, like I do with all books, I closed the book, meditated, and then opened the book to a random page and starting reading. The page was at Leviticus 19, which I just looked up on the net to remind myself, and it says, “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Speak to the entire assembly of Israel and say to them, ‘Be holy because I, the Lord your God, am holy.'”

I am in no way religious or a bible thumper, but that is just outright strangeness, don’t you think? So I told my friend Bruce and my friend Jaime, and although both found it odd, neither was too surprised at this point, knowing that high strangeness is common to my life. Bruce reminded me that magic happens all the time, and Jaime admitted that she has been studying the archangels with some dedication lately, too. Maritza and I are still scratching our heads over this one, but somehow, the word on the inscription page “forgiveness” seems to me like the key message. Maybe the message is that we should just extend “forgiveness” to everyone, and let go of our old hostile attitudes. And maybe we should also start to use umbrellas more often, in case bibles falling from the sky gets to be a regular occurrence!